Sunday, November 15, 2009

Glenn Beck's Time To Be Heard Part 4

Fox finally put up the last segment of the show (my 2.5 minutes of


Attorneymom said...

Thank, CBW. I updated my blog post.

ar said...

The Greatest show on earth; 400 more, please.

Clifton B said...


You were great! Thank God at least ONE of us black conservative bloggers made it on the air!

BTW it was a total pleasure meeting you.

Seabea6 said...
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Smile said...


As I said previously, your performance was awesome! As Glenn said, he needed more time. He also asked people to come back so...

I look forward to next time!

Bessie B. said...


How awesome is that! You did a fantastic job--you spoke with eloquence and clarity, bringing home an excellent point. :D

I cannot say how much I admire you and what you are doing with your blog. Keep up the good work, and may God bless you!

Bess B.

Jean said...

You did very well. I hope we all get a chance to talk the next time we are invited back to the show.

I wanted to get to know you better, but every body were in their own groups and I didn't want to intrude. We have to keep getting the word out about black Conservatives, there are more of us out there then the media want to let on to. Keep up the good work on your blog and I'll post from time to time. I am thinking about starting a blog in the near future. Remember me, I was the lady in the brown pant suit with the big hair.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Hi Jean~I wish so much that we would have connected at the show-- I do know exactly who you are.

Please start blogging...we need as many people as possible getting the word out. Feel free to contact me offline. You can reach me by email

Anonymous said...

Hi CBW! I watched the show on Friday. You were great! I've never watched Glenn Beck's show before. Thanks for representing! -Meredith

morena said...


Great to see you on Glenn Beck's show and I do hope he does have you and a few others back on. America needs to see that we black conservatives indeed do exist and need to be heard. Looking forward to seeing you again.

May God continue to bless you and your family.

Smile said...

This is a great example of how things really are. GB attempts to give a voice to blacks yet it isn't received (by those who cry loudest about white people needing to reach out) after all.

See, it doesn't matter. That's just a straw man. That type never intends to except no matter what and I assume they just want to keep others busy.

As GB does, we just need to concentrate on doing the right thing and others can freely choose if they want. No amount of trying to find an acceptable way to communicate will be received.

Smile said...

Has anyone emailed GB or Fox News?

Smile said...

I hope everyone takes time to watch all the video clips.

They are really good.

Smile said...

I would have loved to see Clifton B on as well. Hopefully next time.

Robert said...

Great show. Great show.

Like I always say, even God cannot change the truth.

Anonymous said...

Girl you rock, had a lot of the men sitting up even Mr. Beck! I hope you're able to get more air time because you have a very good strong view point.
About the show;
Oh, is there a thing call talking white? I thought it was speaking correct english.

Cynical Negro said...

Damn! I hate to be the negative one out the bunch when black people are being positive lol...

But you guys do realize that there is a great Fredrick Douglas quote (taken out of context of course) - that's posted on the home page of this site, intended to convince you about what TODAY'S Democratic party stand's for.
Now Fredrick Douglas was a BlackMan who supported Abraham Lincoln and Ulsses S. Grant! Two republican president's that suspended habeas corpus and sent troops to the south to enforce Pro Black laws during reconstruction. So didn't my earlier point make sense ?

We went with any party that represented OUR INTEREST at any given time in history... So it is understandable how the black exodus from the republican party began during the great depression.

Yeah, the old Black republicans were conservative in some ways, but the big difference between you and were that they spent most of their time ACTIVELY LOBBYING FOR BLACK PEOPLE!!! HEEELLLLOOOOOO....

Now until you re-connect with your true conservative ROOT'S, you will alway's be a pariah to the majority of BlackPeople, and you will always be seen as the white republican's loyal lap dog (or attack dog). You will get no where with us by ingratuating yourselves with someone like Glenn Beck, or mimicking someone like Glenn Beck.

Now I don't know if that Fredrick Douglas quote was intended to be insulting to the late great Fredrick Douglas, If it was then I forgive you guys because this may have originated from some racist white republican (or self hating Black person). I forgive you, for you know not what you do lol...

Janelle said...

What in the world would cause anybody to post a comment under the handle? ; Cynical Negro

Attorneymom said...

@Cynical Negro, you better preach!

Conservative Black Woman said...

