Thursday, March 5, 2009

Abandoned By God

Hat tip to Josh at Truth Crossing for this John MacArthur sermon jam. This video spoke to me because I am one of those Christians who thinks homosexuality is between those involved to work out or not with the Father. I am not repulsed or offended by homosexuality or homosexual people (I rather like all those I know). That being said God's word is true and truth should not be suppressed. Our culture is treading towards Godlessness and that does matter to me. This video is just a reminder to those who know the Word of Truth that we are salt and light and should not be silent.


brotherkomrade said...

As long as y'all aren't chasing people in the street with rocks and sticks, I'll chalk this video up to "one group's belief." and will leave you alone at that.

You think we're really sliding into hell, huh?

DJ Black Adam said...


you wrote: "As long as y'all aren't chasing people in the street with rocks and sticks, I'll chalk this video up to "one group's belief." and will leave you alone at that."

Much more generous than I. AS A CHRISTIAN who is heterosexual, I think that CHRISTIANS need to be more concerned with governing their OWN sexual activity than trying ot govern everyone elses.

Jus saying...

Anonymous said...

I am intrigued by Mr. McArtur's reference to the "fabric of humanity". What does it say, what does it mean,when Adam and Eve, communicating directly with God, not through an intermediary such as Jesus Christ, or subsequently referencing the words, of not Christ, but Paul (Mr. McArthur mentioned 1 Corinthians), without the influence of "culture", corrupt jurists or legislators, mass media,or any of the sundry negative influences that exist outside of Mr. McArthur's "truth" - still disobeyed? It makes me wonder, regardless of the sincerity of his motives or intents, if Mr. McArthur will be more successful, with his limited authority, than was God with Adam and Eve. And in spite of their disobedience, did God abandon Adam, Eve, and the rest of humanity? I think it unlikely our present breed of knuckleheads would cause God to abandon the U.S. The truth as Mr. McArthur understands it, may not be the "true truth".

Laurie and Alan said...

CBW, I agree with you concerning homosexuals today, we are all sinners and in Gods eyes no one persons sin is greater than another.

John MacArthur is so right. The ABSOLUTE TRUTH, who is Jesus Christ, has been stripped from society. Because there is a Black and a White people are figting tooth and nail to run from it. Because that absolute truth is just too hard to swallow, it means I can not live the way I want to, I can not SIN the way I want to. Because to admit to absolute truth I would I feel GUILT...and that God given guilt is just too distasteful for me, therefore I will REJECT the God who created me.

Until we as a nation SEE our SIN and admit to it we will continue down this road of distruction, until He returns.

My prayer is that we will all wake up and we will all fall to our knees and earnestly seek the only true God who loves us unconditionally, sin and all.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Laurie & Alan~ Yes and Amen!!! Beautifully said.

Anonymous said...

CONSERVATIVE BLACK WOMAN can you define yourself to me? I am a CHRISTIAN, as well as an AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN, and I am also a DEMOCRAT.

I see your picture, and it look's as if you are a modern day liberated BLACK WOMAN, you look as if you have it together, but, you are not DEFINED!

BLACK CONSERVATIVE WOMAN, from the moment I saw your picture, I knew who you were, you are a LOOSED WOMAN, no longer BOUND, but, yet, you left behind something in your DELIVERANCE from CAPTIVITY.

CONSERVATIVE BLACK WOMAN, I'm sure by now, you are saying to yourself "this woman is CRAZY" but, not so.

I am a PROPHETESS, and trust me, I know for a fact, you are not defined as a BLACK WOMAN! you see, that's different from being a CONSERVATIVE BLACK WOMAN, this is twofold, so I need to hear from you, CONSERVATIVE BLACK WOMAN, who are you? are you truly LIBERATED? tell me about your LIBERATION!


D-townRokCTY said...


It seems the point of this message is to bring attention to self destructive behavior…. Promiscuity has consequences…. Potentially lethal… It’s not good for the future of this nation. But nobody (media, politicians etc.) is spending much time pointing that out… The rate of STD’s and pregnancy among teenagers is staggering and ever growing. Yet, pop culture through movies, music and even msm is still promoting the behavior…

Your correct in saying that Adam and Eve didn’t have pop culture and still sinned… However, they were seduced in other ways and choose to make bad decisions….. The difference is they had God telling them what was right. Politicians are fighting against the idea of abstinence, making condoms available and funding abortion…. Who is telling them what is right?

Conservative Black Woman said...

Prophetess~you write"BLACK CONSERVATIVE WOMAN, from the moment I saw your picture, I knew who you were, you are a LOOSED WOMAN, no longer BOUND, but, yet, you left behind something in your DELIVERANCE from CAPTIVITY."

and "I know for a fact, you are not defined as a BLACK WOMAN!"

and you ask that I define myself.

