Thursday, April 16, 2009

The American Patriot's KJV Bible To Include Barack Obama

I just received this email:

"NEW BIBLE TO MENTION PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA The American Patriots Bible Incorporates Civil Rights Movement Section
(Nashville, Tenn.) The forthcoming Bible title The American Patriots Bible (May 2009, Thomas Nelson) takes readers on a powerful journey revealing how faith has seen American citizens through troubled times, as well as impacted the overall formation of this great nation. Within its pages, readers will find a special section dedicated to the pursuit of equal rights which includes figures such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and President Barack Obama as one of the many introspectivehistoric articles featured in the title.

We are experiencing change in America, and it was essential to spotlight how faith in God has been there to strengthen the activists when a monumental fight for freedom and justice was at hand, notes Dr. Richard G. Lee who serves as the general editor for the project, as well as founding pastor of First Redeemer Church (Atlanta, GA), and speaker for the Theres Hope America ministry.

As the late Dr. King noted our actions must be guided by the deepest principles of our Christian faith, reflects Lee. Hopefully, President Obamas recent decision to engage pastors in discussions on the role of religion in politics is yet another display of how faith continues to impact our nation. The American Patriots Bible will help readers discover the cornerstone upon which America, and her great men and women, have built their lives and this one Nation under God."

There are many "themed" Bibles on the market and all of them contain commentary. So I'm thinking if God could use a burning bush or a talking ass to make himself known then I don't begrudge Thomas Nelson publishers the opportunity to use Barack Obama (who for some is also a talking ass) to lead the lost to the Word of God. Heaven knows Obama acolytes will buy a Bible which heralds their savior.


Anonymous said...

It would be strange NOT to mention him as he IS the President and its a American themed bible.

I just use a regular KJ. Theres a great book called Under God by Toby Mac and Michael Tait thats filled with stories from America's history showing how God was(and still is) working everything to his purpose.

uglyblackjohn said...

It's a smart move.
With all the other themed Bibles not having him included - this one sets itself apart from a business standpoint.

Bladesinger said...

they can't be serious...arrgggg...

Please someone shoot me now

Anonymous said...

Great Post! I am Right too. Buyer beware of this Chicana! ok, now back to the topic. It is weird 'to' have Barack Obama in this bible for the reason that he is Pro-Abortion~ Late Term Abortion; which means killing a full grown baby in the mother's womb then dissecting it's body parts in utero to then remove it. He's also unashamedly un-American. Most of his education comes from outside the country; I don't think he understands what it is to be an American (and yes I doubt he was born here). Also, he's not Christian if he believes that all paths lead to God. This religious pluralism goes against John 14:6 which Jesus Himself clearly states, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." (no budda, no dali lama, no Deepak chopra, no Oprah, no allah! He does not Proclaim Jesus Christ and we seem to forget all the things he has done that are anti-Christ simply because he's bi-racial. And besides all that, the whole concept of this bible is wrong. People are mistaking Patriotism for the Kingdom of God. God's Kingdom is in Heaven, if we'd pick up the bible we have now and read it you wouldn't need this garbage.

james said...

@ news4themasses. This Bible actually shows historical moments where people invoked the God of Heaven's help in the founding of our nation and at other times throughout our history. It's not just about being patriotic. It is a call to bring God back to his rightful place in our nation. I have it and it is great; however, I do agree with you that we need to use the Bible. Therein is America's problem, not using it enough.