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Folk's Righteous (and profane) Indignation Over Yet Another Liberal Brainchild Gone Bad

I can't post Folk's blog post entitled Black Folks Get On My Gawt Damn Nerves with out revealing that his blog Black Folks Don't Swim is one of my daily guilty pleasures. He never fails to deliver an impassioned rant chocked full of shall we say colorful language. So because this is a rated G blog I have muted the colorful language but removing it entirely would take away from Folk's flavor and his flavor is what compels me to read his blog (well, I said it's a guilty pleasure)

He writes:

A reverse discrimination case went to the Supreme court on Wednesday. Believe it or not, it's another Fire fighter's case regarding a motherfvcking test. Folk's Caucasian Cousins have had enough of this Affirmative Action Bullsh!t and filed a fvcking lawsuit.

"In 2003, Firefighters from New Haven, Connecticut were administered a test by the city that determined individual eligibility for higher command positions at the department. Of those who tested no black firefighters passed the test. However, 20 firefighters did, nineteen were white and the other Hispanic. The city decided to throw out the scores and deny any promotions because by doing so the city would be violation US civil rights law that prohibits employment practices that limits or leaves out minorities. In other words, there were too many whites being promoted."[read the entire article ]

As a black man, Folk has to say this is some bullsh!t. Fvcker don't pass the test. Fvcker don't get promoted. That simple. This ain't some discriminatory "how many seeds in a watermelon" question that can't be answered only given to black folks to keep fvckers from voting. These are questions like: "how much pressure is required to put out a five alarm fire without taking the skin off the baby in the waterwash!" Or: "how many times do you blow into the mouth of a teenager without bursting their lungs while administrating CPR?" What's fvcking discriminatory about these fvcking questions? Oh forgot, no questions about "how long can you hold chicken wings into a chemical fire before fully cooked?" -Now that's some racist sh!t Folk - Yes it is and Folk don't give a fvck either. These fvckers want to say a legit test is racist deserve to have propane gas pumped in their rectal orifice and sent into a burning building with a high pressure fire hose.

So... To all the black folks who think this lawsuit is fruitless and a turn back to Jim Crow days... Fvck Y'all! Y'all the fvcking reason black folks are viewed as the leeches we play ourselves out to be by acting like spoiled azz children when we don't get something for nothing. Fvcking azz fvckers.

Y'all Negroes believe and act like a motherfvcker owes your azz something. Don't nobody owe y'all azz sh!t other than a chance. That chance may mean your azz need to study and prepare for the fvcking job. If you can't fvcking read then get somebody to help your azz learn to read and pass the fvcking test. You should be fvcking ashamed of yourselves to further cripple and destroy the future of black America. Fvck y'all and fvck the BETist views y'all hold. Yes this is BET's fault and yes, this is a big White Jesus Thumbs up to my Caucasian Cousins who rightfully have had enough! White Power Motherfvckers!

Speak on this sh!t however you want... Got to go to work. The job Folk had to pass a fvcking test to get! A job that Folk has to put skills learned to use ever fvcking day. Glad that Caucasian blood in Folk's black azz body helped folk pass that racist azz test! Fake azz BET fvckers. Peace... (Source)

Look what unfettered run away liberalism has has caused a proud, power-to-the people quasi-angry black man to scream "White Power"! How Orwellian is that?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

American Imperialism, Obama Style

James Lewis wrote the following article on American Thinker today:

The thing about imperialism is that it never looks like imperialism to the well-intentioned imperialists themselves. Most Soviet Russians were convinced they were just spreading peace and love to Eastern Europe and China, even with all their massed artillery and tanks. They knew in their hearts that the KGB State was just a temporary thing, until all the subject peoples could be educated enough to bring true Communism to earth.

They had that belief in common with the Roman legions, who conquered the world around the Mediterranean, and with Victorian missionaries in the Africa and India, who were also convinced they were just spreading civilization to the backward peoples of the earth.

It's always that way.

The funny thing about Barack Obama's victory lap to his buds in Trinidad and Tobago is that they are all under the sway of one Karl Marx, who just happened to be a classical European Imperialist. Real Marxists don't make any bones about it. Nor did the Soviets.

(And Karl Marx was a raging racist to boot).

The breakdown of the USSR and Maoist China after 1989 turned out to be a stroke of luck for Western Marxists. It allowed them to dissociate themselves from visibly bloody Communist Imperialism. Traveling from West to East Berlin, and seeing Western luxury turn into Stalinist poverty was just a little bit too much. After Gorbachev and Reagan they could pretend they were never on the side of evil.

What we are seeing today with Barack Obama is a triumph of Leftist Faith over the brute facts of history. The Left has managed to swallow its own bloody past in a capacious Black Hole. Instead, college kids are brought up today on Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States, a totally one-sided tale of all the bad things done in America in the last four hundred years. Zinn's very title tells us that traditional American history was never about the real people. When our airhead Hollywood celebrities slam the United States, it's because they've been brought up on reams and reams of such self-hating stuff. They think they know the truth, when in fact their brains are just on the rinse and spin cycle.

True Leftists collect other people's injustices, one after the other, and rehearse them in their minds for years. That's how they define themselves mentally as The Good People and those who disagree with them as The Evil Ones. That's why they are so ready to demonize those who disagree. Like Barack and Michelle, they are utterly convinced of their own righteousness. But they end up pushing Marxist Imperialism.

So... Barack Obama is turning out to be a Socialist Imperialist -- all for highly moral reasons, needless to say. Those loving encounters with Chavez and Ortega mean that they are now alike in spirit. Listening to their standard rantings is not news for BO, because he can recite their story from memory.

Which means that they are all the indoctrinated victims of an amazingly angry, white German ideologue of the early 19th century, whose idea of the perfect society was a world-conquering Bismarckian Reich, where everything was dictated top-down by the self-appointed Ruling Class.

(Note: The word "Reich" = "Empire," as in "Imperialism." Bismarck didn't care who knew it.)

And now the world is told that the election of a black man in America is a great victory for Progress -- which always means Marxist progress by those who use that word. That's what Obama keeps telling the whole world, time and time again. Look at me, world! I'm Progress!

Imperialism anybody?

Guess what all the post-colonial regimes did in the Third World when the European colonists finally went back home? Post-colonial rulers were mostly Marxists of one kind or another, because they went to elite schools in London, Paris and Moscow where Europe's Ruling Class receives its basic indoctrination.

So they tried Marxism back home.

Jawaharlal Nehru tried to impose British Fabian Imperialism on India, with disastrous results. Kwame Nkrumah tried it with Ghana, Jomo Kenyatta in Kenya. In the Arab world, Gamal Abdel Nasser tried to impose secular Arab Nationalism with a socialist bent on Egypt, Syria and Libya. Robert Mugabe is still practicing post-colonial socialism in the former Zimbabwe, now locked in miserable regime-imposed racial scapegoating, poverty, and famine.

But all the post-colonial tyrants were beyond criticism by the Left, because they were black or brown, or just tanned. Even today the Left can't bring itself to denounce Mugabe and the Sudanese genociders, no matter what they do. That's why 100 nations in Durban this week denounced Israel for being racists. Africans, Arabs, Chinese, Indians can't be racists even if they are. That's why Obama can't even bring himself to denounce black slavery in Africa and the Middle East. Just the opposite. King Abdullah the desert camel raider received a deep and respectful bow from our President, an absolute first in American history.

So all over the world, post-colonial rulers took the European Imperialism of Marx and tried to slap it on top of the underdeveloped world. Pol Pot was trained in France by the French Communist Party, and decided to be really revolutionary back in Cambodia by killing a couple of million ordinary folk, especially the dangerous intellectuals -- those who wore glasses. Mao Zedong learned his craft in Moscow, the old Imperial capital of the Czars.

