Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Media Blackout....Again! Robert Gibbs Refuses To Answer A Simple Question Regarding The SSN of the POTUS

Lester Kinsolving, a reporter for World Net Daily and now the second most senior member of the White House Press Corps asked a very simple question about President Obama's social security number on Thursday June 10,2010. Not only did Mr. Gibbs not answer the question -- but Gibbs dodged the question entirely by diverting, then ridiculing, then attacking. See below:

This is disturbing on so many levels that I hardly know where to begin...

The Correspondents

Did you notice the expressions on their faces when Mr. Kinsolving asked the questions? He asked two uncomplicated, straightforward, reasonable questions,"Why is the President using a social security number reserved for Connecticut applicants?" and "Do you know or have any record of the President ever having a mailing address in Connecticut?" Why would the Press Corps be annoyed by such  questions? I'm also wondering why the guy in the front row felt compelled to walk out just after the first  question?
Are these journalist too lazy to explore or at the very least seek to debunk the claim that President Obama is using a social security number of a deceased Connecticut man who would be 120 years old today? Are they under the mistaken impression that they are too intellectually and/or  politically astute to entertain such claims? If so, how shamefully arrogant they are! Or could it be that they have been ordered to ignore, reject, and keep their mouths shut or lose their jobs?  If so,  by whom? Whatever the reason, We The People are mislead, misguided and misinformed in the process. If the press is not free, then WE are not free. BTW, the video now on C-Span has been scrubbed and Mr. Kinsolving's question is curiously absent.

Robert "I, I, I, Um, Um, Um"Gibbs

Gibbs never answered the questions. Instead, knowing that the dumbed down American public have been systematically "conditioned" by the propaganda they have been "conditioned" to think is "news" to dismiss those identified as truthers as racist, right-wing, conspiracy kooks, he brings up the birth certificate issue (which is a legitimate yet demonized issue). He followed the typical tract of an individual who is hiding something....deflect, ridicule, and attack. So, although Mr. Kinsolving wasn't asking about the birth certificate, he conceded that it would be great if he could see it to which Gibbs told a bold-faced lie straight from the pit of hell. He claims that he not only saw Obama's real birth certificate, but he posted it online. Everyone within earshot of that lie should have been infuriated at how stupid this White House and it's inhabitants think we are! He posted a certificate of live birth not a birth certificate and even that was proven to be a forgery!

The level of corruption we are witnessing at this time is astounding, absolutely astounding. God help us.


Hack said...

Thank you for sharing! Gibbs is a buffoon.

Super Patriot said...

First, it's great to see a strong, intelligent, conservative black woman getting her voice heard, and our message out there. For so long I thought that I was alone..

Second, you are absolutely correct about Gibbs and his routine of blatant obfuscation and evasion. If we can't get a transparent answer to simple questions from the press secretary then the Nobama Odrama Administration's going to keep stickin its hand in our pocket and the other in the pork barrel until we're all speaking Chinese and don't now what hit us!

Thanks for blogging. I'm trying to get the conservative message out there myself at: http://teapatriot.blogspot.com. If you think its worthwhile, then follow me and share it with others. I just followed you and I'll be disseminating your url myself. Keep on keepin it real!


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ar said...

High Crimes are upon the people. Tyranny is amok.

Robert Gibbs is a communist, fascist pig. The acting, degenerate potus hates my white ass calling him out on his smelly self. Glibbs is no different. He is mindless and knows nothing of what men are made of. That disgraceful bastard Bama hates your black ass just the same, friend.

Praise God for Obama and Glibbs and the marxist march over liberty. The men of this country will either step forward and be herd or tuck their dresses and run. We saw Blibbs' pretty little skirt that he wore today.

