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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Self Described Blackest Man On The Internet Calls Out "Skip" Gates On His High Profile "Bitch-Assness" (my words not his)

Blogger under the alias Denmark Vesey who describes himself as "the blackest man on the internet" says the following regarding Professor Gates:

"If you call yourself "Skip",
If you marry a woman who looks like Edith Bunker,
If your claim to fame is to have been allowed to work at Harvard,
If you are known as a preeminent black scholar and writer but no black people can quote you,
If you identify yourself as "Half-white",
If you identify your children as "Half-white",
If you are proud of the fact you live in a "white" neighborhood,
If when you move into a new house you report to the local precinct to introduce yourself to the police ...The first time a police officer upsets you - You Cannot Yell "It's Because I'm A Black Man In America!"

No. It is because you are a Plantation Negro in a white neighborhood."

Dang....I couldn't have said it better myself. He goes on to say in comments and this is just beautiful....

"Gates is making a bitch move by implying his actions had nothing to do with what happened and that it was strictly a function of his skin color.Ya'll Plantation Negros still think "blackness" is a game of mindless group identity victim politics.When bad shit happens "Itz Cuz Iz Bwak!"

Friday, July 17, 2009

Dick (KKK) Durbin Deduces That Abortions Rates Are High in DC Because Residents Are Disproportionately Black

Well as my Poppie (Grandfather) used to say..."I'd done took and told ya". I have said time and time again that the highest percentage of abortuariesare found in the black community purposefully and lo Sen. Dick (KKK) Durbin (D-Ill) co-signed me only he thinks it's a good thing and that these damnable procedures should be paid for with federal tax dollars.... Click here for audio

As Democrats in Congress are pushing to legalize taxpayer funding for non-lifesaving abortions in DC, currently prohibited by federal law Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan) fights to maintain the prohibition. When he asks why Congress should pursue a policy that will make abortions even more common in D.C. than they are already DickHead (KKK) Durbin advises that because DC is disportionately black and 41% of all black women's pregnancies end in abortion they should be federally funded in DC.

Here’s the exchange, as reported by David Freddoso in the Washington Examiner, starting with a comment by Brownback about his attempt to make Democrats live up to former President Bill Clinton’s abortion mantra of “safe, legal and rare:”

Durbin: In terms of safe, legal and rare, to the Senator from Kansas, I will
tell you two things. First, it is a fact that a disproportionately large number
of African Americans seek abortion in America, not just in the District of
Columbia, but all across the nation.

Brownback: 41 percent?

Durbin: No, but it’s also a fact that a disproportionately large number
of African Americans live in the District of Columbia.

Brownback: 41

Durbin: I’m telling you, look at the numbers.

Brownback: I’m telling — I’m just asking you, aren’t there enough
[abortions] here?

Durbin: Look at the numbers, and you will find this to
be true.

Brownback: This — this is not high enough?

Apparently not, Brownback's amendment to preserve the ban on taxpayer-funded abortions in D.C. failed, 13-15.

When are black folks going to realize that the Demon'crat party is hustling them? So sad.....on so many levels.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Uppity Black Man Has The Audacity To Call Out Sen. Barbara Boxer's Bigotry

When Harry Alford, Chairman of the National Black Chamber of Commerce dares to challenges the Sen. Barbara Boxer a flaming liberal elitist on energy policy, she responds by reading a resolution from the NAACP, followed by a statement from 100 Black Men of Atlanta. Well, Sen. Boxer must not have realized that she had the misfortune of dealing with an "Uppity" Black man in the person of Mr. Alford who is perfectly capable of thinking for HIMSELF and doesn't not need the NAACP or 100 Black Men of Atlanta to dole out a thought blueprint for him. She added insult to injury when she said Mr. Grant of 100 Black Men of Atlanta would be proud...see liberal white folks use that word when they want to get us back on the train since we (black folks, that is) love to rant about how proud we are. But Mr. Alford was not buying into that tactic which betrays Boxer's soft bigotry (actually it's rather blatant) and he called her out on her racial condescension.
I will not bother to ask the question what makes liberals believe that all black people think alike because WE lead them to believe it because most of us are too afraid, apathetic and yes even ignorant to stray from that which Jesse, Al, Obama, and other democrat party operatives condone as that which "correctly self-identified" black people should think....well, I call what a "down for the cause" negro thinks. Although the "cause" is suspect in my humble opinion but I digress.

