Friday, March 20, 2009

Laura Ingraham Exposes The Selective Moral Indignation Of the Liberal Left


uptownsteve said...

More nonsense, false dichotomies, flawed logic and simplistic reasoning from Madam Horseface Ingraham and the rightwing.

Ingraham insulting McCain because she had the temerity to suggest that the GOP better change tactics if it wants to remain relevant has nothing to do with the massive debt which the Republicans are responsible or the terror threat which the righties failed to properly deal with.

The whole notion is preposterous.

Can't righties do more than one thing at once?

And I don't hear anyone making a big deal about the Ingraham/McCain catfight except Republicans like Ingraham and their cheerleaders like our own CBW.

I find it rather amusing and that's about it.

DJ Black Adam said...

"Laura Ingraham Exposes The Selective Moral Indignation Of the Liberal Left..."

I guess it was just to easy to see the selective moral indignation of the right huh? Abortion "Bad", carrying on executions even when many people are being exonerated due to new and in some cases old DNA evidence "Good".....the hypocrisy of the "Right" is simply amazing...

The B said...

History lesson for uptownsteve
March 20, 1854
Republican Party founded
In Ripon, Wisconsin, former members of the Whig Party meet to establish a new party to oppose the spread of slavery into the western territories. The Whig Party, which was formed in 1834 to oppose the "tyranny" of President Andrew Jackson, had shown itself incapable of coping with the national crisis over slavery.
Abraham Lincoln will be voted in as first Republican President.

Don't tell Republicans are racists.

DJ Black Adam said...

@The B:

"Don't tell Republicans are racists."


History Lesson for the "B", Strom Thurmand and co ran from the Democratic party to join tyhe Republican party, the last Lincoln Republican president was funny.

Anonymous said...

Great tea party song

uptownsteve said...

Current event lesson for "The B"

Black Democrat sits in the Oval Office.

Black Republicans?

Occasional Fox Tv guests and GOP Convention parking valets.

Lisa Krempasky said...

Laura was spot on. Where was the indignation at the never ending personal attacks on Sarah Palin? Where was the indignation at the never ending personal attacks on George Bush? Where is the indignation at the continuous attacks about Rush's weight?

Meghan McCain was given press because she is posing as a republican and tearing them down. If she did not claim to be a republican she would be relegated to posting comments on this blog and would be given no air time.