Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm Not A Heretic...Are You?

Just for kicks I took the quiz Are You A Heretic and I am 100% Chalcedon compliant (whatever that means). I'm guessing it means that my theology is tight.

Actually, the results give me an explanation: "Congratulations, you're not a heretic. You believe that Jesus is truly God and truly man and like us in every respect, apart from sin"

Anyway, it was a pretty fun little exercise.

If you are an unbeliever or a skeptic, then here is a quiz for you--Questions for a Skeptic.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Zo: Card Checkin'

H/T to Judy Bright for letting me know that me know that my bff Zo posted another video.
Should I receive any stray left-wingers on this site today (aside for the regulars whom I have grown to love) because I made the mistake of leaving a comment on the blog frequented by BQSFPRC's they will accuse me, well Zo in this instance of "parroting" right-wing talking points. Well, when the left adapts some talking points worth parroting I will certainly oblige. But in the meantime Zo once again exposes the cerebral disconnect of liberal thinkers and I'm using that term loosely.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Conservative Brother Asks Will The United States Follow in The Footsteps of Zimbabwe

Conservative Brother who blogs at Wake Up Black America posts the video below and writes:

"In the "error" of "Hope and Change, it looks like we are well on our way. It breaks my heart to watch this, but this is something people really need to learn from. Obama's reckless spending is already causing inflationary pressure at the wholesale level. People that have money invested for retirement better take note. You can't protect the valuation of your money from inflation. Inflation is almost like pouring acid on your money and watching it dissolve right in front of your eyes. Japan is called an industrialized power, yet look at the valuation of the Yen. Imagine a day when the dollar will be worth a quarter. Notice that oil prices are going back up, yet the demand has stayed low due to the worldwide recession. Oil prices act inversely to the fluctuation in the dollar. This is the bottom line as best as I can put it. The recovery of the economy is the least of the problems Americans have to worry about." (Source)

Right Wing Echo Chamber, Loons, Fear Mongers....NOT!!!

According to Matthew Yglesias the hoopla stirring regarding China, Geithner, and global currency is all a vast right-wing echo chamber conspiracy and in the article Right-Wing Echo Chamber Fomenting Panic About Fake Sino-Russian Global Currency Plan he colors the right as fanatical loons just trying to make "The One" look bad. Likewise my friend DJ Black Adam writes the following on his blog:
"How about, instead of the right wasting time and energy on trying to prove that President Obama is a "Socialist" from the internationally acclaimed "Chicago Socialist School of Richard J. Daley," perhaps...I don't know...actually try providing alternatives to mitigate the movements of the extreme left (which, I'm sorry to inform you Barack is NOT a part of). "

First of all Mr. Yglesias if you read the statement by Zhou Xiachuan of the People's Bank of China here, you will find that the goal is to replace the dollar with a new reserve currency, because the Chinese are worried that Obama is destroying the viability of the dollar as a common currency for international transactions. Please refrain from lambasting the right wing for doing the job that the MSM in this country has abdicated (too bad we don't get paid for this).

DJ Black Adam it's really immaterial whether or not PSBO is a socialist in the purest sense or not. Define him however you'd like but the fact of the matter is that the US in on shaky financial ground. Yet we continue to go into debt with China and the success of our Treasury bond sales depends on the good will of China's Gao Xiqing, who controls over $700,000,000,000 of outstanding US treasury notes and who reportedly is a hard core Chinese Communist who regards America as China's enemy. Paul Shlicta maintains in his article the BC Bubble at the American Thinker that Barack Obama is continuing to push his irresponsible budget for one or all of the following reasons:

1. He is too naïve or ignorant to understand what he is risking.
2. He knows but doesn't care, being interested only in what looks good for the moment.
3. He wants to cause inflation, because inflation favors debtors and the biggest debtor in the United States is the United States. Moreover, inflation leads to devaluation of the dollar, which, as James Lewis recently pointed out, is one of the key objectives of puppet master George Soros. 4. He wants to provoke a crisis of capitalism, as James Simpson has already suggested. (Source)

Whatever the reason, the effects could be devastating. So you can call us looney if you'd like but I believe to use your words "ALL of Americans (right, left, white, black, pepsi, coke, McDonald's, Burger King)" will be effected by his decisions. I'm not trying to cause fear and panic---just awareness. Let's not crucify the truth because it's unpleasant.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Forthcoming Consequences of Crucifiying Truth

I am utterly persuaded that the United States of America is going the way of the United Kingdom. However, the MSM is surpressing the truth about PSBO's real agenda and Obama supporters are either in denial, on the defensive because he is the first black POTUS or simply just brain dead. Yesterday in Strasbourg, France, a member of the European parliament, Daniel Hannan of southeast England spoke during the visit of the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. He ripped Gordon Brown a new hiney-hole and this is exactly the kind of thing those yellow-bellied so called Republicans in the House and Senate need to say to President Obama. Listen to this:

Prime minister, I see you've already mastered the essential craft of the European politician, namely, the ability to say one thing in this chamber and a very different thing to your home electorate. Perhaps you would have more moral authority in this house if your actions matched your words. Perhaps you would have more legitimacy in the counsels of the world if the United States kingdom were not going into this recession in the worst condition of any G20 country.

The truth, prime minister, is that you have run out of our money. The country as a whole is now in negative equity. Every British child is born owing around 20,000 pounds. Servicing the interest on that debt is going to cost more than educating the child. Now, it's not that you're not apologizing. Like everyone else I've long accepted that you're pathologically incapable of accepting responsibility for these things. It's that you're carrying on willfully, worsening our situation, wantonly spending what little we have left. Last year, in the last 12 months, a hundred thousand private sector jobs have been lost, and yet you've created 30,000 public sector jobs. Prime minister, you cannot carry on forever squeezing the productive bit of the economy in order to fund an unprecedented engorgement of the unproductive bit.

The truth, prime minister, is that you have run out of our money. The country as a whole is now in negative equity. Every British child is born owing around 20,000 pounds. Servicing the interest on that debt is going to cost more than educating the child. Now, it's not that you're not apologizing. Like everyone else I've long accepted that you're pathologically incapable of accepting responsibility for these things. It's that you're carrying on willfully, worsening our situation, wantonly spending what little we have left. Last year, in the last 12 months, a hundred thousand private sector jobs have been lost, and yet you've created 30,000 public sector jobs. Prime minister, you cannot carry on forever squeezing the productive bit of the economy in order to fund an unprecedented engorgement of the unproductive bit.

You cannot spend your way out of recession or borrow your way out of debt. And when you repeat in that wooden and perfunctory way that our situation is better than others, that we're well placed to weather the storm, I have to tell you, you sound like a Brezhnev era apparatchik giving the party line. You know and we know, and you know that we know that it's nonsense! Everyone knows that Britain is worse off than any other country as we go into these hard times. The IMF has said so. The European Commission has said so. The markets have said so, which is why our currency has devalued by 30%, and soon the voters, too, will get their chance to say so. They can see what the markets have already seen, that you are the devalued prime minister of a devalued government.

Gordon Brown like PSBO & Company is a socialist and he purposefully deconstructed the free market society of Great Britian. This exactly what PSBO & Company plans to do here.

The Barackalypse Is Here.....

Roger Cotton aka The American Patriot wrote the following article entitled Obama and the Four Horseman of the Barackalypse:

Why do I get the feeling that Obama sold his political career to the Chicago Political Machine in order to serve as a Manchurian Candidate for Socialist/Communist special interests?