CN~Lobbying for black people? Give me a break. If we are so proud and strong as a people, why do we insist on being victims in need of a savior or advocate. Do you believe that black people are so dumb, and so helpless and so pitiful that somebody has to watch over us? If not, then in what year will it no longer be necessary for black folks to "looked after". Boy o boy...aren't you a good house negro CN. "Yessem, boss -- we sho is gonna help you look after the darkies". This mentality turns my stomach. Grow the hell up. We are capable, intelligent men and women. When are we going to start acting as such acting like helpless children. Lobbying -- my azz.

The best "lobbying" that can be done for black folks is the admonition to stop having babies before marriage, get married, and rebuild families. Parents need to parent and mentor their children and not look for some government, church or outside "program" to parent and mentor for them. That is the answer. Those are actions that lead to success. That is the way out of poverty and hopelessness.

You can not tell me that it is impossible for black people to prosper and live successful, fruitful lives in this country in spite of racism. Listen to the crap you spew one would think we were hunted down in the streets by klansman. But who is doing the killing in black communities? Maybe we need to lobby these domestic terrorist on the street corners to not pop caps in our azzes -- oh, I forgot now I'm blaming the victim, right?

If we continue as we have for the last 45 years listening to the race hustlers and adopting the "godless" morality system of the left then we will be the worst for it in the years to come. Just like we are the "worst" for it now.

MrsGrapevine said...


At first I was going to say you fell for the bate and just ignore @cynical negro this post is about you, but then I get to the last line of your argument and realize you said, "'godless' morality system of the left."

In the post yesterday you said that you didn't name a political party or ideology, but it's pretty clear you blame the left for everything that's wrong with blacks. SMH!

Conservative Black Woman said...

MGV~The left is godless -- they admit as much. They have contempt towards people of faith and find us quite provential.

The agenda of the radical left is to replace God with a nanny state type government, the want to redefine the family, control the population (especially of black folks), and devalue life (embryos aren't human, old people aren't as valuable)etc.

I blame those who "claim" to be christians for defending the left and their godless ideology rather than defending their God and faith. I blame black Christians who place their "blackness" above their Christianity.

I can't blame the radical left for the decisions that black folks's your choice, right? So you are again incorrect as I don't blame the left for everything. That's like blaming a snake for being a snake. Like blaming fire for being hot, like blaming a dog for having It is what it is. One can either take it or leave it. Well, at least that how it use to be. Now the radical leftwing godless elitist are running this country and ramming this crap down our throats.

Smile said...

Cynical Negro is not black.

Cynical Negro is nonsensical, imo.

The warning of not getting "no where with us" doesn't make sense either. Cynical Negro is here trying to get somewhere with us by saying things about self hating, white racist party...and we should lobby.

Okay. Thanks for sharing.

MrsGrapevine said...

@ CBW:

That's funny since I've been on this blog I have seen a half of dozen people who don't believe in God, and yet they are Conservatives.

"I blame those who "claim" to be Christians for defending the left and their godless ideology rather than defending their God and faith. I blame black Christians who place their "blackness" above their Christianity."

I blame those who "claim" to be Christian for twisting the bible to fit a political ideology that's not represented in the bible. That includes Jeremiah Wright, and that includes Glenn Beck, too.

I said it once and I will say it again, Jesus would not be a conservative or a liberal. So while you are calling the left Godless, you may want to dig a little deeper into the right. The only thing worst than a person who doesn't know the word, is a person who "claims" the word, yet do evil things in it's name.

That's all I have to say about that. Be a Christian first, and Christian does not equal "Republican" or "Conservative" Ideology, nor does it equal "Liberal" or Democrat. It's above all those labels, it's about each and everyone's individual relationship with God, and how they use that relationship to bring others to God. Plain and simple.

This mess about whose the real "Christian" party, is simply that a mess. There is no "Christian" party because that's an oxymoron.

My husband and I are doing a fund raiser December 5th to raise money for a local homeless teen shelter, called City House. I challenge others to so the same. If you really believe government is not the answer and you believe in the power of God, then let's see what you can do for others. That's how you can impress me and my God.

Conservative Black Woman said...

