Monday, November 30, 2009

Sorry Rush, President Obama Is Successful....Successfully Ruining The Republic As We Know It.

I received the video below this morning in an email from a friend who routinely forwards jokes. To him this is just a video about the state of the US Job market-- just a joke. In his mind President Obama is more than capable of turning everything around and he is confident that the economy and job market are going to recover because finally we have a "capable" POTUS (his words not mine):

Regrettably, I had to share information with my friend that only made him angry with me. Why do President Obama's supporters get pissed off when you share information with them? Do facts confuse them or something? In this case, I shared a quote from page 135 of Dreams of My Father where Obama writes:

"Eventually a consulting house to multinational corporations agreed to hire me as a research assistant. Like a spy behind enemy lines, I arrived at my mid-Manhattan office and sat at my computer terminal..."

My friend promptly advised me that I am taking this quote out of context and contends that "most black people" feel uncomfortable in corporate America. Good grief... here we go again with the "most black people" spiel. So I had to ask my friend -- Are "most black people"pro-affirmative action as well? If so, why? Since "most black people" are uncomfortable in corporate America?" Well, that didn't go over well and he vowed never to send me email again because of my uber-annoying propensity of turning the most mundane and harmless things into "Anti-Obama propaganda". Unfettered and slightly insulted, I sent him the following graph and shared even more "Anti-Obama propaganda":

Only a mere 8% of Obama's cabinet appointments have private sector experience. Why, because Obama and his minions believe that the government is the answer to all societal woes. He believes that government should house, feed, provide health care and CONTROL society. However, I cannot think of a single problem that has been effectively solved by government -- without creating an even bigger problem in the process.

Bill Burch, chairman of GRIT (the Grass Roots Institute of Texas) wrote that "we need to understand the thinking of the new Marxist Democrats and how they differ from the past. First, as a basis for their thinking, they believe "from each according to his ability and to each according to his need (Karl Marx, 1875)." We also need to understand the difference between a Marxist Democrat and a liberal Democrat." He continues, "a liberal Democrat believes that the government is responsible for helping each individual achieve his goals and freedoms. The Marxist Democrat believes that the individual is responsible to society as a whole and to help government achieve its goals." Do you recall President Elect Obama advising that our "individual salvation depends on our collective salvation"? We are not dealing with your run of the mill liberal democrat anymore in fact at this point I'd welcome a liberal democrat. What we have on our hands now (thanks to the hopeful, the uniformed, and the just plain stupid) is a Marxist who despises America and seeks to "fundamentally transform it".


Jonathan said...

I appreciate Bill Burch's efforts, but...

... the liberal Democrat was nothing more than the undercover Marxist Democrat or the unwitting "useful Idiot" of the Marxist Democrat.

... and also, conservatives are not even close, not even on the horizon, not even as close as the edge of the solar system in dealing with this Marxist problem. There is no coherent analysis of the situation, no unity and no strategy for dealing with things in a logical manner, to undo decades of subversion and the dismantling of our institutions.

To sum up, I think all this is going to lead to some violence in the near future. It's already started in certain sectors. The Seattle police shootings and car bombings (over the past few months) illustrate this. As does Fort Hood and the subsequent threat received at Fort Benning.

When the welfare state collapses, most people will likely be caught unawares and unprepared. So... will the stupid people take the initiative and make this into something worse than it is?

ar said...

This is for us to keep talking to the neighbor, friend, people in stores, where ever you might be in your daily work or play.

Some of my friends are in turmoil right now over what has been happening TO all of us. We have all been lied to.

After the anger passes and you begin seeing straight again, you'll realize your neighbor is all you have.

Don't let your neighbor get lost. Or your co workers. The ground you have to stand on "will never end." (not my words, His.)

All the day long, drop the anger as instantly as it came. Spend no time in it. Instead, pursue love and kindness morning, noon, night and twice in between.

Anonymous said...