Since he has taken office, he has completely mind-screwed Americans with his misguided and poorly-implemented policies. Pelosi and Reid, flanked by Schumer and Frank, are the Four Horsemen of the Barackalypse. All five of them are behaving like hippies who have locked themselves in a head shop. Each is lighting up their personal stashes of ideological weed using every bong they see. They are lost in a haze of self-indulgence that obscures their criminality from passersby standing just outside the head shop window.

Barack and his posse of scorched earth politicans are up to something and this doesn’t portend well for this country.

What’s also worrisome are their claims that they have received a mandate from the masses to toss the cultural salad and throw it into disarray. This is untrue, of course, but Queen Pelosi has been chomping at the bit to have someone in office to manipulate in order to get far left Socialist (aka liberal) agenda pushed through.

Power. That’s what she wants. Power and control. Over you and me. Obama wants power, too. Especially over our youth. His Brownshirts Bill just passed in the House. If it passes in the Senate and is signed by the president, Obama and his henchman Emanual will also gain power over our children.

I don’t think I have ever felt as anxious and nauseous as I have since November of last year. Knowing that fellow Americans willingly chose a man who told us he was going to tax us (vis a vis corporations and small business owners, who will pass the costs along); establish a Civilian Security Force every bit as powerful, equipped, and funded as the military (o.0!); and “transform our nation,” makes me look askance at every person driving a car sporting an Obama sticker.

Since January 20th, my every fear about the man with no past has been realized. Every step of the way, Obama has performed badly as President. He has insulted a number of our allies, laughed openly at the plight of Americans his ideology doesn’t embrace, and has allowed Tim Geitner to throw billions away in order to purportedly fix the economy. The reality is, every Obama political supporter has received financial payback in these hackneyed stimulus bills. Yet the root causes for this financial debacle are still not addressed. And, the first Black President has effectively made slaves of us all.

Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, and Schumer have lied time and again. They are absolutely untrustworthy. Their scurrilous actions and mendacious speeches are leading to the ruination of our country. Were it not for their allies and enablers in the MSM, we might have a fighting chance against Obama and his horsemen. But, sadly, they have formed an unfair, unspoken, and immoral conspiracy to deny citizens the Truth about Congressional exploits and acts of treason.

Now, it seems the only way to save our country is to literally fight these unrepresentatives. Perhaps it is time for everyday citizens to march on Washington, D.C. in such numbers that even the police there would be unable and unwilling to face the wrath of millions of furious Americans.

We can dismount all of the horsemen in Washington and avert the impending Barackalypse. (Source)-emphasis added

I realize that Obama supporters will see this article as fear-mongering but I call it facing the facts.

President ZoBama On Jay Leno

I can't embed this video so I'll have to direct you to the link. It's Zo on PajamaTV.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Democracy Is The Road To Socialism - Who Knew? by JB Williams

This article by JB Williams is long but well worth the read so I have re-printed it here. It is an exhaustive analysis of what has taken place in this country and examines whether or not we have reached the point of no return.

"I once said, - "Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you," - and I got into trouble with it. Of course we will not bury you with a shovel. Your own working class will bury you." - Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev

Thomas Jefferson correctly warned against "democracy" as a form of self-governance, properly defining it as "nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine."

Marx's proletariat, the working class, organized by trade unions and trained to vote themselves gifts from the public trough, replacing the representative republic with a pure democracy via rewritten history and ideologically redefined words, will rule by simple majority mob, forcing its will upon the minority, the American taxpayer.

Once fully indoctrinated in entitlement mentality and taught to vote themselves access to the public trough, the proletariat could be counted upon to use their democratic power to install socialism, - (in Marxist theory) the stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism, characterized by the imperfect implementation of collectivist principles.

And so it is, a brief 233 years after the birth of the greatest free nation ever known to mankind.

Khrushchev knew, and so did men like Stalin, Lenin and Marx. It's only the average American who was blind to what was happening to their nation by slow but steady process, or should I say, progress...

"The press is our chief ideological weapon." - Nikita Khrushchev

"The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses." - Vladimir Lenin

The leftist American press so wanted "change" that they turned their collective head from every reasonable query regarding a freshman senator with a blank résumé and a past so secret that he dare not even allow his birth or college records to become public. A man so surrounded by well-known evil doers, that the only thing on his résumé is a long list of ill-fated associations with terrorists, criminals and anti-American thugs.

Still, the American press went so far as to label this man a "messiah," a savior... who would forever change our nation, righting all the wrongs of freedom and capitalism. Never in history has a more unqualified candidate sought the Oval Office. And this guy won...

"There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel." - "To rely upon conviction, devotion, and other excellent spiritual qualities; that is not to be taken seriously in politics." - Vladimir Lenin

And so, in 2006 and 2008, the people democratically selected what they perceive to be useful scoundrels. Politicians they believe to be of their ilk, serving the proletariat interest, pandering to their entitled desires. The press told them that Obama was the "messiah" who would free them from their mortgages, car payments and economic limitations.

"The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation." - Vladimir Lenin

It took congressional leftists almost a hundred years to dig the nation a trillion dollars in debt via an endless stream of social programs aimed at engineering the perfect society where anything goes and only the taxpayer is responsible.

It took the new "messiah" and an unbridled Democratic Socialist congress lead by the Congressional Progressive Caucus, only sixty days in power to quadruple that figure,
burying the entire nation in over $4 trillion in taxpayer debt and destroying what was left of the free market system that has fed the world for two hundred years.

The enormous spending spree will result in massive taxation; the printing of trillions in unsupported funny money will drive the US currency down to the value of a peso.

The bourgeoisie, (in Marxist theory) the class that, in contrast to the proletariat or wage-earning class, is primarily concerned with property values; will be crushed between the millstones of taxation and inflation, as the federal need for more private assets to keep pace with the skyrocketing cost of social engineering, strips away every last freedom from the only people in the nation capable of picking up the tab, the minority, the taxpayer.

"Politics begin where the masses are, not where there are thousands, but where there are millions, that is where serious politics begin." - Vladimir Lenin

Barack Obama is not president of the United States. He is to America, what Hugo Chavez is to Venezuela. He was elected as Chavez was elected, by a hungry proletariat class seeking free unfettered access to other people's assets. He was elected by "mob rule," and he is governing by "mob rule," just as Thomas Jefferson had warned against.

Elected by College Kids...

"Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted." - "Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever." - Vladimir Lenin

Yesterday's draft dodger, eco-nut, domestic terrorist, you get the picture, is now your son or daughters college professor in almost 100% of the college lecture halls. K thru 12 education is controlled by the teachers union and the ACLU, both of which are progressive operations within the Democratic Socialist movement.

Every national policy under the sun is controlled by CFR, the Council on Foreign Relations, with focus upon how US policies affect the balance of the world, instead of on how best to protect and preserve a constitutional representative republic.

The kids are no longer insulted by terms like "socialist" or "communist." They know nothing negative about these terms. They have been taught that only capitalism is evil, based upon greed.

As a result, they see people in search of other people's assets as "charitable" and those who only desire a right to what they earn, as "greedy." Their minds have been twisted inside out. They were so focused on "change" that they never stopped to ask what kinds of "change." They were so excited to elect the first "black" president that they never stopped to find a "black" candidate.