MGV~I never said that the Republican party or Conservatives were God's representatives on earth. That's not my point. My point is "liberalism" is godless. I'm not saying the democrats, or even liberal blacks aren't christians. Neither am I saying that I'm a super-saint far, far, far from it. I am saying that I proudly, and dutifully stand on God's word and place a higher value of Him than he that is in the world. I care more about pleasing Christ then the likes of Cynical Negro and other "progressive", "conscious", "down","liberal" black folks who insist on attributing bad motives to me because they happen to disagree.

ziggy said...

"What in the world would cause anybody to post a comment under the handle? ; Cynical Negro"

Ans: Some negro who has confused cynicism with wisdom, understanding, or intelligence.

MrsGrapevine said...

@ CBW:

I get it, I took it out of context, and you were directing at a specific circumstance.

I thought you were making a blanket statement, but you were addressing the "lobbying" for blacks.

My bad...continue on...

*in the corner trying now trying to be quiet and observe*

Cynical Negro said...

Lobby for Black people ? Uhhh yeah.

We are talking about politics right ? We do live in a Representative Democracy. That is why you go into the booth and vote. That's your constitutional right. That is what people died for. Are you suggesting that Black communities go without representation in congress and government ?

Lordy Lord. It's late, I'll break it down later.


Attorneymom said...

Youtube suspends Pastor James Manning for a fifth time.

Robert said...

Pray for Obama. Psalm 109:8

What does that verse say?

"Let his days be few; let another take his office."

ThankGodforConservativesLJ said...

I hope Glenn does this more and more....Glenn Beck have them back SOON...this was by far one of the best shows Glenn has done.
Hispanic conservatives, black conservatives, conservatives everywhere are coming out of their long silence. I am so proud of your values and standing up for what is your God given right! God Bless You All...I saw the show when it aired and I had no idea it was CBW ... As my grandfather used to say, "You are the Best." Thank you CBW!

ar said...

Let his days be few; let another take his office, Robert. smooth.

Pslam 109:8

kid said...

Why support a party that the Klu Klux Klan, the Aryan Nation, neo-Nazi's and Stormfront support NOW! Don't give me bull about Bull Connors,I'm talking about NOW!Why work for a party that sends out "dog whistles" for the President to get shot!Why do white people at tea/race rallies hold up signs that was racist? Why didn't the right respond against it? Why didn't any of you speak out about the death threats against Malia and Sasha coming from the right at the tea parties! Why did the right bring machine guns to where the President was at?Why do you hate yourself so much?Why do you hate blacks!

Do you think it's funny that Glenn punches a photo of the President on his show?Sounds like a damn coward to me.Why was the right outrage about fake pimping and rapes at ACORN? Why is it that real pimps like Dennis Hof of the Bunny Ranch that pimps thousands of women is a frequent guest at Fox. I don't see Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe going after him.Why when Sen.Franken introduced a anti-rape bill did 30 Republiklans voted against it?Yes they were pro-rape.

Red said...

Saw you on Glen Beck. You rocked! I really identified with your perspective. One of the topics discussed in the show was poverty. I am white (hence the name Red - red hair), and grew up in a neighborhood where 60% of people lived beneath the poverty level. It was sad to see people of all colors waste the opportunities that are so abundant here in America, because they were waiting for someone to fix their lives for them. Over 100 languages were spoken regularly at my high school, so I intuitively don't associate poverty with any particular race. I completely dug what you said about the need for people to take responsibility for their lives. Hope you'll be in the media more - America needs to hear your message! I think that so much that your appearance on the show has prompted my first ever blog comment. Signed, No Longer A Poor Potato Eater Because I Put My Rear End Through University

kid said...

You're a damn liar.You didn't go to a school with people that spoke about 100 languages. Let me explain something to you Black Republiklans work for money. Like a hooker they'll tell you what you want to hear,not what you need to hear.You didn't see whites racist and black toms bring machine guns to where the President was?

How can Black people go to colleges or start businesses when whites had a 400 year head start.Then there's white skin privilege.Last year a Harvard Professor of Juris Prudence was told he was less qualified to be President that a Beauty Contest contestant. This year we seen that what Malcolm X said is true. "What do you call a black man with a degree N****r, what do you call one with a gun ,sir".Yea they called him boy.Black kids looking at this learned that whites will only listen to a black man with a weapon.

I know that things will get fixed soon. Why you ask because there's a lot of whites that are losing their homes and jobs. They're Union people. They hate Glenn Beck.So go ahead and cut those programs for the poor.Those poor whites will become our allies.When you think that you're screwing a black person out of something, you really screwing yourself.