"...I'd welcome a liberal democrat"

amen, sister.. those people used to be honorable, decent folks who understood the greatness of America and wanted to simply enhance it by removing injustice.. nowadays liberal dems like JFK would be too conservative to be welcome in the REPUBLICAN party.. :-))

keep up the good work, you were GREAT on Beck!

Dave P
(FOKJ--friend of Kevin Jackson)

Smile said...

This is a great article, CBW, as are the two comments upstream. Spot on all around.

CBW, I appreciate that the title of this post speaks to this country being a Republic. Some people seem to not realize this fact. I wish people would look into this and find out the reasons. This country has democratic influences and a representative procedure but we have a Constitution based federal Republic.

Smile said...

@Anon 6:05

I suspect that the Democrat Party has always had an element of perversion in it. Not that it's exclusively found there but just that it was strongly in the root of it's beginnings. It is they who were so protective of their slave trade and who made the countries founding process so much more difficult.

Smile said...

Why so Marxist/Socialist?

Here is a good explanation: "The cultural Marxists have been teaching college students long enough to deceive two generations. The abuses of the liberal arts curriculum were set forth 20 years ago by Allan Bloom in The Closing of the American Mind and nearly 50 years ago by E. Merrill Root in Collectivism on the Campus."

When the 'inequality' of men not being able to carry a child and give birth is 'rectified' I'll begin to think the feminist agenda has some merit, along with evolution.

Smile said...

Why the anti private sector movement...

It's collectivism v individualism.
Here's a good comparison of the two:

Robert said...


Every poll has Obama's approval rating going through the roof! It is 100% or more! The people cannot be wrong!

Don't you know that the Stimulus was so much of a success that Democrats are begging for more in a "jobs bill"? Jobs have been coming out the yin-yang. Jobs are being handed out right and left, If it was not for the stimulus, unemployment would have been 10,547 percent. But it was only a measley 10.2% in October which PROVES it was a SUCCESS!

And Obama came through on his campaign promise to get all the troops out of Iraq and close Gitmo. And there is a nasty rumor that we still have troops in Afghanistan. Don't you know that Obama ended that a long time ago? Obama is the peace president. That is why he won that peace prize! He was stopping wars all around the world, right and left, and even lowering gas prices! I bet if that war was still going on and Bush or McCain were president, they would be stupid enough to send around 30,000 troops there. What morons!

By the way, you see how Obama gets respect all over the world. The king of Saudi Arabia and the emperor of Japan bow to him!

All the members of the Congressional Black Caucus who Obama chose to work for him in his administration still back him 100%!
One of the first things Obama did after he took office was to choose dozens of CBC members and not a bunch of tax dodgers to work for him.

You will NEVER hear Congressman John Conyers saying "I'm tired of saving Obama's can" or calling him "naive."

Obama is a great success. He even stole an election from his mentor State Senator Alice Palmer 1996 with the greatest of integrity and honesty! He was so intelligent that he knew that he knew he was smarter than the voters in that state senatorial district in Illinois. He was smart enough to know that the voters knew Senator Palmer and did not know who he was. Therefore he wisely chose himself to be the victor in the primary and did not leave that choice to the voters. Who cares about that archaic concept called "the democratic process"? That primary showed what kind of a man we, in all 57 states with 2 left to go, would expect in the White House!

Attorneymom said...

After a year of not blogging, this is all you can come up with?? Blank stare.

Anonymous said...

"..I'd welcome a liberal democrat." I would too.It is discouraging.I've talk to friends and strangers who agree America is in a bad place because of "leftist" policies both old and new,but when I try to talk to Obowmao fans about even some of the most obvious destruction taking place they get very angry and it's bach to the old "it's Bush's fault".I now believe there is just no talking sense to these cult followers and it's actually kind of scary.I feel powerless to stop the stupid and ignorant from ruining this great country.

Anonymous said...

