Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Absurdity Of Julianne Malveaux's Position That Climate Change Is A Civil Rights Issue

According to Julianne Malveaux  Climate Change  is a civil rights issue.  That is without a doubt the biggest kettle of horse dung I've read in quite sometime. This is preposterous on so many levels that my mind is reeling in bewilderment laced with amusement due to the absurdity and awe at the unmitigated gall of black intelligentsia (I use that term loosely).  She is no better than a dope dealer in my opinion. She is pushing a drug of sorts a "grievance" opiate that so many of us black folks are addicted to. Whatever, it takes  for us to achieve the "victim" high -- right Ms. Malveaux. It's horrifying that as the President of Bennett College that Julianne Malveaux  is shaping the minds of young black women.  She is the greatest example of a sell-out as she executes the dictates of Adolf Hitler who wrote: "All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach."  

What do the "least intelligent" black folks understand best? Racism. Both real and imagined.

She writes: "Climate change is more than an environmental issue. It is a human rights and economic justice issue. Why? Because though climate change impacts all of us, different nations, and different communities within nations, experience the effects of climate change in varying ways, some worse than others."

Notice how what used to be called "Global Warming" is now "Climate Change" since the weather isn't cooperating with Al Gore and the UN's hoax. They have opted to change the name in an effort to hide the fact their data is cooked, contrived, bogus and dead wrong. Isn't it curious how they claim that CO2 levels are rising but the global temperatures are not rising as predicted? do they get around that? Diversion is how. They start a dialogue about social injustice. Historically it's worked like a charm. They employ influential black people (Margaret Sanger used black ministers) to carry the message (propagandize) to the masses and before you know it Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid cut deals behind closed doors and legislation is pushed through whether the people who are wise to their devices like it or not.

She continues: "This point was clearly made at last month's U.N. climate change conference in Copenhagen, where it quickly became evident that the rich and powerful nations — particularly the U.S. and members of the European Uniondictate the debate at the expense of poorer countries. That needs to change."

So according to Ms. Malveaux and the UN poorer countries should be able to force the United States (who will be a poorer country if Obama acheives his goals) to give them our wealth ( I hear a Van Jones loop playing in my head -- "give them the wealth, give them the wealth"). How is this not wealth distribution also known as Socialism? It is wrong according to Ms. Malveaux that the US should dictate the debate. The debate should be dictated by Zimbabwe or Chad or some other 3rd world country apparently via international treaty-- United States sovereignty be damned.

She also writes: "Robert Bullard, who runs an environmental justice program at Clark Atlanta University, has noted that the adverse impacts of climate change fall most heavily on people of color who are concentrated in urban centers, coastal regions and areas where the air quality is poor."

What does climate change and pollution (poor air quality) have to do with each other?  Oh, silly me how could I have forgotten. According to the Socialist religion known as Global Climate Change the Earth is over-populated which leads to too many people breathing and exhaling the pollutant known as Carbon Dioxide (CO2). So if one were to follow this to it's logical conclusion then we'd understand why abortion is so important and necessary (especially in the black community where 80% of the abortuaries are located). No wonder China has a one child rule -- coming soon to America folks. What about all those old people exhaling CO2? Do you think ObamaCare will go green and give the aged a little "nudge" by informing them of there duty to die in order to improve the air quality and all? It's sounds absurd but following the logical path and our current tract how far-fetched is it really. I'm sure 30 years ago same-sex marriage was absurd. Hey, that fits into the paradigm as well because same sex couples can't procreate little "breathers" who pollute the enviroment.

Fortunately, however God is on the throne! He sits high and  He looks low (real low). So in that knowledge, I'll try not to get so angry and riled up remembering Who is in control. 


Internalist said...

As you stated in your last entry on Julianne Malveaux, the environment has always been changing but you are delusional if you do not/cannot think for one second that there are some people due to social structure who do not receive the attention and/or services to respond to this change. Yes, God is in control but the Bible also says, "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” I would venture to say Ms. Malveaux answers this call and without putting others down to make herself feel “counted.”

I read your blog to gain a view I do not often see in the media but I find that you [and what seems like a number of black conservatives] really do yourself a disservice. Your arguments are riddled with sarcasm and just as erroneous data as the ones you criticize. I challenge you to provide more than criticism and the stance that you “think regularly and accurately” and actually get creative and fill your space with information/discussion that you would prefer to read.