Attorneymom said...

Where you at, CBW??? LOL In the middle. LOL

Cynical Negro said...


Have you ever heard of a book titled " The Senator and The Socialite " by Lawrence Otis Graham ?

The book is about Blanche Bruce, the first Black Senator to complete one full term in Congress. Fascinating book !

I bought it for Mom a few years back but I borrowed it from her after our online "debate" here.

P.s. What's up with you and this Pastor Manning guy ? I checked him out and he seems like yet another charlaton to me lol. The guys a complete NUT ! I guess that's why Sean Insanity invited him to his show on the Faux Noise Channel. :o) Thank goodness our founding fathers were smart enough to SEPARATE CHURCH AND STATE. They must've knew how wacky religious zealotry could get from their European experience. You know, the Crusades and all. Folks getting their heads Wacked off and bodies burned at the stake for not believing in fairytales. Goerge Bush and his team of crazy evangelical 's and Zionist Jews thinking they can term the Middle East Democratic at the barrel of the gun. Over one millon Iraqi men women and children slaughtered. But that's the white mans religion for ya.

Robert said...


You said: "Why did the right bring machine guns to where the President was at?Why do you hate yourself so much?Why do you hate blacks!"

It was a black man who had the gun but the media deliberately did not show it.

The blacks here do not hate themselves. They hate the mindless stupidity we have had to endure for years. The Democratic Party is the same today as it was yesterday. It stood for slavery back then and it stands for slavery now. They don't love blacks. They love the black vote that has kept them in business.

We are not taking it anymore.

kid said...

I guess you Toms can't read either?

"You didn't see whites racist and black toms bring machine guns to where the President was?"

That's called snark Stepin Fetchit.

Toms also got Toussaint L'ouverture caught. Toms also caught Gabriel Prosser . You people also caught Nathaniel Turner.

"Every brother ain't a brother , as well as being black they can be undercover"
Charlton Ridenhour

Public Enemy's "Chuck D"

Why don't one of you Toms answer me this: Why do you support a group that supports the Klu Klux Klan, Aryan Nation,neo-Nazi's and Stormfront NOW ! November 18th 2009!Not 50 years ago or 175 years ago,TODAY!

Kowboy Klannity Kostello's Tom Jesse Lee Peterson said to thank white people for slavery, any response?

Cynical Negro said...


Kid said nothing about the guys race who brought that gun.

"We are not taking it anymore"

Lol. And what are you going to do about it Robert? NOTHING!

My point exactly!

you gonna try to help the party of old white southern men win? Your numbers are too short.

You gonna try to convince other blacks to come on board? You hate black people, you guys stay to yourselves because you're scared, and maybe you should be because a lot of your solutions for black people's problems sound a whole lot like the venom spewed by racist whites.

To sum it up, just like NAS said in his rap: "Your arms is too short to box god" lol...

So just go sit down somewhere while the "black elite" (whatever that is) runs this! (Atleast until the 2010 elections lol)

Robert said...


You said: "Why don't one of you Toms answer me this: Why do you support a group that supports the Klu Klux Klan, Aryan Nation,neo-Nazi's and Stormfront NOW ! November 18th 2009!Not 50 years ago or 175 years ago,TODAY!"

First you don't know the difference between Uncle Tom from Harriet Beecher Stowe's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and a "Sambo." Uncle Tom was pro his people. Sambo was the sellout. I guess according to that definition, I'm an Uncle Tom.

Please give me some documentation that the Republican Party supports the KKK, Aryan Nations, etc., chapter and verse.

(By the way, a black reparations supporter, in N'COBRA, named Robert Brock goes to Aryan Nations type gatherings. Those white supremacists, who think blacks are inferior, really love listening to that black man. He supports those white folkd The people you denigrate on this blog and I don't support them at all. But Brock does. Who is the "Tom"?)

Is it because the KKK was started by Republicans after reconstruction, especially by that Republican Albert Pike whose statue is in Washington, DC?

You also said:

"Kowboy Klannity Kostello's Tom Jesse Lee Peterson said to thank white people for slavery, any response?"

No I will not thank white people for slavery. I will thank the black African and even Muslims who sold blacks to the whites. Give credit where credit is due.