Barack Hussein Obama is half white and 7/16 Arab, being only 1/16 African. They knew he had ties to domestic terrorists like William Ayers. They knew he had spent twenty years as a member of the most racist church in America. They knew that despite his somewhat moderate sounding campaign rhetoric, his voting record was that of the most far left extreme member of the US Senate. They didn't care about any of it....

The Point of No Return

From a trillion in debt to $4 trillion in debt in a matter of six weeks in power.

From keeping international terrorists on the run to welcoming them to US streets and criminal courts; From recognizing the world's most dangerous regimes to begging for friendship with the world's most dangerous regimes; From ACORN voter and election fraud to ACORN partnership with the White House in an effort to manipulate the census and forever change national elections by way of redistricting.

From public outrage over blatant illegal immigration to full amnesty and voting rights for illegal invaders, who will then be signed to labor unions and DNC voter rolls by the millions, making certain that only Democrats can win national elections for the balance of this century, or until such time that the people revolt.

The election of Barack Obama marks the passing of the point of no return. There is no peaceful means of reversing the current daily assault on all things American. People who thought they could let the country fall into enemy hands only to regain control in 2010 or 2012, were complete fools.

They don't need you and they don't want you. They want you to shut up and take it in the shorts and learn to like it. They want you to go away. It's only your assets, they want.

"Democracy is indispensable to socialism." - Vladimir Lenin

The people have spoken and they have democratically chosen global secular socialism. In the "messiah" they believe. In government power they now trust.

"Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism." - Vladimir Lenin

Capitalism, aka economic freedom, is something to be despised and destroyed. The individual is nothing. The greater communal good trumps every individual liberty. Freedom from religious expression trumps freedom of religious expression. The people's right to your stuff trumps your right to your own stuff.

The people now have "change." Whether or not it is the change they desired, or thought they were voting for, it is here now and there is no turning back.

Democratic Socialists don't need a single Republican vote in the House and they can buy the few they need in the Senate. Republicans are powerless to stop any of it. They are far too divided to work as a unit anyway.

The coming Revolt!

The people will one day revolt against these anti-American leaders. How soon? How violently? These are the only remaining questions...

How much must the people lose before they refuse to lose any more? How much can the left take away from the right before the right refuses to let them take any more? How much must they destroy before Americans gain the courage to take a united stand against them? How long will the people fund evil before they refuse to fund it any longer?

Nobody knows the answers to these questions. Only time will provide the answers.

But one thing is certain; although bullets are not yet flying, America is at war within. The full frontal assault on all things American is quickening. The left is in a rush to dismantle America before the people can wake up and react. Freedom, Liberty, speech, religion, guns, sovereignty and security are all under daily attack.

Freedom will one day reign again in America, but how soon and at what expense?

Karl Marx said "Democracy is the road to socialism." He was right. Now the people will have to learn what's wrong with socialism, the hard way.

If you can watch these two videos and still not be in the mood to take your nation back, you won't ever be in the mood to take your nation back! (Source) - Emphasis added

Video #1 - Glenn Beck deconstructs AIG scandal

Video #2 - We The People Stimulus Package

This could get ugly. What's unfortunate is that these are valid concerns but Obama acolytes will charge that voicing these concerns as fear-mongering and/racist rather than considering how this will effect a this country that they and their children call home. It's sad because the decisions that are being made for us today in the house and senate will have long-term ramifications that will negatively affect our children and grandchildren.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tea Anyone....I'm Having A Party

H/T to Anonymous, my new bestfriend again!!!! Thank you my friend...

"New song recognizes 'tea party' movement
An entertainer who proudly admits to being "an American Black Conservative" has written a song in honor of the new nationwide "tea party" movement protesting Washington's runaway spending. The "American Tea Party" starts out: "Mr. President! Your stimulus is sure to bust, It's just a socialistic scheme. The only thing it will do, Is kill the American Dream." Written and performed by Lloyd Marcus, the song is directed to President Obama." (Source)

The lyrics, copyright Zephyrus Music, are:

Mr President!
Your stimulus is sure to bust
Its just a socialistic scheme
The only thing it will do
Is kill the American Dream

You wanna take from achievers
Somehow you think that's fair.
And redistribute to those folks
Who won't get out of their easy chair.

We're havin' a tea party across this land
If you love this country
Come on and join our band
We're standin' up for freedom and liberty
Cause patriots have shown us freedom ain't free

So when they call you a racist cause you disagree
It just another of their dirty tricks to silence you and me.
I believe in the Constitution and all it stands for.
Anyone who tramples it should be booted out the door.

We're havin' a tea party across this land
If you love this country
Come on and join our band
We're standin' up for freedom and liberty
Cause patriots have shown us freedom ain't free

Now we're not advocating violence
That's what the so-called peace crowd do
We're talkin' peaceful protest to defend the red, white and blue

We gotta vote out these clowns who don't love the USA
Who stay up late losing sleep fearing what the French might say

We're havin' a tea party across this land
If you love this country
Come on and join our band
We're standin' up for freedom and liberty
Cause patriots have shown us freedom ain't free

We're havin' a tea party across this land
If you love this country
Come on and join our band
We're standin' up for freedom and liberty
Cause patriots have shown us freedom ain't free

Freedom ain't free
(Stand up for America)
Freedom ain't free
(Gotta take a stand)
Freedom ain't free
(Mr Obama)
Freedom ain't free
(we work hard for our money)
Freedom ain't free
(Don't give it away)
Freedom ain't free
(Save the day)
Freedom ain't free
(Don't go givin' it away)
Freedom ain't free
(It ain't gonna work)
Freedom ain't free
(Give back our freedom)
Freedom ain't free
(Give back our liberty)
Freedom ain't free
(I love my country)

Laura Ingraham Exposes The Selective Moral Indignation Of the Liberal Left

How Many Days Does President Obama Have To Be In Office Before We Are Allowed To Critically Assess His Performance?

President Barack Obama has been in office for 57 days and some (myself included) are very critical of him and his administration. Obama supporters aren't hearing any criticism of PSBO & Company regardless how reasonable or valid the claims because he hasn't been in office for even 60 days. So my question to his supporters is how many days does PSBO have to be in office before you will begin to face the facts, both favorable and unfavorable? Then I would ask how many days did it take PSBO to sign legislation that will have long lasting and in some cases life changing ramifications? Answer 3 weeks! As far as I am concerned the 60 day disclaimer is ridiculous as PSBO and company rammed the pork-filled omnibus stimulus bill down our throats and we aren't suppose to be outraged?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

"I Am Responsible. The Buck Stops With Me"

PSBO's teleprompter prompted him to say last night "I am responsible. The buck stops with me" and CNN's Roland Martin said this morning on The Tom Joyner Morning Show (I have no choice as a morning drive passenger) finds a way to impune the Bush Administration by saying and I'm paraphrasing....President Bush and Cheney would never have been classy or noble enough to admit culpability." Incredible!!!

