Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Left vs. Right Paradigm.......hmmmmmm

Alex Jones who I've been listening to quite a bit of late discusses the left\right paradigm. As much as I'd like to reject Alex Jones as a "conspiracy kook" it's difficult as his assertions are generally pretty plausible. Like most people, I like the "good" guys and the "bad" guys clearly defined in my mind. Accepting that the ideologues on the left and the right really aren't so different at all and that "We the People" are mere pawns is pretty unsettling (at least for me.....)


Ron said...

I know what you mean - I keep wanting to dismiss the 'InfoWars-Guy' too, but he's just un-crazy enough to keep me checking back...

Also - I was reading some comments on another post - are we sure that 'Kid' isn't really UpTownSteve? (Tom-this and tom-that)

Come on by & throw me some comment-luv, hey?

Anonymous said...

that's the problem with you righties anyway. always trying to make things absolutes and hating nuance with gusto!!

Ron said...

'Nuance' is one thing - in fact real nuance is just 'detail'...

While overt, unnecessary and deliberate 'nuance' is just self-absorbed affectation.

Got no use for that at all.

Yup - hate it with gusto and mustard on the side.

taipan55 said...

I've never been much into Alex Jones or any other conspiracy-theorists but he's bringing out something here that I'm beginning to notice more and more as I've watched the rhetoric and policy implementation from the left and the right over the years. I've heard several discrepancies in what was being said by the same people based on who was in office at the time. For a minute I thought it was just me and I couldn't quite put my finger on it enough to bring it up with anybody else. To Alex Jones' credit I believe that he's done a pretty good job of showing that we need to be more discerning in order to not become a part of the very real left/right paradigm. Like Alex, I too hate being put into a box and prefer the freedom of calling it like it is no matter who's in power at the time. I hold them ALL accountable ALL the time! I don't give Dems or Reps a free pass and I try to use to use Reagan-Conservatism as the standard to measure things by. The moment that we stop thinking because we think we are on the "right" side and no longer need to question what we hear or see before us, is the moment that we begin to lose our freedoms! Thanks CBW for posting what is probably a slightly disturbing notion for many!

ar said...

Mr Jones is correct. He has linked some ties to some appropriate places but one in particular that is not mentioned is rome (vatican), the most influential political entity, masked as a church, on planet earth. Responsible for every president since FDR and the big crash - rome got rich... yup, i read it and you can too. Still like the two-party magic act? I don't. They have been found out.

You can believe whatever you like. God, is the History of the Ages to REMEMBER. We forgot and here rome is in our lap in washington. i rephrase; it was taught away from us on purpose. You can read it for yourself.

Probably one of the most Famous topics of our time, but really lousey reading.... that's why no one will.

Next, rome will want a day of Rest for the Nation, at least. Have you noticed all the demoniations taking her hand? Do not change or think to change God's Law by having a world day of rest; no, no.

He did that once on the seventh day of creation and everyone believes the bible tells them it's sunday. Rome said sunday. God never did. You can read it for yourself. Start in Genesis.

I think our timing is off and we have some work to do in recognizing our true enemy because HISTORY was taken away by rome for a purpose.

ar said...

Cbw, I pause at some things i say here because they are unsettling. I have dug into this stuff for only two years and my nerves have had a rattling to the core.

Unbeknownst to most americans, this war of the minds has been a long time coming. Alex and others who are Conspiracy Truthers are trying to tip us off. These are not conspiracies any more.

If people understood their enemy some, or better yet, completely, this would not have happened to the extent it has.

I have read extensively how rome was involved even in our founding and is today the dominant force to be reconded with - world wide.

I will say again, Kennedy knew rome and lost his head for it.

We have all watched various leaders thru out the world bow-down to the manpope. It is not meant to be a jesture of kindness. In that bowed position, it shows loyalty to the one being bowed to. No one has escaped thus far. Obama did a good job bowing just like all the rest have done.

Getting our hands on the bad guys becomes all apparent when you know who and where it all comes from.

The extent of rome's Self appointedness comes from the 30 million decrees she has made for herself; setting herself higher and higher and taking more and more by order of the Jesuits behind closed doors - day and night, night and day. Toiling in the dark of night.