"I now believe there is just no talking sense to these cult followers and it's actually kind of scary.I feel powerless to stop the stupid and ignorant from ruining this great country."

No amount of talking will help. Only the shock of economic and societal collapse will alert them that something is wrong. A good portion of those who see the chaos unfold will go on to blame Bush,conservatives, and Christians. They will continue to hate God.

RP Free Speech said...

I am a white woman, and am very proud to read your blog. You are a black woman of great conviction...who can say more about that?

But 'they' will keep trying, to make all of us criminals, won 't they?

Anonymous said...

Hi CBW....I was just kind of thinking about this subject the other day and I really am not sure where I stand with regards to is Obama willingly hoping to hurt or even destroy America???

I can't know the Man's heart....I honestly think that even the far left liberals of which he is part of actually do mean well.....of course his program is bad...we all know that...socialism is bad for any nation....

But can we say conclusively that he is hoping to ruin America or that he actually thinks his programs will help?

Only the Lord knows these things for sure....


Devon in Canada.

Smile said...

Surely we can't assume they're stupid. This might cause us to wonder what they're actually thinking/planning/intending. If they know that collectivism doesn't work and leads to shortages one wonders why they keep introducing and pushing it. I don't know but it's been said (by those on the inside of this type of regime) that the main purpose is control and their own protection. They control the masses and protect their own wealth. So far, this has always failed.

Will there eventually be a perfect control of the masses? If so, what would it look like or actually be?

A government limited to specific powers of protecting rights was an exception to the rule. In 1776, America’s Founders adopted this approach. Declaring their independence from the British monarchy, they formed the world’s most successful government based on the principles of a constitutional republic.

BLACK INK said...

Ronald Reagan once said in so many words that: A liberal is someone who reads the writings of Karl Marx while a conservative is someone who understands the philosophy of Karl Marx.

Jonathan said...


What the Marxists intend to do is to do what Ayn Rand warned of 50 years ago.

They plan to de-industrialize the West and bring back in a limited way the pre-industrial age. The ruling elites will still have planes and cars and electricity. You and I will live in grass huts and dig potatoes for a living with limited access to modernity. About half the human population will have to die during the transition to this new reality, as will happen anyway in the coming final conflict between the proletariat and capital.

Why is that a given in the Marxist universe? Because we're killing the Earth with overpopulation and we don't have the resources. There wouldn't be that many people anyway, but capitalism has short circuited natural population controls like disease, disaster and misfortune.

Welcome to New Marxism. The nightmare is coming.

Check out this link from Horowitz's blogsite. It explains everything:

ar said...

The New World Order. The current administration is not interested in fixing any part of the america we hold dear to us. The sooner you get over it, the quicker some sense of it returns. Get as angry as you need and then re-direct it toward Good.

America has to go. Her econcomy is against the wishes of depotism. Shut off the tv and read.

Agenda 21
Sustainable developement
Global Warming
Re-introduction of wolves to eliminate game/hunting/arms.

Next on the list is your ass belongs to the EU after COPENHAGEN.

Once those treaties, that you have never seen nor have voted on,like the ones mentioned above, have been signed, THE CONSTITUTION GOES AWAY. No more Republic, comrad. In short order, you will be looking for an America to defect to.

The slow take-over has been coming for some time, now. Remember the old days of trusting your representatives? We know better than to do that again.

Doesn't the President of the United States look just like the last presidentlier and the one before him and so on? Come on, admit it.

Republican/Democrat is fodder for your demise. The President we vote into office is picked by someone beforehand so it does not matter which one "we" vote in, they both are ruinous.

Ruination via oppression belongs solely to ROME and her minions behind closed doors - She has two faces, yes. One for show and the other for blow. She owns the war machine - the industrial complexes that build weapons systems; hers.

Federal Reserve, non american entity operating in america for WHO's best interest in mind? They are foreigners with all roads leading to rome thru the CFR, Counsel on Foreign Relations.

There are no Americans in the current administration - haven't been for some time. So any hope of republican or democrat is turned to dung, otherwise, my so called representative would be screaming at the top of his lungs for the madness in washington to stop. But that doesn't happen because they all agree on a One World Government via fraud and deception. They are Criminals in the worse sense. Crimes against humanity are crimes that affect everyone, every where.

What used to be the saving grace of many a poor boy, is now the poor boy thanks to the love of Money.

The reason for the Health Scare push is Money. They know how much money you people have and they want the rest of it - all of it as a matter of fact.

As soon as goobermint takes over your health, the prices will go up and up and up and Have you ever experienced a sudden drop in the price of anything?

And who addresses the fact it is Unconstitutional?

The Silence is beyond belief. No one says anything about anything in washington about it. See who is Not working for you but against you?

My representative will not have a job next time if he doen't do what i told him. I was frank and honest.

Jonathan said...

ar is absolutely right.

But it doesn't matter if he votes his representative out of office. It doesn't matter any more.

It doesn't matter who runs Congress. It doesn't matter if we oust Obama.

If it hasn't dawned on us YET that the politicians aren't acting logically anymore, than it never will. Logically? I mean, they don't care what the voters think, when they USED TO. Why is that? It's because, the incentives have changed. They DON'T care about getting reelected.

30 years ago, this was all Illuminati conspiracy theory. People who talked about it were considered nut cases. Now the nightmare is coming true.

Folks, the central bankers run the world, and the politicians work for them. It's that simple. Once they control the world, and the world PRESS and INTERNET, there will be no oasis left to flee too. They will be able to do anything they want to do.

MrsGrapevine said...


You wouldn't know a real Marxism even if you elected him in 2000 and re-elected him in 2004.

Just because they wear a conservative badge doesn't make them a conservative. Look at their policy.

Keep your eye on the liberals, and you will miss the true threats to America. People are too caught up in labels and not actions.

By your very beliefs, that would make Bush a communist, too. Tell me you saw that coming...

ar said...

Yup, COMMIE. Say it again. COMMIE.

MrsGrapevine said...


You are the main one that has said time and time again that both parties lie, and don't get caught up in labels. So for you to go there with me is nothing less than humorous.

What's the point of getting Obama out of the office, if you're just going to elect another Bush?

Who would you have in office, then? If you say Palin, then boy I can't wait to tell you I told you so.

Cynical Negro said...

Yes, you may have took the line out of context sis...

The company that Obama worked for -Business International Corporation- was a multinational that was continuously being accused of being one of many CIA front companies. The company was later bought by the Economist Group in London and its operations were merged with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). There have been a number of reports that the EIU works as closely with Britain's MI-6 intelligence service as BIC once worked with or for the CIA.

There were rumors that Obama WAS a spook (spy) during his short time there, but it has not been substantiated. All that is known is that Obama use to take trips to Pakistan at a time when the State Department was discouraging US citizens from traveling there. He was hosted by the family of Muhammadmian Soomro, a Pakistani Sindhi who became acting President of Pakistan after the resignation of General Pervez Musharraf in 2008. He also took trips to India.

At the very least, Obama helped in providing economic intelligence to the CIA as a contract employee. At most, Obama was, like previous BIC employees who operated abroad for the CIA, a full-fledged non-official cover (NOC) agent.

Ann Dunham, Obama's mother, visited at least 13 countries, and had worked for companies that required travel to Pakistan. Her employers appear to have included the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Ford Foundation, Women's World Bank, and the Asian Development Bank. Note that USAID and the Ford Foundation have (allegedly) been used as covers for CIA agents. Like mother, like son...

Ann worked for at least two organizations notorious for providing CIA cover. Barack went straight from college to an organization known to provide CIA cover and supposedly, his mother was a leftist. Yet she married Lolo Soetoro who just so happens to be a key intermediary between the American’s and Indonesian strongman Suharto, who coincidentally was, installed by the CIA in an extremely bloody coup. (Obama admits this in his book, although he's very secretive about his time in college and early employment.).

Conservative Black Woman said...

Cynical Negro~I don't believe that I've taken Pres. Obama's words out of context -- I believe he abhors private industry. In fact, if it is indeed true that he Business Int'l is a CIA front company, and that he was a "plant", then my supposition that he is the President "select", a carefully placed empty suit and a puppet seems more and more plausible.

After a bit of hasty research, I've found (in no small part to you-- thanks) that Ann Durham worked for the Ford Foundation while in Indonesia and guess who her boss was? Peter Geitner -- Timothy Geitner's dad. Wow! No wonder a tax cheat heads our treasury!!!!

There are no coincidences here. Barack Obama is certainly controlled by some very serious interests above the Wall Street level (Brzezinski, Rockefeller, Kissinger, Soros, etc.)

Indeed it is becoming increasingly more difficult to deny crazy conspiracy theories. Alex Jones is getting more and more of my attention these days.

Robert said...

It's the white man's fault.

(Say that when all else fails.)

ar said...

Thru the grapevine, i figured out neither party, neither party has represented my values; and for quite some time.

A dog would return to his vomit so i've been there and i know what i detest; crooks, liers and thieves.

Palin could retire now, and never utter another word. What a lovely picture was painted when she came on the scene, good grief. To be honest with you grape, i've never listened to anything she has said or written; only the responses.

Palin did her job as far as i am concerned. She pretty said Kiss My Ass; People first.

Retain state sovereignty and the third party will emerge.

Maybe it's a Founding Party or whatever. I only know there is no difference in the two party hoax. i have had enough and will not return to it(bark,bark!).

oh, and sorry if you think i'm name calling. i'm not. i'm trying to tell the truth. If some one lies to me, they are a lier. Seventy times seventy i am to forgive them; and here we are.

Republican or Democrat? (vomit)

ziggy said...

Well since we all know what's coming. How is everyone planning to ride this out?

Conservative Black Woman said...

That's an excellent question Ziggy...

This is the best I can come up with at the moment:

My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus’ blood and righteous;
No merit of my own I claim
But wholly lean on Jesus’ name.
On Christ, the solid rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand.

When darkness veils his lovely face,
I ret on his unchanging grace;
In every high and story gale
My anchor holds within the veil.
On Christ, the solid rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand.

His oath, his covenant, his blood
Sustain me in the raging flood;
When all supports are washed away,
He then is all my hope and stay.
On Christ, the solid rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand.

When he shall come with trumpet sound,
Oh, may I then in him be found,
Clothed in his righteousness alone,
Redeemed to stand before the throne!
On Christ, the solid rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand.

ar said...

Keeping solid footing is easier with these words:

"By me kings reign, and princes decree justice.

By me princes rule, and nobles, even all the judges of the earth." proverbs 8:15, 16

ziggy said...

CBW and ar: I like the fact that you guys turned to the Lord and his word. Good that we recognize who we should keep our eyes on. Buying gold, heading to the hills,and storing food all sound good, but we're honestly in God's hands and only he alone can keep us and our loved ones. I'm resting in that.

One of the scriptures that I hold onto:
"Behold, the eye of the Lord is on thoe who fear him, On those who hope in his mercy, to deliver their soul from death, and to KEEP THEM ALIVE IN FAMINE." Psalm 33 18-19

ar said...

Jonathan, thanks for the site link to frontpage, 'preciate it.

I've spent time at Unhived Mind for the history lessons in how we got here and by what influences.

Future plans have been none; wrapped in the daily drudge of orchestrated agendas. So, as the proverbial rope gets tighter and tighter, there is a plan been set forth ages ago to remove the reformers. In her own words; "they will convert..., or die."

I think that sounds a lot like Islam; which, in fact, Rome invented to get Jerusalem and as you see, it didn't work and Rome is still pissed.