I also learned this morning from the TJMS that PSBO acolytes are on a mission to correct anyone who doesn't show appropriate "respect" for him by calling him President Obama whenever referring to him. Apparently, it is an act of racism if a white person doesn't say President Barack Obama every single time they utter his name and if a person of color neglects to do so well then it's extreme insolence and needs to be nipped immediately. I wish people who perpetuate this type of bull crap would show more care not to expose the smallness of their minds and concentrate on the multiplicity of substantive issues as they pertain to President Barack Obama.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

President Barack Obama and Tax Cheat Tim Geithner Are Master Bamboozlers

PSBO feigns outrage on Monday when the truth of the matter is that HE KNEW about these bonuses for months and that little troll Geithner actually negotiated the bailout with AIG. However PSBO's teleprompter didn't tell him show outrage until the WSJ broke the story of the bonus payouts! But, that doesn't surprise me, PSBO is a narcissist who doesn't suffer criticism well. So quite naturally he would feign outrage to save face. What is surprising to me is how many Americans fell for it. People are outraged about 73 private citizens receiving bonuses and I understand how some find that disturbing in a time such as this but nonetheless it isn't illegal and Pres. Obama, Tim Geithner and Chris Dodd have known all along about these bonus payouts. I'm wondering why aren't we outraged about the 75 billion mortgage bailout? Why aren't we outraged about cap and trade, which may end up costing two trillion dollar? Why aren't we outraged about all these other bailouts that are going on? See what's happening here is that PSBO and the media are successfully hood-winking and bamboozling average Americans by distracted them and channeled their outrage away from his outrageous expansionist ideas and towards 73 private citizens who happen to be corporate fat cats. Good grief, and it's been said that I see the world through rose colored glasses. I wish it were true because what I am seeing these days is down right depressing.
PSBO and his goons in congress are calling for the 73 private citizens to give the bonus money they received back or they will be taxed at a rate of 100% for the money. Why doesn't PSBO give back the "bonus" he received from AIG in the form of campaign contributions totaling $101,332? If not, then he too should be taxed at a rate of 100%, but I wouldn't advise him to allow Tim Geithner to prepare his returns.

Francis Rice

H/T to an anonymous reader who dropped the link for these videos of France Rice, Chair of the National Black Republican Association.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Help Me Understand Field Negro's Alleged "Smackdown" of Shelby Steele's WSJ Op-ed

I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Steele's entire article Why The GOP Can't Win With Minorities. What is facinating to me is how the Field Negro responded to it as well as the bloggers over at Jack & Jill Politics who called Field Negroes response a "smackdown". I have been trying to process it from their prospective but I'm getting nowhere. So I have decided to just post what each said and perhaps someone can help me understand what is that I'm missing -- I hate it when I don't "get" it.

Shelby Steele writes: "The appeal of conservatism is the mutuality it asserts between individual and political freedom, its beautiful idea of a free man in a free society. And it offers minorities the one thing they can never get from liberalism: human rather than racial dignity.... What drew me to conservatism years ago was the fact that it gave discipline a slightly higher status than virtue. This meant it could not be subverted by passing notions of the good. It could be above moral vanity. And so it made no special promises to me as a minority. It neglected me in every way except as a human being who wanted freedom. Until my encounter with conservatism I had only known the racial determinism of segregation on the one hand and of white liberalism on the other -- two varieties of white supremacy in which I could only be dependent and inferior."

The Field Negro responds: Right there, Shelby, is the problem with your well written essay. You only saw yourself as a person of color in two ways: "A racial determination of segregation" and the subject of "white" liberal paternalism. You should have said no to both of those choices. It wasn't one or the other. Both were destined to make you the man you became: Someone who chooses a selfish ideology which is predicated on chasing a carrot that you will never be able to grab. By embracing that ideology you have bought into the false premise that your people seek the liberal handout and are not willing to work as hard as the conservative to grab the carrot. It is not true. I submit to you that your people (and poor people of all colors) are willing to work harder. The problem is that their government has never been willing to work as hard for them. Instead, their government has worked only for a special few, and contrary to what you might believe, it didn't neglect you, it used you to achieve its own goals. At least with liberalism, with all its faults, there was a realization that it should make you a promise, and that promise was that never again will you be subjected to second class status, and our government will always work to make it so. Our government will finally give you an even playing field to compete on, after tipping the field against you for so long.

Shelby Steele writes:""So here stands contemporary American conservatism amidst its cultural liabilities and, now, its electoral failures -- with no mechanism to redeem America of its shames, atavistically resisted by minorities, and vulnerable to stigmatization as a bigoted and imperialistic political orientation. Today's liberalism may stand on decades of failed ideas, but it is failure in the name of American redemption. It remains competitive with -- even ascendant over -- conservatism because it addresses America's moral accountability to its past with moral activism. This is the left's great power, and a good part of the reason Barack Obama is now the president of the United States. No matter his failures -- or the fruitlessness of his extravagant and scatter-gun governmental activism -- he redeems America of an ugly past. How does conservatism compete with this?"

The Field Negro writes: "Sorry Shelby, it can't. And I, for one, am glad for that."

I just want to throw my hands up and say -- "Hopeless, let the "brain dead" bury the "brain dead". But Field Negro is an intelligent man and I have mad respect for him. It's nothing new for me to disagree with him as I ALWAYS do. But I just don't understand the point he is making here. Is it just me? Or, is the Field Negro indeed a real life personification of that which Mr. Steele describes in his article?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Working Twice As Hard? Ya'll Ought to Stop Lying

One of the last callers on the Sean Hannity radio show this evening was a black man who made the comment (which I have heard hundreds of times from my well-intentioned familiars) that "as a black person, you have to be twice as good and work twice as hard as your white colleagues in order to advance in our society". Personally, I don't believe this is true. You don't have to work twice as hard or be twice as good to get ahead in this world. Look at Barack Obama! As Mini-me said to my husband when he admonished her to study twice as hard as her classmates... Why would you have to study twice as hard to maintain good grades unless you are twice as dumb? She has a point. I am in no way suggesting that racism does not exist, but the idea of working twice as hard has just become a well-worn tired cliche that folks have grown accustomed to reciting. What's funny is these same people will quickly say "What God has for me is for me". Is God Sovereign or do you have to work "twice" as hard? (I hear DJBA now saying "CBW, that's a false dichotomy")

Shelby Steele wrote and Op-ed in the Wall Street Journal today entitled Why the GOP Can't Win Minorities he writes:
"American minorities of color -- especially blacks -- are often born into grievance-focused identities. The idea of grievance will seem to define them in some eternal way, and it will link them atavistically to a community of loved ones. To separate from grievance -- to say simply that one is no longer racially aggrieved -- will surely feel like an act of betrayal that threatens to cut one off from community, family and history. So, paradoxically, a certain chauvinism develops around one's sense of grievance. Today the feeling of being aggrieved by American bigotry is far more a matter of identity than of actual aggrievement"

Identity is key here. As a black person one is considered a race traitor if they are not yoked with this racial grievance. I don't want my daughter to carry unnecessary burdens. I expect her to work hard because she has a strong work ethic--not out of fear of not being rewarded for a job well done. One can not quantify being twice as good (unless you are an athlete and that's God given ability) and if you are twice as good as another then chances are no else thinks so. Truth be told no one is working twice as hard to get ahead and if you are then it's because you are twice as incapable. Ya'll (meaning people who recite this foolishness) ought to stop lying.

Hating What's Right........How Liberals Think /Part 2

Evan Sayat gave another talk at the Heritage Foundation.....

Sayat opines that stupidity is a luxury and in large part Modern Liberals are isolated from the consequences of their beliefs.

I love this guy.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Obama Deception

I'm not sure how I feel about Alex Jones who produced this video. But this is quite compelling. In the words of Hank Haanegraff I would admonish you to "eat the fish and spit out the bones"

"Imperialism and Facism needs a facelift and that facelift has to be black" - Professor Griff (Founder of Public Enemy)

I take exception to the Imperialist part..but, I concur that Facism needed a facelift and masking it with a Black face was strategic.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

President Barack Obama Has Made Me Very Happy Today.....No Really!!!

