Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Constructive Feedback Asks "Which References To Obama & Africa Has Gotten More Of A Rise Out Of Black America? "

I am compelled to repost an article written by one of the most gifted bloggers in the art of cultural deconstruction and analysis, Constructive Feedback.  I love his writing for the very reason that most of his critics are frustrated by him -- he tells the truth about black folks -- clearly, consisely, cogently, straight with no chaser.

This morning he rhetorically asked.....

Which References To Obama & Africa Has Gotten More Of A Rise Out Of Black America? 

In making my rounds, dropping in on certain Black themed news and web sites I can't help but notice the relatively sparse coverage of the present military operations that are taking place in Libya. Many of the same people who expressed concern over "Africom" - the plan by the US Military to establish a forward base of operations upon the continent of Africa are strangely and complicitly silent on the matter of bombs being dropped on a sovereign nation (this time).
As I listened to "Fight The Power" radio today I did not hear the hypothetical which asked "What if President Bush had participated in the mass bombing of a nation in Africa? How would WE have responded?"

Instead I heard several people construct the analogy - "What if there were armed forces within America who took up arms against the US government?" With a secondary tale of a caller that saw (White) Skin Heads recently marching with assault rifles and the police did nothing to them. "WHAT IF POOKIE AND RAY RAY CHOSE TO MARCH WITH THEIR AK47s? I don't think that the police would allow Black faces to get away with this without seeing them as a threat".

I have concluded in listening to "Fight The Power" and there their general opposition to this military action in Libya that: "Fight The Power Always Positions Themselves To Be On 'The Right Side' Of Ever Struggle".

"Fight The Power" is a permanent critic of America.   They make heavy reference to slavery and Jim Crow in the spirit of "we will never forget what YOU DID TO US!!!".  Thus America is either the cause of their present condition due to RACISM or they need to continue to STRUGGLE against the forces of RACISM and OPPRESSION in America so that their "Social Justice" can finally be obtained.

When it comes to condemnation and attachment to certain political figures and forces - using "congregational complicity" they agree that yesterday's dogged promotion of a "favorable political figure" won't be held against them as they criticize him today for acting as an agent of THE SYSTEM.    They are able to reach this logical end because they articulate the character of "the system" as having a certain amount of inertia.  Thus while President Obama is PRESIDENT - the wheels of the system had been turning against Libya and other "threats" to American imperialism long before Obama set foot into the White House.

When I mention the tactic of "the inferiorization of Obama" this is a perfect example of what I speak.  While Bush is either marinated inside "The System" which they condemn - Obama is spoken of separate from "The System".   When they told us that Bush wasn't calling the shots - Cheney was - it was to "stupid-ify" Bush per their minimilization of his capacity to think up such a scheme.   When Obama is said to be doing what he is told - he remains the "intelligent strategist" - but "The System" is just too powerful for him to stand his ground against them. (emphasis added by CBW)
I see this as yet another "group rationalization" that allows them to ultimately return to their de facto position of defending Obama against their right-wing conservative enemies.  This is who they prefer to fight in pursuit of their progressive ends.   By not condemning "their guy" into an agent of capitalistic imperialism - he is a worthy figure head once this contentious issue in which he proved himself to be akin to Bush blows over - they can assume their position back to fighting against the right wing - just in time for the 2012 elections. (emphasis added by CBW)

 He continues....

In truth - my residency in metro-Atlanta causes me to see that in having a "Black face in power" simply means that we must get beyond the assumed symbolism of that point and manage this person just as you would any other person in the seat.

Obama with his military actions is merely reducing the stock of  "If Dr King Were Alive In 2012 He Would Vote To Reelect Obama Thus Keeping The Dream Alive" t-shirts that will be sold by Koreans in the urban malls come 2012. (Source)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Farrakhan Warns Obama To Get Out Of Libya

He asks: "Who the hell do you think you are?"  I can answer that -- he thinks he is above the law -- because well, he is. He is the front man for the international banking cabal that has taken over our government, he is the "undertaker" that is draining the life blood from the United States of America, he is the protected one, the untouchable.  Personally, the burning question I have for the President is "how can you sleep at night knowing that a nation of black folks trust you, believe in you, and have sadly and strangely somehow invested their black pride in you?" (Biggie Smalls is in my head right now singing "It was all a dream.....") It is utterly amazing how black folks co-sign anything this fraudulent, treasonous, peace-prize toting puppet usurper does --Why? Because he is the Great Black(ish) Hope.

I posted a link to this video on my facebook page and was promptly advised by an Obama acolyte that "Qhaddafi is certfiable [sic], we should be doing more to have him removes."  Uggghhhh.....do you see what I mean? This attack is eerily similar to Bush's 2003 attack on Iraq but that wasn't OK. Where is the outrage? This attack hasn't a damn thing to do with humanitarianism and everything to do with advancing the agenda of the United Nations and the international banking cabal that employs Presidents even those who are unconstitutionally ineligible.  By the way, just for kicks check out what Farrakhan had to say about the POSER POTUS in 2008: