Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What is a Communist?

"A communist is someone who reads Marx & Lenin. An anti-communist is someone who understands them." - Ronald Reagan

Short and sweet.


AZGriz said...

There are some things in this world that either are EVIL or attract EVIL....Communism/Socialism are at the top of the list. 100 million dead last century shows why.

Conscious Observer said...

I think, anyway…(with no guarantee) that Communism is both a people and the ideals “of”, that are imposed…

And... it’s those who except it or are forced to be subject of it because they know they have nowhere else to turn…and live.

Conscious Observer said...

I think the key word is "Impose". Do you (anybody) want to "impose" on some one else? Umm...I doubt it.

We, (or at least I), grew up thinking of commune...like the hippies, and their "commune"...all about love and community. But Communism and Communist, mean something entirely different.

If it's about "love" that's a good thing. If it's about power, anger, controling, or manipulating, well....

What is it to you, CBW?

Conservative Black Woman said...

CO~I think communism is essentially a religion for the "godless". That is why most Leftist are attracted to it.

The basic concept of Communism is that the idea of God is irrelevant and only to be "tolerated" as an accommodation to those of "low mentality". That explains the contempt that the Left has for Christians or right-wing nuts as we are routinely described. It explains the elitist mentality of our Communist-in-Chief, who had the unmitigated gall to say that America is not a Christian nation. Communism and communist deny the existence of any form of deity, believing that only matter in motion is eternal and the only divinity is a directive force inherent in matter which is why they worship the Earth. These Leftist worship the "created things" rather than the Creator.

Yes, I maintain that communism is the religion of the Godless and it even has it's own plan of salvation which is Utopia. The Communist vainly believes that he'll transform the heart of man by providing for all of man's material needs for him. Think back to October 31, 2008 when then President Elect Barack Obama proclaimed before an enthusiastic (congregation) crowd "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming America". Which read to the sychophantic drones as "our help" "our saviour" has come.

Communist even have a doctrine of conversion...indoctrinate the youth. In fact our colleges and universities are veritable alters of conversion. I can tell you that for me that was the case as an undergraduate. I was Godless and wanted and in point of fact sought out righteousness, goodness and justice as long as no diety was involved. Communism was perfect.

Communists also have a standard of consecration, and self-discipline. It was Lenin who said, "Few and better." and "We won't accept into membership anybody with any reservations whatsoever. We won't accept into our membership anyone unless he is an active, disciplined, working member in one of our organizations." Now remember Michelle Obama saying "Barack will require you to work". Have you noticed how the state run media has begun to call Americans employees workers?

It's a shame that drones are so busy protecting and defending the "first black president" that they are complete oblivious to the forces at play in our nation.

(Whew, this fired my cyliners. I may just post this)

ar said...

A communist tricks you, lies to you, steers you in wrong directions, pulls you down, talks about you behind your back, thinks he's better than you, tells you one thing to your face and does the other thing, on purpose.

Even when and especially when you don't think communism is prevelant, it is and it is crawling up your backside ever so slowly. Look around friend.

A communist shot Lincoln.
A communist shot Kennedy.
A communist shot your neighbor.
A communist is trying to shut YOU up right now while you piss and moan about it if you can, for the politically correctedness of COMMIES. Sheria Law is next unless we start tossing the bastards out.

btw, i thot i should mention how much i hate communist bastards. i get somewhat heated. I tend to do that when my brothers and sisters are murdered by these BASTARDS.

Since our inception, these mfs have been at our constitution; THEY HATE IT. It is free thought and inspired (Didn't you say you knew God?) by Him. You are free thought and inspired by Him and they hate you for it. Smile, Jesus loves your rebel attitude towards these bastards. That's not name-calling, by the way; it's truth.

Lower than a snake in a wagon-wheel rut.

Conservative Black Woman said...

AR~You broke it down to the bone gristle my Friend...lol. I'd say you have given an indisputable and undeniable definition of what a communist is.

ar said...

May I go on? I would like to post about 45 million posts to communism in america. The road to Hell goes right thru the front doors of the VATICAN.

Communism is Isalm (invented by Rome to get Jerusalem)
Communism is EnviroMentaLism
Communism is Gorebal Warming
Communism is health (s)care.
Communism is FDA
Communism is ESA
Communism is ABCNBCCBS et al.
Communism is taxing your ass into the ground

Concerning the ..."reformers will convert; or die."

Rome is going to kill you. They said it, i didn't. Rome is killing us every step of the way. Every world war; every despotic move on planet earth was formed and articulated by her - the great whore and we are half asleep at the wheel; about to doze off and run into the ditch unless we get a handle on who and what and why.

Communism is despotic
Jesus is life everlasting.

David talks of communists; the first one he encountered was going to kill him, so David took him out with a rock..., bad giant.

I was in the seventh grade when "they" took John Kennedy away with a bullet to the head. He loved Jesus and rome hated him for it. If you Love Jesus, you'll be hated too, like today in the world of the blind, you are the one with eyes to see and lips to Praise.

Something that's been on my mind for a while concerning prayer. Muslims pray three times a day, do they not? Are they outpraying us?

If they are, i think we should step it up a few notches and keep Him on our lips and in our minds ALL DAY LONG.

ziggy said...

"If they are, i think we should step it up a few notches and keep Him on our lips and in our minds ALL DAY LONG."

Yes indeed.

Smile said...

Reagan. Truth.

ar said...

What Good boys and girls should know about Communism rule:

For being a model citizen and obeying these laws, even though there Romanism, for working hard and paying my way through this life myself, never taking handouts, just moving forward, being productive, never needing doctors or their poisons, eating extremely healthy foods and drinking clean waters, I deserve to go to prison for that according to the Marxists, because others decided they did not care about themselves as much as I cared for myself..

The single party behind this chaos has convinced me life is not worth living in this Communal ideology of theirs.. Of course that’s what they wanted all along… Independent free thinkers dead !!!


(above quote is taken from the comments)

Smile said...

Reagan has so many great quotes.

ar said...

Communism needs more exposure. If you are one, you won't get it...

This is evidence of why no one can think for themselves:


And this is proof:


All of us have been messed with; the end result of the oppressors is that we not know it. But we do and it is time for them to go; all of them.

ar said...

In case you are not paying attention, America is foreclosure and you are lost in what color you are.



Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of 'Anthropogenic Global Warming'?


If you vote for health care, you're a communist, socialist and you have been lied to - all of have been lied to.

Anonymous said...

Communism vs Capitalism

Capitalism is defined in the Fifth Amendment. Your life, liberty, property can be taken only through Due Process--charged with a crime and convicted in a fair court. One exception is made for property when there's public use and just compensation.

Communism eliminates these limits on the government. Govt can take and redistribute anything for whatever reason a committee deems to be the good of the majority. First they take your property. Then they enslave you. Then they kill you. This is how history works when any group has unlimited power.