If a link is preferred for some reading, not enjoyable at all, I can provide a paragraph or two or 300 thousand paragraphs. Rome lit a match to that thing we had for a constitution/declaration. To me, it is no small thing that this has happened. Yet, because i have seen it take place over time, it is clear; chrystal clear, who the enemy is.

She bought off everyone and/or blackmailed them - what ever it takes - however long, too.

If some of your representatives seem apprehensive to voice their ideas and opinions, think about it. They probably know the consequences... You can't be involved in politics with out knowing the entity from foreign soils running america.

This stuff is very unsettling at first. In time it will let you get a better glimpse of what the hell is happening to us. We people, the ones paying the bill will see the folly in giving them the rest of our money - so it can be used against us, yup. all day.

It is not as bad as it sounds. Look how close to socialism we are. Just a few more steps away.

My money is on us. At the local level. Work, buy, trade, sell local where you know what you have and trust who it is. Us.

Constructive Feedback said...

I will have to get back to the conspiracy theory stuff. I do see, however, that there is a "team battle" mentality within the American Political domain.

Instead of being able to honestly discuss the critical issue at hand - IF LEFT UNADDRESSED WILL IMPERIL AMERICA - it is more important for the operatives on both sides to seek advantage for their own particular side.

As a Black man, however, I am most concerned about the forces that impact the Black community and thus I scrutinize the Democrats more. Whereas Malcolm X once said that Blacks are the football in the game between White Conservatives and White Liberals - many Black people have now used our opportunity to put on the uniforms and play in the game.

I look for DEVELOPMENT rather than mere SERVICING in the analysis of policy. This serves to split the difference with regard to the long term economic threats to America.

What good is it to get expanded Health Care IF at the end (in 30 years) the system goes insolvent and because you were content with "BEING IN RECEIPT OF BENEFIT" you failed to product a quadrupling of Black Physicians to provide medical services to your own communities?

Smile said...

I thought AJ was spot on here although no one is correct 100% of the time. That applies to AJ big time as well. We the people are responsible to familierize ourselves with our Constitution and gov't so as to recognize when it strays. We are supposed to contain gov't and not allow gov't to contain the people.

Great post and thoughtful comments. Thanks all around!

Anonymous said...

According to Alex Jones, supporting war is "going along with the program". I don't think so. Based on information available and the situation at the time, war is often the best way to deal with enemies. Supporting troop buildup, isn't a sign that those prominent folks on the right are part of some false paradigm.

Good for Alex Jones if he recognized this NWO plan prior to more mainstream folks. Any Christian worth their salt knew NWO was on the way. We can see the stage is far more set than it's ever been. Not everyone on the right would have believed this... Doesn't mean they are playing the American people as pawns.
I've personally heard Savage, Levin, Monica Crowley, sometimes Hannity, (don't know too much what Rush said about Bush, because I caught his show during the Bush era a handful of times, he was usually berating leftists)take great issue with Bush for his entitlements, immigration, and non-war growth of govt. They all supported the Iraq war essentially, I did too. So I don't agree with AJ that they save their criticism for the opposing party only.

Now, be careful with AJ. He has some good info to share for sure, but I came to the conclusion a while ago, while listening to him and watching Youtube videos about the plans of the NWO etc. that it was getting my focus on what satan(through man) is planning. The fact that some of you are now rattled with fear might tell you that maybe AJ himself might be working for somebody. Who is the author of fear? Has AJ offer any substantive action that we should take to beat these folks? No he doesn't. What listening to him does is get us wrapped up in an endless maze of suspicion and intrique. Personally, I take what's helpful and leave the rest. The Holy Spirit gives discernment and reveals on a timely basis. (I could see the rouse of PC, diversity training, interfaith movements. You know the real reason behind the push for these things if you are discerning.)

