Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lisa Gladden Maryland State Senator An Obama Cultist

This idiotic Maryland State SENATOR says that it doesn't matter if Maryland is broke as long as Barack Obama is he 44th president. Let me reiterate, this SENATOR doesn't care that MD faces a 2 million dollar deficit, nor does she care that city employees will lose their jobs. All is well in the world because Obama will be President. Wow, I'm so glad that this pissant isn't my state Senator for she is truly deranged. I believe that she is an attorney so clearly at some point in time she was a logical person. I guess Colin Powell was correct Barack Obama is a transformative person -- he is transforming once intelligent black folks into idol-worshipping nincompoops.

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Pamela said...

I just posted the link to this stupid video on the blog for Wake Up Black America. He lives in Baltimore. What madness.

People may talk about the mid-west. At least we do not hear idiotic madness like this woman. I'm so glad to be away from MD.

The Black Sphere said...

Hey Robin, good find! This is the type of thing that we need to make sure gets circulated so we can get rid of these "cockaroaches"! Amazing. And Black people will vote her back in, I'm telling you!

RightKlik said...

Obama's gonna fix EVERYTHING. If need be, he'll even adjust the force of gravity just to make your life a little easier.

Anonymous said...

I am a progressive democrat, in Maryland. I work, pay taxes, vote, and do the best I can to contribute to my community. I agree that Senator Lisa Gladden is a complete idiot, and her statement reflects it. The point I'd like to make is that it is unfair to paint everyone with one brush. Just because I am black and in Baltimore, MD, and democrat, does not make me stupid. It does not mean that I agree with every black politician or vote for them. I did not vote for Mayor Sheila Dixon, an even bigger idiot than Gladden. I did vote for Obama for president. But, I disagree with his position on the bail-out, and I am disappointed about his silence on the Israel/Gaza conflict. My point, please consider limiting your criticism to a specific person, rather than contend that each and every black democrat is a cultist, or stupid, or incapable of an independent thought. Thank you. BTW, I disagree with the viewpoint of this blogger, but I don't assume that she speaks for each and every black woman conservative.

JMK said...

Well, the statement was moronic, but even worse is the fact that millions of people are blaming the economic tsunami that is about to hit a LOT of Municipal governments HARD on exactly the opposite of what's caused it!

The current credit crisis-fueled economic meltdown is being blamed on "rampant Capitalism" and "de-regulation," when in FACT, (1) we HAVEN'T HAD a free market or "rampant Capitalism" since 1912 - we've had a heavilly REGULATED market-based economy and (2) the PRIMARY CAUSE of the current economic mess has been massive government over-spending AND stupid regulation (like the "turbo-charged CRA" that mandated that banks make more (subprime) loans available to lower income Americans).

Ironically enough, dolts in the media and in politics are now touting even more SPENDING (ie. a HUGE welfare check in the form of the misnamed "Earned Income Tax Credit to non-income tax paying Americans and MORE useless and unworkable bailouts for irresponsible businesses) and MORE regulation as the antidote to a problem that was caused by those things!

We've NEVER "spent our way out of a recession," EVER.

2009's economic malaise may well be blamed on "the Bush legacy," BUT 2010 will be the telling year. IF things get worse in 2010 - and overspending now makes that much more likely - THAT will be laid at the Obama administration's door...and it probably would return the Congress back to the GOP.

A GOP Congress alone is NOT the answer, it must be a Conservative Congress! The DeLay and Hastert Congresses were nearly as profligate and reckless and the Pelosi-Reid Congress.

The ONLY Congress in the past CENTURY that cut federal spending, produced budget surpluses and delivered some of the lowest Misery Indexes (the inflation rate and the unemployment rate added together) in over four decades was the GINGRICH Congress.

A lot of people who've been immune to the recessions of the last 25 years (government workers) are about to get hit and hit hard.

States like NY, CA, MI and IL are all deeply in debt. NYS is some $25 BILLION in debt and NYC, which has already laid off some workers is looking at the possibility of massive layoffs in fiscal year (FY) 2009, which begins in July.

Moreover, the pension funds for most cities are managed by their states and if NYS, CA or IL go into default, all those lavish Municipal pensions will be paid in pennies on the dollar.

THAT'S when you're going to see social turmoil, because there's no more spoiled group than the Municipal workers who've been immune to economic downturns and fiscal upheavals. The specter of laid off and pension-less cops, teachers, public health workers, firefghters and social workers is a Liberal's nightmare.

I'm not saying that IS coming, but I AM saying IT COULD.

And that's coming from a 24 year firefighter in NYC, so I'm NOT "rooting for disaster", merely facing the realities that are as clear as that iceberg just ahead of the Titanic once was.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Anonymous~You write "The point I'd like to make is that it is unfair to paint everyone with one brush. Just because I am black and in Baltimore, MD, and democrat, does not make me stupid"

I agree with you, I apologize if that is the tone you picked up from this post. If what I write doesn't describe you then suffice it to say I'm not talking about you or any person who doesn't fit that description. The point that I was trying to make is that SOME black folks (and not necessarily democrats) are so motivated by the historic significance of Barack Obama's political ascention that they abandoned their normal sensiblities. I think SOME of us are "caught up" in the hype. For the record almost every black person in my circle of friends voted for Barack Obama and some of them are republican who "don't want to be caught on the wrong side of history" -- no I don't believe they are ALL Nincompoops but the ones who not only voted for him but who share Ms. Gladden's sentiments are the individuals I reference in this post.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Wow, JMK I hope that it doesn't get that bad. But like you said time will tell. I live in the DC area and almost everyone works in government (not me) and I can only imagine the devastation that would beset this area if these folks lose their jobs and retirement funds..... I shudder to think.

Pelosi and Reid are scarier than Barack Obama in my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

I see all these pics of folks in DC black and white wearing fancy dresses, partying and drinking champagne in a middle of a recession. Are these people living in a different world? I find it crazy how quick black folks become delusional.