Anonymous said...

Internalist,explain this:
"but you are delusional if you do not/cannot think for one second that there are some people due to social structure who do not receive the attention and/or services to respond to this change."

Robert said...


I agree with Conservative Black Woman 100%.

As soon as I saw her USA Today article, I knew she was doing the same old racial posturing.

Air pollution has been a problem for years, even around 30 years ago when there was a "global cooling" scare.

Where were the black activists demanding "change" in that area all these years?

Because a bunch of white people like Al Gore and hoaxers says climate change is important, all of a sudden it becomes a "social justice" issue. It is a wealth redistribution issue. It is about green $$$, not about black.

Julienne Malveaux, just like Cornel West, are "professional negroes." They make money be being black. They make higher incomes than the "poor" blacks they advocate for and do not even live with them. Cornel West, who has a moderately high 6-figure income, derided blacks who wanted to move to mostly white neighborhoods. Yet West did exactly that in Massachusetts.

And condescending to CBW gets nobody anyplace.

ar said...

Look a little further than your nose that keeps growing, Julianne.

You believe A tremendous LIE and quote scripture from the God who can't control his EARTH?

Mother goose ryhms. It's is sabbath day.

Anonymous said...

Internalist, I hope you respond, in the mean time, black peoples problem is not climate change it really is not any ones problem, God is doing fine running his universe, What about the food we eat that put so many of us in the hospital? Maybe its the ignorance that some us keep buying into, like this message. Climate Change is a Civil Rights issue????? Oh My!

Conservative Black Woman said...

Internist~You write:"I challenge you to provide more than criticism and the stance that you “think regularly and accurately” and actually get creative and fill your space with information/discussion that you would prefer to read."

This blog isn't a "news" source. I am just a woman with an opinion. This post does not contain any kook scientific "information". Carbon Dioxide is a chemical compound that breathing organism exhale. The fact that people can be pursuaded that breath is a pollutant is proof positive that Americans (black and white) not thinking. If they were then they wouldn't be so easily beguiled.

Again, I'm not compelled to appease the fragile egos, and childish ethos of willfully ignorant black folks. Somebody needs to tell the truth.

Marie Devine said...

This is not about common sense; it is about control; and this Congress does not let details and public opinion stand in their way. They want Socialism-Communism; that is what must be disarmed. There is a better way than Socialism and Capitalism, yet it enriches the people and has all working for the benefit of all without government oppression. God warns against debt, interest, insurance, seeking riches and honors, pride and covetousness. He has true freedom and independence. We can turn to a garden paradise lifestyle instead of the employment lifestyle that caused the world problems.

The only reason the Climate Change idea is still alive is that poor nations think they will get money from rich nations. That is another lying bribe to get nations to sign away their authority and give the UN entity control over their nations. That is an illusion that will disappear with details.

We are making jobs just for the sake of making jobs, seeking riches while destroying ourselves. The only sustainable and reasonable solution is to "retire." We can turn to a garden paradise lifestyle with trees, plants and pets that provide fresh food around us. That solves "climate change" and pollution, disease, energy crisis, war, immigration, financial crises, and social problems at the same time. Any other solution causes other problems, takes away our freedoms and is not even a good delay.

God warned against nations joining for protection and prosperity in Psalms 1 and 2, II Chronicles 16:7-12; and 20:35-37. It is counter-productive and opens a nation up to deceptions, corruption, abuses and delays.

See Taking Back Our Nation at as an example of how to pull out of our corrupted lifestyles.

Marie Devine
God has solutions to world problems we created by ignoring His wisdom.

ar said...

Hi, i'm your local finger pointer. I came across these web sites thru a friend. I can't leave 'em alone. I hear truth and i want you to see it too.

Two things; first,proof of creation. Nuclear physicist believer found God's "fingerprint" in granite, the rock of the earth.

He used to teach evil ution. Every avenue he persued, turned dead end and then he remembered some bible-something verse, and went looking. Genesis one...

Proof granite froze in three minutes - no fire. ha ha ha, God. He is cool.

and the second one is a refresh on Daniel, Revelations. I offer it because i found it and i want you to look, also.

