Monday, April 26, 2010

To Hell With Political Correctness

He says it all!


F. L. Anderson said...

I love this pastor. It's nice to see that I'm not the only Black pastor who feels this way.

Jean said...

I have been following Rev. Manning for a while, he speaks the truth.

I am a black Conservative woman who is part of the Tea Party movement, it is a shame when our own people refuse to open their eyes to what is going on around them.

I stop listening to a lot of the black radio shows because a lot of them preach hate, and division and our black people are full of more hate today since Barack Obama was elected president. I try to stay away from a lot of them, I try to help them to see the light and they get angry with me. You can take a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink, Hench a lot of our fellow black people.

ar said...

I told my friend to go to hell the other day - in a manner of speaking, using plain english. I wasn't being mean, i was fearful of my friends mind. All their words were the appropriate words of the day, yet their ideas coming to point reminded me of houses in the developement, lined up in rows, one after the other, all look the same - anonymous - just words; and oft times in peculiar places.

Like the false statement; Too many people in the world, followed by; Some have to go.

Funny how elitists will let on that man has no dominion over the animals while they try it on us.

I told my friend that Hitler hated certain people and got the go-ahead from rome to annialate the "undesired". And how does that work when it's time for the undesired to die for rest of us?

I wondered if they were going to be the first to go or if they intended someone they didn't have to look at, would be the "appointed" ones to drop out of existence for them.

I was quite offended by the nonstop anonymous rows of words and no truth coming from my visitor friend. Two hours. So, i mentioned Hitler and they finally shut-up. I couldn't tell if they were concerned for my thinking(probably) or their own, but at least they Shut the Hell Up.

I would rather have my friend mad at me than have them believing lies from the Club of Rome and not knowing truth - is what P.C. is about. Treading on, trampling under foot and destroying truth. Truth is hate to the P.C. righteous. They haven't figured it out yet or refuse to. We were all fed the same load of lies for a long time so let's keep speaking truth and helping our friends, neighbors find it.

Truth = Foreigners in Washington.
Truth = Marxist Foreigners in Washington.
Truth = The Pope wants it all so he can get his molesting ass onto the mount. (sorry for harsh words, is facist better? ha ha)

To Hell With the Originators of Oppression.

MrsGrapevine said...

He's not going to do a doggone thing. He's just going to ask for our financial support at the end. This blog is probably the most publicity he will get.

It was shameful when Jeremiah Wright used the podium as platform for politics, and even more shameful when this pastor does it.

'My house will be called a house of prayer"

ar said...

I didn't hear any politicing going on. He was telling the truth rather than swallowing the marxist crap from the foreign lawyers robbings US.

MrsGrapevine said...


We must have watched different videos if you didn't hear anything about politics.

JT said...

Who is this man, what specifically is he talking about, why is this the first I'm hearing about this lawsuit, and why do I feel so very very confused even after watching the video?

ar said...

Like i said; he was telling the truth. like it or lump it. i love this guy; just 'cause he's got a pair. First Man, i have heard in a long time. When this administration gets thru, it will be All of us people; together.

Still looking for sides? Grape?
waiting for a demoncrat and a reeppublicallucan? (blink,blink)

MrsGrapevine said...

@ AR:

I was never looking for party, my point all along is that your eyes are so open for Obama, but were so closed to Bush. Lately, you have been a lot more critical of Bush. (claps hands)

I am very familiar with this guy (Rev Manning), and I have heard him say things on the pulpit that will make Jeremiah Wright look like a saint. All you have to do is google him, and you will see

'My house will be called a house of prayer"

I would stay away from any preacher who lies in the bed with politicians. Was Rev Manning speaking truth when he was "endorsing" Hillary Clinton.

ar said...

Grape....", my point all along is that your eyes are so open for Obama, ..."

Can you explain what you meant by that remark? I'm puzzled.

Smile said...

As usual, great info. Thanks for your efforts CBW.

ar said...

So Grape's still rootin' for the great Oppressor tyranist and demonising Luciferian Barry Davis. Is that a correct Assumption on my part? Or are you just looking for a good argument?

My eyes are wide open for destroyers of the republic. Grape, you should figure out what a republic is and the difference between it and a demon-ocracy the demoncrats and repubicons are handing us each day and tell them to shove it, unless you already did. I can't tell.