Those are great questions to meditate upon and I confess that I called a few friends to ask what their opinion to see if perhaps I am in denial about anything.

The most honest and transparent answer I can give you which will sound awful if you are listening to me in the flesh (but, I believe you will hear me with your spiritual ear)is that what I left behind in my deliverance from captivity is my blackness. I see myself first and foremost as a Christian. The Christ in me is more important to me than my race. "Whom the Son sets free is truly free indeed" and
"Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty come to mind.

That does not mean that I am not grateful for the struggle that our ancestors because I am utterly grateful. So much so that I will not dishonor them by participating in intellectual, and cultural foolishness. By this I mean, the struggle has been fought and won, I am blessed beyond measure to live in this country because nothing can hold me or my child back except ME (my thinking).
I will not focus my attention on who may or may not be racist. I am accountable to God for what lies in MY heart. That being said my community is the black community and I care what happens to that community and I want what's best for my community. Holding on to hostility towards people outside of our community isn't hurting those people one bit. It's hurting us and the sooner we let it go. The more liberated our community will be and the better off we will be.

That being said I have a daughter who means so much to me. She is not very esoteric in her thinking. She loves the Lord, but hasn't really thought deeply about her relationship with Him and what it means (she hasn't really needed Him yet). My point is I can't define myself without saying I'm a Mommy.

I am a Christian, Wife and Mommy whose skin color is black.

I hope this gives you more insight as to who I am and why I am the way that I am.

Devon said...

CBW, I really appreciate your answer here as to who you are..

It reminds me of my old Church in Calgary..a holiness Church..half Black , half White and a few natives....and the old Pastor was a Black Canadian that the Lord called home a few years ago..

NOT once did color ever come up in that Church...these people focused on Jesus...

Most of the Blacks were from the Caribbean or West Africa...their experience is quite different then North American Blacks it seems...wonderful folks who interestly mostly were all conservatives like yourself..

One in particular, Sister Latetia, hated political correctness and the democrat party...she is from Trinidad...her thought reminds me so much of you...

She saw through all the Black left wing bs and left it a long time ago...Great Lady and I always love to talk with her...

In the ten years of hearing that old Black Pastor (his name was Andrew Risby..born here in Alberta) not once did he ever complain...not once did he ever use his skin color as an was all about Jesus Christ and him crucified...

One of the most amazing Godly saints I have ever known..

Anyways, be are on that narrow path of Truth...



Yes BroKamrade, we are all bound for hell for and me and humanity unless we turn over to Christ....and it is never too late to do that...

Attorneymom said...

CBW writes, "Holding on to hostility towards people outside of our community isn't hurting those people one bit."

Holding on to hostility towards one's self isn't hurting those people either.

Anonymous said...

CONSERVATIVE BLACK WOMAN, this is PROPHETESS, you say, you left your BLACKNESS behind, but, yet, your WEBSITE is called CONSERVATIVE BLACK WOMAN! that is a way of defining who you are, why not CHRISTIAN BLACK WOMAN?

CONSERVATIVE WOMAN, your response was somewhat simple, as a CHRISTIAN, I expected a more DEPTH response to my question's.

CONSERVATIVE WOMAN, will you as a woman, give me your personal opinion of the FIRST LADY? as a CHRISTIAN WOMAN yourself, do you feel a SISTERHOOD with the FIRST LADY? because I know without a doubt, you keep her in your PRAYER? why would you not, you are a CHRISTIAN, and so is she.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Prophetess~I answered you honestly, I was hoping you would not find my answer offensive and that you would hear me with your " spiritual ears". I am discerning that you are displeased with my answer as you have now begun to refer to me as Conservative Woman. As I am careful not be disrespectful to my readers, please respond in kind and refer to me as CBW or Conservative Black Woman, I answered you from my heart and I don't appreciate your attempt to redefine me.

You ask if I feel a sisterhood with Michelle Obama because she is black -- NO. I think she and her husband are cut from the same cloth. I find it hard to believe that anyone who sits in a church which ascribes to liberation theology is a christian -- I'm not saying it's not possible but I have no idea how. So nope I don't get the warm and fuzzies over either of the Obamas. They look beautiful as a family and their daughters are positively adorable. Do I pray for the Obama's not on the regular. I have prayed for PSBO's safety. I have prayed for this nation. But I didn't pray specifically for Laura Bush, or Hillary Clinton either --sorry.

Prophetess, would you define yourself first as a Christian or as a black woman. Which is more important to you. Who do you walk most closely with Christ or the black community?

uptownsteve said...

This is so sad.

Anonymous said...