M Devine, 'ata girl. God is Great.

Smile said...

When hyperventilation a person can have carbon dioxide levels become too low. Malveaux should keep a paper bag handy.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they continue with this "the sky is falling" nonsense.I guess it's all about the money. So people with enough common sense not to buy into the "eat your dog or the planet will die" lie can just rot as far as these people are concerned. If Malveaux really cared about underdeveloped countries,she would address the corrupted despots who oppress their people, not a false religion established to steal at will.

JMK said...

"Carbon Dioxide is a chemical compound that breathing organism exhale. The fact that people can be pursuaded that breath is a pollutant is proof positive that Americans (black and white) not thinking." (Robin)
100% correct!

In fact, plant life breathes IN carbon dioxide....and "exhales"/gives off oxygen, so an increase in CO2 results in larger plant life.

Further, CO2 levels have risen steadily over the last quarter century, but there's been global COOLING over the past eleven years.

That's one of the things those leaked emails from Britain's CRU showed....and they also showed the "scientists" there attempting to fudge the data and trying to make the existing data fit their conclusions, rather than the other way around.

As far as pollution effecting some communities worse than isn't fair.

Moreover, most of the Superfund sites are found in rural areas NOT in or around inner city nabes.

I guess based on that fact all the racial profiteers can rest a little easier, as their concern really isn't with "the poor" but only the poor of a specific color.

Robert said...

Malveaux is practicing "racial jingoism."

The media loves it, it brings her (and her college) attention, and professional race hustlers know how to make it pay:

"There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do do not want to lose their jobs...I am afraid that there is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don't want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public."
-- Booker T. Washington

ziggy said...

Booker T Washington made it plain.

ar said...

Greenhouses use CO2 to help the plant enlarge. And the plants love it.

The end result for the plant and you is; the plant is so healthy from the co2 it craves, it is also able to ward-off insects and desease(s).

For yourself, you get the best plant you've ever had, eaten or otherwise. ( i wonder how them designer plants fare)

Global warming is hoakie-poakie; as are many, if not all, of the other agendas the media blabs about but no one will say openly and point rome out in Broad Casting (the media). rome owns it.

Cbw's other article why no one gets what is going on is rome in our schools and we don't even know what to call what it is that we have in america right now, today.

From rome again, history books were corupted and washed clean; with nothing of truth remaining. It is that way right now and kids do not like school. I didn't and i hated history. Now i know it; after so long a time. So, i see who proposed to ruin america and who is helping...

The wolf program out west got out of hand for some lies and agendas. The Endangered Species Act has america in lock-down, lieing about Solar Bears. And that's only the TIP OF ICEBURG.

There's no oil for america for herself over a bear that is greater in number than has been known before.

Alaskans hunt to survive and the wolf lovers want to stop it and hunting for food to live. for a dog, of beauty, yes; but carrier of horrific multitudes of desease.

the old creepy stories of wolfes in the wild is because if the numbers are not kept in check, the deseases they spread thru feces and others passing by later, infects internally and externally as well, so the idea coming from History (Russian)is shoot a wolf any time you can, all the year, or suffer the consequences; to the extent it is possible to wipe out all wild life. End result? I guess there is no need for guns anymore.

rome said that, not me. Tomorrow will look like today; some more stuff on the Broadcasting airwaves and the people sleep; not knowing (Broadcasting) the enemy,in part, that would not tell her americans who was in her house, is a TRAITOR but, you would have to know what one is, first, in order to point a finger.

Rome was feared the day we became America, the beautiful. Writers hurled books at the public, warning them of impending doom to our princiles of liberty with trembling and fear that rome would get an upper hand.

If you exspect to get your answers from the television, rome has done well for you, then. The two party system is rome's. We pick rome's president. I didn't watch it on television. Ususally what is on television is the opposite of reality or a twist of it. rome invented that, too. It is every where but we don't know what it looks like, yet.

ar said...

Washington in the Lap of Rome

The Real Controllers of U.S.A.
(and much of the rest of the western world)

MrsGrapevine said...

Climate change is cyclical, and God is his own creator. There is no argument there.

But to limit the argument of "Global Warming" or "Climate Change" to just CO2 admissions is a microcosm of a greater global issue. We are not going to change the weather, but we can stop trashing the planet.

