Friday, January 8, 2010

Why Do 91% of Black Folks STILL Support Obama?

I can sum that up in nicely in four words but let's take it to the streets:

Part I

Part II

How sad is it that none of the respondents could offer an apologetic based on facts. Just vague generalities such as "he is doing a marvelous job" or  "they (the republicans) won't let him do his job".  I hate to be hard on that really nice old guy but he is completely uninformed (I'm purposely not saying "dumb as a box a rocks" but feel free to infer my sentiment).

I have never been so embarrassed and ashamed  of my people as I have been since Obama came on the scene.  Racism chasers will say that I'm self-hating because I reject the collective ignorance of black folks who voted and  will vote again for Barack Obama for two reasons -- because he is black and/or because they are uninformed. It doesn't occur to them I suppose that those who find "hope" in the person of Barack Obama are pretty darn deficient the in "self-love" department. Those black folks who can and undoubtedly will offer an apologetic based on facts are either Socialist, Communist, Maoist, or of some other equally deviant persuasion. Unfortunately, however I'm sure that considerably less than 50% of those who still support the POTUS fall into that egregious category. Seriously, how sad is it that the interviewer was able to get the kindly old gentleman to confess his conservatism -- he's no socialist, maoist communist deviant -- he is a conservative.  Why doesn't he vote that way? Again, two reasons -- racist or stupid (perhaps both).

For the record, this is my darn blog and I am under on compulsion to adhere to contrived politically correct decorum. So go suck an egg if you don't like it.


Dee said...

It's sad. I don't think its just Obama, its the whole thing of voting for anyone with a D after their name regardless of their position on the issues. It drives me crazy!

lrey said...

You are equally as brilliant in explaining your position on the issues as those you castigate.

ziggy said...

This video is unfortunate at best. It goes to show how black people have been conditioned to think. Why they don't actively seek to reconcile their reality with their voting decisions is probably due to their own racism as much as it is due to their willfull ignorance.

Blacks and Democrats are a sad coupling. Democrats(largely Socialists at this point)desire to rule and blacks(largely) desire to be ruled. Of course, neither party will confess to this. Maybe they aren't even fully aware of it. That's a big maybe, but I give the benefit of the doubt.

When recent polling indicates that blacks, 69 to 21% desire more social services from the gov't what else can we surmise? A supposedly "learned" man of some status(I don't recall his position) on a black radio show, blamed the gov't for being lax in providing blacks with "green" jobs training. See the mindset at work? Blacks are not socialized to go and "get", meaning go and create, No, we get "educated" people who encourage blacks to aggitate, sit, and wait for almighty gov't to give them what they think they deserve.

Joseph Manning, revealed the infiltration of the black community and civil rights leadership by communists in the 1960s. All things being considered, I think the communists have done a bang-up job. May God arise in the black community.

Robert said...

There is "hope."

I live in the San Diego area. In the "hood" here, blacks are calling the president "Obama Been Lyin."

A barber at a black barber shop I go to does not wear his Obama button anymore.

They are waking up.

ziggy said...

Meant Manning Johnson. Definitely not Joseph Manning.

ar said...

I am black. I am blue. I am red and i'm mad at you, oh, taker-over of my country and tossing out my God.

The most prosperous nation on planet earth and since our schools have taken away our minds, we look very stupid, ignorant, racist, and can't think our way out of a wet paper bag.

This non-think society was planned. You forgot your HISTORY.

That plan entailed removing the important things we needed to remember so that this COMMUNIST rule would NOT walk right on over us and too many of us don't know that that was the plan from the begining - still is. Come on folks.

It was planned. It is history, history, history. Not knowing history gets you america non-think societies because history shows what oppression is, where it comes from and who perpetrated it.

I hated history in school. Don't you think some of the teachers of history could have been socialists all along? (No, not all or maybe none at first but) eventually the Dewey damned dumb-down government garbage being taught in schools is evident, isn't it? The same plan.

The idea(s) of slowly tweeking history over time, gets us here right now with lame-brains for remembering.

I was pissed, too, at people for being so clueless. PLEASE don't forget that this was DONE to us on purpose.

I say it is not our fault in that sense. And, currently, I believe that this is the truth for us to look at for ourselves. We won't get much help from our representatives as they are aware of the fall of america and they are taking care of themselves. Shut off the fucking television.

I love History, now. Am I too late? Nope, these bastards are toast in my mind. My republican and/or democrat representative is a TRAITOR. Unless you think everything will turn up roses tomorrow, or the next day; wishing and hoping and hoping and wishing.

Remember the prosperous days? Think for a minute who might be interested in getting their hands on your money; and more importantly, your MIND?

I may have posted this link before;

Sit down, hang on and listen for the first five minutes, at least.

When you find out where your money went, don't drive to Washington Deceit by yourself. Stop and pick me up. I want some of that action.

Folks our brains have been messed with. I am not a happy man over it. We are talking of an entire nation of less-than-average thinkers. And because History was changed - on purpose, to make us forget WHO THE ENEMY really is.

After getting over the hate for what these bastards have done to us, I go after the friend that lost his mind to them too. I get them back to reality (history).

If you know your history, you thus know what, who, why and how; and NOW you are able to SPEAK truth.


All one has to do is like at black majority city's where they continue to vote in the same corrupt filth.I think it has something to do with not being that intelligent(average IQ of a AA is 85)...I hope u do not mind that i made a blog about this on my myspace...Hopefully the dumb loons will not come here to attack you

W. E. Messamore said...

Hey there! I'd like to share a link with you regarding Harry Reid's recent racial comments, but I didn't see a contact e-mail and I don't want to spam your comments. Would you mind dropping me an e-mail at Thanks!

Robert said...

The dumb loons will attack. (yawn)

MrsGrapevine said...

I bet I can do the same thing with Palin supporters. In fact, I have links to videos where people interviewed, said similar propagated non-sense about a candidate they had only known for two days.

I wish it was just people with a D after their name, but unfortunately this ignorance runs the spectrum.

ar said...

Think it will change any time soon, grage?

ar said...

er, grape?

MrsGrapevine said...

@ AR:

No I don't think it will change, once you understand what politics really is, you're probably less likely to affiliate with any political group. People don't care about the substance of the political figure as much as they care about letter behind the name, and the inferred political ideology.

You'll realize it's all propagated doctrine design to keep the rich rich, and the masses ignorant.

We have to elect officials, but I'm all for a term limit. I can't believe people can be in the same position for 30 years.

Anonymous said...

"You'll realize it's all propagated doctrine design to keep the rich rich, and the masses ignorant."

No one keeps ignorant people ignorant but the ignorant themselves. No propogated doctrine can do it. Everyone has truth built in them, ignore it to your peril.

MrsGrapevine said...

@ Anonymous:

I wish that everyone had truth in them, but I have come across some really dumb people for whatever reasons on both sides of the political spectrum.

And by designed to keep the masses ignorant, "means" designed to keep them moving based on their emotions and not their intellect. It doesn't imply that people aren't capable of not being ignorant.

Yes everyone has the ability to seek truth, but there are too many who don't even know they have the ability for whatever reasons or set of circumstances.

History has shown that propaganda is a resourceful tool, especially when you're oppressed, hungry, or in extreme poverty.

So while I agree with you ideally, I disagree with you on practicality.

ar said...

I have mentioned the two party system before. it is tainted. didn't used to be, tho. we did good for a while but got infiltrated.

That statement is true and can be proven. we all have been stupified to some degree over who is doing what to whom. That is also fact.

My contention is the two party is shameful at best and tainted by much larger agendas.

Finding those agendas is what Alex and the others are trying to do without getting shot in the head like our friend John did. Fact. I think it is the reason no one mentions VATICAN ROME on the airwaves she owns. Fact

Have we been duped? How many here can point to the CAUSE of all our woes and say; THERE IT IS.

Why and who did we run from, as the reformation?

Who is the enemy? If there is no enemy in your mind, then they indoctrinated you well and still are.

Understand; the people have been come against. So, usa is no longer U.S.A., we were robbed by foreigners posing as democrats and republicans, presidents. They call themselves CZARS - going to get the rest of your money. the list is endless and it began in Rome before the usa was thot of.

She followed us here and this is what it turns into, on purpose, by her.

Her own words read: "They (protestants) will convert; or die." That means you go along with global warming and all her oppressive ways and go to church on Her day and like it. what a bitch.

So, i hate rome. It's because she is the bane of our existence and she can kiss my ass because i know what she is doing. She pits us each against each other over the things she has hidden from us - it's called insanity after a while.

If i'm insane, at least i'm really happy about it.... I want eyes to open to see why this shit comes at us so fast and furious. We hardly have time to think and something else happens. I say it is her again, today, tomorrow and always.

ar said...

Here's is proof rome did it, does it, We don't know it.....


Why mention sarah Palin?Still mad because she actually had a real job instead of a community organizer?And lets be serious blacks does not even follow politics or no crap about policy....Not racist just freaking facts

Anonymous said...

"Yes everyone has the ability to seek truth, but there are too many who don't even know they have the ability for whatever reasons or set of circumstances."

No, EVERYONE knows they have the ability to seek truth. It comes down to having the interest and the discipline and the honesty to seek it. Often ignorance is on purpose, a choice if you will.

"History has shown that propaganda is a resourceful tool, especially when you're oppressed, hungry, or in extreme poverty."

Or, in willfull ignorance of the truth. 1930's Germany was a virtual cultural mecca, with sophisticated, educated people. They bought Hitler's propaganda. Lots of intelligentsia buy into lying leftist propaganda that have led to disaster time and again, but they buy it. Deceitful propaganda is bought by those people who don't want the truth.

Good "propaganda" is simply telling the truth well.

Robert said...


Black writer Al Calloway from South Florida would agree with you:

"It is common for black voters to stay away from the polls during mid-term elections. Why? Because in the main, black voters are not up on the issues and know very little about the candidates and the offices they are seeking."

Constructive Feedback said...

My friend CBW - it is not going to change until our people are forced to place their "political activism" into a certain context.

(Note: I liked the last Black man in red. He seemed to be a descent and honorable man. As well is the guy in the blue - for the most part).

Here is the deal CBW - I think that the mistake that non-Democratic Black folks make is to APPEAR to have contempt for their brothers and sisters in the way they vote and the "hope" that they express via doing so. (Please note- that the threshold for CONTEMPT by certain defenders is the fact that you even QUESTIONED them in the first place. So the interpretation of "contempt" is not immutable).

Black people support what is POPULARLY ASSUMED to be the means by which our BEST INTERESTS are acquired. In as much as the balance of our history in this nation has been in fighting Whitey - anyone who frames any difficulty that is before us reside of WHITE SUPREMACY is going to have a welcome ear with most Black folks.

The key issue is is that the BLACK ESTABLISHMENT, despite having control over the key institutions in Black America AND strong connections with the Progressive/Democratic Machine that now runs the nation - they are not going to SELF-INDICT their own machine by pointing out that despite this fact - our problems remain in abundance.

Here is how I see it - I never saw "Barack Obama For President" as the election of one man. I instead see the MACHINE. Not only do we have people brought along in the Administration we must also look at the Federal Democrats that control both houses in Congress. For many Black people there is more: There are plenty of Black districts which have Democrats running the LOCAL/STATE AND as I said FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. (Chicago, Philly, Milwaukee, DC, New York City, Boston, Cleveland and Newark [until a few days when the GOP governor is sworn in] HAVE NO REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED BODIES STANDING IN THEIR WAY)

CLEARLY we cannot evaluate Black folks on what is POPULAR.

We need a more solid foundation.
This is why I keep throwing out our PERMANENT INTERESTS:

* Safe Communities
* Quality Education
* Thriving Local Economies
* Healthy Lifestyle Outcomes

We need to judge Black people according to THESE references.

Instead of making the "sellout" the one who is STANDING OUTSIDE OF THE CROWD - the real "Black Sellout" is one who's agenda has FAILED to deliver upon these points.

We cannot mistake the INTENTION to obtain them with the MATERIAL ACQUISITION there in.

We must prefer ORGANIC development of our people up to these standards to those who promise to SERVICE US - where it is our BIRTH RIGHT to be GIVEN these resources, beyond what our own community productivity can manage to deliver to us.

We have a SOLD OUT BLACK ESTABLISHMENT who lives vicariously through the portraits of Black Progressives and Democrat elected officials hanging on the wall. Their sight is supposed to comfort us from the deficiencies that we face in the real world within our communities that they control.

Anonymous said...

What ails the "poor" black folks above all is the breakdown of the nuclear family. aka. 2 parent family. And it's the various laws and policies that contribute to that. Chief among them is the child support, welfare and divorce laws. You make amendments to these three things alone and I guarantee you will start seeing some improvements over the years..

We can choose to say that blacks dont understand the issues, but it's not just blacks.. It's any poor segment of the population as well as the greater mass of people that arent informed and choose/vote a president for the wrong reasons..

If we really want to save poor blacks folks, the focus should be amendments of the things that I mentioned above

ar said...

I understand Anonymous' comment but not the previous one. ?

The one most missing factor is the male in the family. I agree, from that point forward, much is accomplished. Even to insight learning, reading being key, at home, in the evening with family.

Health is initiated in a similar setting; at the table, giving thanks. the rest follows...

good comment anony

Joe Clyde said...

I waiting to see some Republican Conservative Leadership effort towards Haiti?

We already know what the race baiting Rush Pill Popper thinks, and Pat 700lbs Robertson thinks.

But Black Conservatives??? Any comment or is helping a Black Country to polarizing. I know, let's talk more about Israel.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Actually JoeClyde I've been too busy praying for the people of Haiti and their families to write about it. But I suggest you checkout

if you are sincerely interested in the Black Conservative's perspective.

Kelsey said...

LOL! You're awesome.

Joe Clyde said...

Black People. You know the sheep that for some reason just never votes Republican en Mass.

This is the reason why. Both parties never seem to have the best interest of Black Americans at Heart. But jeez. At least the Democrats actually show up to the Church or acknowledge Black Americans.

Pat Robertson was basically saying that Haitian Slaves were so unintelligent, and savage. That the only way Blacks could ever overthrow a White Gov't France was to make a pact with the Devil.

Then the earthquake isn't even two days old, and Rush is saying that Obama is just using this for Political gain. So what should the president of the United States have done. A world Power, basically a short boat ride from a country that suffered a tragic event. He should have just stayed out of it? Then he is telling his sheep not to send aid?

This is the party that Blacks should run too, and foresake the Democrats for? To read some true sellouts try and excuse Pat Robertson's racist statement is even more distrubing.

Only time will tell how this will turn out. But trust me. People are watching, and have long memories.

Plus we vote now too!

ziggy said...

Joe Clyde you sound like a little boy that didn't get enough love as a child. Boo hoo hoo, nobody loves us poor black folks.

"Both parties never seem to have the best interest of Black Americans at Heart. But jeez. At least the Democrats actually show up to the Church or acknowledge Black Americans."

You mean brother Obama don't like black people either? See that's what the absence of fathers in black households do to the community, leave grown folks begging for love and special attention from everybody and anybody.

Are you not aware of all of the help from our gov't, individuals, int'lly that has been earmarked for Haiti already. The problem is getting the food and supplies to the people. Quit your friggin whining and think beyond your shallow "nobody loves black people/prove you love black people" paradigm.
And say a prayer for the people of Haiti while your at it. Send some money to a reputable organization, don't you dare leave it all up to the gov't that don't care nothin'bout black folk to do everything.

"Plus we vote now too!" What good is that if you can't vote based on something other than who makes the most empty promises to you. What good has voting done the black community when they keep voting against their best interest?

Malcolm Kirkpatrick said...

Aloha, CBW,

Anonymous and ar nailed it. The catastrophe that is life in the inner city has grown slowly over decades, mostly built on misguided good intentions. The climb out will take generations, during which time millions will suffer from violence, drug abuse, wretched and abusive schooling and attendant poor vocational preparation and unemployment.

I see no collective solution. Individual mothers will homeschool their children. They will insist on marriage before childbearing. Or they will contribute to this ongoing disaster.

I stopped by to recommend this article from City Journal.

ar said...

Ellis Washington: “President Obama in his first year raised the spending limit to unsustainable levels ($1.35 trillion); more than GWB did in 8 years and now Obama is championing a freeze on spending?! President Obama’s first State of the Union Address painfully exemplifies that this clear and present danger to America is not Mr. Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man of this ilk with the presidency. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails us — lack of common sense and good judgment. To paraphrase a comment on Reuters: Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who despite his promise to ‘fundamentally change America’ is, after all, merely a fool. The failed Marxist policies encapsulated in Obama’s first State of the Union Address makes him less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president. Seemingly remarking on these troublesome times, Etienne de la Boetie said: ‘If without violence the tyrant is simply not obeyed, he becomes naked and undone and as nothing.’” (Ellis Washington is a member of the national advisory council for the Project 21 black leadership network and a former editor of the Michigan Law Review.)

ar said...

Red Beckman’s Fully Informed Jury Training Part 5 >>>>

ar said...

Malcolm, thanks. I was thinking it did take a long time getting here. But quick to wake up and get started locally.

Robert said...

A guy on the street asked me for some change. I told him "I'm like Obama. I don't have any."

CLiechtenstein said...

The guy being interviewed said it right. Obama was voted in for the wrong reasons. Also that people in general are followers, and the liberal media is leading them along.

Thanks for creating this blog! And may I compliment you on your very elegant profile picture. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hey blog owner I think you have a stormfront member on here. I have seen that blacks have 85IQ statement before.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Anybody who is dense enough to believe that the average IQ
of a black person is 85 is probably functioning on an 85 or below IQ.

I concede that many black folks are willfully ignorant and have piss poor critical thinking skills but it isn't because it isn't genetics.

Unfortunately, the modern day "step n fetch its" (rappers, stupid-azz comedians, cross-dressing actors,) and ball players are the idols who are emulated. I believe with all of my heart that it's not that we "can't" it's that we "don't". We are taught the world owes us something (you know because of slavery and Jim Crow)and that evil white people will only discriminate against us. So a great many brilliant minds are indeed wasted.

Robert Laity said...

OBAMA CAN'T RUN AGAIN...he is a fraud:

Anonymous said...

I could not of said of this any better. Had to quote this in my latest blog post.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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