I was reminded to keep my eyes on Jesus by the Holy Spirit, and remember that God is working out his plan, not the NWO, they and the spirit that leads them in their planning WILL BE devoured in an instant by the breath of Lord Jesus. Sure it's going to get uglier than we can even imagine, but not for a minute am I giving these devil inspired people any power. Besides when you think of some of the plans they have such as a decrease in population, some of that is in keeping with what the word of God says will happen anyway. Point being, when stuff starts to go down, don't give undue power to these people, God is simply being God and staying true to his word.
We know the worldview on the left is destructive anti-freedom, anti-christ. We also know that those like Rush, Hannity, etc. aren't wrong in what they are saying, even if their commentary doesn't go into the realm of Alex Jones' type of commentary.

I give a tip of the hat to truth-bearers, with an eye firmly on the Lord, and an ear tuned to the voice of the Holy Spirit, because increasingly, many people that we think are right as rain, will be revealed to be just human. God bless Rush and co. but the spirit reminds me everytime to not put my trust in them. I think we know the heat is going to get turned up high in coming months and years, may God give them the strength to stand with integrity, I know many will not, that includes Alex Jones.

Digital Publius said...

CBW, I am very glad that you are back in action and this post is an example of why I find your blog invaluable. I have never listened to Mr. Jones before, but I find that he is awakening something that I have allowed to go dormant because the agenda of the left has been so overwhelmingly egregious. I hope you don't mind, but I am going to use this video as a jumping off point for my next post on DP!

God's blessing on your head sister!

ar said...

The left and the right paradigm is called COMMUNISM. Remember that old word? And Gorbechev; where did all the commies go after the Wall got torn down, Mr. Gorbechev?

Why, they were brought to america where all the hard working people are making money and giving it to foreigners acting as Federal Reserve, IRS, and your tax dollars have been funding nothing but the insides of these peoples' pockets.

The scenario is similar in the cable tv business. Count the amount you pay each month and multiply it by the number of people with cable - each month.omg.

The figures are astronomical. Do the same with your taxes you have been paying and multiply that amount by the numbers in your town or city and adding it up.omg.

In other words the amounts of moneies taken from each of us far surpasses any dollars that could be spent in that amount of time.omg.

The crooks and foreigners doing this to america are CROOKS AND ROBBERS IN YOUR HOUSE.

DRAIN THEM DRY! I tell no lie.


This video is two hours long. The point made is in the first few minutes. omg

There are NO AMERICANS in Washington Deceit. NONE

they are foreigners. If you haven't figured it out, then my statements are true. They did what they said they would do and no one is the wiser.

Government does not work for you; it will not work for you; it is over-run with communists posing as administrators of the largest heist in all of mankind - YOUR money and mine. It is why Russia shut up for so many years; lining her pockets at your exspense.


ar said...

"I look for DEVELOPMENT rather than mere SERVICING in the analysis of policy. This serves to split the difference with regard to the long term economic threats to America."



ar said...

Accepting that the ideologues on the left and the right really aren't so different at all and that "We the People" are mere pawns is pretty unsettling (at least for me.....)

Ideologues were different and more so, earlier in america. A lot of finger pointing can be done there, as far as party-swapping roles go but if I remember correctly; For God and Country was understood, generally, at least.

And distance from those times indicates compromise may be taking it's toll. I believe it to be true that we honored God first and then Country.... (followed). The longest standing republic-ever. Why? Jesus Christ.

And distance from those times indicate, again, compromise. But not by the people, by crooks and thieves; deceivers. We need to realize who. and what for.

However long ago you care trace our roots is entirely up to you. I suggest history tells all. The deeper into the past you go, is where we find ourselves now, repeating it. It is covered in the good book. I have read rome enough to know the enemy that makes all america go haywire - on purpose. But we find her out. ha ha

Baal worship is from Babylon, Mystery Babylon Rome; the same whore in the good book is todays Vatican. She is complete anti-christ. What's with the National Day of Rest? In the good book, God did that. See what I mean?

They say; Elijah is here. (He said: clear the way for the coming of the Lord),( like the great John the Bapist)(real people, by the way)and an angel from heaven cries out "Babylon is fallen, is fallen." Rev. 18:2

History says: Rome is being found out for her dirty deeds on america and nine other nations. hence, her nakedness; in the good book.