The oppression is hers; thru and thru. It started with her and will end with her.

I want my neighbor and friends to know who and why, so they will understand and not be afraid.

For honest men, the republic flourished and grew, not gov't.

Jonathan said...

You're welcome ar. That article is the crux of the matter.

I haven't mentioned it before, but your spiritual sentiments are beautiful. Especially the one you made after my initial post on this thread.

This whole evolving nightmare will in fact serve to make the people of God realize what is important again. Once the McDonald's hamburgers and the diamond rings and the SUVs turn to dust, we'll still have God and we'll still have each other.

My favortie Bible verse is the Book of Ecclisiastes. The whole book. Solomon basically tells us the whole secret of life here. The world is full of distractions that lead away from God. The only thing we can do is realize it ourselves and then help others realize it too.

The sun is ALWAYS on the horizon. Don't let the buildings and the mountains make you forget that fact.

Cynical Negro said...

Lol... Yeah, I watch a lot of Alex Jones stuff too but did you see Zeitgeist ? That's another movement that's just as big as Alex Jones but it comes from a more liberal humanist position. Alex Jones and the the producer of Zeitgeist got into a little spat after Zeitgeist 2 because Alex is conservative and he didn't like the part about religion but to me both of those guys make sense. If you have the time, check it out:

Zeitgeist 1


Zeitgeist 2


Alex Jones review of Zeitgeist 2

Alex talks with Peter Joseph, producer of the documentary Zeitgeist.


Samuel Gonzalez said...

The only thing Barack knows how to do with his bacground in commuinity organizing is to "shake down" white corperate America into redistributing wealth ffom the so-called Haves to the Have nots.

None of this experience is useful as POTUS which is what we're seeing mow. He's a joke that's nothing more than a media creation.

That's it!

ar said...

That's wild, my friend; you like ecclesiastes. My thots of late have come from the instructions in those passages.

chpt 5:18-20 (giggle)

Jonathan said...

Ar, I'm glad you appreciate that book. It's one of the rarely mentioned gems.

King Solomon lived a full life. He did it all, sampled the full buffet. He sought riches, power, fame, wisdom, women and all the other vanities. But in the end, he realized all these things were "chasing after the wind." He realized that the most important thing one can do is to seek after God and serve him.

The next most important thing is to tell others how they too can escape the same traps and find what is real. That's what gives life meaning; when we share by word and example how to escape the futilities of this present temporary life.

ar said...

There was even a quote from Jimi Hendrix, Cynical negro. I had not seen Zeitgeist before. oh my.

i had been curious about the age of aquarius and where that places us but i didn't know what age we are supposedly coming out of. very cool.

a couple weeks back, i found the Pleiadians(sp?)and listening to all that information, i thot i was being hypnotised.

the rest of the long one was very good. i'm no history buff but the information i've been reading says, right on.

Our current system seems very distraught for sure but not so bad to give up on it. Right now, the money mongers are covering every inch of their fat hind-ends.

Big Pharma is found out! (Health care starts at the table)
Green agenda is out in the open.

Our best efforts should be toward the media; to get them to fess up and fly right. it has been their sole duty to keep the doors of freepress open and they closed it on us.

It's time.

Attorneymom said...

Attorneymom goes NWA

Attorneymom said...

To all the Racist and House Negroes:

Gunfighter said...

The problem here is that a great many of your positions are biased from the beginning, making it impossible to arive at fully rational conclusions.

It is hard to take people seriously in their disagreements when they start at flinging around words like "Marxist".

Good red meat for your fellow-travelers, though.


Jonathan said...

Gunfighter, the word Marxist isn't flung around nearly enough. We're looking to change that. The term is "cultural Marxism."

I'm looking forward to the day when the House Subcommittee on UnAmerican Activities is resurrected and the sedition and subversion laws are once again enforced by a federal government that now doesn't want to do it's job, but wants to do everything else.

