Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hip Hop Culture & Universal Stupidity: The Creation of a Dumbed Down World

I don't know very much about Hip Hop, but what is called "Hip Hop" these days is a far cry from what I was dancing to in high school (The Sugar Hill Gang, Grand Master Flash & the Furious Five, Kurtis Blow and Run DMC). However, Alan Watt and the the brother who called into the show certainly did provide food for thought:

(H/T to blogger at http://openyourmindseye.blogspot.com where I found this video)


Anonymous said...

I believe hip-hop was bad from the git-go The Sugar Hill gang werent innocent(hotel motel holiday inn; say if your girl starts actin' up then you take her friend) means, if your girl doesnt sleep with you and gets mad, sleep with her friend. Did you hear the long version of Rappers Delight--regarding 'super sperm' etc. That was the 1st rap song that made it to the top, using 'Good Times' by Chic, which came out only 6 months before. Most hip hop is anti-musician anyway.[now, at 30yrs later] I wasn't surprized that we are in the mess were in as a group in 2010--it happened back then

Anonymous said...

I might add: what really happened was the SEXUAL REVOLUTION that happened 10 yrs before. Women stopped expecting men to be men because we started getting jobs that only men could get because we had legalized abortion. If women don't hold the 'standard', men wont follow it (i wish it wasnt so)

Anonymous said...

A long time ago, some of the R&B was a little raunchy,but people tamed it down. By the mid 50s, when Rock n Roll first hit big, there was a variety of music with lyrics that promoted romance which let to marriage. In the 60s, Motown came out and had many romantic songs by good songwriters. (when a man loves a woman) etc. but when the late 60s hit, rock which i think mostly came from England (Hendrix was there too) started getting weird, destroying instruments, etc. coupled with the sex revolution got us into what we have today, 40 yrs later. As he was saying, the early to mid 60s had a variety of music, R&B, country, pop, folk, etc until Woodstock madness. I think GOD is trying to shake us sane by having our economy get a little funny after a while. things happen in 40s; look in bible 40 years, 40 days, 40 weeks, etc. It's been a little over 40 yrs since woodstock

Anonymous said...

I have a friend whos niece got pregnant at her JUNIOR PROM!! and later she had an abortion. On the floor of the Junior Prom!! when they should be dancing. If my daughter goes, they will have ballroom dancing steps or shes not going---plus chaperones who are all male, all married, and all Marines to scare the mess out of these teens

Constructive Feedback said...


You are right on time with these two expos.

Just yesterday I had to drive a friend of the family's college aged daughter to the airport in her car and then drive the vehicle back to my house until she returns. She left a CD in the car radio.


Sadly this beautiful young girl from a solid family, on her way to Medical school had a "Mix CD" that was straight up ignorant and disrespectful to all women.

I am not an old man. Admittedly - give me some hip hop from the 80's or 90's and I will likely play it. Some of these songs, though risque were done by certain talented individuals. The garbage that I heard had no redeeming value at all.

Second I have "helped a brother out" on 3 occasions over the past year in which a rapper is out on the street selling his home made CD's for $5. NO MORE WILL I PURCHASE THIS CRAP!!!!

Its like these three guys who live on different sides of town are programmed by a common body. Same ignorant, violence threatening, materialistic lyrics. NO value but to genuflect.

If the Black Community doesn't take an active stand against "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" it will prove that we are not serious.

F. L. Anderson said...

Great info. Have any of you heard of The Truth Behind Hip Hop: G Craige Lewis www.exministries.com

The Truth Behind Hip Hop is a series of DVDs that expose the dark side of rap music. Elder G Craige Lewis examines the effects of hiphop on young people. He has traveled the country in the last 10yrs speaking on this issue. Check him out get the DVD's it will blow your mind. www.exministries.com.

Anonymous said...

Yeah F.L.:::Hip hop was able to do what the KKK longed to do, but couldn't. I would like to check those dvds out-----Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Watch 'Idiocracy'. and the a lot of these comments are pure unadulterated shit

JohnPaul Gettelman said...

Is hate envy in the hiphop thinking? This is in contrast to inerethnic hate of bigotry or international hate? Hatin is class envy,correct? The closer the people to ourselves,rather than anybody else afar,hatein is hatin our own, for reasons of class resentment of SocialSuccess,correct?