Men in the west have been forced to voice and remove coruption from their livelihoods because the wolves are killing everything that has life. When the feast is over, they will turn on themselves and leave the woods, where men have spent better than 60 years developing the Grandest Game reserve known to planet earth - ever, and the bastards from club of Rome put wolves in the woods and won't manage them. Three years after the wolves leave, the woods would be mostly free of deseases known to kill men women children, birthing of ungulates, collapse of herds - for a damned filthy dog foreign introduction. It killed every native wolf we had and now this foreign monster (bigger) is roaming the US.

There used to be an unnoticed and behind the scenes accountability to the people for actions taken by the government. The used-to-be press has deserted the front lines and not only joined the enemy but is now the enemy of the people; where balance, fairness, honor and integrity have been replaced with thugery, lies, hypocracy, degredation of a people on purpose and for an end result. The Press has deserted the people and should be hung. However, crimes against a people is normal thinking today, from indoctrination.

Jesus spoke plainly concerning coruption, lies, deceit. He said Expose it. He is so clever and right and true and just. His ever-loving kindness goes on forever.

Before long, i would sure like to continue "the" message getting out there.

ar said...

BREAKING NEWS! Hawaii Elections Official: Obama not born here! JUNE 10, 2010 - SMOKING GUN?


Papa Giorgio said...

I have posted on this in the past:


At my old blog, I think I have one of the best compilations of arguments against conspiracies (9/11 "truthers," birthers, Alex Jones fans, and Michael Moore):


If anyone has any questions and want to debate fact and not feeling. I am here for you.

Papa Giorgio said...

Higher Thinking --

Unfortunately, it is this belief in conspiracies and a shadowy cabal will lead to anarchy and the dissolving of the West and undermining of the Judeo-Christian ethic. It is sad that many in Christendom swallow these just-so-stories. We are good at revealing them in the battle of our worldviews... except in this case. Where as "just-so-stories" are rejected and excoriated in the creation evolution debate, they are accepted here? Weird.

Dr. Ken Samples calls Christians to higher, second-tier thinking:



ar said...

No more Cults, please. thanks anyways, popa georgia. I'm gonna look up your favorite place's ministry symbol with the cross over a staff. Pagan, more than likely. Just another idol symbol of sun worship - bad bidnis.

ar said...

Dr. Ken Samples calls Christians to higher, second-tier thinking:

I didn't get thru the video from Ken, sorry. Maybe he points to the anti-christ in the world view; the pope has brought it about. Did Ken say that, in his video? Does he include telling you about human sacrifices to Molek; represented by abortion, everyday? And worship of the Moon and the sun. And, I wonder if he mentioned it having any affect on humanity and why God Hates it so, He would destroy a world over it.

Do you have any second-tier thoughts? Or, second-tear ones?

Papa Giorgio said...



Please elucidate. There seems to be a language barrier? or muddled thinking in your questions. I can say that I use to think Masonic/Illuminati/Rosicrucian lineage of sun worship was a fact. I read Kah and Epperson veraciously... but, their facts began to crumble as you stepped outside this grand-meta-narrative and dabbled in the specifics.

You, ar, can say "a" or "b," but I am not after you (or others) just saying or stating your or their opinions -- anyone can do that. What I am calling for, similar to Dennis Prager I guess, is truth first, opinion later. The "second-tier" thinking is stolen from Thomas Sowell, but that is neither here nor there.

What part of the conspiratorial history (meta-narrative) most convinces you that there is a secret cabal in control of most of the worlds finances and governments. Because when I was full fledged into it, both Communists regimes and Capitalist free-markets were under the control of "evil" forces. However... there is a twist.

If you followed my links in the "Conspiratorial Shenanigans," you would notice I post some links to person's who believe that this conspiratorial history has also been planted by a cabal for the masses to be diverted. They have just as much evidence as do other conspiratorialists. Listen, I need you to leave your comfort zone of your unfalsifiable theory (http://religiopoliticaltalk.blogspot.com/2007/08/nwo-explains-nothing.html) into a realm of defending particulars.