Red meat? How about background investigations for all teachers and professors? Since they want to be government employees so badly, I think they should have to their subversive activities considered before being allowed near my children. Pedophiles are bad enough, but Marxists are worse.

ar said...

Could you elaborate some, Attorneymom?

Attorneymom said...

Every Christian and truth seeker must read:

Attorneymom said...

Ar, view the links below:

Anonymous said...

attorneymom, I assume that you are a personal friend of cbw so why do you always highjack treads on her blog with links to your youtube page? It's rude and I don't know why cbw allows it. I could see if your links were ever related to the topic but they never are. Do you even bother to read her posts?

You are obviously hurt about what happened on your job, and I am really sorry. but it is rude of you to disrespect your "friend". Do you want the whole internet to feel your pain and hate the establishment because you were wronged? Grow up and take your hits like a the "survivor" you claim to be. You have been bitching about your plight for weeks now. cbw is a better woman than I am because I would not allow it. After all you have a blog of your need to keep your stuff there where YOUR readers are.

Sorry cbw I had to say it. It's just disrespectful.

traceyb from Dallas

ps I am not fighting with you attorneymom so just save it. make a video our something and post it on your OWN blog.

ar said...

Another nut in Alaska thinks like i do... A lawful way to rid the unlawful.

ar said...

As soon as Obama uses up 30,000 more troops in Afghanistan, we'll be getting out of the war over there - unless we need more troops.

When we need more troops, he'll send them too. whatever it takes, right, george,I mean, barry?

I get the two names so confused - so much so; i googled Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline.

A good friend of mine just emailed me and said I was right about obama. He is writing his reps. and telling them his support of their policies ended more and more each time he was lied to. He has had enough of the same look-a-like partys. They don't support anything american, let alone his own particular views. And i wasn't right about O. I thot we might have something with this new man in office-Nope another manufactered bott two-party look alike. yuk

The reason i commented was to show you what I found from the Brits. A national party, BNP.

Clever chaps, eh? These folks are thinking ahead to get off oil and live and manufacture for themselves, locally. They have been thinking about people getting along When the Oil running Dry Scare comes along - just as soon as we are not done hiding a cold earth. Relentless, ain't it?

The more I read from the site, the more intrigued i got. These folks can see their way clear to solve the oil "crisis". Don't use any.

There are also many alternative energy suplies.

Look up SERL Generators. They run on nothing. All that is required is the initial spin. On the same principle, auto power, no gasoline or oil.

Jonathan said...

There are parties like the BNP all over Europe, CBW.

Guess what these people, who represent the majority in many cases, get called in their countries by the big leftist-politico-corporate machine? You guessed it...

Nazis, fascists, racists, homophobes, Islamophobes, haters, primitives, neanderthals, fundys... etc.

The template is always the same everywhere. The leftists support the wholesale dismantling of nations in favor of globalism. Anyone who opposes them is called names and castigated constantly. The leftists control all the organs of culture and government. America is probably the LEAST subverted, and that's a scary thought. There is no free press in many European countries, and human rights are often actively abused.

Native citizens are bled dry and lied to, while invaders from other lands are coddled and pampered on the public dole. And every idea that is hostile to normative morality and tradition is elevated and given victim rights.

It is nothing less than a war on freedom and private property rights.

ar said...

Global Governance in EU announced for all to hear.

Robert said...

Is Farrakhan turning on Obama?

Roland S. Martin: The era of ‘blame Bush’ is over for Obama

Farrakhan and Martin must be Uncle Tom sellouts to be critical of Obama.

JMK said...

Generally, I like the BNP, but their position on "Peak Oil" is almost exactly the same as the liberal position here.

The fact is that technology has improved so much that oil reserves that were formerly unattainable are profitable so long as oil remains above $75/barrel.

Canada has more oil in oil sands than Saudi Arabia has....the USA has huge reserves of BOTH shale oil and oil sands that are becoming easier to extract and refine every day.