What you say is true, but something occurred to me listening to Mr. McArthur's rant. I get the feeling that he and others having the same opinion on homosexuality are against it on a personal level and not because of any anti-homosexual vehemence in the Bible. References to homosexuality are rare in the Bible, Sodom and G..., and the opinions of Paul. If we are to believe homosexuality didn't present itself anywhere else or at any other time in human experience before Moses received the Ten Commandments then we must inquire what then caused it afterwards. And if it did present and it is so evil why wasn't it addressed in the Commandments. You may say it is so "un-natural" that God didn't think he had to take the trouble to say anything about it. But what is more natural than honoring your mother and father, yet God addressed that. Is homosexuality more or less un-natural than stealing? Yet, God prescribed stealing. Yes, God said be fruitful and multiply, but that has occurred regardless the existence of homosexuality. Jesus, in the only example of him displaying anger, whipped the moneychangers in the Temple. Apparently, homosexuality never attracted his attention. I don't see anywhere in the Bible where Jesus himself said anything about it. But to Mr. McArthur and others it is the most evil blight on our land.

I can't help but wonder if people who understand natural sexual compunction, as long as it is heterosexual,are just bigoted against people different than themselves.

I am not advocating any form of sexual licentiousness, its just that I know people who simply don't approve of homosexuality because they just don't. I am not so sure of the depth of their Biblical knowledge or investigation or contempaltion.

It is entirely possible that I am wrong about all this, but I still question Mr. McArthur's certainty and whether his opinions are his or God's.

Laurie and Alan said...


I think you have gotten lost in all of your big words and fancy thoughts about Christianity and what absolute truth really means.

Christianity is way more simplistic than you think. I think that, that is where so many people get hung up, --it's just too simple, the confessing our sin and believing on Him, there has got to be more that, we have to do more, more, more!

Christ died for us sinners to save us from our sin. We as sinners must believe in Him, confess our sin and in doing so we want to change our sinful behaviours and live a life that would glorifie Him.

That's it. Really!

JudyBright said...


John MacArthur is far from shallow in his biblical knowledge. I'm sure he has good reason for what he believes about homosexuality.

And the Bible is very clear about homosexuality. That book had to cover a lot of topics you know. The Gospels were written to display who Christ was and why he came; they're not meant to be comprehensive theological manuals.

Yeah, there's a lot of people who just hate homosexuality for no good reason. John MacArthur is not one of those people, and neither am I. It's biblical.

Anonymous said...

CONSERVATIVE BLACK WOMAN, I hear you with both ear's, but, I hear you more with my SPIRITUAL ear's, and you have defined yourself as a WOMAN, finally.

CBW of course you have no sisterhood with the FIRST LADY, how could you, you have defined her, and in your sight, she is not considered a TRUE CHRISTIAN, but, what is a true CHRISTIAN?

CBW did GOD give you permission to come forth and DENOUNCE the FIRST LADY? or was that your choice? did GOD speak to you as a CHRISTIAN WOMAN and tell you, to produce a WEBSITE, that will bring about division in the EARTHLY REALM.

CBW JESUS was a HEALER, and as CHRISTIAN'S we are to have the attribute's of CHRIST, the compassion of CHRIST, but what I see of your WEBSITE thus far, it has a COLDNESS about it, your light is not shining through your WEBSITE, you criticize the OBAMA'S, but their light shine's before MEN, are they perfect? no, but, yet the people draw toward's their light.

CBW I pray that you do not, get too entangled in the thing's of the world, for AMERICA is in WARFARE, and if you are a INSIGHTFUL CHRISTIAN, GOD will not have you ignorant to the device's of man! a website is a device of man, but, in the right hand's, it can be used as a witnessing tool, to spread unity, not division.

JudyBright said...

Mmmm Hmmm.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Prophetess~I don't know whether or not Mrs. Obama is a "real christian" or not and its not my place to judge her. I actually responded to a question that you didn't ask when I said I don't feel a sisterhood just because she is black.

But to answer your question what is a "true christian". Well I believe that there are five essential doctrines in scripture and a non-regenerate person (i.e., Mormon or Jehovah's Witness, atheist, Muslim), will deny one or more of these essential doctrines:
1. The diety of Christ
2. Salvation by grace alone
3. The Gospel
4. The Resurrection
5. There is one God (Monotheism)

Regarding the Obama's I know not what they believe but I know where they worshiped for 20 years and I know the Trinity United Community Church espouses Liberation Theology which is heretical and non-biblical. Cones (the pioneer of liberation theology)wrote:"Black theology refuses to accept a God who is not identified totally with the goals of the black community. If God is not for us and against white people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him. The task of black theology is to kill Gods who do not belong to the black community ... Black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy. What we need is the divine love as expressed in Black Power, which is the power of black people to destroy their oppressors here and now by any means at their disposal. Unless God is participating in this holy activity, we must reject his love.

