Friday, August 27, 2010

Alan Keyes Explains His Position on Glenn Beck's Hollow Piety

Glenn Beck has spear-headed and organized the "Restoring Honor Rally" on tomorrow but at 8:00 tonight he has sponsored a Gala at the Kennedy Center themed "America's Divine Destiny.  However, in light of Glenn Beck's position on Gay marriage, Alan keyes believes that his "piety" is hollow and he writes:

 "Whatever his outward show of piety, by joining with those who decline to battle this insidious destruction of the basic premise of liberty, Beck reveals that, for political purposes, his piety is hollow. He also shows that his supposed staunch advocacy of the Constitution is hollow as well. For "If the foundations be destroyed …" what will the patriots do? And if he is willing to let them be destroyed, what is Glenn Beck really doing?
One last observation: Beck's display of contempt for the "gay marriage" issue is clear evidence that he has no respect for the political authority of God. Is it just a coincidence that it comes shortly before an event meant to promote him as a pious and principled advocateof the Constitution? The "Restoring Honor Rally" is clearly meant to cement his MSM-scripted role as the spokesman for that majority of tea-party patriots, who sincerely revere God's place as the author of all unalienable right. The MSM will undoubtedly tout attendance at the event as evidence of support for his patently false view that promotion of "gay marriage" poses no threat to our Constitution, sovereignty and liberty; that the majority of Americans are willing to allow the legal abandonment of the natural family and a redefinition of rights that makes them figments of government power rather than authoritative assertions of God's will for justice.
It will be tragic if sincere grass-roots enthusiasm for an apparent message of constitutional integrity lures people to build the credibility of a spokesman who has already publicly abandoned its most essential principle."

This angered a few Glenn Beck fans  and prompted Mr. Keyes to post the following on his blog, Alan Keyes is Loyal to Liberty  in response to an angry email he received.  As usual you will find my comments in red.

"As I expected, my  WND article this week has generated a remarkable reaction from readers, including a number of folks who express dismay at the fact that I (like Joseph Farah) would dare to question the sincerity of Glenn Beck’s professions of respect for God just because he belittles the importance of the ‘gay marriage’ issue.

In answer to one such ‘shame on you’ email I sent the following response, which I think worth sharing here:

Before wishing shame on me, it would repay your time to read what I have written on what the “gay marriage” issue involves.  If after doing so you can still accept Beck’s careless disregard for God’s priorities, I will still pray that God may open your eyes (as I pray for Glenn Beck).
We can’t defeat the so-called progressives by accepting their standards and priorities.
I made no charges against Beck, as you call them.  I simply took what he said and developed its implications.  What matters is not statements and lip service, but real priorities.  The moment of truth is when the battle is joined.  After Judge Vaughn Walker’s decision, the battle was clearly joined. [emphasis added] Beck chose that very moment to give aid and comfort to those attacking God’s authority.    Instead of reacting defensively, shouldn’t you think about the implications of that fact?  “Sometimes the instruments of darkness, to win us to our harm, do tell us truths, lure us with honest trifles to betray us in deepest consequence.” [emphasis added)] “Gay marriage” involves the issue of deepest consequence-and at precisely the moment the enemy launches what he hopes will be the decisive attack, Beck makes known his un-Christlike priorities?  (I say un-Christlike because Christ said “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness” which means that the issues of natural law (the law rooted in God’s will as sovereign author (King) of all creation) should be our first priority.  He also told us that we cannot serve God and mammon, for as we honor one we dishonor the other.  Whatever pious pose he adopts, Glenn Beck chose to articulate the priority of mammon.  Christ said we cannot have it both ways.  Who would you have me follow, Beck or Jesus? (emphasis added)  [Now that is a powerful statement!How is that for real life application of God's Word ?]