As far as "My house" being a house of prayer goes, that includes works, right? so, to me that means exposing coruption - anything anti-christ like the president, his cabinet, many members of congress, the Hugely Tyranical Press/Media who should be the first to come to justice and point out the rest of the ties that bind fascism to american government via the Jesuits.

Controlling Rome Vatican, even. Controlling Washington thru the CFR, Bilderburg Group, United Nations, Bohemian Club, Club of Rome and the Tri-lateral Comm., Skull and Bones, that make up the Jesuit's Round Table for the sole purpose of destroying the reformers.

We americans, trying to hang on to our collective arses are the decendants of the Reformers that Rome is trying to Eliminate.

Inch by inch they have been removing Jesus, God from our daily lives, from K-1 to Georgetown Univ.

Filthy infiltraitors are the most chicken shits i ever did see. They can't stand toe to toe with one once of truth so i keep pointing fingers at 'em. Their mission is to hide everything they do because no one in their right mind would agree to it. When you point fingers at them they get scared and run 'cause they hate being NAKED.

If our generation doesn't know what a constitutional republic looks like, sounds like; how can they defend it if they don't know how to talk about it?

If we can't agree, washington Deceit is the enemy via the jesuits, someone is not doing their homework. Get busy. This would be a whole lot easier with everyone on board; or you agree with it. Other countries have those type policies; go there.

Anonymous said...

What is this mess? Working on fixing broken humanity and stop posting foolishness against the president. No, I am not an Obama fan nor am I a fan of politicians. However, people are so caught up in politics that they fail to see the conditions created by politics. Is he mad because he didn't run for president? What is wrong with this world? Atleast he attempted to resolve some macro-level disparities by his Universal Healthcare bill (highly recommended by sociologists and mentioned in William Julius Wilson's "When Work Disappears". It appears that many conservatives are very individualistic and do not wish to see change, but rather for things to stay the same (even with so much inequality). I guess individual success causes people not to see the rest of humanity suffering...or the reason for the suffering...

Anonymous said...

However, allow me to add this (and anyone can take it anyway they want)...I do not agree with abortion (I am pro-life) and I do not agree with gay marriage (based in scripture), however, I don't hate people. I hate division, racism, inequality, injustice, and anything that causes others to suffer. I am not liberal and I am not conservative. I may have some traditional values and some freely-expressed values. I am independent. I just find that so much hate has been directed at the president since the time he stepped foot in office. I think I'll just keep my eyes on the one who truly matters, because at the end of the day it sure won't be politics.

ar said...

ar said...

At the end of the day, the politics of this administration are evil; Rome rules the world from the United States Government by the Jesuit Order and the round table of Oppression upon us today, yesterday and tomorrow until every iota of protestantism is anialated, including our brain and it's capacity to reason.

At the end of the same day, should we tell the Lord it was all our own faults for the troubles we are in? If I had been a better christian - repent from my evil ways, this wouldn't have happened?

At the end of the day, politics comes looking like the Inquisition, unless we stand up point out the enemy in the White House. Jesus told his disciples anti-christ was present and working in their time and to EXPOSE it - Or, you agree with it.

It has absolutely nothing to do with Barry Davis or whatever his shittie little name is and his big big ears. I think he's funny lookin'. My opinion only. I listen to him, he's the man of the world that should get the most respect while bowing down? - it pisses me off for his blatant actions - they are on purpose to make me madder and madder. I wonder how mad he intends to make me, is all. He doesn't have a clue as to what's to the outcome.

Jesuits tell Rome; Rome tells POTUS, via the Arch Bishop of New York to Biden 33rd degree manson, satan worshipper, like Barry Davis.

The POTUS is a figure-head appointed to us as "Democrat or republican".

The reason SO much Hate comes Barry's way is his mouth orates against the republic and against God the creator. Read the damned AGENDA 21, Sustainable Developement! We have been called out - "the republic will be destroyed". And these actions have been going on since our inception and now, they look like it does today - headed for fascism. Folks if you are not interested in reading any of this crap... well, you're misguided, to say the least.

Since my early years, I've watched the progression come and fighted it many times, over and over again.

