Friday, July 24, 2009

The Self Described Blackest Man On The Internet Calls Out "Skip" Gates On His High Profile "Bitch-Assness" (my words not his)

Blogger under the alias Denmark Vesey who describes himself as "the blackest man on the internet" says the following regarding Professor Gates:

"If you call yourself "Skip",
If you marry a woman who looks like Edith Bunker,
If your claim to fame is to have been allowed to work at Harvard,
If you are known as a preeminent black scholar and writer but no black people can quote you,
If you identify yourself as "Half-white",
If you identify your children as "Half-white",
If you are proud of the fact you live in a "white" neighborhood,
If when you move into a new house you report to the local precinct to introduce yourself to the police ...The first time a police officer upsets you - You Cannot Yell "It's Because I'm A Black Man In America!"

No. It is because you are a Plantation Negro in a white neighborhood."

Dang....I couldn't have said it better myself. He goes on to say in comments and this is just beautiful....

"Gates is making a bitch move by implying his actions had nothing to do with what happened and that it was strictly a function of his skin color.Ya'll Plantation Negros still think "blackness" is a game of mindless group identity victim politics.When bad shit happens "Itz Cuz Iz Bwak!"


JudyBright said...

I've heard the police report read twice now and I think that's as telling as anything.

"No. It is because you are a Plantation Negro in a white neighborhood."

What does this mean?

-suitepotato- said...

The report clearly shows that Gates told them the front door could not be secured due to a previous break-in. Gates is not exactly poor and unable to afford the repair nor stupid and naive and unlikely to consider getting it repaired. That being the case, why was he leaving the door unrepaired and settling for maybe just jamming it? It sounds to me that was what he was doing.

The transcript sounds as if he was overtired and overwrought to start with and the cop's appearance was the excuse to go off. Combined with leaving the door broken and merely settling for that makes me suspect he needs some time off and counseling. Something is eating Gates and if it isn't taken care of, it's not going to get better.

Conservative Black Woman said...

JudyBright~A "plantation negro" is aside from being an ugly term a term which describes a black person who subscribes to mindless identity politics of victimhood...CONSTANTLY. A "plantation negro" is more concerned with his "community" than his family. A "plantation negro" feels entitled because the "plantation" owes him. The "plantation negro" likes being on the plantation and a part of the community because it's easier to point a finger and rest in victimhood than it is to take responsiblity to effect positive changes in your life. "Plantation negroes are so excited about Barack Obama because they feel they can get more booty from the "plantation" (government)since the "overseer" is a black(ish) man. Basically, the "plantation negro" feels utterly scorned by this country because they are still enslaved mentally.

JudyBright said...

Thank you CBW :)

I think you may be right suitepotato. I think he'd just got off a flight from China. That certainly doesn't excuse his behavior but may explain it at least a little bit.

Seane-Anna said...

Hello CW! I'm also a conservative Black woman in the blogosphere and it's nice to find one more of my kind. I've added you to my blogroll. And I love your explanation of a "plantation negro". Spot on!

Linda said...

Well, Mr. Gates must have done something wrong. We haven't heard from Jackson or Sharpton yet!

Thanks CBW, I was wondering what a Plantation Negro was too. After all, I wouldn't know because of my aforementioned characteristics! LOL!

Attorneymom said...

Conservative, Mr. Gates thought he was a house negro but he was treated like a field negro.

I am warning racists (not all White people are racists) that there are more "Malcolm X" type Negroes than "Martin Luther King" type Negroes roaming the planet today. Translation, we will whip that azz without hitting you. Selah.

Right now I cannot talk about racism because it is too raw right now. Once things have settled, I am going to blast some people on youtube and Character Corner.

Attorneymom said...

By the way, remember youza Negro too. Selah.

Conservative Black Woman said...

AttorneyMom~I am very definitely a Black Woman ok I'll even oblige Negress...however I am free. I'm neither in the allegorical "house" or "field". Therefore, if a police officer comes to my door to investigate a suspected burgular then I will be grateful that the cops showed up to protect my property. If after I show my ID the officer asks me to step on the porch, while I'm sure I will be angry I would cooperate with the officer because he is doing his job (perhaps he wasn't satisfied that I'm not being held hostage or something) either way before I'd cry racism I'd chock it up to the officer being an Azz-hole.

See a free Negress like myself doesn't feel inferior to white folks so I don't need to make assumptions about their perceptions of me. It doesn't matter to me what their personal feelings are because I'm complete, whole and loved with or without their acceptance.

I'm not saying that racism doesn't exist. It does and it's ugly. But I have too much to do and accomplish to allow racism to distract me for my purpose. I know this situation is raw for you in lieu of what you are dealing with personally--but you are handling your business as you should nor are you letting it distract you (at least not too much) from your purpose -- you've got a legacy to build for your 3 babies.

While Skip Gates high profile hissy fit may bring him funding for his upcoming documentary it will do nothing for race relations except make them worst. See, the next time Pookie is pulled over legitimately or because of racial profiling he may feel indignate too and start screaming racism except Pookie will not end up on CNN but in a morgue somewhere with the bullet in his head. This is my fear.

ar said...

Liberty and freedom is finding it's voice.

Tyranny is the absense of liberty.
In the mind first, and then your actions.

Understood, tyranny will let you know you are a conservative.

Otherwise, oppression exists.

Mark Levin wrote Liberty and Tyranny, a conservative manifesto.

Short, concise and brilliant. Let freedom ring!

Unknown said...