I have never understood how people who profess to read and believe in the Bible can have trouble understanding that the push for gay marriage is entirely incompatible with the Biblical account of God’s will for human nature (i.e., the natural law as applied to human beings.): “…in the image of God He created him; male and female created He them.”  The account of Eve’s creation makes clear that this juxtaposition is no coincidence.  By himself, Adam does not fulfill God’s intention, the image of God in man is incomplete, imperfect.  Only after the creation of Eve does God accept the result as the fulfillment of His will, and therefore good.  Only then is the way man is made (his nature)  a true reflection of the way God is making Him (i.e., the being God assumes for man as He makes him.)   Thus, man is not wholly what God intends him to be until he appears in two ways, one  male and one female, separate and distinct in form, but one in substance. As Adam’s description of Eve (“bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh”) suggests, they are made of the same stuff.

Eve completes the image of God in man.  But as the gender distinction completes the way God intends man to be it also reveals something about the way God is.  In human nature one person is male, another female, but their relations with one another imply the existence of a third person who represents the communion and unity of the two.  So human nature represents one whole that nonetheless exists by way of being three distinct persons .

What Christian can fail to see the theological significance of this account of God’s intention for humanity?  In light of it, we realize the theological imperative involved in the understanding that marriage is the intentional union of male and female with a view to the possibility that reproduces their unity in the form of their child.  An understanding of marriage that disregards this possibility turns its back on the image of God expressed in and through our human nature.  It shows the same forgetful contempt for His will that God rebukes when he prescribes the fate reserved for one who sheds innocent blood.  (Genesis 9:6- “Whosoever sheddeth man’s blood by man shall his blood be shed.  For in the image of God made He man.”) [ I wouldn't compare Gay marriage to murder and would not have used Genesis 9:6 to support the fact that those in favor of Gay marriage reflect blatant contempt for the will of God. While we expect non-regenerate, secular types to reject God and  his Word, how on Earth can a born-again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ support Gay marriage? So, non-believers ya'll are doing what you do. My beef is with those who claim the Christ as Lord and Savior}

Who is Jesus if not the one who reminds us, in the very nature of his existence on earth, of the respect we owe to the image of God represented in our human form?  Who can truly profess to believe in God’s Word and yet deny what the Bible teaches almost literally in the first words it uses to describe human nature?  Can its words be true if, from the beginning, they are false as to our nature?

As Americans we must also remember that respect for the relations implied in the way God made us to be is the whole basis for the authority of the laws of nature and of nature’s God as they pertain to our humanity.  Our understanding of marriage involves our respect for that authority in regard to what is literally the most fundamental of human relationships (male/ female), as well as the even more foundational relationship of God to man.  If “homosexual marriage” is a true concept, then there is no natural basis for human relations,  no natural right determined by God in our creation, no natural justice that governs human affairs. [emphasis added]

This is of course the contention of the moral relativists, who therefore discard the whole idea of constitutional government, acknowledging instead only the force of human will and power.  It may be that people like Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, etc.  simply don’t understand this aspect of the marriage issue.  If so, the crisis of liberty is too far advanced to wait until time and better instruction remedy their ignorance.  More ominous is the possibility that they, or the people who manipulate their love of mammon, do understand it, and are belittling the issue so that, despite the people’s common sense opposition to ‘gay marriage’,  they will not be roused in time to be effective in opposing the strategy that uses the ‘gay marriage’  issue to poison the conceptual, moral and spiritual root of  liberty." (source) [emphasis added]

In my humble opinion Alan Keyes not only has great and admirable intellect but a brilliant theological mind!!!!

In light of my newly adopted political atheism and realization that the grass-root Tea Party movement has been co-opted, provocateured, and infiltrated by media whores and manipulated lovers of mammon, I will not be a useful idiot for those invisible hands who have hi-jacked not only the Tea Party movement but the RNC  & the DNC.  It was painful to write that because the Americans who attend these rallies are NOT THE PROBLEM and are earnestly seeking to counter the usurpation of our liberty and the tyranny that awaits us if we don't wake up. But, the sad reality is  that the folks who need to hear, glean and internalize  the message of liberty & freedom will not be in attendance. Neither will the media accurately portray what goes on at the rally....I've been to enough Tea Party rallies at this point to KNOW that is the case.  So, what is the solution?  2 Chronicles 7:14 is the solution.

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
 The only solution!