Something about "three times a day" was mentioned over here on this blog concerning Islam outpraying US, i believe. So, Daniel saw lots of things doing just that; praying 3 times. Morning Noon and Night. He knew what a man's dream was (and the interpritation). He was with God 3times a day.

And Daniel was told to shut up the vision until "an appointed time". Well, it's that time. The Daniel
8:26 vision is opened and waiting to be read and understood.

Why? It's that time "appointed" by Him for US to see our completion and Rome's nakedness.

For understanding. Mystery Babylon is rome of the ages, anti-christ; and ten nations(horns) find her (vatican) out. We are very angry for what she has been doing; removing creation education and celebrating her calender and her days. (slowly, over time) God didn't say sunday, she did, is, and will make it LAW. or try to.

The good book said she would think to "change times and days." She has and she is in big trouble for it. I find it interesting that we agreed...Rev. 17:16, 17.

There's a link between creation week and the vision in Daniel. Read Genesis creation, 7 days and hop over to Daniel 8:26 after.

We forgot (taught away from us by rome) the seventh day rest-creation week and the evenings and mornings that make each day but the vision is open now to understand who, why, what and when (for what purpose).

America is where america is going to be as far as world powers go. We are not a ruling entity in the time of the end; only subject to rome's heavy domination and blindness for her influence on us but we find her out.

So, conspiracy theory or scripture? I will stick with scripture/History and facts. Alex and others are not researching scripture and I wouldn't know how much they know about rome's endeavors over the eons but Kennedy knew rome; and Linclon.

And this is the last pope, too. After him is Mr. False jesus; and "some will follow."

The rest will see Him come.

and on the seventh day...

Anonymous said...

I don't think this guy has listened to Glenn Beck much, if at all. Although I don't watch Beck's tv show, I have listened to him on radio for over eight years. He has been talking about the plan of one world government that entire time. He also was very critical of Bush, esp. during his second term. He certainly does not go easy on the republicans, and has been instrumental in shining the light on the current radicals in office.

I have to say I follow this blog but I am very disturbed by the comments I have read here. As a proud Roman Catholic, I had no idea there was so much hatred out there directed at us. Study the Catechism of the Catholic Church, these accusations are absurd and unfounded. I thought we as Christians were supposed to come together. How are we to make any progress towards unity with attitudes such as these?

ar said...

When did you last study the catechism of the romam catholic vatican(key word,) church? I just finished.

Do you have the updated version where pope is God's replacement on earth? It's written in Latin so, take your time. It's three words.

Has nothing to do with your faith at all; only what has gone on behind closed doors from the so-called church vatican. It is no church but it is a political entity of world renown to promote one world, under rome's law, by her secret orders. Would you like the list?

I point to the source of our woes not your faith in Jesus Christ. He spoke of nothing else concerning His people, other than rome taking them and turning them into idol worshippers - very slowly. I think He is telling us that very same thing now; "Come out of her..." is an example, in the good book. Do you read the bible; for understanding?

At this point in history rome appears greatly in the last days. It is Her, I contend; from scripture and Her actions and descriptions. Little does it have to do with your belief in Jesus Christ. If anything, rome has tried US thru her fire and some are coming out and saying: "I see her oppressive ways", and point fingers.

Far from any hate is there toward catholics. Quite contrare. And two different things entirely to have the love of Jesus and to have such an oppressive force as Vatican-proper, and to say, behind closed doors,that we people never hear about - unless you know where to find it.

So, i know a lot of folks have never been aware of what rome is; and HAS been doing - since "those" days of old. She is back and it is becoming evident by her actions and decrees.

Again, this is not meant in hurt or hate or anything close to it. Simply, reading material you can read for yourself.

Two years ago, my anonymous brethren, i would have used the same words over what i said. I did, in fact, use similar words to a person who posted such statements as i have past made here; only to find the truth of the origin of oppression of the people of God's good earth. and global warming comes from rome behind them shut up doors. They look like part of washington. yes?

Thirty-million documents worth. All to say: VICARIUS FILII DEI

Does anyone know what it means?
or why would it be important?


ar said...


ar said...


ar said...

This is quite a mouthful but truthful.