Monday, September 21, 2009

Gangster Government

Here is why "Gangster" is not code for Black and why this description has nothing to do with racism or race-baiting.....


ziggy said...

You know I suppose that for the 90%of black people who voted for Barack Obama, none of this matters. This is just the ranting of a racist white woman. Who cares if an evil racist country meets it's demise, right?

MrsGrapevine said...

It's no one's fault but GM, stop blaming the government. If they were making cars that people wanted to buy like Honda and Toyota, and investing in fuel efficiency technology, then they wouldn't need a meeting with "government". They had record profits during the past decades, and now they have nothing to show.

Just like you're getting tired of the people using the government to bail them out. I'm so tired of business that have gotten too big to fail because of lack of government regulations blaming the government when things go wrong.

We have to save their free market behinds so that systems won't crash. If the US would have let the car company just tank and crash, the effect would have been domino. It's not fair we have to bail them out, but it's not fair we have to suffer from the consequences of their greed. You're dealing with 20-22% unemployment in cities that were built around car plants.

Latly, this is a political issue at the end of her speech, she makes aim at Obama's "Czar" government. Again this exactly what I'm talking about. How did you turn a blind eye when Bush administration had about 40 Czars? For the record other previous administrations had czars, too.

Now when Obama does it, it must be evil and clandestine. Like he's creating a secret cell of exotic people to take over the world. Obama didn't start this Czar business, and we've had Czars since 1950's with Eisenhower. Not to mention many of the Czar positions were created by previous administrations.

MrsGrapevine said...

@ ziggy:

Why does this have to be about race? Why can't it simply be that people feel that if the markets would have crashed the effects on everyday working Americans would have been far greater that the note we carry on the bailout.

For people to not believe in the "racism" effect, there is a awful lot of talk about racism.

Most blacks don't spend their day worrying about racism. Just because their not Conservatives, doesn't mean their answer to everything must be racism. For the record 33% of blacks believe in a conservative lifestyle, just not the political affiliation.

The issues at hand is that Barack Obama has been President for 9 months. In 9 months he single-handedly created the demise of the United States and it's systems, according to the right wing. "I want my country back"...Let me tell you wherever your country has gone, it didn't do so in 9 months with just a stimulus package and proposed health care reform. If your country is gone, then it disappeared right under your watch.

If this is truly about America, why didn't Conservatives speak up before now? That's what angers me. Why weren't you saying, hey Bush, we elected you, what the hell are you're doing. Those aren't the conservative values we hold. The sad thing is: All these things you complain about with Obama started prior to 2008.

You may not like the way Obama is handling it, I get that, but I draw the line at using him as an escape goat for failed policy of the last administration. Obama's record deficit is your record deficit. $1.2 trillion projected deficit before he even took the oath.

If the people on right had this fervor toward their own, you could have prevented so much of this, but you were blinded by ideology. And now, "You want your country back." Sounds a lot like. "You want your cake back"...Because you don't get to have it and eat it, too.

uptownsteve said...

"For the record 33% of blacks believe in a conservative lifestyle, just not the political affiliation."

What, praytell, is a conservative lifestyle?

Does Bill "Falufa" O'Rielly live it?

How about Mark Foley and Armstrong Williams?

How can we forget Rush "Hydrochone" Limbaugh?

ziggy said...

Ms. Grapevine:
You're blind and foolish and I'm tired of your ignorance.

I don't care to respond to you or anyone else so mindless. It gets tiresome. If you compare the dangers of big business compared to big gov't. Big gov't is far more dangerous. But people like you find themselves in the fire and don't know how they got there. Please don't respond to anymore of my posts. Appreciate it.

Conservative Black Woman said...

MrsGrapevine~That's the point it has nothing at all to do with race. I should have clarified but I heard Roland Martin say sometime this weekend that using words like "gangser" to describe Pres. Obama's administration are code words used to veil racism.

Do you realize that you are co-signing Rep. Bachmann. Republicans conservatives (those which you believe are the pre-reconstruction democrats)were opposed to bailing out GM? The point Rep. Bachman is making is that dealers who had profitable dealerships-- not GM-- GM DEALERS were served notice to turn over their service contracts.