Keep of the good work of raving your ad hominems on this blog!

It attracts readers and makes this blog more popular.

Anonymous said...

Kid and Cynical Negro:

I find it odd that both of you are on here quoting rappers. That says enough. Open a book, turn off the radio, and try to expand your myopic view of history and the world.

MrsGrapevine said...

@ Robert:

1) "No I will not thank white people for slavery. I will thank the black African and even Muslims who sold blacks to the whites. Give credit where credit is due."

Wow, did you say the abuse endured by slaves in this country is the fault of them being sold by other Africans. So Africans told whites to beat blisters into the backs of slaves, and rape women, and sell their children like cattle.

So American slavery is the fault of Africans, and white Americans were just following a trend of people they called uncivilized. So the moral white people succumb to the ideas of Africans and Muslims for over 300 years. (That can't be what you were implying).

That's the first time I heard that argument that nearly 400 years of slavery in this country was the fault of Africans and Muslims who sold them. So if it wasn't for African and Muslim, blacks wouldn't have been slaves. Did they sell the Indians, too?

2) "The Democratic Party is the same today as it was yesterday."

Really because the modern day map doesn't support that argument. It seems that all the people who truly supported slavery moved into the Republican party between 1932 and 1964. Not sure why an anti-abolitionist would move to a party (Republican) that loved blacks so much, only to leave their own party (Democrats) that wanted to keep blacks in slavery?

3) The Republicans believed in welfare and government handouts when they were courting the black vote during Reconstruction, too. How does a party that loves black people so much, lose almost all of them? (Black people can't be that ignorant, right?)

Perhaps because they caused the Great Depression, and turned on blacks during hard economic times, just to show their true colors of white superiority with a servitude class, as reflected by the ideas of William F Buckley, who later had a change of heart.

4) If it was 1865, I would be a Republican, but the Republican party today is too much like the Democrat party of 1865, geography and all. I do believe at one point the Republican party was the moral compass of America, but they sold their morals to greed and lead us into the Great Depression, not once, but damn near twice.

All of you Conservatives would have great points, if it wasn't for the fact that the people you once loathed (Dixiecrats) didn't now make up the base and the majority of your party.

5) The problems that plagued black American has nothing to do with your party affiliation, it's a problem of morality. Crack has done more to wipe out the black population than any political policy that has existed in this country, including slavery.

What people need to be arguing about is what you're going to do about it since it's not a government problem? I hear the government can't fix things, but I hear very little real solutions about what everyday people can do.

6) Sad thing is not one of you have lived in the past (1865), yet everyone believes what is written. Can someone worry about the now, and the decline of a race of people.

kid said...

Robert said...

Pray for Obama. Psalm 109:8

What does that verse say?

"Let his days be few; let another take his office."
November 17, 2009 12:19 PM
What about the rest?

There’s a new slogan making its way onto car bumpers and across the Internet. It reads simply: "Pray for Obama: Psalm 109:8"

A nice sentiment?

Maybe not.

The psalm reads, "Let his days be few; and let another take his office."

Presidential criticism through witty slogans is nothing new. Bumper stickers, t-shirts, and hats with "1/20/09" commemorated President Bush’s last day in office.

But the verse immediately following the psalm referenced is a bit more ominous: "Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow."

Robert said...


I did not reference the verse afterward. You did. That would get you a visit from the Secret Service.

Don't you love the Bible?

Smile said...


"That's called snark Stepin Fetchit."

When someone is shown to be misleading and they only come back with a slap down of blacks, it's a strange curiosity.

CBW, have you ever had white folk use these terms on you?

In my experience, I've never seen it.

The most cruel racism is reserved by Democrats towards black conservatives.

The repetitive southern racist as Republican is studied ignorance. The old fat azz, Al Gore for instance. I know, he's white. Maybe everyone doesn't know he's a Democrat. It's a very interesting study, the who's who of Democrats. Their voting history is interesting as well.

It seems there's confusion over the 'crusades' too. In fact, Muslim armies overran the predominantly Christian Middle East and into Europe, long before any Crusade was even contemplated. The Muslims did this in obedience to core teachings of the Islamic faith. Under Harum they burned the church of the Holy Sepulcher to the ground with all worshipers inside. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, where Jesus is said to have been buried until the Resurrection, was the most Holy Church of Christendom at the time. There's a 1400 year history to look at, all of which show the islam (which means submission, not peace) acting out their terror.