The same results: at most a slowdown of progressive actions and soon it's back to status quo, full speed ahead. More compromise?

Is it compromising to stand up and say stop with the oppressive policies? That when i awake in the morn', behind closed door sessions have added more secret agendas while i slept, my mistake, i guess.

Any one feeling they should have been a better christian is pussie whipped and trodden under foot by the one looking to have everyone bow to him self. The poo-poop a doo - self appointedness.

RiPPa said...

Hey CBW, how are you? Listen, I'd like to discuss a proposition with you as soon as possible. Can you email me at to discuss further?

MrsGrapevine said...


No, I just get tired of arguing with you over things I know are wrong. What this pastor is doing is wrong. What he does is wrong. I'm not searching for an answer, or away to justify his comments. I have seen his work in the past and he's a politician in the pulpit. It's has nothing to do with Obama, because he supported a liberal during election, Hillary Clinton.

He's not trying to expose truth, just because you agree with his words. He's controversial for the sake of attention and not truth.

So, I'll let you research and justify his comments. But as far me, he is just like what he claims Obama to be, a charlatan.

This is something will we never agree on, no matter what argument you try to come up with. This guy is not trying to fight Rome, he sends me e-mails asking for donations. Yes, I am on his mailing list. After I wrote him a letter about his comments, he added me to a mailing list in 2008. I am very much aware of his intentions.

MrsGrapevine said...


MrsGrapevine said...

So biblical....

I fail to see how calling a woman who has passed away and unable to defend herself biblical. I fail to see I how he is honoring God. I fail to see how this brings people to God.

There is no way, even if there is a grain of truth hidden in his speech will you convince me this is what a man of God is designed to do.

ar said...

Not much of an argument. The game is still the same grape. Create the crisis - all eyes on obama - while something else is going on.

Obama this and obama that while the republic falls. The next day and night continue into the same dailys, keeping the focus off the instigators - Jesuits and their legions infiltrated into all sectors of society. Planned, and executed near complete.

How mad is the Rev.? Is he actually mad? I don't think he's angry. I think he's lettin on what's been going on. Regardless, his reactions, like so many others' actions and reactions, my own included, sometimes end up in anger, or, at least appearing so.

Emotions are high, on the part of the Rev. because he wants to get his points across - quite vividly, i might add. But, like i heard somewhere; try the fish, but watch out for bones. (cbw)

Anyways, what the annialators of the republic has set forth to do to us is working as we hold anger at each other over progams forced upon us we did not desire nor vote for and we are taxed to impairment.

I found this today at Candid Conservatives, my friend Greg Farber posted it. He is a Truther and knows as i have come to know, foreigners have invaded the republic and aim to take it down - with their stupid progams. It's time to start laughing at them, i guess, nothing else works, so, har har ahar har.

Liberation Theology ... Islam .. and National Socialism

get yours today.

ar said...

This is the link to my last comment concerning Liberation Theology ... Islam .. and National Socialism

ar said...

"My house will be called a house of prayer".

Where is the house of prayer?

Constance Walden said...

I like your blog. It's very well put together, and I agree with your views.

I am a black conservative woman and a very new blogger. In my conservative opinion blog, the "Bloginnoggin" I express my political opinions as if they were a meal served up on a plate. Visit sometime, won't you?

Anonymous said...

I'm always watching Rev. Mannings videos. Something about him got my attention.

Beyond The Political Spectrum said...

Upon watching this video, it's reinforced my contention that the thinking, biases, and (lack of) adherence to true spiritual principles of "Christians" are the reason why we have so many atheists and agnostics (agnostics like myself). So much dogma corrupting clear thinking.

ar said...

As an agnostic, clear thinking should alude you as nothing of higher thoughts enters your perspective, then.

Agnostics, whether they realize it or not, believe. Why else would you shun from "church" and Christians THIS DAY and age; for what it has become - by design?

Beyond the political spectrum is impossible without due study of ancient history. True as it is in this day of confusion and lies and deceit, the bible is still used by archeologists for orientation of their findings. And History before Kings James 1611 bible and the Schoefield used by Luther in showing Rome's re-writing the bible to hide the TRUTH, broke minds free to think in the truth of things, broke minds free enough to reform and go to their death if need be, before bowing down to one idol - ever.