(Note: Czar = Emperor, as in Kaiser and Caesar. Imperialism.).

The star students of Europe's elite institutions spread their neo-Imperialist faith to the Third World. But none of it worked, except to keep the post-colonial tyrannies in luxury and power. That is why radical Islam has made a comeback -- because post-colonial socialism broke down. Islamist rage is a reaction to the secular Marxist Imperialism preached by post-colonial governments. But guess what? Radical Islam is just Imperialism under another color. The flags change, the slogans change, Imperialism doesn't.

Today's United Nations marches under the banner of Saving Planet Earth, a Green slogan pioneered in ... lily-white Europe. The global warming fraud is a classic imperialist propaganda campaign, designed to empower Green Imperialism. It's hardly a secret. Ask Maurice Strong and Gyorgyi Soros.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, some of the underdeveloped regions discovered their own free market dynamism -- since trade and individual initiative are pretty universal human traits. Eastern Europe, parts of China, and some Latin American and African countries began to rise from poverty. They discovered their own strengths.

And then the Marxist Imperialists regrouped and took one-party power again -- in Venezuela, in Nicaragua, maybe in Brazil.

Those are Barack Obama's good buds, because Obama is basically a post-colonial racial socialist. That's why Dreams from My Father celebrates his Kenyan Socialist dad, and not his white Kansas mother. President O is a Socialist Imperialist by ideology, but one who never quite grokked why Jomo Kenyatta's Socialism just brought misery to Kenya.

But we're not supposed to call their ideology Socialist Imperialism. According to Lenin, Socialists can't be Imperialists. On the Left, Lenin's opinion on that issue is considered to be final.

So ... the President of the United States is on an anti-Imperialist apology tour to Europe, Trinidad and Tobago, and soon, the Middle East. But since deep down he's a Marxist Imperialist, this is really an anti-Imperialist US Imperialist tour.

Got that?

The question is which countries have grown enough political wisdom to see through the layers and layers of bull. If they get suckered by the latest (racialist) version of Marxism, it will come back to haunt them. Ideology doesn't feed children, as even the Fidelistas now know. It ends up squeezing people dry.

Ultimately, decent government requires an involved and thinking population. That is, if we believe Lincoln's words that you can't fool all the people all of the time.
Come to think of it, that's the real question for American voters, too.

I wonder when they'll stop being fooled? (Source)-emphasis added

Mr. Lewis, I fear that as long as PSBO's lips are moving his supporters will not awaken. Although I hesitate to use this perjorative but a large majority of Obama acolytes are just plain stupid and it is easy to dupe stupid people. There is no other explanation for their continued support of him! PSBO is a congenial liar. He said he was going to post every piece of legislation on line for five days for public scrutiny before signing anything into law. He was going to take his red pen and line out earmarks from every piece of legislation yet he signs an 1,100 page, $850 billion stimulus bill, with 8,500 earmarks within 24 hours of it's delivery without even reading it. He promised that there would be no lobbyists in his administration. Well, I guess that depends on what the definition of “no” is. He campaigned in Florida, assuring Jewish voters of his commitment to Israel yet he sent millions in aid to Hamas and he wants to "be nice" to Iran whose leadership is dedicated to the destruction of Israel. He was proud to be an American while campaigning, yet he is now so embarrassed and ashamed of his country as President and feels the need to apologize for America to the likes of Hugo Chavez and bow from the waist to the King of Saudi Arabia! He releases CIA information gathering techniques which does not exactly make us more secure does it? He says that he isn't going to pursue prosecution of the Bush Administration yet Eric Holder is bring charges against those higher ups in the Bush administration and saying that the US tortured political prisoners. BTW, this is torture:

Yet, his supports say "give him a chance". How long will it be before this nation changes the words of the pledge of allegiance from "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America" to "I pledge allegiance to Barack Obama". We may as well change it because it has already taken place in the hearts of stupid Obama acolytes.

I think I should explain what I feel is the difference between "the stupid" and "the liberal". The liberal will look at the facts, in fact he will stared down the barrel of reality and deny it as truth--that's not stupid--that's pretty crafty actually. Those that I am calling stupid refuse to even hear much less consider the facts because it gets in the way of their perception of the "One".

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The Church Has Lost Her Testimony Because We Seek To Re-make Him In Our Image

"The church has lost her testimony. She has no longer anything to say to the world. Her once robust shout of assurance has faded away to an apologetic whisper. She who one time went out to declare now goes out to inquire. Her dogmatic declaration has become a respectful suggestion, a word of religious advice, given with the understanding that it is after all only an opinion and not meant to sound bigoted. Pure Christianity, instead of being shaped by its culture, actually stands in sharp opposition to it". - A.W. Tozer

(H/T to Ken Silva)

And here is why-- also a quote from A.W. Tozer

"Much of our difficulty as seeking Christians stems from our unwillingness to take God as He is and adjust our lives accordingly. We insist upon trying to modify Him and bring Him nearer to our own image." - A.W. Tozer

Torture Mr. President? By Rev. Wayne Perryman

I received this email this morning so h/t to Robert of it's an open letter to President Obama written by Rev. Wayne Perryman author of Unfounded Loyalty.

Torture? I’m so glad you brought up the subject. Mr. President and Attorney General Holder, Conservative African Americans have been waiting a lifetime to have this conversation. But before you and the sensitive members of the Democratic Party start with the Bush Administration, why don’t we review the torture tactic of the Democratic Party.

The chronicles of history reveal that in areas controlled by Democrats, Democrats used every form of torture to keep blacks in their place. Lynching, whippings, murder, intimidation, assassinations and mutilations were commonplace in jurisdictions where Democrats were in control. In addition to individual torture entire black communities were destroyed and burned to the ground in such places like: Wilmington, North Carolina, Rosewood, Florida, and the Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to name a few. The one thing that all of these communities had in common, is what realtors often say: location, location, location. They were all located in states and counties controlled by Democratic officials. According to the renowned African American history professor, John Hope Franklin, the atrocities committed against African Americans in these regions, “were so varied and so numerous as to defy classification or enumeration.”

The Encyclopaedia Britannica reported that from the beginning, “Democrat resentment [of black freedom and equality under Reconstruction] led to the formation of the secret terroristic organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan and the Knight of the White Camelia. The use of fraud, violence and intimidation helped Southerns... regain control of their state governments, by the time the last federal troops had been withdrawn in 1877, the Democratic Party was back in power.”

Other noted history professors also wrote about these atrocities, including:

a. Professor James McPherson of Princeton University
b. Professor David Herbert Donald of Harvard University
c. Professor Allen W. Trelease of North Carolina University
d. Professor Howard O. Lindsey of DePaul University.

Professor Allen Trelease said: “Klansmen in disguise rode through Negro neighborhoods at night warning Negroes either to cast Democratic ballots or stay away from the poll. The Klan also sent notices to Republican office holders, warning them of death and telling them to either resign or leave the vicinity. Similar notices went to active Republicans of both races and often to the teachers of Negro schools as well. Klan activities created a reign of terror in many localities and sometimes had the desired effect of demoralizing Negroes and Republicans…. Republicans of both races were threatened, beaten, shot, and murdered with impunity. In some areas Negroes stopped voting or voted the Democrat ticket as the Klan demanded. “Democrats by a kind of tortured reasoning, sometimes accused Negroes and Republicans of attacking each other so that the crimes would be blamed on the Democrats; investigations revealed that Democrats had committed the acts themselves.”