I tell you this made my heart sing and he is an absolute HERO for me this Thursday afternoon! Boxer was pretty much saying and I'm paraphrasing..."Look Nig*er the NAACP and 100 black men of Atlanta agree on this subject, how dare you see things differently?

To all of my racism chasing, "correctly self-identified", "non-confused" friends who were not "dropped on their heads as babies", I have to ask, Do you think Sen. Boxer would have been waving around those resolutions and statements from the NAACP and 100 Black Men of Atlanta respectively if Mr. Alford were a white man? Of course not this stinks of liberal hypocrisy. I detest the democrat party and the liberals who comprise it as they declare themselves the arbiters of social justice and racial equality yet they see black folks as mere pawns who swell their congressional districts and thereby guarantee their seats in Congress and the House. This is why Sen.Boxer would "racialize" (or at least attempt to) this issue with Mr. Alford rather than discuss the science. I agree with Mr. Alford it was GOD-AWFUL. But, it's rare that liberals meet "Uppity" black folks so they will continue on in this fashion as they know that because we are a such proud, correctly self-identified people they can manipulate the hell out of us with their rhetoric, resolutions and statements--rather race baiting.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Truth Is Out There

I received two rather disturbing emails this morning from two of my very good friends. The first one said:

"If you are going to talk about negative SHIT about my President. Then take me off your email list.Thank you and I still love You,
S***** W*****"
A President Barack Obama Supporter"
-- she wasn't kidding.

the second said:

"Dag, Robin I can't understand why you are so anti black. Did you get dropped on your head when you was a baby? Lol"-- the "lol" aside he wasn't kidding either. (This was written in response to a joke I made about Barack Obama not being present at Michael Jackson's funeral because he couldn't think of a way to blame it on George Bush--well I thought it was funny)

I've tried at length to explain why I feel the way that I do to my friends to no avail. How I can't reconcile his policy with my faith. How I feel that his policy will negatively impact this country and therefore Black folks will necessarily negatively impact Black folks since we are Americans too. A fellow blogger Malcolm Kirkpatrick commented that "Obama worship is self-love" and it occurred to me that if to those who KNOW me feel that I hate myself because I don't support Obama then to them to love Barack Obama is to love themselves...that's sick on so many different levels. However, Digital Publius brilliantly deconstructs this curious phenomena that is at play in my world as my friends have fallen into the Obama snare he writes:

The truth is indeed out there, if you are inclined towards it, it can be found. The problem is not that the truth is or is not knowable, but rather that it is so often ignored when it conflicts with ones deeply held ideologies. This is the case often, when you endeavor to hold civil discourse with those that lean more towards their ideologies than reality and who are committed to remaking the world into a reflection of those ideologies despite the truth. This is how I would define the average liberal.
Interestingly enough, not all Democrats are liberals. Many of the people who vote Democrat that I know, share the same conservative values that I proudly trumpet. Unfortunately; there is a disconnect, they can’t see that when they support the Democratic party for the social issues they may believe to be virtuous, you become a de facto liberal because you cannot support the party of affirmative action without supporting the unGodly party of abortion on demand and Gay marriage.
Where your average liberal is often favorably disposed towards irrational beliefs and doctrines of devils, your average Democrat is simply too lazy or racist to look into the truth as they have made up their minds based on those aforementioned ideologies. Democrats however can on occasion be reached, yours truly would be an example of that particular truth. Democrats when confronted with the proof they are often to lazy to look into themselves, will on occasion admit that they were making a grave error when supporting a character like Barney Franks. They even sometimes, like me, become Ex-Democrats. A liberal never ever sees beyond the unicorns President Obama promised him he would have to ride around the autonomous collectives we will all live and work on.
For the liberals out there I’m joking about the President promising literal unicorns, I wish I could say that his actions thus far hadn’t made the autonomous collectives look so likely though.
As for racism, without it there would be no Democratic party. Racism drives the democratic party. You have the liberal Democrat, (White or Black) who is perhaps the most racist human being on earth who is so convinced of the inferiority of the minorities in America (even when he is one) he is compelled to help them by lowering standards so they can compete with their betters. This of course ends when it comes to rubber meeting the road programs like school vouchers where it would put their little Suzy in direct contact with a child from a family really seeking to improve that child’s lot by allowing them to contend on an even playing field, can’t have that.
Then you have the Original Democrats, these are folks that know the origin of the Democratic party. They know that it was the Democrats who started the Klu Klux Klan, with the express purpose of terrorizing black voters and to keep them from voting for the party that freed them. The O.D.s are the ones that still remember it was the Democrats during the civil rights movement that turned on the fire hoses and loosed the dogs on the civil rights activists in the 50s and 60s. It was the Democrats that raised the Confederate battle flag over all the municipal buildings in the south.
The O.D.s know that the party simply changed tactics when they lost the civil rights struggle, instead of beating and lynching people, they began to implement programs that stemmed the tide of independent minority progress both socially and economically, while appearing to be the party of the black man. Since we began to vote en masse for the democrats can we as the black community honestly say we are better off? With 70 percent of our children now being born out of wedlock and the highest teen pregnancy rate in the country? With our young men disproportionately represented in the nations jails and prisons and killing themselves in violent criminal activity in staggering numbers? This was not the case during my parents time nor was it the case when I was a kid in the 70’s when the liberal programs were just getting started, we are only now really seeing the bitter harvests that those programs are yielding.
Then you have the Black Democrat who if he is an elected official just may fall under the liberal umbrella depending on the level of indoctrination he fell victim to, I think our President falls under this category. The other elected official category is the Black Democrat who knows these programs are no good for the black community but he has sold himself out to the O.D.s for special favors. These are the real house negroes in the black community and they are represented in large numbers.
The Black Democrats are ofttimes virulently racist as well, so racist in fact that they do not think themselves capable of racism. I have heard such nonsensical rhetoric as, it is impossible for the black man to be racist because we don’t have the power to impose our racism institutionally.
Let that be a comfort to you white folks if your Beamer stalls out on the corner of Mack and Bewick in Detroit and you are not there buying drugs.
The Black Democrat votes for the party primarily because they believe the Republican party is the party of white folks. The Democratic party has worked tirelessly to foster that belief and the Republican party has done little to combat that perception, despite a rich history of being the true party of equality.
Democrats can sometimes be reached with facts, liberals are completely indifferent to them, unless of course in those rare occasions where those facts have the virtue of agreeing with their varying realities.
I wrote an article last election day entitled, “The Bush Economy and the Politics of Ignorance”, which illustrated the unfortunate propensity liberals and democrats have to ignore empiricism in favor of rhetoric, emotionalism and racism if you haven’t read it you may find it worthy of your attention, I do hope everyone who voted democrat in that election reads it, as well as an article I wrote called, “Rahm and Hegel Sittin’ in a Tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G.” which includes a timeline of President Bush’s statements in warning of the then coming financial crisis and his attempts to stave it off. These articles and the following C-Span video offer enough evidence of the culpability of the Democrats in the collapse of Fannie and Freddie which triggered this economic malaise that Obama’s policies are only deepening.
It is time to stop calling this financial crisis the Bush economy and place it at the feet of those who truly are responsible. Democratic voters wake up! Liberals, well, take another Percocet.
Behold, You desire truth in the inner being; make me therefore to know wisdom in my inmost heart. Psalm 51: 6 (Source) - emphasis added

Digital Publius I wanna be like you when I grow up! Seriously he broke this down to the bone grissle. If my beloved friends don't understand now after his ever so succinct dissertation then I'll just have to give them over to their democrat, liberal or both reprobate minds.

Here is the video he referenced:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Obama's Mythography:An Orwellian Disaster

The following article was printed in the opinion section of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review:

President Barack Obama's Orwellian rhetoric has become absolutely pathological. And it's become so blatant that you can almost guarantee that the truth is the exact opposite of what he says. To wit:

The president insisted he had no intention of taking over Chrysler and General Motors.

He did.

The president calls "cap-and-trade" environmental legislation a "market-based" approach, based on "sound science."

It is not.

The president claims his health care reform plan is not "socialized medicine."

It is.

He claims it won't harm private insurance.

It will.

He claims service won't be rationed.

But to control costs as he proposes, it must be. (Even top aides concede the point.)

Mr. Obama says he supports "democracy" in Latin America.

How can he? He also supports the Marxist ways of Manuel Zelaya, legally removed from Honduras' presidency by the constitutional actions of the legislative and judicial branches.

And the examples of this president's mythography go on and on.

Some will dismiss Barack Obama's pronouncements merely as "rhetoric" and "posturing." "Everybody does it," they'll say. "It's politics."

But this is different and decidedly more dangerous: The president of the United States says one thing and does another and claims things that cannot possibly be.

Whether by delusion or by design, Barack Obama is being dishonest with the American people. And that is a harbinger of national disaster. (Source) - emphasis added

President Obama is a veritable Marxist but Americans are either too afraid to say that which is politically incorrect, too ignorant to realize it, or so filled with animus towards the U.S that they couldn't care less.