LOL to this post! I'm so over Skip Gates-gate. I mean, really? You're gonna yell and act out at the coppers? It appears that he brought the drama on himself. Anyway, I've been lurking on your blog (and podcasts!) for a while now and while I don't necessarily agree w/ everything said/posted, I do very much appreciate reading and learning from your point of view. It's definitely been enlightening in many ways, to say the least. Anyhow, keep up the good work! :)

Beyond-The-Spectrum said...

What I find annoying with this entire incident is how no one--conservatives, liberals, or moderates--has not mentioned that this is more about perceptions that influence race, class, profession, etc. While its true, that police generally deal with a statistically disproportionate level of criminals of color, its not as if black animus toward the police is not founded (with regards to Abner Louima, Oscar Grant, Rodney King, and Amadou Diallo and many other with lesser profiles).

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]A "plantation negro" is more concerned with his "community" than his family.[/quote]


Where as I "feel ya" on YOUR definition of "Plantation Negro" if you look at how my friend DV actually uses the term - ANYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH HIM has a very good chance of becoming a "PN".


Smile said...

It's disappointing whenever there's a continued encouragement to have group think. It's most disappointing that the President chose only to correct/condemn the police rather then all concerned. This was encouraging group think: Never correct black people, black people shouldn't be encouraged to correct themselves, black folk are always the victim. I'll take the liberty to "boil" some things down: When the President decided to say "stupid' he was reminding Americans/the world that black people are exempt from being considered as individuals (who can self modulate) and are just part of a group (which has 'pack' mentality) called Victims.

Perhaps the President needed a teleprompter giving him an appropriate response. He could have pointed out that there are transcripts, video, and witnesses, it is being investigated, and he's confident it will all come out in short order as he wasn't a 'fly' on the wall.

Because the President decided to use his bully pulpit to point out stupidity, he failed because he only addressed one side. Therefore, he showed himself to be racist and a friend to (yet another) racists. He could have avoided this by pointing out where the other side was also stupid. So, the President accomplished making himself look stupid. He would have been wise to not address the issue from this 'judgmental' angle prior to all the facts being known, resulting in just biasedly taking up for his friend.

The fact that the President is black underlines the fact that we're in a post racial society. Society is made up of individuals. Some individuals are racist. Most individuals aren't racist. If change is required of society, it will come from individuals within that society. It's very disappointing to see a lack of respect for individuals by the POTUS as he horns in on Jesse and Al.

Change you can count on? I gotcher change ri'chere: Friends of Bill has been changed to Friends of Barry, but it's still FOB hyperbole.

Surely, blacks feel they are smart enough to understand the difference between being inappropriately targeted and having the 'polease' show up in response to a call. Gates obviously is too stupid. The rest of us are not and have no need for 'superiors' to try to influence us to pretend to be so stupid. That whip aint crackin' any mo!

The ball said...


"See a free Negress like myself doesn't feel inferior to white folks so I don't need to make assumptions about their perceptions of me. It doesn't matter to me what their personal feelings are because I'm complete, whole and loved with or without their acceptance."

That could not be better stated. Being complete and in control is a great thing. Not in control of those around you but in control of yourself and life.

Again, thanks for that jewel. Could not be stated any better.

BLACK INK said...

I just heard about your blog today. It is phenomenal and well ahead of its time. Your common sense approach to today's realities is truly uplifting and a credit to our country.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Some Thoughts:

As a black man I realize that our American history has been one of struggles and strides. Racism is the last frontier. but do we want racism to go away? Do we want to realize that we have work to do amongst ourselves to make the final leap to true equality? Or are we still holding on to the past?

I would hate to compare what black folks have went through over the past 400 years but I feel as though I should to try to make a single point.

The point is forgiveness. Have we forgiven others for their trespasses against us. Imagine your spouse cheating on you. You are together for the next 40 years afterwards. Now you have not forgave them but you constantly remind her that she cheated on you to win arguements or to make points.

God wants us to forgive to release us from the anger of having someone do you wrong. Have we truly forgave are opressors or will we continue to live in the past. Will we continue to blame them for all of our problems. Will we justfy and take up for people like Gates even when the evidence does not support racial profiling.

Have our black leaders forgiven our opressors? Are we still opressed or is our opression a state of mind? Do we continue to teach our kids that whitey has some contempt for black people or do we choos to teach them not to recognize color and that our struggles are in the past and that our future is up to us as individuals.

These are just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 5:18:

I share your thoughts wholeheartedly. Of all the reverends that have stepped up to the plate to lead black people, have any of them ever preached forgiveness? NO. It was excellent of you to bring it down to a personal level. If anyone out there has ever been wronged and have kept a grudge you know that eventually, the only one left hurting and in bondage is you. The perpetrator moves on with their lives. They can't feel your pain. You are re-victimizing yourself with your own vitriol. That's what black people do today on a daily basis. I can't think of how many times I've seen and heard black people acting against their own interest out of some bitterness towards whites. There's actually a radio show in my city whose hosts can't even offer any analysis of Obama's healthcare reform. They just know that republicans are against it and they move to protect their black president from attack. It's madness. As if black people will be exempt from the consequences of gov't run healthcare.

Anonymous said...

Cbw... Excellent blog! As a wmc thats been in interracial relationships i have always tried to get my gf to see the true character of person or idealogy rather than labels. 'tyranny comes from the state not the individual'

DJ Black Adam said...

Smile wrote:

"It's disappointing whenever there's a continued encouragement to have group think."

Coming from a mindless zombie follow the crowd conservatvie, that statement is beyond funny!

Smile said...

Seein' as how in the blk community your ideology appears to be more popular then mine (tho u b scared), you are the "crowd" follower. You're at best silly and have only proved that you don't like what I'm sayin'.


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