Professors John Hope Franklin and Alfred Moss, authors of From Slavery To Freedom tells us that, “The Camelias and the Klan were the most powerful of the secret orders. Armed with guns, swords, or other weapons, their members patrolled some parts of the South day and night. They used intimidation, force, ostracism in business and society, bribery at the polls, arson, and even murder to accomplish their deed. Depriving the Negro of political equality became, to them, a holy crusade in which a noble end justified any means. Negroes were run out of communities if they disobeyed orders to desist from voting; and the more resolute and therefore insubordinate blacks were whipped, maimed, and hanged. In 1871 several Negro officials in South Carolina were given fifteen days to resign and they were warned that if they failed to do so, then retributive justice will as surely be used as night follows day. For many white Southerners violence was still the surest means of keeping the Negroes politically impotent, and in countless communities they were not allowed, under penalties of reprisals, to show their faces in town on Election Day. It had looked as though the Civil War would break out anew as the Democrats resorted to every possible device to over throw the radicals.

Professor Franklin went on to say, “It was reported that in North Carolina the Klan was responsible for 260 outrages, including 7 murders and the whipping of 72 whites and 141 Negroes. In one county in South Carolina 6 men were murdered and more than 300 were whipped during the first six months of 1870. The personal indignities inflicted upon individual white and Negroes were so varied and so numerous as to defy classification or enumeration.”

In his book, The Abolitionist Legacy, Professor James McPherson reported, “In 1873, Louisiana became almost a synonym for chaos and violence. When Grant sent federal troops to install Kellogg in office [as governor], Louisiana Democrats were infuriated. They formed White Leagues which attacked black and white Republicans and took scores of lives.”

From his book entitled; Charles Sumner, Harvard Professor, David Hebert Donald reached the following conclusion: “Congress could give the Negro the vote, but all over the South the Ku Klux Klan and other terrorist organizations systematically intimidated the freedmen, flogged or slaughtered their leaders and drove whites who worked with them into exile. Congress could require federal troops to supervise the registration of voters, but Negroes were waylaid and butchered on the roads to the registration offices. Congress could suppress outright violence by military force, but it could do nothing to protect Negroes from landlords who told them bluntly: If you vote with that Yankee [Republican] party you shall not live on our land.”

Professor Howard O. Linsay, the author of, A History of Black Americans says, “Blacks and sympathetic Whites were attacked and threatened. African Americans were discouraged from seeking elected office and even from trying to vote. Any and all means were used from threats to violence to outright murder.”

The following is what happened to Sam Hose and Mary Turner:

After a mob murdered Mary Turner’s husband, she threatened to swear out warrants against his killers. Several hundred men decided to teach her a lesson. They took this eight month pregnant woman from her home and after tying her ankles together, they hung her from a tree, head downward, dousing her clothes with gasoline, and burned them [the clothes] from her body. While she was still alive, someone used a knife ordinarily reserved for splitting hogs to cut open the woman’s abdomen. The baby fell from her womb to the ground and cried briefly, whereupon a member of the mob crushed the baby’s head beneath his heel. Then hundreds of bullets were fired into Mary Turner’s body.” [Page 14, Without Sanctuary – Foreword written by Democratic Congressman John Lewis].

These forms of torture were common in regions controlled by Democrats. The following is what they did to Sam Hose after falsely accusing him.

“After stripping Hose of his clothes and chaining him to a tree, the self-appointed executioners stacked kerosene-soaked wood high around him. Before saturating Hose with oil and applying the torch, they cut off his ears, fingers, and genitals, and skinned his face. While some in the crowd plunged knives into the victims flesh, others watched with unfeigning satisfaction, the contortions of Sam Hose’s body as flames rose, distorting his features, causing his eyes to bulge out of their sockets and rupturing his veins. The only sounds that came from the victim’s lips, even as his blood sizzled in the fire. were, “Oh my God! Oh, Jesus.” Before Hose’s body had even cooled, his heart and liver were removed and cut into several pieces and his bones were crushed into small particles. The crowd fought over these souvenirs. Shortly after the lynching, one of the participants reportedly left for the state capitol, hoping to deliver a slice of Sam Hose’s heart to the Democratic governor of Georgia, who would call Sam Hose’s deeds, “the most diabolical in the annals of crime.” [Page 15, ‘Without Sanctuary”]

After the brutal hanging, it was proven that Mr. Hose was innocent of the allege charges. They took parts of his body and displayed them in store windows, which was a common practice in towns, cities, counties and states controlled by Democrats.

I haven’t even scratched the surface. Time and space would not permit me to tell you about Dred Scott, the Civil Rights Cases of 1883, Plessy v. Ferguson, the Senate investigations of 1871, or the letters written by blacks in Kentucky in 1871 Louisiana in 1872, Alabama in 1874. From the New York riots of during the Civil War, to 1963 when the 16th Street Baptist Church was bombed as Condoleezza Rice was preparing to go to Sunday School, wherever Democrats were in control, blacks have been tortured, intimidated and mutilated by Democrat officials and members of the Democratic Party. Senator Tillman of South Carolina said lynching blacks was justified. He went on to say: “Southern women will not submit to the black man gratifying his lust on our wives and daughter without lynching him.” This same Democratic Senator said: “We reorganized the Democratic Party with one plank and only one plank, namely that this is a white man’s country and white men must govern it.”

Now tell me Mr. President and Mr. Holder, how many detainees were beaten, [hung] hanged, raped, cut into pieces bombed and burned to death under Bush Administration? Before we start condemning the Bush Administration for their handling of the allege terrorist from foreign countries, why don’t we first review the Democratic Party who tortured the black citizens from their own country. Oh, one more thing. Mr. Holder, it was the Bush Administration that finally prosecuted the person that was responsible for the 16th Baptist Church bombing. Black conservatives are looking forward to hearings on torture.

Rev. Wayne Perryman
P.O. Box 256
Mercer Island, WA 98040
(206) 860-6880

Please send this e-mail to every citizen and talk show host in America.

[1] 1992 Encyclopaedia Britannica pp. 979
64 Reconstruction – The Great Experience, pp. 226-233
[2] Reconstruction After The Civil War, p. 157
[3] The Abolitionist Legacy, p.40
[4] Charles Sumner, p. 420
[5] A History of Black Americans, pp. 88-89
According to 88% of black folks vote for democrats--96% in this last election. Considering the gruesome history of the democratic party I question why Black Americans are so loyal to this party and if the loyalist have questioned why democrats have suddenly fallen in love with black folks? Well, the answer is that they have not they simply bamboozle the masses with empty promises. Well, they may throw out a few crumbs but that small price to pay in order to secure the black vote and to secure the path to the White House. They are now trying to beguile (actually they are doing it) the Hispanic people with the immigration reform efforts.

If Bush Killed This Economy Then Obama Is Burying It

Charles Krauthammer wrote this op ed piece entitled Obama buries economic truth under flimsy Foundation in the Boston Herald on yesterday but I like my title better seeing as how Obama supports love to blame Bush for our current economic problems. I grow weary watching the pundits who favor PSBO defend his planned economic policies. If I hear one more Obamamanical lame-brain proclaim that this spending is necessary to get us out of our current mess I think I shall surely cuss (under my breath of Anyway, as usual Krauthammer does an excellent job deconstructing Obama-nese.

WASHINGTON - Franklin Roosevelt gave us the New Deal. John Kennedy gave us the New Frontier. In a major domestic policy address at Georgetown University this week, Barack Obama promised - eight times - a “New Foundation.

For those too thick to have noticed this proclamation of a new era in American history, the White House Web site helpfully titled its speech excerpts “A New Foundation.”

As it happens, Obama is not the first to try this slogan. President Carter peppered his 1979 State of the Union address with five “New Foundations” (and eight more just naked “foundations”). Like most of Carter’s endeavors, this one failed, perhaps because (as I recall it being said at the time) it sounded like the introduction of a new kind of undergarment.