And new reserves ARE still being fouund, like the "ocean of oil" under the Bakken Ridge that runs through the Dakotas, northern Wyoming and Eastern Montana.

Should alternative forms of energy be researched?

Sure, but typically, when governments get an idea, they usually get it wrong.

Here in America, the government subsidized corn-based alcohol, running up the price of a vital food source!

Our corn-based alcohol subsidies have even impacted Mexico, where farmers find that growing yellow corn (used for corn-based ethanol) is far more profitable than growing white corn, used for some of Mexico's primary food stuffs, raising the price of one of the cheapest foodstuffs in that country.

Hard to figure when you can make ethanol out of a weed (saw grass) just as easy and just as effectively.

The one thing that can't be done with ethanol yet is to make it as efficient an energy source as gasoline, or to limit the expensive alterations to engines necessary to use the much hotter burning alcohol-based fuel.

Erica said...

FYI. Your site has been mentioned in an article on Jefferson's Rebels.

Black Conservative Voices Courageously Step Away from the Crowd

jubilee49 said...

I believe that people MAY be able to change what Obamas doing IF WE get some CONSERVATIVE REPULICANS in2010 its possible

ar said...

Should there be another election, I couldn't imagine it being an honest one; not now.

There is nothing in the constitution that allows any of this business to be happening so who is fighting for you? A voice here and there, to make it sound good? And nothing changes.

Although, I will vote for the No-party, where ever It is.

Cbw, or anyone; has anyone realized yet, that in Revelation when the Lord asks his people to "come out of her", he was talking about our roman Sun day go-to-meeting church - on the wrong day.?

The week was devided in two parts. Six days of work and the seventh day. God blessed and SANCTIFIED it. The only day sanctified and blessed, the sabbath; and we have missed it all these years. Rome ("the whore") has caused us to be her harlots and we have slept thru it.

The Abomination that makes desolate.

God set the new moon to mark the new year as vernal equinox (March-April) which leads to the latter rain for the new growth of crops. Roman gregorian calender gives us April Fools.

We all know it is rome. Do we realize in order that God be with His people, His people need be where He is during sabbath, saturday ..."that I may be with my people".

My first sabbath was Dec. 19th. I did no work and rested and thot of what i just learned about being desolate no longer. God's sabbath is for a sign between Him and his people, a perpetual(everlasting) covenant. At sabbath, the land also rests.

Advents are watching us and saying we almost get it. we just need switch days and find God, creator of Sabbath, the seventh day.

The more I realize of these truths, the more I repent for my ignorance and laziness. God was right, of course. Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word of God. Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.

Blame rome? Yes, it is all her; but forget her; we know her outcome.

Meet God where He is.

ar said...

Cbw, sorry i didn't send this with my comment, thank you.

ziggy said...

CBW, ar, and everyone who usually posts, have a Merry, and praiseful Christmas. Thank God for Jesus.


ar said...

thanks ziggy, hugs.

Tahir said...

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Cynical Negro said...


Inside job ?

Kurt Haskell Flight 253 Survivor interview [Fox News]

Alex Jones Interviews Kurt Haskell, Flight 253 Survivor - Part 1 :

Alex Jones Interviews Kurt Haskell, Flight 253 Survivor - Part 2 :

Alex Jones Interviews Kurt Haskell, Flight 253 Survivor - Part 3 :

ziggy said...

Regarding "": Isn't it possible that the person tape- recording the entire flight expected to land and live. Maybe this attempt was done as a training video for future bombers.

Everyone should check out:

African American muslims training their young women in combat. This is outrageous! It is a video put out by

RNV said...

Thanks for your blog you make some very lucid and well thought out observations in your blog. I am glad that I found it. I just wish more people had a understanding of what is happening right now in out country. Socialism never creates anything and ultimately will wreck any nation that adopts it. Keep up the good work :)

scrabby said...

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