Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gulf Oil Rig Prepares Path for Invasion of U.S. - Part Two

 This article linked below made my liver quiver. While people are talking about Lebron James and Lindsey Lohan, our future is being malevolently orchestrated. But rather than reading this article and at least trying to debunk the very disturbing information contained therein, most will just dismiss it and pick up a magazine.

What a slothful lot of imbeciles we are culturally, intellectually, and spiritually. These are very dangerous times. We need to WAKE UP!


Electronic Sally said...

This whole BP is one big embarrassment to our country. I'm looking forward to the day when this will all be behind us!

JMK said...

One somewhat obvious problem with this theory is that BP is actually making a ton of money in two ways from this "disaste"....a disaster for Americanss, not for BP.

Not so funny story....BP (one of the biggest political donors and Obama's biggest donor) will be able to deduct the clean-up costs from their U.S. & U.K. taxes (meaning, ultimately we the taxpayers pick up a lot of the cost for their screw-up) AND BP is also the leader in "alternative energies"!

BP owns the two largest makers of solar panels and is one of the largest producers of wind generated electricty.

In 1998 BP broke from the ranks of the other energy companies and began pushing the switch to "green energy."

In the 80's & 90's DOW Chemical paid so-called "environmental activists" to tout the "hole in the ozone layer," as part of its campaign to move to the new "CFC-free air conditioners." Once the new ACs were legislated in....DOW made a boatload of cash!

Anyone who doesn'tr think that companies like BP also pay so-called "activists" to push an alleged and unworkable "green agenda" that serves to make BP a ton of cash is very naive.

BP gets a free pass for the first month of this disaster by the current administration, which has given heavily to it...and "enviornmental activists" push an agenda that'll make such comapnies a fortune!


No, that's Corporatism - the partnership of government & business.

ar said...

BP does what it's told to do until they are no longer needed. Decoys follow one another and their game continues to escape the average citizen, unless you have been reading everything you can get your hands on and paying attention.

Currently, the US is in demoralization stage where we keep taking the hits, so to speak. Perfected Marxism, communist dogma and no good man is washington will say anything anymore.

When some one person speaks an ounce of truth, it will not be heard for the torent of lies preceeding it.

I am absolutely convinced my representatives are in agreement with current policy, is why i email everyday and TELL them what I want them to do. The response I receive back is proof, verification and confirmation I am right. They have lip service while my country is being invaded and agree with it by do nothing. I detest Republicans and Democrats for what they have allowed to happen because the MEDIA turned traitor and hid everything. They should be first to hang.

I have linked to this before but today it is fitting, again and truthful of what forces have been set against US, this republic, your mind, what's left of my mind and what's left of sanity. Wake your friends up. I stop them in mid-sentence if i have to. I want my fellow citizen back. I want my neighbor back.

I don't want some of the people to be on board. I want all the people woke up and on board, Lord.


thanks to Greg Farber, Candid Conservatives.

Great piece, cbw. What's happening to the emperor's clothes? ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Ahem, is that why ar the marxist in the late 60s pushed marijuana and other drugs? and wild 'free' sex? I kinda believe so. Ever since the late 60s, weve been in a mess.Families are disintegrated everywhere, no dad in the home or even nearby

ar said...

Yup, it's called brainwashing.