Undaunted, Obama offered his New Foundation speech as the complete, contextual, canonical text for the domestic revolution he aims to enact. It had everything we have come to expect from Obama:

The Whopper: The boast that he had “identified $2 trillion in deficit reductions over the next decade.” It takes audacity to repeat this after it had been so widely exposed as transparently phony. Most of this $2 trillion is conjured up by refraining from spending $180 billion a year for 10 more years of surges in Iraq.

The Puzzler: He further boasted of his frugality by saying that his budget would reduce domestic discretionary spending as a share of GDP to the lowest level ever recorded. Amazing. Squeezing discretionary domestic spending at a time of hugely expanding budgets is merely the baleful residue of out-of-control entitlements and debt service, which will increase astronomically under Obama. To claim these as achievements in fiscal responsibility is testament not to Obama’s frugality but to his brazenness.

The Swindle
: The Obama administration is spending money like none other in peacetime history. Obama is smart. He knows this is fiscally unsustainable. He has let it be known privately and publicly that he intends to cure the imbalance with entitlement reform.

An excellent strategy. If it takes throwing nearly $1 trillion of “porky” (to quote Sen. Charles Schumer) stimulus spending to soften up a Democratic Congress and make it amenable to real entitlement reform, then fine. Reforming Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid would save tens of trillions of dollars and make the current money-from-helicopters spending almost trivial by comparison.

In the New Foundation speech, Obama correctly (again) identifies the skyrocketing cost of Medicare and Medicaid as the key fiscal problem. But then he claims that Medicaid and Medicare reform is the same as his health-care reform, fatuously citing as his authority a one-day meeting of hand-picked interested parties at his “Fiscal Responsibility Summit.”

Here’s the problem. The heart of Obama’s health-care reform is universality. Covering more people costs more money. That is why Obama’s budget sets aside an extra $634 billion in health-care spending, a down payment on an estimated additional spending of $1 trillion. How does the administration curtail the Medicare and Medicaid entitlement by adding yet another (now universal) health-care entitlement that its own estimate acknowledges increases costs by about $1 trillion?

This is the sand on which the new foundation is constructed. Obama has the magic to make words mean almost anything. Numbers are more resistant to his charms.
(Source) - emphasis added

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You Call US Arrogant? As Told By Zo

Well, I guess they pulled the video. One has to subscribe to PJTV in order to see it. Oh well, I've replaced it with another. (The title sucked anyway)

Everybody knows I'm Zo's biggest fan girl but I took the liberty of changing the title of this video because I just didn't like it. But as usual, once Zo gets to the meat of the issue he is right on point.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The American Patriot's KJV Bible To Include Barack Obama

I just received this email:

"NEW BIBLE TO MENTION PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA The American Patriots Bible Incorporates Civil Rights Movement Section
(Nashville, Tenn.) The forthcoming Bible title The American Patriots Bible (May 2009, Thomas Nelson) takes readers on a powerful journey revealing how faith has seen American citizens through troubled times, as well as impacted the overall formation of this great nation. Within its pages, readers will find a special section dedicated to the pursuit of equal rights which includes figures such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and President Barack Obama as one of the many introspectivehistoric articles featured in the title.

We are experiencing change in America, and it was essential to spotlight how faith in God has been there to strengthen the activists when a monumental fight for freedom and justice was at hand, notes Dr. Richard G. Lee who serves as the general editor for the project, as well as founding pastor of First Redeemer Church (Atlanta, GA), and speaker for the Theres Hope America ministry.

As the late Dr. King noted our actions must be guided by the deepest principles of our Christian faith, reflects Lee. Hopefully, President Obamas recent decision to engage pastors in discussions on the role of religion in politics is yet another display of how faith continues to impact our nation. The American Patriots Bible will help readers discover the cornerstone upon which America, and her great men and women, have built their lives and this one Nation under God."

There are many "themed" Bibles on the market and all of them contain commentary. So I'm thinking if God could use a burning bush or a talking ass to make himself known then I don't begrudge Thomas Nelson publishers the opportunity to use Barack Obama (who for some is also a talking ass) to lead the lost to the Word of God. Heaven knows Obama acolytes will buy a Bible which heralds their savior.

Dr. Mehment Oz Squashes The Embryonic Stem Cell Debate On Oprah Show Yesterday

Yesterday on Oprah Dr. Oz explains to Oprah and Michael J. Fox why embryonic stem cell research is dangerous and won't cure Parkinson's, but Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell research will!

But of course Oprah being uber liberal summarizes Dr. Oz’s argument for adult stem cells with two short paragraphs, hidden 11 pages deep in a 13 page summary of the show found on

Thanks to recent scientific discoveries, Dr. Oz says stem cells aren’t the only solution. ‘We went to a place we never thought we would go. I can take a little bit of your skin, take those cells and get them to go back in time so they’re like they were when you were first made.’”

“Dr. Oz says these skin cells, which contain your genes and are less prone to cancer, will be the ones that are ultimately used to cure Parkinson’s. ‘I think we’re single digit years away from making a big impact in the lives of [people with] Parkinson’s disease, but also diabetics and heart attack victims,’” not only avoided quoting Oz as saying “the stem cell debate is dead,” but carefully avoided the words “stem cell” and “embryonic’ when quoting or summarizing his remarks.

Oz did in fact say stem cells were the solution, but instead of backing ESCR, he advocated adult stem cells as the future of medical breakthroughs. (Source)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jesus, The Name Above Every Name...Except Barack Obama's

UPDATE: CNS News says that it was at the request of the White House that the name of Jesus was removed.

Scandalous is the only word I can conjure to accurately describe the fact that Georgetown University removes the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ from the archway above the dias to accomadate PSBO. This first hand account was written by Dawn over at The Dawn Patrol h/t to Robert of Can You Handle Truth for bringing this to my attention. Dawn writes:

At Georgetown University today, while sitting in the press section at Gaston Hall awaiting the arrival of President Obama for a "major address" on economics, I overheard a reporter discussing the advance text of the speech.

The reporter said that senior presidential adviser David Axelrod had compared Obama during his European trip to one planting seeds for a harvest. Along the same lines, he noted, in today's speech, Obama was set to use another Gospel analogy: that of the "house built upon a rock."

And so it came to pass, beneath Gaston Hall's beautiful painting of Morality, Faith, and Patriotism, with gold letters on the wall behind him spelling the Jesuit motto "Ad majorem Dei gloriam"—"To the greater glory of God"—Obama shared his prosperity gospel at the nation's oldest Catholic university.

But there was one thing missing: Jesus' name.

I'm not just talking about Obama's failing to mention Jesus—though he did pointedly fail to mention the name of the One—that is, for him, the other "One"—who first told the "parable" he shared.

No, Jesus' very name, in the form of the ancient monogram IHS, which had been in gold lettering on the wooden archway above Gaston Hall's dais, was painted over (or otherwise expertly camouflaged) prior to Obama's arrival. Apparently, the Name that is above every other name is not permitted to be above Obama.

The photo above shows the archway "before." You can see the "after" clearly in C-SPAN's video, as Georgetown President John DeGioia emerges to give his fawning introduction.

(I became aware of the cover-up after the speech, when it was pointed out by pro-life advocate Larry Cirignano in an e-mail forwarded to me. Whether Georgetown University initiated it or did it at the request of the White House is unknown at this time.)

