Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rush Limbaugh & Ann Coulter Deconstruct Liberal MSM Victimology

I caught the tail end of this at work yesterday and after reading the entire transcript decided that I would share the videos. (Before ya'll start screaming that Rush is a racist!!! -- I have been listening to this guy religiously for the last 4 years and I don't think he is however, I have no way of knowing what lies deep in the recesses of his heart but it isn't my business what's in his heart and besides he is less offensive to me than rappers,comedians and commentators who assault my intelligence and womanhood on BET and black radio stations.) That being said both Rush and Ann are "provocateurs" who profit from their superlative reasoning skills and political analysis. I don't begrudge them as someone has to be brave enough to tell the truth.


Bev said...

Only within the last couple of years have I been able to listen to Rush without throwing something at the radio. I now generally respond to what Rush says with, "he's right about that."

Rush's interview with Ann Coulter wasvery good. As I said in my comment under your post on Ms. Coulter on The View, to really hear a decent discussion on aspects of her book, you have to hear her on conservative talk radio programs.

Rush kept her on a long time. The interview was not light frothiness, but pure meat. It was good to hear Ms. Coulter not have to go into combat mode and be able to just talk.

morena said...

As my ultra-liberal coworkers were on another round of Bush-bashing, I quietly enjoyed this radio broadcast in my cubicle friday afternoon. If I took my headphones off in the office, it may have caused a riot!

I do agree it was good to hear Coulter flow w/o negative interruptions. She defined the pseudo-victim without question.

Kathi said...

Thank you for sharing this. I appreciate hearing Ann's side without the media interupting and causing her to appear unintelligent. Kathi

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this up. I have a question:

What exactly do you agree with in ref. to Ms Coulter, her current book, and her views on being black in the US?

Before I continue, I must point out, that I did not have the time to listen to the entire clip, as I found that there were words coming out of her mouth but not real ideas.

Although I could be classified (if it really mattered) as progressive, I am posting because as a black man from Va. by way of Japan by way of Ga., I've never met a conservative black woman before. I am interested and what draws you to that side of the political spectrum.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Cod3fr3ak~You ask"I am interested and what draws you to that side of the political spectrum.

I detest the soft bigotry of low expection for black people that is promulgated by liberals, the mainstream media, and the democrat party. I question why black people overwhelming vote democrat and willingly serve as mere pawns for rhetoric and empty promises. Black communities have been run for the last 40 years under democrat leadership, yet we have fallen to the bottom of every demographic. I refuse to wear the yoke of contempt, and victimology around my neck in the name of racial solidarity. I dare say black folks worship their blackness as an idol and set it above their conviction to Christ (those who are christian that is)

I don't believe that it is the job of the government or it's representatives to care about me or meet my needs-- that's my husband's job. My stomach turns when ever I hear grown men lament that George Bush or some white politician doesn't care about them. They sound like punk azz fools. I question why the black intelligensia has an affinity for socialism and marxist dictators like Fidel Castro, and Che Guevara.

Basically I reject grievance and identity politics...I think it's just dumb.

Hope that answers your questions. Please keep visiting and sharing your thoughts.