Robert Gibbs insinuated today that President Obama will reverse a provision in the omnibus spending bill to terminate school vouchers for underprivileged students in Washington, D.C.. The program allows about 1,700 mostly low-income and minority students to attend private schools as an alterative to the struggling D.C. public school system. When asked if President Obama plans to restore the program’s funding in his full budget, which is currently being drafted, Gibbs said, “whether it's in the budget or in the -- the appropriations process,” the administration will work to make sure “that disruption doesn't take place.”

I'm am elated that I finally have a "warm and fuzzy" feeling towards PSBO (ok, well that was an exaggeration). I think it's great that he reversed that decision! Yeah, PSBO. For today you are a BarackStar!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Zo's Talks About Stem Cell and Clones

My thoughts to follow. I must surrender the computer to Mini-Me now.

NY Times Asks PSBO If He Is A Socialist...Finally A Legitiate Question!

A New York Times reporter asks PSBO whether or not he is a socialist, but PSBO initial blew him off because he wasn't prepared for that question, afterall the NY Times journalists have been his butt-boys and girls, why would he be prepared for a hard question! Once he came back to the oval office and checked in with Emanuel and Axelrod in true PSBO form , rather than saying "No I am not" he deflects and blames George Bush! He conveniently neglects to mention that 350 billion of the 700 billion from the Bush administration was handed over to him. However, he needed and additional 787 billion and is priming the government pump for yet another 4 trillion. Sorry, I'm not finding that to be completely consistent with free market principles.

I don't know whether or not he is a socialist because he is behaving more like as a tyrannical, dictator Marxist! He called that reporter back to reinforce his public position and force them to write that he is not a socialist. PSBO & company (Emmanuel, Axelrod & Soros) realize that the public does not have sufficient (relevant) education to recognize socialism or Marxism when they see it. However, If you conduct just a cursory study of Marxism, you will realize that a revolutionary, utopian belief in the ability to completely remake society is a central tenet of Marxism. Remaking society equals changing society. Sound familiar? You will also find that class warfare is a central invention of Marxism. The fact that class warfare is now firmly entrenched in our politics shows that Marxism has made major inroads into American life. Pitting classes against each other is a very Marxist concept and is exactly what I think about whenever I hear people rail against "evil" CEO's living excessive lifestyles.

PSBO's arrogance is mind boggling to me (ok, well not anymore I used to it from him now) he paraphrases Marx for two years during his campaign, wins the endorsement of Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and the son of Saul Alinsky but thinks that the American people are too stupid to make the correlation -- oh wait, most were! Yet when a journalist finally sprouts a pair of testicular gonads and asks a legitimate question he is blown off initially and later intimidated into running a favorable story.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nationalizing Life & Death

Unfortunately I had a knock down drag out verbal sparring match with one of my bff's yesterday as we discussed universal healthcare. She just can not fathom how this concept could do harm. I tried to explain to her that while universal healthcare sounds virtuous and noble that the downside of such as system could have catastrophic consequences for the very people it is intended to help. Then lo and behold this morning I ran across the article reprinted below by John Griffing on The American Thinker blog:

"Crisis! Crisis! Crisis!" So is it always with petty politicians seeking to enhance their power. Swallow it whole, swallow it now is the word. But just what are we swallowing so fast that we don't even have time to think? Are we really to believe that all we must do is touch the hem of President Obama's garment, and the pains of capitalist dislocation will wash away?
Hidden deep in the stimulus bill is a Trojan horse like no other. I am not speaking of pork. A scheme more dastardly would have been hard to concoct.
With the passage of this bill, the US government is now empowered to "ration" healthcare. That means, to treat or not to treat is now a government question.

Within the bill is a line that would sentence millions of people to death:
In addition, $400,000,000 shall be accelerate the development and dissemination of research assessing the comparative effectiveness of health care treatments and strategies, including through efforts that: (1) conduct, support, or synthesize research that compares the clinical outcomes, effectiveness, and appropriateness of items, services, and procedures that are used to prevent, diagnose, or treat diseases, disorders, and other health conditions
For those that don't speak draconian, "comparative effectiveness" means that the cost of an individual's treatment will be divided by the number of years they are likely to benefit. If your treatment is too "costly" you will be thrown out with the bathwater. No country for old men. The bill also created the "Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research" to make comparative effectiveness decisions. Only 20 years after winning the Cold War we are adopting central planning as our preferred model. Only, instead of determining the number of toothbrushes, this committee will determine the value of someone's life. How ironic.

The stimulus bill mandates electronic healthcare records for every American by 2014 and would "encourage the development and use of clinical registries, clinical data networks, and other forms of electronic health data that can be used to generate or obtain outcomes data...." No room for miracles. Computer models will now decide your "outcome." Twilight Zone anybody?
If you are picturing Germany circa 1930, you're right on. With the passing of this bill, government, not doctors, will decide who receives care and who doesn't, in essence, who lives and who dies. The cruelest regimes in history have begun with this premise. Government was responsible for non-war related deaths exceeding 100M in the 20th Century, 80M by
Communist governments[i], and now we're going to trust them with our medical care? "Do no harm", the Hippocratic Oath, has been replaced by "cost-benefit analysis."
It will start with the elderly, because after all, they are social burdens and a drain on federal funds. They need to wake up and smell the coffin. "If they're going to die they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population!"
Comrade Tom Daschle, the author of the ominous healthcare provisions, supports this line of thought, saying that healthcare reform "will not be pain free." He goes on to praise Europeans for being willing to accept "hopeless diagnoses" and forgo "experimental treatments".
Next would be the infirmed. Too many resources are wasted on people with incurable diseases.
We should allocate money to those who actually have the potential to live and live well.
Then the children with a poor quality of life. One can recall the abortion lobby's virulent argument for killing black babies.
Then newborns. It simply won't end. The medical profession will become the harbinger of death, not health.
This is not a slippery slope argument. Holland has already slipped the slope. Holland's healthcare system is so cash-strapped that it views humans as liabilities. A patient must formally request "no euthanasia" before simple outpatient surgery. In fact, involuntary euthanasia accounts for over 1,000 deaths in Holland
annually. In addition, 8,000 people in Holland die every year because they are given intentional overdoses of pain medication, not to control pain, but to end life. In 60 percent of these cases, the patient did not give his or her consent to the action.[ii]
If doctors making quality of life decisions doesn't scare you, maybe this will: Holland has a committee to decide who's
expendable. It actually slates children, adults-anybody-for euthanasia. Robespierre and the Public Safety Committee are back, ushering in a reign of terror for our times.
Holland has quickly broadened the scope of euthanasia, extending the "right to die" all the way down to
12-year olds, no parental consent required. If they can get an abortion, why can't they kill themselves?
Holland even legalized euthanasia for
newborns. In some countries this is still considered infanticide. Recently an abortionist was jailed in the United States for throwing a survivor baby in a dumpster. A few inches is all that determines humanity in this country, but at least there's a standard.
It is hard to believe that only fifty years ago, it was Dutch doctors that stood up to Adolph Hitler's eugenicist policies and refused to kill weaker patients. What a difference a generation makes. Holland is a giant concentration camp. That is why it is so crucial for Americans to wake up before it's too late.