CBW, there seems to be people whose sole purpose is to get on here and leave misinformation. I don't mind that many make various choices. I do mind when they masquerade as black while presenting racism and mis-info. Rather then being honest and admitting that they choose an ideology, they attempt to smear the ideology that they haven't chosen.

I must give kudos to MrsGrape for being more honest then what I'm discussing here. I'm not wanting to give her ANOTHER compliment BUT she does seem willing to admit when she's wrong or to just say that she has a preference different but not based on who is best at a bitch slapping.

The others, as this thread examples, are here to do head fakery and mythology perpetuation, while pretending that facts are a non issue. It appears they want submission to their ideology by beat downs and accusations.

The reality is, the Republican Party is not the Party of racism. This is the straw man presented by those who don't have the fortitude to admit that they consciously choose to be part of the 'by any means necessary' Party. They would be nothing without the thuggery of class warfare and race baiting.

Attorneymom said...

@Cynical Negero, thanks for telling me about the book. I will pick up a copy. As for Pastor Manning, he is a man that is overly impressed with white folks and hard on Black folks.

ar said...

Smile, i liked that. The Psalms of Smile. I just finished them last night and moved on to Proverbs. Psalms of David apparently God gave me as a boy because it and Proverbs stand fast within. Psst, i got a couple days 'till 60. Every year, i share it with John F. Kennedy. I know who killed him and I still hate what they are doing.

The issues before us today are not republican or democrat. They are socialist, period. The more of it you want, the more it will cost. They are interested in one thing - your money and the rest of it.

Younger and the invinceable want to change, change, change until they start getting older, older, older; then their wisdom comes to them, i hope.

I am not interested in much from the republicans unless they plain just shut up and listen. In all honesty, corruption is so deep in both, I say get rid of them both.

I've been lied to enough. It is illegal for gov't to issue "health (s)care" and television still rams it down our throats. The media is supposed to be the open doors to gov't business. HHHAAAARRRRR HHHAAAAARRRR. They should go to prison, at the very least.

The living web, cbw, thanks for this blog. (am i the oldest over here?)

MarySue said...

You were fantastic! I think I got the impression that none of you got a chance to speak on the show so I didn't realize this was you. You looked like a total natural with that microphone up there on the set. Excellent job.

Anonymous said...

Great story you got here. I'd like to read more about that matter.
BTW look at the design I've made myself A level escorts

RiPPa said...

@CBW: Hey, hope all is well with you and yours - I see you're blowing up! Wanna hear something funny? I watched that show, and you know my Godless lefty uber progressive self laughed, right? But no, the funny part was I was nthinking of you when I heard that woman speak, and now I find out that it was actually YOU!

How crazy is that?!!

Anyway, I felt the entire show was pretty much more of the same mis-guided talking points, I particularly hated the fact that nobody said anything factual and substansive when the "Obama Money" clip was played and mentioned the economic state of the city of Detroit well before the current economic meltdown across the country. Instead, as usual, "Black Republicans" criticized the behavior of Black people without putting into context the historical context of circumstances of people of color across this country, all in an attempt to show once again, just how Negroes love being on the public dole.

At any rate, though our politics don't mesh one iota. It's cool to see that you're consistent on your blog and on TV.

Cynical Negro said...

I've been holding my tongue. But I have another quote for you ignorant house slaves repeating your southern white massa's interpretation of biblical passages- (obviously meant to wish our dear president harm).

"The Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the sun and stars, in which they put a man called Christ in the place of the sun, and pay him the adoration originally payed to the sun." -Thomas Paine (Glenn Beck's hero)

Lol! Now that's some truth for ya!

Now who were the first to worship the Sun, stars, and then name their own star constellations, astrology and seasonal calendar ?

Who were the first to worship ONE GOD ?

That's right! The answer is: Your own people that you hate! Lol.

You have fraternities calling themselves greeks when the greeks got a lot of that knowledge from the Egyptians...

The whole Judeo Christian religion is based on Ancient Egyptian (Kemetian) astronomy, mathematics and science. They hid these empirical truths in mythological stories that have lasted until this day in various forms. Look up the name "HORUS," and you'll see the similarities between Horus and the white Jesus lol...

The white man knows this. He knows our history better than we do.

