Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"If You Ain't Mad, You Ain't Payin' Attention!" Terry Anderson Dies

Longtime radio host and Immigration Champion Terry Anderson died on Wednesday. Anderson was known for voicing his opinion on the negative impacts that America’s current immigration system has on Black Americans. He was highly critical of the Bush and Obama Administrations and regularly had Immigration Champions such as Former Rep. Tom Tancredo and Rep. Brian Bilbray on his radio program.Terry died of pancreatic cancer.

Terry is survived by his wife Melanie, who was also his high school sweetheart, two sons, and two grandchildren. He was born in Oakland, Calif., but moved to South Los Angeles when he was a youngster and lived there ever since. After starting his radio show in November 2000, Terry would have broadcast for the 500th time in a few weeks. He’s known for his well-prepared opening monologues, which he often spent 20-30 hours a week to prepare. In 10 years, he never missed a show, although he was pre-empted a few times by his home station on very short notice.

Terry Anderson’s website was dedicated to fighting for lower immigration levels to help impoverished Black Americans. He provided links to the various organizations, including NumbersUSA and our Immigration-Reduction Report Cards. He honored Border Patrol agents who lost their lives in the line of duty and provided a platform for candidates and public office holders looking to reduce overall immigration numbers.
In the weeks leading up to his death, Terry Anderson had J.D. Hayworth, Republican challenger to John McCain, and Russell Pearce, author of Arizona’s new immigration enforcement law, on his radio program. In his “Clown of the Week” segment, he blasted the Obama Administration for their decision to sue the state of Arizona as well as DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and head of the Los Angeles Archdiocese Cardinal Roger Mahony. (Source)

Terry Anderson in Action:



Anonymous said...

I always wondered what he looked like.I thought he was a light skinned black man. HE ACTUALLY LOOKS MEXICAN and its funny, he seems to be fighting them I know i know, we have different phenotypes but thats funny to me

Anonymous said...

Rev Ain't wright looks black to me BUT Terry looks like a Mexican thats been adopted by black people. If they have a suitable 'green card' that is temporary, I don't mind if some people from other countries work here, I have a Phillipino friend with a temporary green card, but now with our economy in a mess, they should go home and come back later.

ar said...

He can rest assured his work will follow him.

uptownsteve said...

Oh jeez.

I see the minstrels are still shuffling up a storm around here.

Let me get this straight CBW.

Fox TV, the Tea Party and your massa Gleen Beck have launched an all out war on the first black President and by extension black America and the NAACP has identity problems?

You negroes just don't get it and I guess you never will.

"I wish the organization would change and become the advancement of colored people and this is one way(abstinance training, no sex until marriage, chaperoning dances"

What's stopping you black conservatives from serving these grass-roots roles in the community?

Instead of attacking black organizations why don't you fill the perceived vaccuum?

You know why?

Because you coonservatives are full of crap.

You're all mouth.

You hate being black and you hate black people.

You exist only to grin in the faces and kiss the backsides of white bigots.

lamps woman said...

I love you, miss Conservative Black Woman. Keep fighting the good fight.

Anonymous said...

UptownSteve is a very sick person. Take your meds. And quit telling smart black people how to think!

ar said...

UTS, I would like to know just what you think this administration has done for the good of America and keeping her safe.

I assume you are a citizen of America, btw, and respect the original intent of our founding fathers by power of the people.

The reasons you or I have no voice is government usurping powers that they do not have any business doing. So, I figure it's the place to start by exposing it, like everyone else on planet earth seems to be doing.

Stop Government. Vote them OUT and expose the coruption. Or, you agree with it. The last fascist state didn't last but a flicker.

Foreigners been infiltrating our government since 1776, friend. They are about finished up, it looks like. Hardly anyone knows they are socialist and can't explain a free republic if they lived in one, while; Where in hell is the AMERICAN anymore? We are all something-else american first and lost in it. Why do I have to be a red white or black or blue damned american? I am and American, that's it. Are you?

This administrational czarship is the opposite of free republic and belief in the Almighty. Figure it out..., or admit it.

Anonymous said...

UTS stands for Uncletomsteve because his attitude doesn't make sense. I saw Glenn Beck show myself (I'm a black woman as well) All Beck did was bring up black history of our founding.I couldnt believe there were that many blacks. even some black judges in the 1700s! UTS needs to watch the show instead of believing the leftist liberals of any color. Is Alveda King an 'Auntie tom' because she stands up for life?

Anonymous said...

ar, I believe the reason that people started to be hyphenated americans because they wouldnt let some people to be considered americans even when there people been here for decades. i remember some Phillipinos I knew, i had to correct them, calling a white an american but not calling a black person one

Anonymous said...

UTS, the minstrels are the RAPPERS WITH GOLD TEETH!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he was around when he was: I think he's one of the reasons for Arizonas immigration law. I didn't know that they were still teaching bilingual education in Los Angeles. One of the reasons illegal latiino types have a strong say, is because, they have LARGE FAMILIES and the family is important it is also headed by a man, not a woman like so many black families. I didn't used to like him, but, I heard they take the jobs from americans because of minimum wage,and then they bargain for a higher wage once they get in. I think we blacks should try to speak spanish so we could know what they are saying. Its a shame he didn't learn it. because of his 'phenotype' they would have thought hes mexican or puerto rican and could fight it that way

Anonymous said...

UTS has a point:if conservative blacks continued in the NAACP, they wouldn't have gone off the deep end. When they made that Tawana Brawley commercial 10 years ago, that was the first time, to me, that they were weird. I wonder if conservative blacks would have been able to stop it though.

ar said...

Well, I am mad. I was paying attention, as, that's all that's left in my pocket; and i came across this video of our
ill-ustrious Medical Society.

Get away from them before they Kill you.

Greetings from the Rockefellers.
(posted by Greg Farber)


Anonymous said...

This memorial is definitely worth reading. He is very blunt talking about Terry Anderson and the blacks that never understood him.


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