The real argument which I think @Internalist was trying to convey, is this notion of pollution in the name of greed that leads to the pollution of natural resources in poorer countries. That doesn't mean we should change our ways to accommodate the poor, that means we should change our ways to preserve what we have for as long as we have it.

Whether or not you believe in climate change, you should believe in the toxins and pollutants that are slowly killing us all. An apple a day may kill you now because it's laced with pesticides and artificial hormones. The bible is very specific of what we should eat, how we should eat, and how to live a healthy and lengthy life.

In Genesis 2 the bible says God made us to be stewards of his land, and "keep" it. But we are not keeping the land, we're taking it for granted and destroying it, without repleting it.

I was in Los Angeles in the valley for three weeks before I could see the mountains all around me. I couldn't even see God's beauty because of the smog. Now that's just not right at all.

Global Warming may not be real to you, but smog is, toxins are, pesticides are, and so are pollutants.

MrsGrapevine said...

@ CBW:

I get your sarcasm on poor air quality, but you and I both know it's not that simple.

People better return back to the basics and leave McDonald's and all those hormone foods along, stay away from smog, and drink some distilled water.

Autism is real, all this cancer is real, asthma, allergies, etc is all a result of toxins we create for the sake of convenience. We were made to work hard, and need to return to cooking, exercising, and raising our own children at home instead of end the world.

So yes pollution is real, because humans are becoming so lazy and dependent on things we don't need. Think of the larger concerns, and don't get fixated on climate.

ar said...

Too bad city life is smogged in. Life sucks sometimes so stay in the city and that is your choice.

A to Z mongering is alive and well for crooks robbers and thieves.

There's nothing wrong with the air you breath unless you live so close together. Like farting in the same room. It stinks.

Not that far from city dwelling is fresh air.

I hear a perspective from what i think is city life. Clean up your act and be good stooowards and on an on. Yet, no one mentions rural life Out of the city. Are your references all to city life and congestion or is country living gone to hell as you seem to indicate - and you have their answers as well.

I don't want to win an arguement over lies and deciet thrown in our laps; to fight over. If that happens, they win. Not what i want to do.

Scaring people over lies of global warming is for MONEY. YOURS

Not to mention, crimes against society. What you those things?

The object of the game is to flood the information world (sciences) with lies and mistruths. So, now what promotes these bastards' agendas is CONsensus science. We all join in a make up the f ing rules the way it sounds best for money and mongering. Period.

Where is the science the proof? NOT ON THE TELEVISION, honey. Science and proof is lost - get over it and stop believing gov't lies.

ar said...

Has anyone ever read the Iron Mountain Report?

I found this, part way thru what looked like 2300 pages, sound familiar?

Economic surrogates for war must meet two principal criteria. They must be "wasteful," in the common sense of the word, and they must operate outside the normal supply-demand system. A corollary that should be obvious is that the magnitude of the waste must be sufficient to meet the needs of a particular society. An economy as advanced and complex as our own requires the planned average annual destructoin of not less than 10 percent of gross national product if it is effectively to fulfill its stabilizing function. When the mass of a balance wheel is inadequate to the power it is intended to control, its effect can be self-defeating, as with a runaway locomotive. The analogy, though crude, is especially apt for the American economy, as our record of cyclical depressions shows. All have taken place during periods of grossly inadequate military spending.

There is a God, so he made it into a video, whew!

MrsGrapevine said...

@ Ar:

1) I did not tell you to believe anyone's lies or to move to from the city. It doesn't take science to tell you that some of the things we're doing is destroying us. It takes plain common sense.

2) If you were trying to understand my point, I said each individual needs to do their part to learn about the products they're using and the effects it has on their body and this earth.

2) If you want to smoke cigarettes and not care if they're healthy or toxic to others, then that's your choice, and no one is trying to take your choice away. But don't pretend like it's harmless and good for the earth, or that it doesn't have consequences.

To say we shouldn't do anything because it would help a liberal agenda is ridiculous.

Wake-up, and don't get so caught in the matrix of politics, that you can't even fix the simple things that start at home.

3) Don't believe government lies, and don't believe corporate lies either. Fruit Loops is not healthy because the box says it has fiber, and the government is not going to change the weather.

