Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Change Is Not What We Need...Revival Is What We Need.

Check out my bff Zo speaks at Sacramento Tea Party:

H/T HotAir


Anonymous said...

I love ZONation. He is the best

Constructive Feedback said...

Sadly - some of the same Black people who were happy that WHITE FOLKS put their bigotry aside and voted for Obama will see Zo speak to this mostly White crowd of Conservatives and call him vile names for doing so, in violation of his race.

RightKlik said...

Zo is a great American. Thanks for introducing me to him through your posts.

Robert said...

Constructive Feedback, you are correct.

Here is an wonderful example of what we will see:

"What that Uncle Tom doing with them white racist crackers that white woman who is black on the inside Ja-Neeny Garbageflow was talking about? He's a self-hatin black stooge, bootlicker, chicken eater, zip coon, butt kisser, co-caucasian, foot shuffler, Kingfisher, Rev. Pork Chop, Judas, lawn jockey, black skunk, thank-ya-boss, opporTOMist, zebra, buckdancer, Uncle Remus, turncoat, tree-top, howdy-doody, shoeshine boy, prefabricator, waterboy, caste flunky, cocktail-sipper, uncola,snow black, Homo Tomus Americanus, window dresser,house boy, backstabber, Uncle Ruckus, hafrican, cotton picker, low-belly creeper, handkerchief-head Knee-Grow, and sellout. He got that Stock Homies' Sinjerome. Jerome must have beenan Uncle Tom too.

"Those white crackas just can't stand the thought of serving a Black President. If that white woman Demi Moore can serve the president, why can't all those other crackers? Demi will probably get a big tip for serving Obama too. He will throw her a couple of dollas.

"Why ol' boy has to hate on Brotha President? Even though Obama ain't done nothing for black folks, that ain't no reason to diss the brotha. Even though Obama ignored the Congressional Black Caucus for any jobs in his adminstration ain't no cause for a black man to diss our Black President. Just because Obama is continuing Bush's policies when we thought we were going to get change is no reason to diss the Brotha.

"That Uncle Tom sellout should be happy we got a black president only because it's history. That is what most of us cared about anyway. We did not care about his experience, his background, his voting record, his credentials, etc. We black folks have learned to overlook all that meaningless BS and focus on the color of a man's skin only and not on the content of his character. We are just satisfied with the man being black and do not expect anything else out of our second first Black President."

DJ Black Adam said...

Zo...I never knew him...(Done as in the voice of Christopher Walken in the film "Ants")

Ilé Meroë said...

For me the reason those tea-parties can be a bit disturbing is the rabid utterances of so many participants.

We return to the muslim, arab, birth certificate, Stalin, Hitler (wow he's cleverer than I thought he's a communist and a right-wing extremist at the same time), Osama Bin Obama nonsense that makes people seem as though they're off their medication.

DJ Black Adam said...

@Ilé Meroë

"...seem as though they're off their medication."


Ilé Meroë said...

Well I'm trying to be charitable

Conservative Black Woman said...

Because some Americans feel that their taxes are high enough already and don't want to pay more makes them crazy? Because some Americans think that the government is getting too big they are crazy?

Wouldn't it be more "charitable" just to say you disagree with their assessment of where the nation is heading? Are liberal protestors with groups like code-pink, PETA, NARAL, PFLAG, Greenpeace, ACLU, PPFA are they off their meds when they protest peacefully but often otherwise?

DJ Black Adam said...


"...Are liberal protestors with groups like code-pink, PETA, NARAL, PFLAG, Greenpeace, ACLU, PPFA are they off their meds when they protest peacefully but often otherwise?"

Uhm...YEAH, there just as crazy as the Conservative "Christian" Reich..RIGHT I mean. Extremist are by definition EXTREME, and in my observation, certifiable, be the LEFT or RIGHT.

Southern Drawl said...

What amazes me is that it's always the liberals cussing and fussing. I am an American and so proud of it. Though I don't support Obama or his policies, I would never disrespect him or his office. He, however, has no qualms about trashing our great nation at home or abroad. Thanks again, C.B.W. Stand strong you do not stand alone.

Constructive Feedback said...


As I sat in the church pew today listening to my pastor talking about FAITH - I realized that this is a superior concept to that of "HOPE" and "CHANGE".

Where as "HOPE" is a more passive orientation that makes one dependent upon that which some force will do for you......

FAITH expects that the person in question do certain things in support of the system in the doctrine in question and do his part to arrive at certain directed ends.