As for Obama's address, here is how the most pro-abortion, pro-infanticide elected official in history appropriated the words of Our Saviour:

There is a parable at the end of the Sermon on the Mount that tells the
story of two men. The first built his house on a pile of sand, and it was
destroyed as soon as the storm hit. But the second is known as the wise man, for
when "…the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat
upon that house…it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock."We cannot rebuild
this economy on the same pile of sand. We must build our house upon a rock. We
must lay a new foundation for growth and prosperity – a foundation that will
move us from an era of borrow and spend to one where we save and invest; where we consume less at home and send more exports abroad.

No mention of Jesus. It's just a parable about a house built upon a rock.

In Obama's hands, the words of Our Lord become just another way to tell the story of the Three Little Pigs.

He resumed the analogy as he capped off his speech:

There is no doubt that times are still tough. By no means are we out of
the woods just yet. But from where we stand, for the very first time, we are
beginning to see glimmers of hope. And beyond that, way off in the distance, we
can see a vision of an America’s future that is far different than our troubled
economic past. It’s an America teeming with new industry and commerce; humming with new energy and discoveries that light the world once more. A place where anyone from anywhere with a good idea or the will to work can live the dream they’ve heard so much about. It is that house upon the rock. Proud, sturdy, and unwavering in the face of the greatest storm. We will not finish it in one year
or even many, but if we use this moment to lay that new foundation; if we come
together and begin the hard work of rebuilding; if we persist and persevere
against the disappointments and setbacks that will surely lie ahead, then I have
no doubt that this house will stand and the dream of our founders will live on
in our time[Full text

When he had finished these words, the Georgetown crowd was astonished at his teaching, for he taught them as one having authority, and not as their scribes. (Source) - Emphasis added

This makes my heart sick.

PSBO's Gift To The World

PSBO has given away an ungodly sum of your money to the International Monetary Fund. The IMF in turn is free to pass along this money to whomever it pleases, including our adversaries! But, soon we will no longer have adversaries because PSBO worked his magic at the G-20 summit last week and those he didn't win over at that time will benefit from his charms as he will come to any one's negotiating table without pre-conditions. But giving away Americans' money is par for his radical course I suppose. Well, let's resolve that since "he won" we the banal, right-wing radicals should just settle in and realize that PSBO knows what's best for us. Yes, we should be thanking PSBO for taxing the hell out of us for driving SUV instead of Prius's (not sure how to make that plural) ; eating twinkies instead of Granola bars; and setting our thermostats to 72 degree instead of 58 degrees. Actually PSBO's giveaways to the IMF can be viewed as reparations for all our sinful ways. What were we thinking as we liberated whole continents and protected them with our might? What on earth were we thinking holding terrorist nations in check? What unmitigated gall we had for acting as the economic engine of the world, exporting democracy and freedom! Thank God PSBO made the rounds last week and apologized for our past transgressions.

This Wall Street Journal article pointed out some problems with Obama's gift to the world:

The U.S. and Europe were widely expected to clash at the G-20 summit in London last month over how to address the global financial crisis. Voila, in just two days the problem was solved with a joint promise to increase International Monetary Fund resources by $750 billion to a total of $1 trillion.

The U.S. portion of this new commitment is more than $140 billion. Yet Congress has debated neither the amount nor the proposed use of the funds. Instead, President Obama and his fellow leaders simply waved their hands, like a Star Trek captain, and said make it so.

Now Mr. Obama has overruled Congress and blessed an [Special Drawing Right] SDR increase - not twice the existing number, but eight times. As Juergen Stark, a member of the European Central Bank Executive Board, told the German daily Handelsblatt, "It was never examined whether there indeed is a global need for additional liquidity," adding that "one used to take a lot of time to check something like

The upshot for U.S. taxpayers is that neither the $40 billion-plus in new SDRs nor the $100 billion for the NAB will get much democratic scrutiny. Yet they amount to a massive expansion in U.S. foreign aid. (Source)

Sigh........Wake up people.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Somali Pirates Acting As Coast Guards?

Knaan, a Somalian born rapper gives his take on Somali pirates. He says that the Somali pirates are really the equivalent of the US Coast Guard (sure, our Coast Guard always captures ships and holds the Captain and crew hostage for ransom..GTHOH). He says that American and French ships dump containers of toxic nuclear waste in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean which will disintergrate and wash to shore within 100 years. Doesn't Knaan know that PSBO is the savior of the whole wide world and our "greenest" POTUS yet (not my words, Van Johnson's at the State of the Black Union).

Because my blog is balanced (wide smirk) I am posting this video. I am sure what Knaan is saying has some merit but seriously Somalia is in a state of anarchy and has been for 20 years...there is no central government there. So how on earth he can claim these pirates are noble in their efforts based on that fact alone perplexes me.


I am inclined to believe as mankind is fallen and depraved that however noble the original intent of these rag tag fisherman who fancied themselves guards of the Somalian coast, they have since devolved into a band of common thieves with no purpose other than personal gain. Knaan isn't entirely accurate in saying the there have been no murders by these pirates although according to the International Maritime Bureau (IMB)they are rare:"IMB statistics indicate that the murder of hostages held by Somali pirates is rare. Attacks in this region are ordinarily economically motivated, in pursuit of a ransom. If the murder report is accurate it would represent a serious escalation in the violence against kidnapped seafarers." (Source)

I think Obama acolytes may find themselves in a bit of a kerfuffle. I mean how can our greenest President ever reconcile beating up the East Africans who are only protecting their coast from ships dumping toxic nuclear waste? Especially our devoted "pro-black" racism chasers, how on earth can they reconcile PSBO getting tough on Africans trying to protect the very cradle of civilization?

Knaan also has an interesting take on the Somalian Terrorists....

My take-- radical young people who serve as the useful idiots of Al-Queda and/or Hamas punch drunk on empty rhetoric of "Hope & Change" only in Arabic.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

He Would Not Come Down From The Cross & He Lives

This was scheduled to post tonight at midnight but I can't wait. I'm so happy and my heart is filled with love and gratitude for what my Savior did for me at Calvary...did not come down from the Cross and He Lives!!!!

I love Resurrection day (Easter). Hearing these songs performed on Easter Sunday morning is the one thing I miss about the Black Church. Calvary, He would not come down (I can't decide which version I like best James Cleveland, Donald Vale or GWMA so I posted all three because I can never get enough) and He Lives.

HE Lives!!!

Who wouldn't love a God like that? I've got to go for the Spirit of the Lord has come upon my heart and I need to dance like David danced.

Friday, April 10, 2009

UK Columnist Gerald Warner:Barack Obama: President Pantywaist - New Surrender Monkey on the Block

If one were to listen to the MSM they would believe that the PSBO has captured the hearts and minds of the international community but thanks to Al Gore's amazing internet (sarcasm, in case you are slow) we can get the real skinny. Warner writes:

"President Barack Obama has recently completed the most successful foreign policy tour since Napoleon's retreat from Moscow. You name it, he blew it. What was his big deal economic programme that he was determined to drive through the G20 summit? Another massive stimulus package, globally funded and co-ordinated. Did he achieve it? Not so as you'd notice. Barack is not the first New World ingenue to discover that European leaders will load him with praise, struggle sycophantically to be photographed with him and outdo him in Utopian rhetoric. But when it comes to the critical moment of opening their wallets - suddenly it is flag-day in Aberdeen. Okay, put the G20 down to inexperience, beginner's nerves, what you will."