For example, I believe the Bible to be the inerrant Word of God. I can sweepingly say this [that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God] and state it as fact. Fine. However, defending this idea or position is entirely a different proposition (one I am up to, by-the-way), I leave my comfort zone of faith and enter the realm that God has given us in our minds... the ability to make subject/object distinctions, to know truth, to come to a conclusion on historical things, etc. This is how I understand second-tier thinking in the apologetic/truth realm. Otherwise, we have deterministic naturalists/materialists on one side of an argument and theistic/metaphical believers on the other, merely stating opinion. (As one example.)

History cannot be controlled (WWII, WWI, 9/11, banking, etc.) AND at the same time having these events happen through differing means, like actually islamo-nazi's flying planes into buildings for their sick unitarian-god belief system, Japan actually under their own direction attacking Pearl Harbor, etc. Both views cannot be true at the same time ar... so the question remains. Have you tested this view in any constructive way?

By-the-by, stating that babies were sacrificed to Molech in no way proves or disproves a secret cabal orchestrating planes flying into the Twin Towers. Also, your knowledge of symbols seems to be hampered by your unhealthy view of seeing conspiratorial/paganism in everything. If you listen to Christian Pirate Radio (the symbol I am guessing you refer to... since you seem to be communicatively disabled), you would know it is a conservative Lutheran broadcast that focuses primarily of the progressive infiltration into "orthodox" theology - especially in my denomination, unfortunately. The symbol representing Lutheranism and a radio show, as such has nothing to do with sun worship.


ar said...

Papa, unless you can tell me rome is anti-christ, i believe i have to call your symbol luciferian. If you didn't know, is one thing; but to keep on with it is not good.

Albert Mackey, a 33 degree mason, reveals that:

"The point within the circle is an intresting and important symbol in Freemasonry.... The SYMBOL IS REALLY A BEAUTIFUL BUT SOMEWHAT ABSTRUSE ALLUSION TO THE OLD SUN-WORSHIP, and introduces us for the first time to that modification of it, among the ancients as the WORSHIP OF THE PHALLUS."

Albert G. Mackey, A Manual of the Lodge, (New York: Charles E. Merrill Company, 1870, p. 56.


Papa Giorgio said...


Quoting Mackey or Pike does not prove a conspiracy theory? The Apostles thought the end would be in their time, people at various times and places since then as well (there are a myriad of historical instances of people going to hill tops dressed in white to await His 2nd Coming). The Reformers (Luther, Zwingli, etc.) all thought that the Pope was the anti-Christ and that Christ was going to return in their time, and used Scripture and history to prove it. I think Christ will return in my lifetime (soon) as well, and I believe that I have more Scriptural and historical points to prove my point (except, the Reformers were singing praise songs as they were burned at the stake).

I look at this whole panoply of history and see God keeping us looking out the window for our Master while the other slept (Mark 13:33-37). I consider it one of the great miracles that God can keep me watching with the intense way He does, like He did the Apostles and Reformers... albeit this may be the only category I am in similitude with them on (*smile*).

I think Rome may very well be the seat of the False-Prophet. I think the history and theology of the Roman Catholic Church (and in some fashion, the other Orthodox faiths like Eastern Orthodox, Coptic, and the like) are ripe for a power grab when it comes.

But so what if I am wrong? Eschatology is liquid and has nothing to do with me being saved or Rome worshiping the sun. I have a better quote for you, and it comes from my copy of Morals and Dogma (I think you got your quote from Epperson? Am I right? He was one for CAPS instead of bold or italicized). At any rate, I will link the actual pic of the quote and add some stuff I have written on Masonry:



And from when I was fully into the whole thing:



ar, I understand the position you are coming from. (I think... you still seem to be muddled in your statements.) But so far you have used opinion and non-sequiturs to make your points? Take some time, look opver all my links again, and tell me why this view (conspiratorial view of history) might not be the "big lie" that could fool even the elect like some view the accepted story as the "big lie" that could even fool the elect.


Papa Giorgio said...

