Friday, June 11, 2010

Los Angeles Chapter of the NAACP Should Be Dissolved

The Los Angeles NAACP have made themselves look utterly ridiculous. So, now it's racist to utter the word "black" and "hole" in the same sentence? They automatically assume that the Hallmark audio card is saying "black whore"??? Talk about self-hatred and having an inferiority complex!!! Perhaps they were educated in the liberal run public school system and have never heard of the solar system or black holes.

I believe this is the most ignorant group of black quasi-socialist progressive fundamentalist racism chasers I've seen all year.

Hallmark was wrong to pull these cards from the shelves. They've been "punked".


Samuel Gonzalez said...

I linked to your post. Those people in LA are really stupid

Annie said...

Hey lady!! Haven't seen ya in awhile... always timely posts and very true. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That's so sad; of course I know what a black hole is I wish the NAACP would get more like Jesse Lee Petersen and BOND info.. Most of our problems are NOT race related as much as they think. I think those poor black kids were punked by not getting educated in ASTRONOMY,and probably a whole lot more

Anonymous said...

The organization has outlived its usefulness--unless they address the REAL PROBLEMS, and we know what they are.

Bill said...

Unbelievable and very sad for their sakes.Talk about shooting yourself in the foot and severely lowering their credibility all in one fell swoop! There was something else like this a few years ago when somebody used the word "niggardly" see:

Anonymous said...

These women hear their grandkids play that RAPKRAP and assume hole is 'ho. It's subconscious and poor black girls are getting this nonsense

Clifton B said...

Well said. I linked you at Another Black Conservative.

Anonymous said...

Well. Anything to get attention. Is it me or is it always the civil rights generation that seems to always cry wolve.

I linked you at:

Anonymous said...

with all the killings and drug crime going on btwn our black people,how does the naacp hve time to start dumb crap over a card 1 of their staff members clearly misunderstood?can you people get a life or better yet,how about you get out and help save 1?!!

JDarts said...

It is clear that this lady that lodged this complaint is either oblivious to the fact that there are such things as black holes in space (and by the way the whole theme of the card was about space and the universe) or has done so to inflame race relations intentionally. What next? Can't use the word black on any card because it means its racist? Thats where we are headed. NAACP needs to FOCUS... this will not only hurt them but ALL blacks. Its time for a changing of the guard at NAACP LA! Send this lady back to school and to a good race relations class... she is a discredit to ALL blacks. With rhetoric like this and after such a struggle with equality, its out of the corporate office and back to the cotton fields. What ever happened to responsible adults in our country?

ar said...

Do you think the NAACP knows what Saturnalia is? Or did they just happened to stumble onto Hell Marks promoting more ocult?

The front cover says it's time to let the WORLD know what's coming...

The inside says Not just the Whole World, the Entire Solar System...

Then, Watch Out Saturn! The Whole World is Yours.

If you notice the inside cover under where it says; watch out saturn, the drawn rectangle picture with Saturn, the Crescent moon and the Star above it are all representations of idol worship from pagan rome; still dominant today, obviously.

The Moon and Sun(represented by the star) you can find in Islam - just like rome, just like every "Religion" is man made and every "Religion", save Jesus Christ and the Bible, worship Idols, planets, pantheism, luciferian.

The little speaker for Hell Mark is probably paid some money, not much, for his "thinking" capacity.

So, we watch sociopathic tendancies from the NAACP stir the pot of confusion. It's become too obvious their agenda. Toss 'em out.

In case some folks haven't been paying attention, the Pooop in his luciferian worship of the bi-sexual moon come out on top of that one with so many gay. The Free Masons thru Albert Pike, figured out all the wright symbolism and right symbols for the Devil worshippers in rome and washington. That's Who they want coming and worship and these are the cats that have pointy ears and a tail, tale. In this case, Pink and Green.

Saturnia Brotherhood of Saturnalia from the House of:


Sun is Baal is Babylon and is whoredom. Come out of her.

Come out of her, by exposing her. The symbolism is how they know where each other is and to what extent the damage is by the numbers of symbols in one place, (that go unnoticed).

Grad, n. Informal. a graduate.
Grad, n. One hundreth of a right angle.

I'm curious, just where the degrees of Free Masonry actually begin toward illumination.

Anonymous said...

I know one thing: not ALL schools are beholden to the teacher unions (liberal education) only the schools with the majority of blacks and mexicans. When the public schools have more whites and asians, they have a more thorough education and not have this nonsense....I found our when my daughter went to a school that was more white and asian..her teachers had more detailed instruction and she was able to, finally to understand the curriculum. Anyway, these negros should know what blackholes are, they're old enough

ziggy said...

Hallmark should not have pulled the card. They should have explained what a black hole was and left the ignoramuses alone.(I wish somebody would be courageous enough to do so) Now if they are up to no good with all their symbolism like ar suggests, then no wonder they are quick to scamper. When you know you're doing wrong you won't stand for any scrutiny. Sometimes these disparate forces in society deserve each other.

Smile said...

Perhaps the only way to wake the foolish is for the vast majority of people to refrain from doing business with places like this. When the only customers they have is the naacp maybe they will realize that an explanation would have sufficed. They weren't doing anything wrong so this is just wimpy. No one, including the naacp, respects a wimp: a wimp can be pushed around.

Other places have cards and candles. I'd rather make my own!

ZionFulfilled said...

Isn't it amazing how these people get hyped over a card, but yet the rap industry is used in their machine to get black votes?