Bottom-line: if government is allowed to make healthcare about cost and not saving lives, it will degrade human worth to something not fit to mention. If government controls the medical profession, it controls life. We have a choice. America can go the way of Germany and Holland, or it can remain the beacon of hope for the world. The "right to choose" has been turned against us. What will we choose?" (Source) - emphasis added

Friday, March 6, 2009

Evangelism Highjacked By Closet Theological Liberals

Hat Tip to Ingrid Schleuler of Slice of Laodicea for linking the article by Peter Jones reprinted below. He describes the Christless Christianity he witnessed at the National Pastors' Conference sponsored by Zondervan and Intervarsity Press last month.

It is amazing to see how these once faithful publishers of evangelical orthodoxy are now consistently and deliberately launching a massive but subtle attack against the "Fundamentals" for which Evangelicalism stood courageously against liberalism in the past.

While I am struck by the sincerity of the brilliant public speakers (named below), who still have evangelical piety and passion, their openly-stated theology is turning large swathes of the evangelical church into various new forms of old-fashioned though very cool liberalism.

1. UNDERMINING OF SCRIPTURE: Brian McLaren is still widely featured here. He believes that the age of sola scriptura is over. Rob Bell, a plenary speakers, believes the Bible is a "human product...not the product of divine fiat" Little wonder Mr. Bell's former colleague at Mars Hill of Grandville, MI, Ron Golden, now Senior Vice President of World Relief, a ministry of the National Association of Evangelicals, in a seminar I attended, openly boasted, "Karl Barth is my theological mentor." Barth undermined the classical orthodox doctrine of Scripture. Is it surprising that in all the plenaries except one, there was no biblical exposition?

2. THE ABSENCE OF CHRIST: Christ's atoning death was passed over in silence. A few examples:

--In the middle of a "worship service," Andy Crouch of IVP interviewed A.J. Jacobs, an editor at Esquire magazine, about his book, The Year of Living Biblically. Jacobs, a non-practicing Jew, lived for one year according to OT laws, letting his beard grow, wearing Kosher clothes and practicing Sabbath and the Ten Commandments. Crouch did not remind him that the New Testament was part of the Bible, nor that Jesus saw himself as the very center and goal of the Old Testament (Luke 24:27). Jacobs concluded, to applause, that he had become a "reverential agnostic."

--Christ is absent but "Jesus" is here, as the architect of a socio-economic revolution that he began while on earth that we must finish, with the help of all religionists and globalist socialists of good faith. Shane Claibourne (30), who looked like a youthful throw-back from the Sixties, with tee shirt, very baggy slacks and very long hair constantly exhorted people to get serious about non-materialistic living. His model was Mother Theresa with whom he worked in India, but never once did he make any attempt to include the Gospel of saving grace as the motivation for Christian service. McLaren summed it up: "Jesus teaches a way of life rather than a set of beliefs."

Every video clip from World Vision and other ministries was exclusively about digging wells in Africa. Not a word was uttered about preaching the Gospel to Africans bound in pagan practices or Moslem darkness. We are losing our nerve and closing our mouths! Sooner or later, we will endorse all "valid" spiritualities, as do McLaren and Bell.


The other half of the very center of the Gospel-Jesus's physical resurrection-was also absent. A miraculous divine transformation of the physical universe really does not fit this new liberal social gospel of the kingdom, which comes incrementally through our works of social justice. Certainly, eschatology is not a Left Behind "board game figuring out where we are," but when asked about the Early Church's expectation of the imminent final coming of Christ, McLaren rejected Christ's final coming out of hand, Ron Golden said it was an image of being open to the kingdom coming now, and New Testament scholar Scott McKnight spoke of New Testament eschatology as "metaphorical rhetoric." This is pure liberalism gone wild, at an evangelical pastors' conference!


With all the emphasis on the earthly Jesus, on our human efforts to bring in the kingdom, and on "Human Flourishing," God as personal savior is vague, even absent. God was referred to in a large plenary session as "God revealing ‘godself,'" thus successfully avoiding any gender-specific language for God but successfully depersonalizing Him. The absence is filled by seeking God's "presence" through mysticism and so-called "spiritual disciplines," so widespread in impersonal pagan spirituality.

Both the bold-faced audacity but more, the naiveté of this project is quite stunning. There is no mention anywhere of the vastly superior pagan project, already well-developed, to construct a this-worldly socio-economic utopia, very similar to neo-evangelical's this-worldly "kingdom of God." Will this "shovel-ready eschatology" of human justice be digging the church's own grave? Will the two meet one day, and then, as Jesus asked (Luke 18:8), "Will the Son of Man, when he comes, find faith on the earth?" (Source) - emphasis added

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Was 'Lady Macbeth' Behind Barack Obama's Snub Of Gordon Brown

Michelle Obama's dress sense may be impeccable, but what of her politics? (Photo: Getty)

Jame Delingpole, writer, journalist and broadcaster wrote the article re-printed below on his blog at today. It references Michelle Obama's Princeton thesis and I'd like to go on record saying that I absolutely do not hold that against her. In fact, when I was a 21 year old college senior I followed Kwame Toure (Stokely Carmichael) and joined the All African People's Revolutionary Party -- how crazy is that! However, I thought this was an interesting article none the less and Princeton thesis not withstanding I think Mr. Delingpole isn't too far off the mark with his impression of Mrs. Obama (FLOTUS)

"On US radio's Garrison show today, I was asked for my reaction as a true born Englishman to President Obama's double insult - first the sending back of the Winston Churchill bust, then his snub to Gordon Brown. "Tough one. Really tough one," I said, torn - as most of surely are - between delight at seeing Brown roundly humiliated, and dismay at having the special relationship so peremptorily, cruelly and bafflingly ruptured.

Iain Martin is quite right here: no matter how utterly rubbish we have become as a nation in the Blair/Brown years, Britain's friendship is something Obama will come to regret having dispensed with so lightly. This was not the act of a global statesman, but of a hormonal teenager dismissing her bestest of best BFs for no other reason than that she felt like it and she can, so there.

What was the guy thinking? In researching my new book Welcome to Obamaland, I discovered that Obama's judgment is pretty dreadful - but this? My favourite theory so far - suggested by presenter Greg Garrison - was that it was a move calculated to please his Lady Macbeth. At the moment in Britain, we're still in the "Doesn't she look fabulous in a designer frock" stage of understanding of Michelle Obama. Gradually, though, we'll begin to realise that she is every bit the terrifying executive's wife that Hillary Clinton was. Or, shudder, Cherie Blair.

We may just LURVE Michelle's fashion sense. But Michelle doesn't reciprocate our affection, one bit. Her broad-brush view of history associates Brits with the wicked white global hegemony responsible for the slave trade. Never mind that a white, Tory Englishman - William Wilberforce - brought the slave trade to an end. Judging by her record, Michelle does not make room for such subtle nuance.

Consider her notorious statement that: "For the first time in my adult life I am really proud of my country." Consider her (till-recently suppressed) Princeton thesis, "Princeton Educated Blacks And The Black Community."

In it she writes: "I have found that at Princeton, no matter how liberal and open-minded some of my white professors and classmates try to be toward me, I sometimes feel like a visitor on campus; as if I really don't belong. Regardless of the circumstances underwhich I interact with whites at Princeton, it often seems as if, to them, I will always be black first and a student second."