. by the way ar, my copy of Morals & Dogma come from a night I was a bit drunk and I climbed up a fire-water line to a fire escape, which then allowed me access into a Blue Lodge where I got this copy of Morals & Dogma, which was signed by many 32-degree and 33rd-degree Masons. It was eons ago and of course this seminary grad would never do such a silly thing again (drunk in public AND essentially breaking and entering [the window was open]). But, it is one of those stories in the pocket book of my comparative-religious studies:

Here are the signers:

Conservative Black Woman said...

PG & AR~ Would the two of you be interested in doing a podcast with me on the subject of "Conspiracy Theories real or imagined?" I haven't done a podcast on blogtalk radio in about a year but I think this would be a great subject to explore. If so, contact me via email I believe you both have my email address.

ar said...

Son, you yourself are proof you have not done your history lessons.

"I think Rome may very well be the seat of the False-Prophet. I think the history and theology of the Roman Catholic Church (and in some fashion, the other Orthodox faiths like Eastern Orthodox, Coptic, and the like) are ripe for a power grab when it comes."

Concerning the False Prophet; You are the false prophet. (Bet you didn't expect that to come your way.) Denying Rome the beast, anti-christ says so.

Rome rules this world, she rules your thots and mine. We are born into rome and live as roman pagans and do not recognise that it is so.

How can you claim to know your bible and not know that? The bible is very specific on that subject. To say otherwise is false.

Albert Pike defined the language and symbols of Luciferian worship and your government sits 24/7 at the CAPITOL under the hive dome requesting Lucifer's acknowledgement; of each of our so-called presi-dents look-alikes. The DC complex is a Luciferian design thru and thru. go do some more reading.

It is Rome. The current Inquisitionor is Benedict of the Joe kind. Want a picture of him in Hitler's youth camp. Have you been in rome's documents and compared them to the bible - at all, yet? Are you going to?

And, please stop telling me how much you know. I know how much you know from your thots. It's why i say something. I don't believe you've done enough looking around, yet. I hope that means you're about to. otherwise, I'm not giving out history lessons, i suck at it. I tell you. these facts are out there to read. Not putting them with scripture, gets anyone in trouble.

Yes, and even the controllers of the controllers have controllers. The bible explains it; Rome is everything in opposition to truth so we get the Jesuits running the country.

I don't like where you are coming from and i've called you false. Now, i haven't read but a couple things on your site because the first flags went up for me right away for false information, so, i said somethin. Give me some time and i will go over what you have posted to.

I'm gonna hate it if you're worshipping lucifer too.

Free Masonry NEVER mentions the fact they worship SATAN not the Lord God. sAtAn, saturn.... BOOO!

Papa Giorgio said...


Again, with your yoda'isms?

I asked a question of you. Did you get your quote from Epperson? Those capitals do not exist in the original text. So the question is -- almost in response to your statement ("I don't believe you've done enough looking around...") -- did you quote a source in the source? Not only that, was I right about the source quoted? If right, and I know I am, that should amaze many here... in that, I have knowledge of many of the main books, sources, and authors you have been influenced by. (Again, this doesn't make what I say correct or true, but it should serve as a rejection of any doubt about how much I have studied this topic.) And people like myself were influenced by. Thus already preempting your statment that you don't know if I have studied enough on the subject. At one of my links I give a short visual of the books I read on the topic cover-to-cover:


ar, these pictures of the books are my scans from my scanner... I didn't hunt around the net to copy n' paste their URL's.

As for me being the False-Prophet, I disagree. Paul mentions this battle a bit in Romans chapter 7 (the old-man living in death, the curse, or law). He finishes this exhumation of his (and my) psychology, and ends with Christ overcoming this in us (we are dead men brought alive by the finished work on the Cross). We, being born again, are lifted above the world's adherence to determinism and we can rightly judge what is true... not in our own works or understanding, but through what God accomplished for us in order to bring Glory to Himself. He is the author of "us" as well as the author of history.

He will cause all things to work out to Good. So all the evil and collusion you see will ultimately glorify God in the Highest, bruising the head of Satan because he and his works are a mere footstool to His plans and control.