He continues:

"Then came the dramatic bit, the authentic West Wing script, with the President wakened in the middle of the night in Prague to be told that Kim Jong-il had just launched a Taepodong-2 missile. America had Aegis destroyers tracking the missile and could have shot it down. But Uncle Sam had a sterner reprisal in store for l'il ole Kim (as Dame Edna might call him): a multi-megaton strike of Obama hot air.
"Rules must be binding," declared Obama, referring to the fact that Kim had just breached UN Resolutions 1695 and 1718. "Violations must be punished." (Sounds ominous.) "Words must mean something." (Why, Barack? They never did before, for you - as a cursory glance at your many speeches will show.)
President Pantywaist is hopping mad and he has a strategy to cut Kim down to size: he is going to slice $1.4bn off America's missile defence programme, presumably on the calculation that Kim would feel it unsporting to hit a sitting duck, so that will spoil his fun." - Gerald Warner

I'd say he pretty much nailed it. He didn't mince words either -- he called our POTUS a monkey! So he either doesn't have a clue that our esteem racism chasers (with low self-esteem) consider it quite offensive to use the word monkey to describe a black man or he doesn't give a flying fig about political correctness. But he really needn't worry because our esteemed racism chaser will never know because the MSM will not tell them.

Even more interesting than this article are the comments. Apparently, these folks understand that our national security has been compromised. These are so rich I simply must share:

The Obamas are looking more and more like Blair clones where everything is an act, a sound-bite performance optimised for the meedja.No doubt their impact on America will be as disastrous as the Blair years were for us.See ya! Chav Dad & Minger Mam
April 10, 2009 11:42 AM GMT

Oh, for the good old days of George Bush. If only he was around to blast Korean missiles, nuke the Iranians, and alienate all the allies. The Dubya policy of bomb first and don't even think about the consequences worked so well. Gerald has not realised that the USA is no longer a super power. The days when it could wage medium sized wars all over the world whenever it wanted to have gone. It is now totally dependent on both its allies and its enemies. It can neither: dare to upset the Chinese, the Russians, or the oil rich Arabs; nor can it go into another war without support of its allies. Patrick
April 10, 2009 12:32 PM GMT

Obama has yet to realise that our European "allies" consider British, Canadian and American troops as cannon fodder. Should Britain be foolish enough to subscribe to an EU army guess who would be put into the front line? The Germans have the capability, but not the will, the French prefer to send the Foreign Legion into sticky situations, and the Italians are just that, the Italians. Anthony Bootle
April 10, 2009 12:39 PM GMT

Got to be so careful these days Gerald, using "monkey" on the same page - in the same sentence no less - as a reference to the black U.S. president ... I recall a cartoonist who did that in the New York Post a short while ago, referring to a recently deceased (shot by police) New Jersey chimpanzee ... a furore erupted shortly thereafter.Can't believe there won't be someone, somewhere that isn't going to get upset ... Littlewoods UK My Opinion
April 10, 2009 12:50 PM GMT

Actually they will not be angry with the Author Gerald they will give me the beatdown for reprinting here...ask me if I care. Ok two more I these are my favorites:

Even one as stupid as Obama must realise that he would be literally signing his death warrant if he screws with Mossad.When he cosies up to Iran's Ahmadenijad and lectures the world about how much the Islamic Republic is within its rights to develop its own power sources, then the Israeli trigger-fingers will start to itch.Nothing is surer. But has he any brains? DeLyon

President Pantywaist says it all!! Obummer is a weak, tough-talking, non-delivering bag of hot air and it didn't take long for our enemies to discover it. Putin must be rubbing his hands together in glee. Obummer will be a disaster for this country, on the other hand, he is the right color for the left and doesn't his wife dress well!! Dynah Moe Humm
April 10, 2009 12:58 PM GMT

If only Obama supporters had this type of critical thinking and insight as it pertains to their Idol-In-Chief.

How To Be A Hypocritical Liberal.....

This article was written in 2003 by Joe Mariani but it is just as true today as it was then:

The cult of Liberalism probably encompasses the most twisted belief systems in the world, far worse than any beliefs held since the Middle Ages by the Judeo-Christian religions they despise so much. In order to be a modern Liberal, one must abandon all use of cause-and-effect, so-called "common sense", and Occam's Razor (of equally good explanations for a phenomenon, the best one is the simplest which accounts for all the facts). One must defy logic at every turn. One must embrace the most illogical, convoluted, simply WRONG solutions for every problem.

First and foremost: to be a Liberal, one must believe that there is a finite amount of wealth in the world. For every dollar I make, for instance, there is one dollar less for someone. Every dollar I don't spend but keep is a dollar that I'm deliberately preventing someone else from having. One must believe that government, not business, creates wealth. One must conceive the idea that it's the job of the government to redress the imbalance -- that is, the government exists to hand out money, and to make sure that everyone gets an equal amount by taking it away from people that wrongfully keep it. By this twisted perversion of logic, anyone who makes a profit, keeps a bank account, owns stocks, or has anything they don't actually need is Evil. In other words: Capitalism bad, Socialism good.

To be a Liberal, one must be able to hold two contradictory beliefs at the same time. For instance: Everyone Is The Same, and Everyone Is Unique. To Liberals, no one person is better than any other, in any way. To suggest that some people are smarter, faster, stronger or more clever than others is an anathema. To be so is to have an "unfair" advantage. Should two people play chess, the winner cannot possibly have won because he is smarter or a better tactician. Suggesting it makes one arrogant, rude and "politically incorrect"; insensitive to the loser. Oh, sorry -- to the, um, non-winner (my apologies to all the losers out there). In fact, all games and competitions that result in "winners" and "losers" should be eliminated so no one can be better than anyone else. As a child, I read a science fiction story about a future where everyone was reduced to the lowest common denominator by law. The main character, a genius, had electrodes implanted in his brain in order to interrupt his train of thought every few seconds, so he couldn't think better than anyone else. He fell in love with a dancer who was forced to wear ungainly leg and arm weights so she wouldn't be more graceful than anyone else. That story gave me nightmares. I didn't know it at the time, but the author (whose name I've forgotten) was describing the perfect Liberal world. At the same time one believes everyone is the same, one must also encourage them to express their individuality, or "celebrate their diversity". How Liberals can believe that every person is equal in every way, yet has unique qualities, is the biggest mystery to me -- logic would dictate that it's one or the other. Moreover, Liberals believe that these unique qualities are shared in groups (which would make its members no longer unique -- sorry, logic again), and believe that every group is ALSO equal to every other while being unique at the same time. Note that Liberals aren't insisting all people should be TREATED equally -- a founding principle of our nation -- but that they ARE equal, which defies logic. Generally, this is done from the standpoint of victimhood. Liberals believe that everyone is a victim of the majority group (Rich White Straight Males) in some way, which actively prevents everyone from being equal. Poor people are victims of the Rich -- if it weren't for the Rich hoarding all those dollars, no one would be Poor. Black/Hispanic/Asian/Amerindian people are victims of the Whites. Women are victims of the Males, Gays are victims of the Straights. Victims, of course, are owed recompense by their oppressors. Recompense or restitution must be paid in two ways, Liberals insist -- Money and Privelege. If one is "lucky" enough to belong to an oppressed group, Rich White Straight Men owe him or her something. Money being self-explanatory, we'll move to Privelege.

Liberals feel that Privelege should be paid in different forms. One would think that preferential treatment might easily be paid to the Poor in terms of jobs, but that's not the Liberal solution. That would actually alleviate the problem, depriving them of power! No, the Rich can only help the Poor in purely monetary terms. Since (according to Liberals) the Rich are also White, Straight, and Male, the jobs they can offer should not go to the Poor, which might help them help themselves, but to non-Whites, non-Straights, and non-Males. Instead of helping the Poor to better their condition in a long-term way, the Liberals insist on short-term solutions for them. Nothing is preventing those non-Whites, non-Straights and non-Males from getting jobs, but they must be given preferential treatment they don't need! In fact, they should get jobs even if they cannot perform them well, which harms the company they work for, which reduces the number of jobs the company can offer and the amount of money the Rich can give the Poor! The Liberals call this "Affirmative Action", but its effects are generally negative.

