Monday, November 30, 2009

Sorry Rush, President Obama Is Successful....Successfully Ruining The Republic As We Know It.

I received the video below this morning in an email from a friend who routinely forwards jokes. To him this is just a video about the state of the US Job market-- just a joke. In his mind President Obama is more than capable of turning everything around and he is confident that the economy and job market are going to recover because finally we have a "capable" POTUS (his words not mine):

Regrettably, I had to share information with my friend that only made him angry with me. Why do President Obama's supporters get pissed off when you share information with them? Do facts confuse them or something? In this case, I shared a quote from page 135 of Dreams of My Father where Obama writes:

"Eventually a consulting house to multinational corporations agreed to hire me as a research assistant. Like a spy behind enemy lines, I arrived at my mid-Manhattan office and sat at my computer terminal..."

My friend promptly advised me that I am taking this quote out of context and contends that "most black people" feel uncomfortable in corporate America. Good grief... here we go again with the "most black people" spiel. So I had to ask my friend -- Are "most black people"pro-affirmative action as well? If so, why? Since "most black people" are uncomfortable in corporate America?" Well, that didn't go over well and he vowed never to send me email again because of my uber-annoying propensity of turning the most mundane and harmless things into "Anti-Obama propaganda". Unfettered and slightly insulted, I sent him the following graph and shared even more "Anti-Obama propaganda":

Only a mere 8% of Obama's cabinet appointments have private sector experience. Why, because Obama and his minions believe that the government is the answer to all societal woes. He believes that government should house, feed, provide health care and CONTROL society. However, I cannot think of a single problem that has been effectively solved by government -- without creating an even bigger problem in the process.

Bill Burch, chairman of GRIT (the Grass Roots Institute of Texas) wrote that "we need to understand the thinking of the new Marxist Democrats and how they differ from the past. First, as a basis for their thinking, they believe "from each according to his ability and to each according to his need (Karl Marx, 1875)." We also need to understand the difference between a Marxist Democrat and a liberal Democrat." He continues, "a liberal Democrat believes that the government is responsible for helping each individual achieve his goals and freedoms. The Marxist Democrat believes that the individual is responsible to society as a whole and to help government achieve its goals." Do you recall President Elect Obama advising that our "individual salvation depends on our collective salvation"? We are not dealing with your run of the mill liberal democrat anymore in fact at this point I'd welcome a liberal democrat. What we have on our hands now (thanks to the hopeful, the uniformed, and the just plain stupid) is a Marxist who despises America and seeks to "fundamentally transform it".

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

National Health Care Is A Trick. Will You Be Duped?

Denmark Versey, self described blackest man on the internet wrote National Health Care Is A Trick. The Slaves of The Modern Era Will Be Bound Not With Chains But With Pills & Debt (Redux) and deconstructs how and why some people (especially Ohama sychophants) are so easily duped. What a clever guy.....

"Denmark Vesey said ...
After the Emancipation Proclamation, only a handful of freed slaves immediately separated themselves from their former masters. Lacking either the resources or will to be free, the vast majority elected not to leave the security and safety of the plantation.

These partially emancipated slaves (sharecroppers) transitioned to a new economic and political reality, that bound them to the land, made them politically impotent, and kept them in perpetual debt. Stuck in the matrix of a simultaneously adversarial yet completely dependent relationship with the Plantation, these people became the first Plantation Negros.

The Plantation Negro reasoned, at least he could eat, even though he was not free. They were fed a diet designed to keep them alive, while costing the plantation as little as possible. However, early plantation negros were resilient and resourceful. They were able to supplement their diets with organic vegetables and naturally raised animals.

As the summer of the agrarian era evolved into a cold industrial winter, Plantation Negros developed relationships with the Factory. In exchange for safety and security, the Factory ensured the Plantation Negro a home. However, he remained politically impotent and as he was integrated into the culture of consumption, he became increasingly in debt.