Science is full of lies and mistruths since it's inception. But not believing a problem exists because of politics, is just as destructive.

Thank God we have better book to live by, that tells us what's good for out bodies and our earth.

4) You make the most extreme assumptions. I do not believe in evolution as pertaining to Darwarnism, and I certainly don't buy into the Big Bang theory, nor do I believe scientist can make it rain.

Lastly, my argument was counter money and mongering. It was pro-individualism, both anti-government and anti-corporation.

ar said...

My general-finger pointing did get aimed in directions of interest, not blame nor failure. Just pictures.

There were a number of things I did not believe in; a short time ago.

What i relied on, was common sense too. Go where the money won't taint results.

Without looking it up, define science. (leave out the ...when it was introduced, part.)

follow the money covering up creation and you have an answer for where "science" is(not).

What we are given in media and schools and tele is not science. It is consensus science. Science of consensus says, we all agree. Science says; nothing agrees unless proven in math and demonstration or it is not. Science is gone, otherwise.

Creation is gone because it was taught out of us. We can prove it.

Right after that, is when the gov't started making it rain. ha ha ha, and we can prove it.

Cohen, 1997, as Sec. Defense. HAARP.

Grape, i see i aimed at you, sorry. and you missed my intention(s) are to inform from and where facts are and are not.

Extremes comes from the extremers. Some great guy somewhere said: Know your enemy. I think he might have helped america somehow; in ...some war, or something... Who was it? I know..

I didn't flip out Grape, I only found web sites that are not bought and paid for by the foriegn operators of washington deceit.

Anyways, it doesn't matter if you read it or believe it, it is happening; and we try to figure out what to call it and who started it.

Beck, today touched lightly on the subject of pointing fingers when he mentioned 1927 he was in error. It was 1929 when the "wounded" papacy was restored. Benito Musselini and cardinal Gasparri signing the Lateran Concordat.

pope ratzinger should be the last one.., as number 7. His rule is short comparded to other popps.

Backwards is rome, jesuits, money lenders Fed Res., CFR, and the rest you should remember by now. Club of Rome, Illuminati pushers of social justice oppression. And hiders of science.

Inventors of: Everything that took our money. Green agenda to peta sea kittens. foreigners.

ziggy said...

Totally off topic question to Ms. Grapevine:

Does the idea of gov't healthcare still appeal to you these days? Just askin'.

MrsGrapevine said...

@ Ziggy:

I still believe in health care reform, I just don't believe in incumbents or politicians. I'm going to start my own Liberal-Leaning Libertarian-Populist party because it's obvious to me that our government is full of sitting ducks.

I'm really for termed politicians; a one term congress is enough for me. I don't know how you can have a majority in both houses and can't even get your own policies passed.

MrsGrapevine said...

@ AR:

I feel you. Sometimes I just can't tell who you're talking, too.

"Right after that, is when the gov't started making it rain. ha ha ha, and we can prove it." (Now that was funny).

I don't understand how someone can believe we evolved from apes without a lick of proof, believe the earth is a trillion years old and can't count that high, and believe in the Big Bangd Theory, yet at the same time think it's ludicrous that God exists.

Now that baffles me.

ar said...

Sometimes i do that, get ranting and want someone to read some of this stuff.

Now, by your statement about "that being funny", concerning changing the weather, do you think they can?

You see, i don't get your meaning. So, i don't know if you read the site or think i'm foolish. ha ha

They can and do change the weather.

It takes faith the size of a mustard seed..., that's it. If it was your pocket, you might loose it in there. and if it was in your eye, you would know it.

The amount of faith it takes to believe in anything other than creation, is more than i know of, so, i'm with you. It only takes two ears and two eyes.

I don't see anyone in washington with any good resolve. I don't expect much to change but, tomorrow is another day, Lord willing.

My favorite is showing roman influences in america.

For anyone interested:

Look up the days of the week in websters.

Then look at Genesis creation week and tell me we are not romans with roman calenders.

Back to keeping green: by now, everyone is well aware of the perils of (insert fear item here).

We all do our part. For fear, and then add our good conscience(sp?)and we do a very good job.

Here, grape, i disagree with the rape of the planet thing. (that was harsh.)