Here we see that she has mastered the authentic voice of grievance culture. She also - the thesis was written in 1985 - pre-empts the Macpherson report's ludicrous, catch-all definition of racism: "A racist incident is any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person." No matter how hard young Michelle's white undergraduate contemporaries try to be nice, it's not their behaviour that counts, but how Michelle feels. (Unfortunately that's exactly what racism has come to mean is in this country-CBW)

More worrying, though, and dangerous, than young Michelle's desperate quest for validation through victimhood is the other strain within her thesis. "As I enter my final year at Princeton," she writes. "I find myself striving for many of the same goals as my White classmates - acceptance to a prestigious graduate or professional school or a high paying position in a successful corporation. Thus, my goals at Princeton are not as clear as before."

"Yes, exactly, you silly girl" you want to shriek at young Michelle as you give her a good shake. "It's called 'opening your mind', 'broadening your experience', 'allowing youthful dogma to be shaped by reality.' It's why people go to university, don't you know?"" (Source)

Abandoned By God

Hat tip to Josh at Truth Crossing for this John MacArthur sermon jam. This video spoke to me because I am one of those Christians who thinks homosexuality is between those involved to work out or not with the Father. I am not repulsed or offended by homosexuality or homosexual people (I rather like all those I know). That being said God's word is true and truth should not be suppressed. Our culture is treading towards Godlessness and that does matter to me. This video is just a reminder to those who know the Word of Truth that we are salt and light and should not be silent.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Victor David Hanson's 5 Modest Recommendations For PSBO

Victor David Hanson maintains in his article The Great Divider just that -- PSBO is quite not the great "uniter" just the opposite actually. He writes:

" his nascent career in the Senate, he had already compiled the most
partisan record of any Democratic Senator. He had attended religiously one of
the most racially divisive and extremist churches in the country. His Chicago
friends were not moderates. His campaigns for state legislature, the House and
the Senate were hard-ball, no-prisoner affairs of personal destruction, even by
Chicago standards. Campaign references to reparations, gun- and bible-clingers,
and Rev. Wright’s wisdom were not words of healing.
In short, while the rhetoric was often inspirational, I found no real reason then—or now—to believe that Barack Obama wishes to be a uniter. And nothing in his first five weeks ofgovernance has disabused me of that first tough impression."

He offers 5 recommendations that PSBO would do well to adopt if he is really interested in bring the country together

1. Forget Talk Radio-"...both you and your staff have zeroed in on Rush Limbaugh by name. But Presidential candidates and elected Presidents must seem above the fray, and not descend into tit-for-tat with media celebrities. There is a reason why even your closest associates have ceased calling you Barack and now quite properly address you as “Mr. President”—and it is not due to your persistence in demonizing talk radio."

2. Forget George Bush-"We got the message already that he is near satanic, you your first address to the nation, you went out swinging: “As for our common defense, we reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals.” But President Bush never set up such a Manichean either/or situation, as you yourself must accept, when you embraced his protocols on FISA, the Patriotic Act, the Bush-Petraeus Iraq withdrawal plan, and kept rendition, and so far have not quite closed transfer wealth to the wealthy instead of an opportunity to invest in our future. . .Regulations were gutted for the sake of a quick profit at the expense of a healthy market.”

But Mr. President, deficits arose from out-of-control spending, inasmuch as the Bush tax cuts resulted in increased revenue. It is fair to fault the past eight years of profligate spending, but when you engage in such demagoguery, the American people can detect your subtext: “I won’t criticize Bush’s spending because I found it not enough and will trump it; I will criticize his tax cuts, since I want to make the wealthier pay for my even greater borrowing.”

Cutting taxes on everyone who pays them is not transferring wealth, unless you believe that one’s own income belongs to the government in the first place. Under Bush, nearly 50% of the tax filers for the first time paid no income tax at all—hardly a transfer of wealth.

As far as “gutting” regulations go, I don’t think you wish to go there—given the careers of Franklin Rains, a disgraced Jim Johnson (of your recent hire), Barney Frank, and Chris Dodd, who not only really did gut regulations that were at the center of the financial meltdown, but profited from such complicit laxity.

3.Drop the messianic style- "The campaign is over. The Victory Column and Parthenon facades belong to last summer. Remember, it’s hard finding elites to serve in government that are not tainted. You yourself discovered that depressing fact when you nominated tax-dodgers and lobbyists to your own cabinet. Not only did you have far more trouble on such ethical fronts than did Bush in his first month of nominations, but you suffered the additional wage of hypocrisy after adopting the prophetic rhetoric about your own virtue. 2012 will come soon enough without vero possumus at every turn."

4. Enough of the evil “rich” - "We’ve heard now about the proverbial jets, parties, and ‘they want us to eat cake’ rhetoric that is approaching the sloganeering of the French Revolution. No one likes a Bernie Madoff, or supports AIG and Citicorp execs wanting federal subsidies to cover their lavish lifestyles.

But a little humility is in order: the problem is not just Richard Fuld at a bankrupt Lehman Brothers, but also Clintonites like Robert Rubin at Citicorp, and liberals at Freddie and Fannie who took millions while destroying the financial integrity of hallowed institutions.

You are our President; so, please, begin seeing greed as an equal opportunity vice that infects liberal and conservatives alike—and anyone else with all too human frailties. If anything, the liberal egalitarian suffers the additional wage of hypocrisy for engaging in Rangelesque schemes or Robert Rubin ‘me-first’ bonuses—in the same manner conservatives do when caught with women or drugs after boasting of the need for old-time morality."

5. Stop the dissimulation. "Your plan might work for a while given the incineration of trillions in stock and home equity and the need for replacement cash, but its revenue-raising component is not just aimed at the miniscule number of “rich”, which you imply to the American people are flying the skies of America in private jets while being unpatriotic in avoiding taxes and violating regulations.

In fact, for your plan to succeed, you must go after the upper, upper middle-class, those making between $250,000 and $600,000 who are restaurant owners, home builders, labor contactors, architects, surgeons, engineers, hospital executives, college administrators, Ivy-League law professors, and many dentists.

These households are wealthy, yes; but they don’t own or even fly on $50 million private jets or host private Super Bowl parties. Their income is all reported, and with such good salaries come high insurance and, in the case of business, constant reinvestment and expensive inventories. They are not greedy, but the bulwark of the United States’ productive classes who in aggregate pay over 40% of the collective income taxes, and provide most of the jobs in the country. Under your plan many in these high-tax states will pay nearly 70% of their incomes in FICA, Medicare, federal income, and state income taxes. Why gratuitously mislead the American people that those for whom you will lift FICA ceilings or up their IRS bites to 40% are in any way synonymous with the super-rich? Remember the very, very wealthy voted overwhelmingly in your favor precisely because their riches gave them immunity from high taxes, and in many cases they were far removed from the everyday risk and worry of owning a hardware store or trying to keep together a family-owned construction firm. George Clooney is a world away from a paving contractor, just as making $400,000 a year on call 24/7 is not quite making $40 million investing or $2 million for a cameo."

So please no more intellectual dishonesty, Mr. President. Those in great numbers who will pay your higher taxes are not really the rarer Warren Buffets, Bill Gateses, Diane Feinsteins, Teresa Heinz Kerrys, Sean Penns, George Soroses, Oprah Winfreys, or Tiger Woodses, whose mega-wealth really does result in private jet rides, and yet exempts them from worries that increased taxes might wreck their small businesses.

