Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An Epidemic Of Terminal Ignorance

I ran across this article this morning and decided that it was worth re-printing. It was written by Alexander Massa:
There is an epidemic spreading like wildfire across America. No, the Centers for Disease Control hasn’t issued a warning for this outbreak. I assure you, it is all too real, and it is wreaking havoc across America on all fronts: social, economic, political, religious, and many, many others. What is this mystery disease I am speaking of?

It is ignorance ­ the most destructive disease of the mind, a deadly corrosion of our collective intellectual capacity. You may be thinking that while ignorance is certainly not a good thing, it really isn’t a disease. Oh no? Tell me, which has wrought more destruction and caused the downfall of America? Is it tuberculosis, or AIDS, or leprosy? No, it is ignorance.

I have seen this disease firsthand on many occasions. Whether it be shown in people who strain to remember who the Vice-President of the United States is, or those who have no clue what a Secretary of State is, it is the growing mass of ignorant individuals, and the overall ignorance of the populace, which are destroying our sacred Republic. The more stupid the population gets, the more ignorant the populace becomes, the more powerful our shady overlords becomeand the men pulling the strings behind the grand curtain just laugh in amusement. (emphasis added)

Yet, instead of rebelling against the chains that bind us, the American people seem more than willing to oblige their masters, and indeed, exceed their expectations as far as general idiocy and general compliance and submission are concerned. The ruling class is content with the conduct of the plebeians, and will continue to be as long as it suits their purposes. They have yet to crack down on the population, however, they most certainly seem to be preparing for that inevitability. One merely need to note the deadly militarization of our local police forces and the erection of much-rumored FEMA internment camps nationwide. (emphasis added)

When that fateful day comes, many Americans will finally snap awake. However, it will be far too late by then. Many debate today whether it is already too late to stem the tide of tyranny and terror and take back our Republic. I, for one, do not believe it it too late. However, we haven’t much time to spare, either.
The American people need to wake up, immediately, if they want to save their Republic, turn back their increasingly socialist economy, and regain their fast eroding Bill of Right rights. The oppressors of man have lit the fateful match, and it is now edging perilously closer to our Constitution. Whether two-hundred years of freedom and civil liberties go up in smoke is entirely up to you ­ the American citizen. The so-called common man. The stereotypical ‘Average Joe.’

The fate of America is not up to the elites. Our masters have only as much power as we allow them, and today the American people are being quite generous…others would suggest dumbed down and asleep at the switch. It is past time to remind those at the pinnacle of the societal pyramid who really is in control ­ who has the power over the destiny of this great nation of ours. It is us ­ all of us.(emphasis added)

Yet, we are not guaranteed such power. It can be taken from us as we are witnessing now. The elites do not fully hold the reins of power quite yet, but that dark day is just around the corner. The most heart-breaking part of this whole affair is that the transfer of power is being done willingly and with a smile. The elites and New World Order crowd are not ripping power out of our hands. Rather, we are peacefully, IGNORANTLY, transferring it to them. They don’t want bloodshed any more than you do. Indeed, violence would hurt their cause, for it would expose them to be exactly what they are ­ bloodthirsty tyrants. They would much rather the peaceful dismantling of the republican form of government than a bloody crackdown on the American people. (emphasis added)

So, are we going to allow them to take our rights from us without a fight? I sincerely hope not. In order to halt that, the American people are going to have to wake up from their ignorant, eternal slumber, and fast. It seems whenever the ‘Sleeping Giant’ is roused, he quickly goes back to sleep. That trend is deadly for the immediate and long term future of our nation. Unless it can be permanently reversed, there is no guarantee our Republic will be around much longer. Indeed, if the American people cannot sufficiently come to grips with the terrible reality we all face, namely the Zionist totalitarian tendencies of most of our so-called ‘elected’ leaders, the only guarantee that can be made is that our Republic will not survive.(Because I'm not sure what the author of this article means by the Zionist, I'm not co-signing that last sentences. But I will say that the terrible reality we face is that our government has been overtaken by globalist who wish to dismantle this Republic)

If you are not already informed of the dangers our nation faces, please take the time to learn about them. We are all, young and old, are counting on you. Only you can save the Republic and turn the tide for America. If you fail us in this, our finest…and, perhaps, last hour, you will hang your head in shame and regret for the rest of time. (Emphasis added)

As I said, in my view there is still time left, but the clocking is ticking ever faster.

So what will you do? Will you stand up for Liberty and all that America is supposed to stand for and fight for freedom? Or, will you continue to sit down and let the totalitarians run roughshod over you and your rights? It is in your hands now. The destiny of this country belongs to you. With great power comes even greater responsibility. Now, John Q. Public, let’s see just how responsible you are. (Emphasis added) (Source)


Janelle said...

Vote all pols in and out on a regular basis. It may not solve or resolve all the problems, but career politicians are not public servants. They are hyenas.

ar said...

For myself, i have found this particularly pertains to the younger people. No one is excluded of course but the younger ones have it the hardest, i think, because of their distance from our foundings' intent.

My friend Greg Farber posted this from John Taylor Gatto – Spinning Globe.

I taught for thirty years in some of the worst schools in Manhattan, and in some of the best, and during that time I became an expert in boredom. Boredom was everywhere in my world, and if you asked the kids, as I often did, why they felt so bored, they always gave the same answers: They said the work was stupid, that it made no sense, that they already knew it. They said they wanted to be doing something real, not just sitting around. They said teachers didn’t seem to know much about their subjects and clearly weren’t interested in learning more. And the kids were right: their teachers were every bit as bored as they were.

Please find the entire article here:


Anonymous said...

CBW - Is this Alexander Massa the 16 year old kid that posts frequently on a number of sites, including Nolan Chart???

When he uses the buzzword "Zionist", I take it to mean that he is perhaps a Jew-blamer or even a Jew-hater? If he is so, than he is a particularly dangerous breed of person who claims to be both a conservative Judeo Christian and an anti-semite. An impossible paradox. One cannot be a Christian and an anti-Zionist.

Anonymous said...

All is not lost; I think the Texas schools are trying to get in the American educational systerm about the founders original intent. The textbooks may get better information in them. David Barton from Wallbuilders was on the schoolboard and oversaw the new textbooks that might come out, and, Glenn Beck's founders fridays also helps--(I didn't know that there were blacks in out founding that weren't slaves!)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said June 25, 2010 10:45 AM:

"I didn't know that there were blacks in our founding that weren't slaves!"

With all due respect, you should know it. Or at least logically surmise that it would be so. Why? Simply because it should be a self-evident fact that not all blacks were slaves and not all regions and states of the United States allowed slavery at that time. We had black senators in the South in the civil war era, for pete's sake. And there were black property owners all over the continent.

Anonymous said...

We didn't know it anon June 26 because the schools wouldn't teach it. thanks to Dave Barton and wallbuilders, the truth is starting to come out. Also I would love to find out (since i'm black) why are so many of us have the surname of Washington (you could always tell if a person is black by that surname unless he changes it to some 'arabic type' name. i think the slaves that didn't have a last name took his because they knew he wasn't like these other 'crackers'. I heard that he even went broke taking care of his slaves, although i may be wrong. anon June 26, do you have any ideas about that?

ar said...

Aldous Huxley - The Ultimate Revolution (1962) pt.1/9


ar said...

Even the Troops are Waking Up.