You seem to be trapped in the world rather than allowing God supremacy in your viewing history and Lordship in what He has accomplished in your life and His defeating death. Read Romans 6 slowly and methodically. It is an amazing piece of theology. I would even recommend getting a good conservative commentary on Romans and dig deep into Hebrews and our position in God's eyes and how we can view and communicate with truth and the world.

Simply painting me a false-prophet and saying that my information on eschatological versions of premillennialism is any better than amillennialism or other views of the "end-times" (whether fully fulfilled in the past or are yet to be accomplished in the future, or mixture of the two) is not understanding proper theology.

Papa Giorgio said...


Oh, I forgot... "Lucifer'ism" is really a form of Gnosticism -- as one of my posts makes clear. Persons's who do not know realize that Mason's are really Gnostics of old hurt their ability to effectively witness to such person's. Secondly, you should purchase and read a book by David Barton entitles "The Question of Freemasonry and the Founding Fathers." Your assertion that D.C. has in its architecture Masonic and Satanic symbols is shown to be sooo juvenile, that my jaw hit the floor for a couple of reasons when I read this short book: 1) I use to believe the same; and 2), even after years of refuting such claims... I am still amazed to learn how wrong I was. Me, wrong.

Any un-biased person reading about this via this mentioned book will wag their head at the asinine assertions made by such statements. (Markings on our dollar bill, etc.) And yes, they are asinine, once you do enough research ar.

Any specifics yet that you feel comfortable in defending ar?


ar said...

I don't why you're so bothered by the quote. The site i linked to, is one of hundreds that say the same thing.

My remarks concerning your knowledge of these things, were very sarcastic, indeed. I was amazed you didn't finger Rome as the responsible party for ushering in Lucifer, is all.

There, you kept me from my day's work or, more than half. The sun is up till 10 pm at least, so, no matter. it's AK.

thanks papa.

Papa Giorgio said...


Please be more specific. When you say Rome, do you mean Roman Catholicism?


ar said...

Papa, Vatican Rome, Vicarius Filii Dei.

ar said...

papa, thanks for your input and expertise, as far as it goes. I say; as far as it goes because, as you say, I haven't done enough research and i first believe everyone lies, or is hiding something.

I'll keep up with my reading and see if all roads still lead to rome and lucifer and say so.

As far as the cfr and all the other anti-organisations, their origins are aiding in taking america down, is why i post it.

So, I've been checking out your spot over there. It's nice. Has great information. I checked out the radio station. Great message there. The speaker attributed today's mind-set (world) as being Gnostic in nature. Very true. Too bad i can't orate as well, so I blather it here. CBW is a saint.

It's fair to say I jumped on your back quickly with ass umptions, plural, that is; i misread you. Sorry for that.

Perhaps it's me, but i got the impression from you, you didn't give much claim to the notion of leaders worshipping "other Gods".

It's been my contention the Jesuits control rome via free masonry and free masons worship who, papa?

Papa Giorgio said...


Masons, like Mormons, do not worship the sun or the sun god as a whole. The Bible is quite clear that those who are not Christ followers, are pagans. So the Mason, Mormon, Islamist, Jehovah's Witness, Unitarian, Buddhist, etc., are all pagans. There are unsaved persons in my denomination, Evangelism... they are really pagans. In other words, they continue to rebel against their Creator. Please, start here, with David Barton's book:

The Question of Freemasonry and the Founding Fathers.

Then move onto some other books that take a position counter to yours. Then move on to:

Conspiracy: How the Paranoid Style Flourishes and Where It Comes From, by Daniel Pipes

I am headed out, but those are two good resources that one should get into to provide balance and debate.


ar said...

Speak to me wise one. After your return.

Who do the free masons worship?

Who does the Vatican await?

Who do you suppose is drunk with the blood of the saints for her sun day latin whoredum?


Rome Vatican.