Is there a bible that does not have the creation story in it?

God made it All in six days then rested from his work. All done!

The rest of it is man's idea.

When Jesus replied to his deciple's marveling over the pretty building they used for church, he said in no uncertain terms, the building will go to the ground. Not one stone left unturned means you don't need the building. The temple He refers to is the temple within - mind, heart and soul.

Rome in Jesus' time was the same agnostic, atheitic words as today. It's the reason Rome took truth, handed it out as her own, made up her heirarchy for herself and we get agnostics shured up and sured up with no such thing as
God, Jesus Christ's redemption of mankind at the cross - we musta come outta a blob of goo but we can't find any of the millions of years of missing links is babel.

So, without knowing Rome..., rather, Rome has not the Truth. It is anti truth.

Jesus, the bible. The Old Testament points to the One coming, the New Testament points to the One that came - Jesus.

beyond the political spectrum, what if I'm wrong? What am I out, if we all end up in the same dirt?

Time will tell. Watch Rome and his self appointedness set his babylonian molesting hind-end in Jerusalem proper - will be a whole lotta shakin goin on. and what if it was near election time? well, we'll just have to read her newspapers and watch her tv so she can let us know what to do next.

ar said... Wonders

Anonymous said...

ar, Do you think Saul Alinsky who wrote Rules For Radicals, Luciferian? since he dedicated his book to Lucifer

ar said...

Oh, i'd say yes. It's the same principle as what satan himself used in the garden - whatever it takes... (blink blink) Know what i mean?

Jesuits' sworn blood oath - whatever it takes...

VATICAN to the protestants:
"They will reform or die."

Rome recognizes anyone going to sunday worship as roman catholic - hers. Rome also says that true protestants use the bible and saturday, we(rome) do not.

Rome's mark is her day of sunday. She calls it her day and her "tradition". Big clue is, tradition is man made and non scriptual and she admits it, also.

Heratics are the reformers she is still trying to kill. Funny, how much it sounds like Islam. Bet that's because rome invented it.

I guess the remnants still hold saturday as Holy. I try to be working at something sundays just to do the opposite of rome, yuk.

I have rethunk sunday worship because it's traces of roman paganism and - what a mess and benny dickteen the poop is not responsible.

They are completely right, he is not responsible. He should never be responsible for anything because he is incredibly discusting of mind and actions and refuses to stop it. Not that he desire it to stop, I doubt he does or why is it still going on since - time?

Whatever it takes, Expose Her.
Any pastors like to expose her that you know of? Can they point to her and say so?

ar said...

The Jesuit order was founded in 1534 by 2 Spaniards: Don Francis Borgia and Ignatius LIEola. One of their main goals was to end the hemorrhage from the church of Rome by getting the Protestant Christians to stop calling the Pope the Antichrist.

Well, ooooooooops. They are not done, then, because i still call the Pope Benedict the antiChrist; and I will call the Pope Benedict antichrist until Christ comes.


Joe Clyde said...

Just Dropping By to say hi.

Your Daily Race Seeking Black Male. :)

Anonymous said...

ar, since Jesus was resurected on the day AFTER the sabbath, [on the first day of the week,] people go to church on sunday,although saturday is fine if you want to.About Rome, i used to think you were a little off but did you hear what OBAMA CALLED JERUSALEM? it got me to think--I have a feeling GOD MAY ALLOW ANOTHER BLACK CLOUD COVER Europe before long.We need to pray for WISDOM

Anonymous said...

It's kinda scary when people vote on bills WITHOUT READING THEM!!I hope November changes some things. We need WISDOM

Anonymous said...

My thirs and last entry today::: WE NEED TO PRAY FOR OBAMA AND OUR GOVERNMENT. The US government is based on a system that allows us to critique and criticize. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson was at each others 'throats' but Benjamin Rush [a guy who brought bibles to the US called for prayer} and one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, called for prayer. Not only did they make up, they died on the same day July 4, 1825.(unfortunatly, it took a war to get rid of slavery). Some blacks (depending on where you were got Costitutional rights but most did not

ar said...

"The Bible apparently indicates that very near the end of time, the Pope will actually quit Rome, and move to Jerusalem, in order to exercise control over the glorious holy mountain of God, which is the explicit stated goal of Satan.