I believe you wrote in the past that you are a business owner well let's say that the gov't bails out your industry even though you were not in favor of a bail out because you are turning a profit, but the gov't bails out your "industry" then sents you a certified letter to cease and desist operation in said industry and turn over your service contracts and/or gov't at once....would that be cool?

Conservative Black Woman said...

I meant to say turn over your service contracts and/or clients.

MrsGrapevine said...

@ CBW:

Then we are in agreement about race, but I do think Martin was talking about the use of slang to characterize a person of color running a system. It goes back to my argument of micro vs macro. Sad, but hardly counts for racism.

I just ignored the word "gansta" and listened to her point. I understand what she is saying, but it's still GM's fault, and a lot more businesses could have been affected, not just horizontally, but vertically as well.

I would be very upset, but private market allows big companies to squeeze out the little guys. If a large company goes out of business in this state, then so can the supplier who depends on that large contract, which will also affects me. To be fair small business qualify for government grants and loans and tax breaks that large companies don't qualify for. So small businesses depend on government quite a bit.

That's the flip side of free market, it's not fair, and sometimes it sucks, especially for small business owners.

Smile said...

All I have to say is Grapeshit.

Big business is not my problem. It's the local gov't fines, regulations, permits and any other way to say costly.

I'm calling your bs.

Uptown, I didn't know you read Inquirer. FYI it's not a news mag.

This was spot on, CBW. I'll try an experiment. I'll see how many critters get brought out, betcha it's when you're really spot on and hit a nerve.

MrsGrapevine said...

@ Ziggy:

If you really didn't want me to respond to you then you probably shouldn't have left a comment addressing me. I think you absence of a response would have set the tone. So if you don't want me to engage with you, then you make sure not to direct your comments at me next time. OK! Then we are in agreement. :)

You don't have to feel sorry for me, I know from whence my strength cometh. So the opinion of one person over the internet is not going to condemn me, especially since I don't share his political philosophy. Conservatives do not own God, Jesus, or faith. It's a political allegiance.

MrsGrapevine said...

@ Smiles:

If big business is not your problem then why are you against TARP? If those business would have failed it would have been a ripple affect. It wasn't one too big to fail business it was several at one time. If it was just one, I would agree with you, but it was several.

So I'm calling you back out...

What business are you in that you have all those interferences? Fines, what type of fines?

We don't have state income tax in Texas. We have sales taxes.

We do have regulations, but it makes sound sense considering we are in party rental business where people can get hurt. Having insurance protects me just as much as it does our clients.

It's not that I'm picking on y'all I just really don't understand how you process.

Wal-Mart moves into a small town, and the local grocer goes out of business even if they were there 80 years. Not just the grocer, but other stores and pharmacy. The whole town becomes dependent on this business. Wal-mart is so big that they have a seat in government, and not just locally, but nationally, and internationally. I don't understand why this isn't a problem to you.

Our government has checks and balances in place, and if Obama messes up he's gone. He's voted off the island.

But who is regulating Wal-Mart? Why are their prices so low, and at what cost? Same thing with blood Diamonds. I just don't understand how you pick and chose your fights.

ar said...

Mrs Grapevine; do you want some really lousey reading? I mean, I think it's terrific but you may not even read it - i don't know.

It's defining enough for me; i base thot on it. It's my language, at least, if not millions of folks'.

"Tyranny and Liberty", grapevine. Sprout another branch and work your way over to the pages and read them. It's short, to the point.

Are you going to read it? (in case you didn't know: Mark Levin)

MrsGrapevine said...

@ Ar:

I know you can't tell, but I'm an English Lit Creative Writing Major, I have read every type of literature known to man. So give it to me.

Mark Levin's In Case You Didn't Know. Looking it up, now

MrsGrapevine said...

@ Ar:

I know you can't tell, but I'm an English Lit Creative Writing Major, I have read every type of literature known to man. So give it to me.

Mark Levin's In Case You Didn't Know. Looking it up, now