(in case you didn't know)

You are right; in that the average mormon, or whatever, doesn't know what's going on.

Papa Giorgio said...


Who does the Green Peace activist who is a skeptic serve, Lucifer. Who does the Feed the Children 20-year volunteer serve who is a Buddhist, Lucifer. Before we were saved from ourselves we worshiped ourselves in some way, the lie in the garden.

Do you go to church on Sunday ar? Curious... do you not go because it is a day named after a pagan concept? Do you go to church on Saturn day? Do you offer work to a system you think is pagan on Moonday?

I think the Catholic Church may very well be the Whore of Babylon, but, I think they killed the least on Sunday... which makes Sun-Day the preferable day to hang out with the Whore of Babylon as compared to all the other days.

You know, the people the Catholics killed the most have a history as well of killing Jews, do you think they [the Jews] reject the Reformers and Christianity because they worship on Sun-Day?

How about James and the other Apostles? They would witness on the Temple mount to their fellow Jews on Saturday, and meet on the first day of the week to worship Jesus.

Curious how far you take your phobias.


ar said...

My phobias follow me to your last comment.

The Catholic Church is way different than Vatican Rome.

The Reformers did not worship on Sun day.


Papa Giorgio said...


I thought your first comment was humorous. I hope you meant it that way and are having fun exploring this (these) concepts.

I didn't understand you last post and comment fully, but that is fine. Having studied church history at seminary and by going to a Lutheran seminary I especially studied the Reformation. Just in case there was any doubt, Sunday was the day persons met for "church" from the brother of Jesus on.

The link was to the belief that world domination is possible. (Man is too selfish and fallen for this to work, I am referring to the book, New World Disorder, by Ken Jowitt.)

Your link[s] was [were] disturbing. The first link (in the list of links) was almost racist? Mind you, I am a Larry Elder and Thomas Sowell junkie and they deal with black-on-black and black-on-white crime quite a bit -- especially Larry Elder. But this story,


Is disturbing to say the least. AR, this stuff is polluting your mind brother. I would be concerned less with Huckabee's faith, and truly understand yours in light of history, theology, and truth... not conspiracies.


Papa Giorgio said...


I do have to say, though, your extreme "Jesuit Conspiracy" thoughts and the amount of control the Vatican has in mankind's past and future is a new one on me. I have read conspiracy authors for years and met some of the leaders in this area at seminars (Ron Paul, Ezola Foster, etc.), but this extreme Jesuit control is funny. WHich reminds me of the list I compiled of what various conspiracists said was seen flying into or what they think they can prove flying into the Pentagon (taken from my blog):

I have heard in debates and theories about the Pentagon that:

* an A-7 hit the pentagon with a pilot flying;

* without a pilot (remote control);

* an A-7 firing a missile just before it hit the Pentagon with a pilot;

* and an A-7 without a pilot firing a missile just before it hit the Pentagon;

* a cruise missile, three cruise missiles;

* and A-10 hitting the pentagon with a pilot;

* and A-10 hitting the Pentagon without a pilot;

* and A-10 hitting the Pentagon firing a missile with a pilot;

* an A-10 hitting the pentagon firing a missile without a pilot;

* a UAV hitting the Pentagon firing a missile;

* a remote control Boeing 757 without people on board;

* a Boeing 757 with pilots and no people;

* a Boeing 757 without pilots but with sedated passengers

. . . . etc., etc..

These views are so liquid and applicable, that they describe nothing, as I said before.

ar said...

Thanks for the response. we are in disagreement but that's what this is all about - exposing lies and getting to the truth.

I'll apologise again for any disrespect i showed to you. I would rather say something and be wrong than say nothing at all. I expect the same in return.

I didn't know anything about the Vatican's filthy Jesuits either - 'til about two years or so, ago. Since then, I have come to hate her and her oppressive death doctrine. She is the Enemy. She is that great city and she will burn in hell for it.

Ron Paul, as far as i know is not a conspiracy author. He may be in agreement with it but he authored nothing of importance in that respect.