Isa 14:13, 14.

Ezek 8:16 And he brought me into the inner court of the LORD'S house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of the LORD, between the porch and the altar, were about five and twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of the LORD, and their faces toward the east; and they worshipped the sun toward the east.

Fullfilling God's profecy, Rome changed times and seasons. Sun day is latin and refers to what it is. Same thing applies to Moon day. Roman traditions; very different than Scripture. On the seventh day was the day God made holy and sanctified and it has nothing to do with the jews' day. They didn't learn it till after coming out of egypt with the mighty Moses, crossing over the red sea, pissing and moaning the whole way and taught them the sabbath, there, in the mannah - it fell forty years.

The creation story is or is not true. There's no half way. I have read all there is, nearly on rome's history, her symbology, her claims of Ruler replacer of God on earth. That would be VICARIUS FILII DEI.

Please spend the boring awfully so long (yawn) reading of who the hell is slaughting innocent blood and why she wants you hers on her day. If you can't find the part where she calls sunday goer to churchers her roman catholics, let me know, i missed it.

Any real protestant worships on saturday - Rome said so. They are heretics according to the heretical farce herself. Rome is complete anti-everything christ and calls the ones that go by the creation days, heretics. The completed lie calling God a lier.

If she says sun day and you like it, go nuts. I hate her so; I make sure to work sonday just so I do the Opposite like she is.

He made every day and really gets off on folks that remember He made every day. He does this real big bless thing and next thing ya know Rome is completely naked. They hide in Washington and shit on us from there. It's getting damned old. But do the reading and the end cheers you up. Turn off the tube.

Martin Luther said anti-christ. I do too. Any pastors pointing fingers, yet?

Anonymous said...

I've heard the sun day argument before THATS ENGLISH in SPANISH , saturday is SABADO which means sabbath but in spanish sunday is DOMINGO which means the LORDS DAY English doesn't come close to it since it is more 'pagan' sounding.Thats why i like the seventh day, or 'the eighth' day. Many Jewish holidays have eight days like Hannikah for this reason. I love going to church on the sabbath sometimes or the lords day, [it has nothing to do with rome]

Anonymous said...

ar, you need to submit more to the Holy Spirit and that way, you would have more fruit, you using bad language sounds rather worldly. Im glad you're a creationist though. .I don't like what rome does all the time either but you need to look into the new testament once in a while

Anonymous said...

monday--moon day and lunes BOTH MEAN the moon just like left is SINISTER in latin(thats why they tried to force kids to write with their right hands) if you could write with both hands, they would call you AMBIDEXTEROUS meaning two 'right hands' etc. The left is acting awfully sinister these days

ar said...

Talk to me in a year or two; after you have read everything you can get your hands on about the land you grew up in - Rome. Born to rome; think like rome. romans

When Moses brought the children out of Egypt, they had forgetten just like today, now, here. He, the Lord, for forty years, showed it to 'em.

Here we are again, barely can remember - but a few still do.

My worldly words is truth from my fleshly lips and there'll be more of it, i suspect. I can't transport thots, yet. gov't maybe can but not me. So, i work with what i got.

Viewing it from the heavens and looking down on the earth, God would see everyone so busy going to buildings on the first day of the week when he said the day before. It's the repeat of the bible where every time the children got lost - meant they were with rome on sunday worship - and He came in and saved them and showed WHAT days He said to remember for all generations.

You should put your holy spirit new testament and match it with the showing of the coming of the law and repent. The fruits of my labour are forth coming, unless you're not going to read all that stuff.

I'm just slappin your hand. but what's the reformation but lost...

I'm also going to yell a little louder now that i know you haven't been reading it because it points, just like the new testament does, to rome anti christ and the bible says; about all that: EXPOSE it, so I am.

Rome's perfect law; political correctness from his self-appointed erectness. Rome sent her army and made us forget. If we don't forget... did you read that part?

ar said...

EJP (Eric Jon Phelps) Replies to Christ Strunk on Pastor Manning’s Church-Trial of President Obama.

CIA Columbia Obama Trial - Guilty Verdict Press Conference.

Sicily said...