Essentially Mr. Cones is saying that either God wants to destroy white people, or He is not worthy of worship. This is racist idolatry and completely insane. So in my humble opinion one would have to be totally devoid of the Spirit of the living God to be so bitter and vitriolic. They would also have to be biblically illiterate.

There is a church in my hometown that teaches liberation theology, I have family members who are members of this church. Behind the pulpit their is a mural of the last supper and at the table are Jesus, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Sojourner Truth, and Desmond Tutu. The Pastor of this church regular opens his pulpit to Min. Louis Farrakhan. This church calls itself Christian but I can never even sit through an eleven o'clock service in that church because Jesus is not lifted up, racial pride and solidarity is and the importance of the latter trumps the former. So, I find it hard to understand how a "true christian" could worship in that type of assembly for 20 YEARS!!!!

You ask me Prophetess if God has given me permission to denounce the First Lady? No, but I haven't denounced her. Is there some mandate that forbids mr from holding a different ideology than the Obama's? Is God a respecter of persons? Is Michelle Obama any more precious to God than you or I? If not, why do I have to "idolize" her and her husband?

I am saddened that you feel that I am uncompassionate and that my blog is cold but I assure you that is not the case. Although I am sometimes a bit snarky and I one time cussed out a reader (but we apologized to each other)I assure you that I strive to be Christ-like and I am not at all cold. I am a work in progress. Also Prophetess, my light shines very brightly as my faith informs my worldview and I think that anyone who reads my blog regularly will attest to that whether they agree with my politics or not.

D-townRokCTY said...


I do not think that homosexuality is “the most evil blight on our land” but I do believe that it is sinful and clearly stated in scripture as being so…

I agree that “References to homosexuality are rare in the Bible” however, there are many sinful practices that are not discussed a lot in scripture but the lack of reference does not denote relevance to sin.

MOST Christians see scripture as divinely inspired, which would make the writings of Paul more then his “opinion.”

I am certain that homosexuality existed prior to the Ten Commandments and you make a good point that it was not specifically mentioned, yet, I also believe that other forms of sexual deviance, such as: prostitution, molestation, or bestiality existed prior to the commandments and they were not specifically mentioned either. I am NOT saying that homosexuals belong in this category, just making a point.

You said, “What is more natural than honoring your mother and father” I take it you don’t have teenagers….. As far as the “natural argument” goes, a person’s tendency toward sin is natural. It feels more right to do that which is contrary to God’s word. It is easier to hold a grudge then to forgive, to punch back then turn the other cheek or to give in to sexual desire then to abstain.

I do think you are right that SOME Christians are driven by personal feelings about homosexuality and see it as worse then other sinful behaviors. From a Christian perspective homosexuality is no worse then any other sin. Sex outside God’s plan is self destructive heterosexual or otherwise. Some people use Christianity as a way to blast the homosexual community. This of course is unbiblical.

I hope you don’t think that everyone who believes that homosexuality is sinful simply have anti-homosexual sentiments. I do not. I don’t struggle with this particular sin but I am no different then someone who does as I have my own issues to deal with…

Anonymous said...

CBW: I really admire you for taking so much time corresponding with all of these people. I read some comments left by libs here, I can understand them better than the PHOPHETESS lady.

I am 100% Asian, and I don't feel any need to connect with any Asian people. I was also an immigrant and am now a naturalized citizen. My "people" have suffered as slaves for hundreds of years at the hands of the bigoted/greedy/cruel-for-the-sake-of-cruel captors at various times.

I am devoutly Christian and I don't see white, black, yellow, red in people at all. I see them as moral or immoral, conservative or liberal, cruel or kind.

God bless you for taking so much time writing so much. You have incredible patience.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Thank you Angel, my Sister in Christ.

JMK said...

"I am 100% Asian, and I don't feel any need to connect with any Asian people. I was also an immigrant and am now a naturalized citizen. My "people" have suffered as slaves for hundreds of years at the hands of the bigoted/greedy/cruel-for-the-sake-of-cruel captors at various times.

"I am devoutly Christian and I don't see white, black, yellow, red in people at all. I see them as moral or immoral, conservative or liberal, cruel or kind.

"God bless you for taking so much time writing so much. You have incredible patience." (Angel)
That is a post indicative of the hope and future of America.

Great sentiments.

Anonymous said...

It makes me wonder sometimes what Bible some of these so-called "Christians" read! God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrha for this abomination which the Bible clearly calls SIN. The problem is people today are afraid to stand up for truth and righteousness. God does not need cowards, for even a dead fish can swim downstream!