Wednesday, March 25, 2009

President ZoBama On Jay Leno

I can't embed this video so I'll have to direct you to the link. It's Zo on PajamaTV.


JudyBright said...

Good points, but I think I like his in front of his bathroom wall stuff better.

Hope this PJ tv stuff works out.

Anonymous said...


I have a tip for you. Get a VodPod account, get it in your toolbar then regardless the source, you can post to your Blogger account.

Keep doing what you do, sister.


Conservative Black Woman said...

Thank You HiScrivener.

Constructive Feedback said...

Excellent video editing work.

Zoe is the man.

I have to give Obama credit though. At a time of economic crisis he has successfully kept certain operatives from BLAMING HIM for their continuing grief.

I recorded a weeks worth of Keith Olbermann Shows from last week. The guy still has George W Bush as the main pinata in his show.
Certainly at least the wise progressives are going to wise up to what is going on by September - the month that we know the current president "Owns" what is going on on his watch during his first term.