"I am fed up with what has happening within the black community. Too many of our families are broken, too many of us are morally degenerate and too many of us are willing to blame all of our pathology on slavery, George Bush, the Republican party or anything but our failures as Parents, Husbands, Wives and Christians."

Hey sister, you want to network with other black women and vent your frustrations, discuss solutions for the state of the bc, give this site a try:

Nice postings btw, I think we all (african-americans) share a frustration w/ the state of the bc and the behavior of some individuals...its a sad thing.

Craig D said...

WOW! I can't believe my ears! Barack Hussein Mack Daddy Obama? I'm surprised that Pastor Manning isn't ALL OVER Fox News! Exactly what is this "pastor" so mad about? What has Obama done to enrage this guy? We can disagree w/Obama as I do on a few things but this sort of rhetoric doesn't help anything?

It's tragic that we are being dumbed down to the point that we allow someone else to think for us. On the few occasions that I listen to Limbaugh, Hannity or Beck the message is all the same! Anyone with a (R) behind their name is the "good guy" and if you have a (D) you're the enemy! RI-DAMN-DICU-LOUS! We are being played people! Limbaugh made over 50 million last year, Beck 37 million! If "Pastor" manning keeps this up he'll be in the millions! Keep pimpin pastor!!

ar said...

"It's tragic that we are being dumbed down to the point that we allow someone else to think for us."

Craig is asleep at the wheel and claims the road moved and made and accident.

Obamao is a COMMUNISTS, Craig, FACIST like you are. So, that's how you think you think.

Puppets for the POOP Benedick anyteen and younger. keep up with the lies craig, the crook commander in charge loves you.

ar said...

Who Controls The World? Illuminati, Jesuits, Bilderberg, Church, Skull, Religion.

Speak Jesus'name and watch and listen to P.C. indoctrinators'reactions. They hate because of lies but think it to be truth.

Point out lies. Tell the truth. Expose coruption.

ar said...

Anonymous said...
ar, you need to submit more to the Holy Spirit and that way, you would have more fruit, you using bad language sounds rather worldly. Im glad you're a creationist though. .I don't like what rome does all the time either but you need to look into the new testament once in a while

Well, thank you. I have committed the new testament to memory and the old one is near finished. Them lineages are a real bitch, sometimes.

During most of my readings and memory lessons, i come to realize some of the characters in the bible had no BALLS at all because someone else did their thinking for them.

God didn't give a shit if Abram lied. He didn't give a rat's ass that Moses killed someone. I bet some of the "fishers of men" had choice language on the boat before Jesus showed up and especially with NO fish, damn it.

Maybe my mouth talking bad language sounding worldly is aimed at worldly people. Maybe it's aimed directly at you. It's been very apparent most people are ASLEEP or believing lies - same thing.

It's nice that a few words can be put together and they card ar on his holy spirit being in the wrong place or no place while the same sleeper arrives at nothing to say concerning the ones responsible for the current state of "thinking"; as we suppose it to be.

"Oh well, the Lord will take care of it..." pisses me off to no end and is why i think heavenly boundedness sucks. I want to be told the truth.

What happens when you worship a male/female idol a thousand years?

Does it affect one person or all persons or just a bunch of people?

What happened waaaaaaay back in the day if you lied?


So, indoctrination causes laziness? Is that what keeps our mouths shut up?

Anon yourself and get a line or two and point to your murdering enemy pope and show us where his holy spirit ought to be. In my mind, you would be full of the Holy spirit, dear, and overflowing - PRAISE THE LORD, GOD ALMIGHTY, A VOICE!

ar said...

OTM invasion.

I lived in Sierra Vista.

Anonymous said...

Jean (apr 27) I know youre right....these movements are NOT about redneck racists taking revenge because a black man is president..Its unfortunate because he seems to not have the experience of a statesman (i think Clinton and sometimes Bush) were somewhat similar with the experience..I'm glad Allen West in Fla is running for senate. It shows that our people have more than one side

ar said...

Dennis Prager Q & A At University of Denver

ar said...

Warning, cbw, if folks are unaware, this is what happened to BP's drilling deep - toxins are coming out into the air. warning.

Alex Jones with Lindsey Williams.


and why oil plumes twenty miles away. Too deep, too much pressure?