Wow.. You religious wack jobs who read religious text and take the meaning literally, have no clue !

Holla at me and I'll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes just like Morphius said in the Matrix lol...

Robert said...

@Cynical Negro:

I'm the cynical one.

Jesus was not called "Jesus" in ancient Israel. He was Yeshua or Yoshua. How is that related to "Horus."

JudyBright said...

The only time Jesus is white is in those stupid paintings of him with long flowing hair gazing at the sky.

The real historical Jesus, whom we worship because of his divine nature, revealed himself as a brown man of middle eastern descent.

Robert said...

@Judy Bright:

As a matter of fact, I believe that Jesus is black, as Rev. Jeremiah Wright asserts.

ar said...

oh brother, where art thou?

Attorneymom said...


uptownsteve said...


All I can say is WOW!

I hope you coonseratives sleep well at night.

You know Glenn Beck laughed at yo azzes as soon as you left the room.

uptownsteve said...

Cynical Negro

Outstanding posts.

Truth to these black righties is like daylight to vampires.

Grinning and cheesing for a racist like Glenn Beck.

And proud of it!!!!!


uptownsteve said...


"The most cruel racism is reserved by Democrats towards black conservatives."

You gotta be kidding me.

What really amazes me about black righties is that they spew nothing but bile and venom toward their own people and then express surprise when they receive hostility from said community.

You negroes have know grasp of reality at all do you?

JudyBright said...


While I would have no problem if Jesus had revealed himself to us as a black African, I see little to support that assertion. The Jews were in Egypt for quite awhile, is that the only fact that supports that theory?

JMK said...

“So American slavery is the fault of Africans, and white Americans were just following a trend of people they called uncivilized...” (MGV)
There’s NOTHING innately “immoral” about slavery.

In fact, within the confines of an agrarian society, chattel slavery WORKS. It can be argued that within an agrarian society, chattel slavery is “the most efficient system available.”

It isn’t at all surprising that agrarian south used slave labor, what IS surprising is that the West and ONLY the West eradicated chattel slavery some 200+ years and counting before the rest of the known world.

Chattel slavery STILL exists throughout sub-Saharan Africa, the Arab-Muslim Mideast and throughout much of Asia!

Europe, specifically the Northern Europeans have been “the light of the world,” not only in that regard, but in bringing the Industrial Revolution, the concept of Liberty as self-ownership and a “fend-for-yourself” responsibility and the Information Age on a largely unwilling and uncomprehending world.

Increasingly, we live in a world where cheap labor is no longer necessary, making the hordes of uneducated poor throughout the world not only expendable, but impediments to real progress.

Here the U.S. we’re looking at a healthcare overhaul that seeks to ration and restrict care to those on the coming “expanded public option,” while those able and willing will have merely have to pay for the “gap insurance” necessary to avoid the draconian limits of that option.

Ted Kennedy hailed healthcare rationing just 6 weeks before he died and President Barack Obama has said, in defense of the restricted pubic option, “It’s saying that no one’s going to carry your burdens for you any more...” That means more “pain pills” for poorer people, rather than the ridiculous and indefensible expenditures for the free advanced healthcare we’ve doled out to the unproductive poor for the last five decades.

Just as the Industrial Revolution rendered chattel slavery obsolete, the Information Age has eliminated much of the need for cheap labor and continues that trend going forward.
“Crack has done more to wipe out the black population than any political policy that has existed in this country, including slavery.” (MGV)
Not true.

The crack epidemic has been quite negative, but the primary thing that has “wiped out” or reduced the numbers of black Americans is their disproportionate abortion rate.

Blacks are 12% of the population and account for 34% of the abortions...if it had not been for immigration from the Caribbean and Africa AND for counting dark-skinned Hispanics as “blacks,” the black population in the U.S. would be under 9% today!

SCConservative said...

I come across your blog when I was searching for Part 4 of Glenn Beck's Time to Be Heard program and all I have to say is WOW! First off, I am so proud of you for what you're doing. You are a real inspiration! The second part of my WOW comes from some of the negative comments. It truly saddens me that people call you an "uncle tom" or that you hate black people when all you're doing is standing up for what you feel is right which sounds like to me it's personal responsibility.God Bless you my fellow conservative! I have now found a new blog to follow. Keep on postin' girl!!!