Again, the Plantation Negro reasoned even though he was not free, at least he could eat. Tragically, now living in urban areas, the Plantation Negro was not able to supplement his diet by working the earth. The Factory filled this void by manufacturing cheap processed food which destroyed the organs of Plantation Negros and made disease inevitable. Now, added to the cost of housing and food, the Plantation Negro suddenly found himself saddled by something called Health Care costs.

What promised to be the spring of the Digital era witnessed a change in the relationship between the Plantation Negro and the Factory. It became a relationship between the Plantation Negro and the Corporation. In exchange for safety and security, the Plantation Negro was able to get multiple mortgages, credit cards, and school loans so the Plantation could educate his children.

Although he remained politically impotent and in insurmountable debt the Plantation Negro reasoned he could at least get Health Care.

As the bubble of the Digital era pops, the Plantation Negro finds himself wading in the tumultuous waters of economic upheaval, social collapse and an impending tsunami of disease. The Plantation that became the Factory which became the Corporation is now masquerading as the Government.

In exchange for safety and security, the Government provides housing by insuring mortgages, it finances debt and educates children. As an extension of its patronage, the Corpaorate / Government will continue to feed Plantation Negros an increasingly toxic diet of genetically modified food and prescription drugs, that not only makes them sick, but appears to sterilize the Plantation Population as well.

This year the Plantation / Factory / Corporate / Government is introducing a new product. It is called National (Plantation) Health Care. Sadly Plantation Negros think the same people who poisoned them are actually offering an antidote."

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

CBW Goes to The Glenn Beck Show

Glenn Beck has invited Black Conservatives to a taping of his show on tomorrow November 12th which will air on Friday the 13th. The title of the show is "Time To Be Heard"...well, I'll say! I'm very excited to meet all of the bloggers that I so admire. Gary at A Time For Choosing posted this picture on his blog (but he didn't include me, so I included titled "Glen Beck's Friday 13th Nightmare For Liberals Across America: Beck Hosts Prominent Black Conservatives"

Good looking out Gary! Thanks for spreading the word.

Perhaps I can replace Prof. Mark Lamont Hill. At least I'm a REAL conservative. Maybe I'll be able to convince Glenn with put in a word for me with his bosses at

Communism Is The Religion Of the Godless

The basic concept of Communism is that the idea of God is irrelevant and only to be "tolerated" as an accommodation to those of "low mentality". That explains the contempt that the Left has for Christians or right-wing nuts as we are routinely described. It explains the elitist mentality of our Communist-in-Chief, who had the unmitigated gall to say that America is not a Christian nation. Communism and communist deny the existence of any form of deity, believing that only matter in motion is eternal and the only divinity is a directive force inherent in matter which is why they worship the Earth. These Leftist worship the "created things" rather than the Creator.

Yes, I maintain that communism is the religion of the Godless and it even has it's own plan of salvation which is Utopia. The Communist vainly believes that he'll transform the heart of man by providing for all of man's material needs for him. Think back to October 31, 2008 when then President Elect Barack Obama proclaimed before an enthusiastic congregation crowd "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming America". Which read to the sychophantic drones as "our help" "our saviour" has come.

Communist even have a doctrine of conversion...indoctrinate the youth. In fact our colleges and universities are veritable alters of conversion. I can tell you that for me that was the case as an undergraduate. I was Godless and wanted and in point of fact sought out righteousness, goodness and justice as long as no diety was involved. Communism was perfect.

Communists also have a standard of consecration, and self-discipline. It was Lenin who said, "Few and better." and "We won't accept into membership anybody with any reservations whatsoever. We won't accept into our membership anyone unless he is an active, disciplined, working member in one of our organizations." Now remember Michelle Obama saying "Barack will require you to work". Have you noticed how the state run media has begun to call Americans "workers"?

It's a shame that drones are so busy protecting and defending the "first black president" that they are complete oblivious to the forces at play in our nation.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What is a Communist?

"A communist is someone who reads Marx & Lenin. An anti-communist is someone who understands them." - Ronald Reagan

Short and sweet.