Who Will You Trust? God or The Government

W. Bradford Wilcox, associate professor of sociology at the University of Virginia
wrote the article More Government, Less God: What the Obama Revolution Means for Religion in America. I think it validates some of the concerns that I have regarding PSBO's presidency so I have decided to re-print it here and you'll find my commentary in red:

In his successful drive for the presidency, Barack Obama went out of his way to cultivate churchgoing Americans. Obama spoke frankly and fluidly about his faith, he participated in Pastor Rick Warren’s candidates’ forum at the Saddleback megachurch, he reached out personally and persistently to evangelical and Catholic leaders, and his campaign targeted American religious groups like no other Democratic candidate for president has in recent times. Moreover, Obama and his campaign downplayed his socially liberal views, stressed his commitment to tolerance and civility toward those with whom he disagreed on social issues, and sought to underline the ways in which his progressive policy positions were consistent with biblical faith and Catholic Social Teaching.

Obama’s efforts paid off. In 2008, according to CNN exit polls, Obama won forty-three percent of the presidential vote among voters who attend religious services once a week or more, up from Senator John Kerry’s thirty-nine percent in 2004. Obama did especially well with Black and Latino believers. But he also made real inroads among traditional white Catholics, according to a recent article by John Green in First Things.

His cultivation of churchgoing Americans has not let up since winning the election. From his selection of Rick Warren to deliver his inaugural invocation to his public support for charitable choice to his recent remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama has sought to signal to the faithful in America that his administration is no enemy to religion.

I do not doubt the sincerity of Obama’s religious intentions. But while many social conservatives have pointed a spotlight on Obama’s socially liberal policies (repealing the Mexico City Policy, for example) few have paid attention to the likely impact his stimulus, bailout, and economic welfare programs will have. One unremarked and unintended consequence of Barack Obama’s audacious plans for the expansion of government—especially in health care, education, and the environment—is that the nanny state he is seeking to build will likely crowd out religious institutions in America. In other words, if he succeeds in passing his ambitious agenda, the Obama revolution is likely to lead the United States down the secular path already trod by Europe.
(I do, doubt PSBO's religious intentions that is)

To fund his bold efforts to revive the American economy and expand the welfare state, Obama is proposing to spend a staggering $3.6 trillion in the 2010 fiscal year. Obama’s revolutionary agenda would push federal, state, and local spending to approximately 40 percent of Gross Domestic Product, up from about 33 percent in 2000. It would also put the size of government in the United States within reach of Europe, where government spending currently makes up 46 percent of GDP.

Why is this significant for the vitality of religion in America? A recent study of 33 countries around the world by Anthony Gill and Erik Lundsgaarde,
political scientists at the University of Washington, indicates that there is an inverse relationship between state welfare spending and religiosity. Specifically, they found that countries with larger welfare states had markedly lower levels of religious attendance, had higher rates of citizens indicating no religious affiliation whatsoever, and their people took less comfort in religion in general. In their words, “Countries with higher levels of per capita welfare have a proclivity for less religious participation and tend to have higher percentages of non-religious individuals.”

Gill and Lundsgaarde show, for instance, that Scandinavian societies such as Sweden and Denmark have some of the largest welfare states in the world as well as some of the lowest levels of religious attendance in the world.
By contrast, countries with a history of limited government—from the United States to the Philippines—have markedly higher levels of religiosity. The link between religion and the welfare state remains robust even after Gill and Lundsgaarde control for socioeconomic factors such as urbanization, region, and literacy. The bottom line: as government grows, people’s reliance on God seems to diminish.

How do we account for the inverse relationship between government size and religious vitality? As Gill and Lundsgaarde point out, some individuals have strong spiritual needs that can only be met by religion. This portion of the population remains faithful, come what may.
(Wheat will be separated from the chaff)

But other individuals only turn to churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques when their needs for social or material security are not being met by the market or state. In an environment characterized by ordinary levels of social or economic insecurity, many of these individuals will turn to local congregations for social, economic, and emotional support. At times of high insecurity, such as the current recession, religious demand goes even higher. Witness, for instance, press accounts chronicling the recent boom in churchgoing among Americans hit hard by the recession. Of course, many of those who initially turn to the church around the corner for instrumental reasons often end up developing an intrinsic appreciation for the spiritual and moral goods found in their local congregation.

By contrast, the more the state steps in to reduce the economic and social insecurity of its citizens, the less likely fair-weather believers are to darken the door of a church on Sunday. Now, to paraphrase Charles Krauthammer,
Obama hopes to expand the size of the welfare state by offering cradle-to-grave health care and cradle-to-cubicle education to Americans. If he gets his way, Americans will not have to trust in God, or their fellow congregants, to support an ailing parent, or to help them figure out how to pay for their daughter’s college tuition. Instead, they can put their faith in Uncle Sam.

To secularists and religious skeptics, this may seem no great loss. Who cares if Americans substitute “In God We Trust” for “In Government We Trust”?
But as political scientist Alan Wolfe observed in Whose Keeper?, one of the primary dangers associated with the rise of the nanny state is that “when government assumes moral responsibility for others, people are less likely to do so themselves.” Wolfe noted that large increases in welfare spending in Sweden, Denmark and Norway over the last half century have ended up eroding the moral fabric of families and civic institutions in these societies. Scandinavians have come to depend not on family, civil society, or themselves, but on the government for their basic needs.
(Mission accomplish for the godless liberal elitist)

The problem with this Scandinavian-style welfare dependency is that many Scandinavians, especially young adults who have grown up taking the welfare state for granted, are markedly less likely to attend to the social, material, and emotional needs of family and friends than earlier generations. As a consequence, social solidarity is down and social pathology—from drinking to crime—is up. In Wolfe’s words, “High tax rates in Scandinavia encourage governmental responsibility for others; they do not, however, necessarily inspire a personal sense of altruism and a feeling of moral unity toward others with whom one’s fate is always linked.” Not surprisingly, cheating on taxes is on the rise in Scandinavian countries, both because the social solidarity undergirding these societies is fraying and because men and women—especially high earners—are recoiling from paying the hefty taxes associated with keeping their nanny states afloat (sound familiar?). (Yes, very familiar unfortunately. Social pathology will abound)

The dangers that Wolfe identifies in societies like Sweden would likely be even more salient in America, which has a much lower level of cultural homogeneity and collectivism than the Scandinavian nations. In the United States, as Alexis de Tocqueville observed, religious institutions have long provided crucial social and moral ballast to the individualistic ethos of our nation. For instance, as political scientist Arthur Brooks pointed out in his recent book, Who Really Cares, religious Americans are significantly more likely to give to charity and to volunteer their time than are secularists. In 2000, he found, for instance, that ninety-one percent of regular churchgoers (those who attend religious services nearly every week or more frequently) gave money to charities, compared to sixty-six percent of secularists (those who attend religious services a couple times a year or not at all); moreover, sixty-seven percent of churchgoers volunteered, compared to forty-four percent of secularists. (Hmm, I guess Joe Biden and the Obamas fit into this category see as how their charitable giving is dismally low)
This is why, even though Obama’s audacious agenda might provide short-term relief to the economic and social challenges that now beset us, over the long term the Obama revolution is likely to erode first the religious and then the civic and moral fabric of the nation. Undoubtedly, this is not the change religious believers who put their faith in Obama last November are hoping for from this president. But if the European experiment with the welfare state tells us anything, it tells us that this is the change we can expect from a successful Obama revolution. (Source)
(Well sadly religious believers were more concern with historicity than Christ which is why they were even able to give their vote to PSBO in the first place)

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