Friday, September 18, 2009

Chicken Soup For the Conservative's Soul

What is the elixir, the balm, the chicken soup of the Conservative's soul? Truth.

So if you are feeling a sick because of the ObamaNation, take heart there are others who have not been beguiled by the Deceiver-In-Chief and his posse:


Bigticer!!!! (A "commonsense" Democrat)

Glenn Beck Interview W/ David Horowitz:

Mark Levin Interviews Steven A. Smith

Deneen Borelli

Mason Weaver


keith said...

Beck and horowitz? SMH!!

arlenearmy said...

chicken soup sounds good.

the obamanation nation has been getting on my nerves that i have to keep a bottle of aspirins near my computer.

Conservative Black Woman said...
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Conservative Black Woman said...

Keith~May I respectfully request that you follow the admonishment you gave to Robert in an earlier thread today? Rather than shaking your head -- why not deconstruct the arguments put forth by Mr. Horowitz and challenge them point by point. I dare ya....

Robert said...


Don't you know that Obama's stimulus created over 200,000,000 jobs since February and the national unemployment rate is minus 90%. People feel so good about Obama being president they are paying their employers instead of getting paid. They even volunteer to pay more taxes!

Obama's approval ratings have never been better. Just yesterday in 3 polls, He got an approval rating of 1067%. Ask Rasmussen!

He is creating jobs, improving the economy, stopping all wars, uniting the nations, healing the sick, raising the dead, and turning stones into bread. Yes He can! There is even a rumor that He walked across the White House swimming pool for His daily exercise.

Blessed is He that cometh in the name of Oprah. Amen. It must be that hope and change.

Or it must be that Ole Black Magic that got us all in a spell.

Beck, Zo, Weaver, et al. are all LIARS, HATERS, JEALOUS, RACIST, TRAITORS, etc. Don't you know that Obama's stellar performance is discrediting them completely?
We were right all this time, and they were wrong!

CBW, don't confuse the people who read this blog with facts. It is more important that they feel good about their Second First Black President bothered with trivialities such as truth.

ar said...

And he's putting up road signs all across america reminding us we are stimulated. good thing, huh? I almost forgot.

Laughter is good medicine. and what's that old saying...?

Truth does three things;

It hurts. then it
ministers. then it sets you free.

keith said...


59 seconds into the beck/Horowitz interview, horowitz called jimmy carter a anti-semite.

Nothing else needs to be said...

uptownsteve said...

Keith, Robert

Gallant effort by you both but CBW is happy in her blindness..

Black conservatives joyfully exist in the bizarro world where vile venom spewing bigots like Beck and Limbaugh are "courageous patriots" and Barack Obama, who was elected by a majority of the electorate to fix the mess left by Bush and Rethuglikans, is "ruining" America.

It's both tragic and hysterical.