To be a Liberal, one must believe that Segregation and Exclusion are bad, and that Segregation and Exclusion are also good. Any of the "oppressed" groups can exclude Straight White Males (part of the "Privelege" they are "owed"), but for SWMs to exclude anyone at all is the worst form of oppression. One can have, for instance, a Miss Black America competition or a Miss Latina USA pageant (funded by private groups) in which Whites cannot compete, but not an all-White private golf course, or even exclude Hispanic women from competing for the title of Miss America (also funded by private groups) on the grounds that they have their own separate pageant! Every ethnic and ideological group is given special treatment except Straight White Males -- who supposedly have all the power. Here's a prime example... The Harvey Milk High School in New York City is about to become big news around the country. Founded in 1984 as a private school, it's about to go public, and will soon recieve its first Senatorial visit (from Hillary Clinton, of course). Last year, the school received a huge budgetary increase and is tripling its enrollment. 3.2 million taxpayer dollars are being spent on renovation and expansion. For a public school, that's all excellent news, isn't it?

The reason WHY this will be such a big news story, and why I'm so unimpressed by it, is that the Harvey Milk High School is exclusively gay. They openly and purposefully exclude straight students. The students are all gay, the teachers are gay, the curriculum teaches "from a gay perspective". (I'm using the term "gay" here to cover the "gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth (LGBTQ)" the school caters to.) The principal of the school has not been hired by the NYC school board, but by a private gay advocacy group, the Hetrick-Martin Institute, in an unusual move for a public school (to say the LEAST).

Let's reverse the scenario for a minute and imagine the nuclear explosion of outrage we'd hear from the Left. Let's find a private school that openly admits only heterosexuals. Gays will be barred from teaching at or attending. (If you can find a school like that in America, the FBI has a career waiting for you!.) Let's turn the school into a public institution funded by the government, and spend several million taxpayer dollars expanding and refurbishing it. We'll have a private vehemently anti-gay group like The American Family Association run the school, and choose the principal. No gays will be allowed, remember, at our public school. The curriculum will teach strictly from a "heterosexual perspective", whatever that is. The Liberals in this country would suffer a meltdown before the first day of classes. Should we allow a public school to be run by the KKK? The National Rifle Association? I know -- how about a high school run by the anti-abortion National Right to Life Committee? Wouldn't it be only fair to allow other private interest groups to run high schools? I can hear the Liberals spontaneously detonating in umbrage now.

So why are we expected to swallow this sort of openly anti-Straight White Male bias with a smile? I wonder why the standards the Left pretends to espouse -- tolerance, desegregation, and fairness to "all" -- don't apply to US. Liberals should not be allowed to run a mass social engineering enterprise in the heart of New York City at public expense. No one will actually benefit from it -- certainly not the misfits it will produce. How can they learn to get along in a society they are insulated from? (Source)- emphasis added

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Turkish Announcer Reports Obama Story In Black Face

Well, I guess PSBO isn't so well-loved internationally that he has transcended ridicule. My goodness, I'm betting the black quasi-socialist progressive fundamentalist racism chasing Obama acolytes will be ready to start WWIII for this act of blasphemy against "The One"....

H/T to Conservative Brother for the video

A Nation Forsaking It's God....

PSBO has been in office 71 days and already he has denied the role that Christianity has played in the founding of this nation. He has denied Jesus Christ and the blessings that He has bestowed on this nation. I'm not surprised. I knew this would happen and I'm am heartbroken that so many Christians have gleefully thrown our Lord under a bus as they continue to support PSBO and his wicked, Godless agenda. It has come to my attention today that our Miscreant-In-Chief is planning to roll-back the conscience clause: "The Obama administration plans to reverse a regulation from late in the Bush administration allowing health-care workers to refuse to provide services based on moral objections, an official said Friday. The Provider Refusal Rule was proposed by the Bush White House in August and enacted on January 20, the day President Barack Obama took office. It expanded on a 30-year-old law establishing a "conscience clause" for "health-care professionals who don't want to perform abortions."
So, the change that liberals and not so liberal Black American Christians were so excited about is turning out to be unadulterated tyranny. Medical professional may soon be forced to perform abortions or lose their jobs. How on Earth Christians can get the warm and fuzzies about PSBO is beyond me. Yes, I question exactly what god they are serving as it can't be Christ Jesus -- it can't be!

Jay Stapleton has this to say:

The Congressional Black Caucus Should Just Stick To Throwing Galas

I firmly believe that were it not for double standard liberals would have not standards at all. How pray tell do these Congressmen and Congresswomen demonize the Bush administration for waterboarding yet laud Fidel Castro a known murderer! Let's take a look at his record shall we:

"Castro tried to get Nikita Khrushchev to nuke several southern cities in the US in the early 1960’s, including New Orleans and probably Baton Rouge.
He incarcerates more people as a percentage of population than Hitler or Stalin did.
He murdered 17,000 Cubans and (several dozen U.S. citizens) with firing squads and dumped their bullet-riddled bodies in mass graves.
He has impoverished and brutalized Cuba to the point where 20 percent of its population risked their lives to flee. And prior to his glorious reign, Cuba took in more immigrants per capita than any country in the Western Hemisphere . More Americans lived in Cuba than Cubans in the U.S. , and Cuba even had to turn away European immigrants.
Castro sent his agents to torture to death American POWs in North Vietnam ’s Cu Loc POW camp outside Hanoi in 1967. "(Source)

It's very ironic that Bobby Rush (D-Ill) former black panther member de facto "racism chaser" would feel comfortable with Castro. Rush describe his time with Castro as "like listening to an old friend". You would think at least Rush would have some knowledge of Cuba's record on racism since he is in the racism business. Heck Wikipedia has a plethera of information regarding racism in Cuba:

"According to anthropologists dispatched by the European Union, racism is systemic and institutional.[2] Blacks are systematically excluded from positions that tourism related jobs, where they could earn tips in hard currencies.[2] According to the EU study, blacks are relegated to poor housing, complained of the longest waits for healthcare, were excluded from managerial positions, received the lowest remittances from relatives abroad, and were five times more likely to be imprisoned.”[2]
Enrique Patterson describes race as “social bomb” and says that “If the Cuban government were to permit black Cubans to organize and raise their problems before [authorities] . . . totalitarianism would fall”.[5] Esteban Morales Domínguez, a professor in the University of Havana, says that “The absence of the debate on the racial problem already threatens . . . the revolution’s social project”.[5] Carlos Moore, who has authored extensive on the issue, says that “There is an unstated threat, blacks in Cuba know that whenever you raise race in Cuba, you go to jail. Therefore the struggle in Cuba is different. There cannot be a civil rights movement. You will have instantly 10,000 black people dead”.[5] He says that a new generation of black Cubans are looking at politics in another way.[5] Barack Obama’s victory has raised disturbing questions about the institutional racism in Cuba.[2] The Economist noted “The danger starts with his example: after all, a young, black, progressive politician has no chance of reaching the highest office in Cuba, although a majority of the island’s people are black.”[6]
Jorge Luis García Pérez, who was imprisoned and tortured for 17 years, states “The authorities in my country have never tolerated that a black person oppose the regime. During the trial, the color of my skin aggravated the situation. Later when I was mistreated in prison by guards, they always referred to me as being black”.[7]"(

First PSBO goes abroad and apologizes for America, then his posse (the CBC) goes to Cuba to get all warm and fuzzy with a murderous communist dictator -- and still his acolytes are hopeful and want to give him a chance. What's next? Oh yes, how could I forget North Korea spits in our face by launching a nuclear missile and PSBO intends to scrap our nuclear missiles. Seriously, in order to support Obama you HAVE to be in serious denial, absolutely detest this country, or be a complete idiot or all of the above. So since the CBC are Obama supporters and are complete morons the most patriotic thing they can do moving forward is just keep on throwing galas it seems to be what they do best--although I'll never buy another ticket.