From the creation stuff i read, oil and gas are made in short-term years as opposed to 300 million years or whatever. Heat, extreme pressure and water needs be present to make oil. If this is true, oil is being made today, yesterday and tomorrow. Clever God, to me.

I can't imagine He would let us run out of gas... or, overheat. What's He going to use when He gets here? He's bringing a big throne, is what i hear.

ar said...

Here are the Stinky Instigators of the (Iron Mountain Report) Global Warming Climate Changing Solar Bear disappearing Act.

ziggy said...

"I don't know how you can have a majority in both houses and can't even get your own policies passed."

I call that God's intervention. You'll disagree. I also think the confusion at Copenhagen in addition to the nice layer of snow on the ground was God's hand as well.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how carbon dioxide can even BE a pollutant!! I remember way back in 3rd grade that plants breathe it and vegtables needed it to grow! I could be wrong but i believe carbon MONOXIDE is a pollutant; that is probably what they are talking about UNLESS they are SO STONED that they cant see the LITTLE NUMBER 2 on the side of the big O

ar said...

Julianna the male viaux has nothing to worry about. CONsensus
science mongering will get you Global Warming Insurance.

GLOBAL WARMING INSURANCE is the funniest thing I have ever heard of, Gulp-gulp; there, that wasn't so hard git down, was it?

but listen to this take on it..., and call me in the morning.

ar said...

Sorry, i got laughin and forgot what i was doing; and can't form sentences.

ar said...

Did you see American Thinker today?

mamaneeds2rant said...

You are so amazing in your insight and in your ability to express the truth. If only others would open their eyes and see what is really going on.

Thank you for not being afraid to shine your light on these important issues!

Herringpost Blog said...

I agree with you 100% about making the biggest Ponzi Schemes "Global Warming" in the history of the world a Civil Rights issue.

ar said...

This is a link posted just back a few. Some light on Haiti's woes; not her own.

Cynical Negro said...


"Climate change" has another twist to it: Malthusian eugenics.

Uuuuuum did you see Maafa 21 ?

The most devastating, shocking documentary i've seen in a long time.

This cut's through all ideology, and I recommend all Black women watch this... It's about 2 hours long but it's worth it.



Robert said...

Black congressional staffers were shocked when they saw Maafa 21.

Funny, all the black leaders who talk about conspiracy to get rid of blacks never talk about abortion. I wonder why.

Cynical Negro said...

I also have Alex Jones going after the chemically imbalanced, unstable, and emotional CIA agent Glen Beck lol. You might not like this CBW... Let me know you think. And all Black women check that Maafa 21 out! I just finished watching that yesterday and it disturbed me to the core. Not because I was surprised but it confirmed what I was already thinking about the world we live in.

Alex Jones Tv: Glenn Beck "Be On The Right-Side Of History!"

Cynical Negro said...


I also have Alex Jones going after the chemically imbalanced, unstable, and emotional CIA agent Glen Beck lol. You might not like this CBW... Let me know what you think. And all Black women check that Maafa 21 out! I just finished watching that yesterday and it disturbed me to the core. Not because I was surprised but because it confirmed what I already was thinking about our foreign policy. In Haiti, it's easier for a young Black lady to get an abortion than get decent health care and clean water to drink.

Alex Jones Tv: Glenn Beck "Be On The Right-Side Of History!"

ar said...

Alex Jones has meet there, with Beck. Good heads up.

and alex got serious and called him out. i skipped over and watched his Obama Deception and it is very good, to a point. He doesn't go beyond Bilderburg, tho.

Powers above that group are not talked about - on any air-waves, print; or referred to.

Council on Foreign Relations have ties to Bilderburg and Federal reserve,in name only, and ties to a name that was mentioned and not persued further. higher up. we want the top doggies.

Weisoff bank of Italy; direct ties to CFR, Federal reserve, Jesuit order - now your
're in pope land where the "behind closed doors" originate.

No wonder i feel like i'm in a foreign country;

Beyond that, this video link is proof the Federal Reserve, IRS are acting illegally. And why they have no authority coming after you - and never wanted you to find out.

The simplest concept, the constitution, bill of rights, declaration, for honest men.

Understand what "standing on our constitutional authority" means.

ar said...

This link compliments the previous.

Are you a Sovereign, Yet?