I'm sorry you feel that way about someone of such little education as myself. You have stated so and that is in the past. Let's get the future in hand, for Christ's sake. There is an enemy a-foot and i want to expose it.

If you want to remain in mockery, fine, see ya, closed minded fool. OOOOOps, i slipped again. i'm sorry.

ar said...

The Secret Behind Secret Societies


(103 minutes)

Papa Giorgio said...


A recent debate on Obama's Birth Certificate:



ar said...

Thanks, PapaG.

For consideration;


Papa Giorgio said...


Considered... and rejected.

While I believe that Danial (Ezekiel, Isaiah, etc) will be culminated, maybe even soon, Veith is way, way off with his wanting to date all this stuff and make the Bible fit his timing.

Charles Taze Russell (the founder of Jehovah's Witnesses) was influenced by such Adventist thinking and took these - almost exact thinking - and mentioned these dates were the second coming of Jesus... eventually being moved to 1914 in the 1950's.

All your views are now understood in the paradigm of Adventism, now there is some symmetry to my thought about our past discussions. I also suggest the following books, the first three by an ex-Seventh Day Adventist pastor:

Truth Led Me Out, by Dale Ratzlaff

The Cultic Doctrine of Seventh-Day Adventists: An Evangelical Resource and an Appeal to Adventists, by Dale Ratzlaff

Truth about Adventist "Truth", by Dale Ratzlaff

It's Ok Not to be a Seventh-Day Adventist, by Teresa Beem

More books and a very important DVD can be found here:


DVD - a must buy ar


Papa Giorgio said...



Here are two presentations for you to study and watch. The first is by Dale Ratzlaff and is very important. The second is just an old debate (classic Walter Martin), I will add some stuff throughout time on this subject.



ar said...

I see you've considered and rejected.

I have considered Rome's announcement concerning Protestants. There are going to be none left.

I agree with Rome. Anyone worshiping on sunday is Roman Catholic and belongs to rome And will be saved from death.(her death)

The True Protestant follows the bible Only and worships on saturday. All others are roman catholic and belong to her.(her words)

Rome's mark is Sunday. A tradition. None scriptural. (her words)

I have heard, grew up in, heard again and hear over and over again the Grace message. I get the same response every time and i'm sick of hearing that we live in grace.

I understand that part just fine but why can't anyone understand what to do "in Grace"?

Faith- the hope of things unseen as though they were.

Is it faith that makes me believe the creation? Is it faith that shows me historical facts? The bible says seven days. One thru seven, period.

Is it faith that shows me evidence of a world flood?

Did I move from faith as a young boy to now believing historical facts? My faith in Jesus Christ has abounded tremendously and especially now, finding facts.

I am suggesting: not letting pride cloud judgement. Why is rome promoting one world religion?

Unity - catholic - ALL the same.

I'll go to the stake first and burn.

In case anyone is not aware, the burning of heretics is still on "the books" but all Romans are safe from the inquisition so set back and relax and watch the show.

Rome should be afire soon. Jump in and help anytime. thanks.

Papa Giorgio said...


Back to rambling again - I see.


ar said...

Careful now. Rome vatican is the seat of oppression on planet earth and i hear no one preaching it. So, that tells me they either don't know or don't care or won't.

If they don't know, they must have forgot or were never "taught" it. I think they were made to forget with the Jesuit counter-reformation. You can't recognise it either; so, i asked you about rome being anti-christ.

From start to finish she contrives to do nothing else and who the hell knows it? I think the Jesuits succeeded quite well, in fact.

Papa Giorgio said...


Coo Coo for...



ar said...

And, you proved my point, again because you do not acknowledge it, or cannot acknowledge it.

ar said...

Anything new, Papa Gio?

Papa Giorgio said...

I am dealing dealing with a new case of roids this weekend... "God those enchiladas."

ar said...

Oh. Is that why can't speak? bwah ha ha.

ar said...

oops, I left YOU out, papa.