Monday, April 6, 2009

All Calls For Unity Between The Left and The Right Are Dishonest

I like this Vlogger, his Youtube channel is How The World Works. His blog is called Copious Dissent. He is a very clear thinker and I really appreciate his posts. Check out what he says about PSBO & Company's position on nuclear weapons. It occurred to me that PSBO & Company were in college at the same time I was, we are children of the 80's. I actually remember going to a no nukes rally with a corny sign which read "You can't hug me with nuclear arms". I was so naive but I grew up. PSBO & Company seem not to have grown up but they are at the helm now and our national security is greatly compromised. Yet Obama acolytes are so consumed with Mrs. Obama's lovely toned arms and how she charmed the ever so easily charmed Socialists Europeans that they haven't even considered (at least judging by their blog postings) the implications of the North Korean missile launch this weekend.

Racism Chasing Isn't My Thing But.....

I read an article yesterday morning that I can not stop thinking about. It was called Racism: America's New Best Friend by Norman Liebmann and I am not going to link it because it is utterly vile. There are a few things about this article that are haunting me. The first is Liebmann's use of the word Negro. I generally use the term "negro" when I am angry with black folks for doing something which I perceive to be utterly ridiculous like applauding Van Jone's declaration that "Barack Obama is going to save the whole wide world" or applauding and saying "Amen" when Jeremiah Wright declares "that black children process information differently". I'm thinking that Liebmann is doing the same but his article is peppered with sooooo many other racial offensive epitaphs that I can't give him the benefit of the doubt.

I am most troubled by the fact that if Liebmann's article weren't polluted with unbridled racism it would have been such a good article. Much of what he said about the Obama administration is true -- hell, much of what he said about the "racial over-sensitivity" of black folks is true too (and that too is troubling to me personally). Sometimes it's a curse to be a lover of the truth, because I lack the ability to deny the truth even if the truth is unpleasant and if the bearer of the truth is vile.

Welcome to post-racial America...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Modern Liberalism Exposed

On March 29, 2008, Rockford resident Keith A. Sterkeson verbally attacked pro-life advocates Eric Nelson and Kevin Rilott outside a Rockford, IL abortion facility.

H/T to the Hiphop Republican

I am often asked how I call myself a conservative because the "right" is so racist as if there are no racist individuals on the left. I wonder if they will re-examine what it means to be in the liberal camp after seeing the depraved man on this video

Ain't Nothing But A "Code" Thing Baby

I saw this photograph on a moderately conservative bloggers site a few days ago and I found it both endearing and disturbing.

Endearing because of the look in the police officer's eyes. Endearing because PSBO was humble enough to shake the officer's hand. Disturbing because he didn't look at the officer and it seemed almost like a covert action-- the "code" thing. Disturbing because I understand the look in the officer's eyes and it is more than just graciousness it's the "code" thing. Why is the "code" thing necessary....shake the man's hand and look at him....daay-aam!

Friday, April 3, 2009

PSBO Calls America Arrogant, Dismissive & Derisive....Well Aren't We Lucky That He Has Come On The Scene To Redeem Us

PSBO's actions today have me a bit perplexed. He holds a Townhall meeting in France which is just wacky on so many levels. Is he pandering to the Europeans? If so, why? Is he just a narcissist? But then to add insult to injury he tells Europe that America fails to appreciate them and that America is arrogant, dismissive and derisive. Aren't we lucky to have such a patriotic potus? Charles Krauthammer responds:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

PSBO Bows To King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

This really isn't a big deal to me but just for the sake of annoying my bff Uptown Steve I can't resist posting this pictures. Uptown Steve, bwahahahaha this my dear is an example of boundless obsequiousness.

Ok, just kidding...kind of.

100 Watt Light Bulbs Soon To Be Illegal

OK, now this is getting personal. Everyone of my familiars knows that I detest dim light especially dim overhead light and now I learned today that 100 watt light bulbs are going to be banned!

I told ya liberal democrats are sinners and love darkness -- those Gorebulbs positively suck! They are too dim!!!! They are expensive and they don't last as long as they are supposed to. God forbid you should break one then you have hazardous materials on your hands -- those things contain mercury! Well actually I have to appropriately attack George Bush for this one because he sign this stupid bill trying to appease Pelosi and Reid. This is ridiculous. These stupid libtards and their environmental crap are honestly going to cause me to go postal. I can't imagine life without 100 watt light bulbs!

The iPOD & A Signed Song Book

I have to come to the defense of PSBO & Company (shocking isn't it) regarding the gift of an iPod that was given to the Queen of England, because the MSM is only giving part of the story. The iPod was given to accompany a signed rare coffee table book of songs by composers Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart as apparently the Queen is fond of showtunes. So actually the gift wasn't entirely stupid and thoughtless.

The Definition Of Fascism....Are We There Yet?

Fascism is such a strong word and scary too. For me it conjures images of corrupt, totalitarian dictatorships. I purchased Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism this summer but didn't feel compelled to read it just yet. I confess that prior to reading this article posted by 23rd Eagle on his blog "I Saw Right" that even I would have thought the notion of fascism in America was just too far fetched, but 23rd Eagle has compelled me to rethink that supposition. He writes:

"The definition of fascism from The Holocaust Dictionary:

(Fascism) was a type of original, modern thought that reflected change and the need for something new and different amongst the young people of Europe, who disdained their parents’ middle class values.

There is no disdain for middle class values in America, right? And the young people didn’t like Barack Obama at all. And “change”? That wasn’t even in the official language of the presidential campaign.

Fascism tries to create a new civilization, based on the total community, in which all sectors and classes of the population will find their niche. As a result, the nation will be revitalized and strengthened, and each individual will be nothing more than a cell in the communal organism.

There is no attempt in the current administration to make a “total community” where “all sectors of the population will find their niche”. And this administration certainly doesn’t publicly ridicule and threaten the lives or incomes of specific individual citizens who disagree, ask too many questions, or don’t fall in line.

Fascism even poses as a type of spiritual revolution.

Spiritual revolution?! Nah. It’s not like schoolchildren are singing hymns to him or anything.

Fascism came up with two tools that would help maintain “the unity of the nation”—corporatism and totalitarianism. In a corporative state, a country’s political, social, and economic power is held by a group of corporations, made up both of employers and employees. This group of corporations plans the economy and settles differences between social classes. In a totalitarian state, the government has total control over and can intervene in every aspect of an individual’s life. Using these two instruments, the nation would easily be maintained as the highest ideal.

There’s no move in our country for the government to have that much control over a few corporations who are too big to fail. UPDATE: WOW.

According to Fascist ideology, the nation will not become a completed unit as long as the working class is not assimilated into it, and until a way is found to harness each individual in a joint effort to achieve the common good. Fascism is also a reflection of certain values of the time: namely, emotions and spontaneity as opposed to reason—reason being the basis of democratic thought. In Fascism, the idea that emotions and the subconscious are more important in politics than reason is totally acceptable.

We’re a way too rational, civilized and mature society to fall for that bull.

Even if it's happening right before our faces, it can't happen here, right? "(Source)

Well, obviously the last question is rhetorical. I fear that all of this time I have been missing the forest for the trees, PSBO & Company aren't socialist...they are fascist. Thanks 23 Eagle for breaking this down for us like a fraction. How can anyone not see that fascism is ever so swiftly gaining a foothold in the good old USA. The saddest part of all is that Obama's supporter will not care because anything "The One" does is for all practical purposes "annointed" in their minds.