Friday, January 16, 2009

More "Pimpistry" From A "Man'd Of Gawd"

This video was posted on Youtube this week but it appears to be a couple of years old because the featured "Man'd of Gawd" Dr. Leroy Thompson is quite a bit grayer these days...Creflo Dollar makes a cameo appearance too......

I am praying that the Lord Jesus will come quickly because His people (I use that term loosely) are are so easily beguiled.


Pamela said...

I did not bother watching this video. I tuned this fellow out years ago. I do find the story he tells about buying the property where his ancestors were slaves quite interesting. I assume that story is true. If so I think that is hilarious.

I was watching Jim Bakker's TV program a few weeks ago (I rarely turn on the TV these days). He mentioned that he knew a marketing rep that works with a lot of the large known ministries. The man told Jim that income at these ministries has dropped 40-50%. Some would say it is the economy. I say the saints are wising up to this nonsense.

Mom tells me that just about every preacher on TV these days is talking pretty much exclusively about how people 'need to give'. I told her that she will continue to hear it because their income has significantly dropped. We will see just how well their message works now. I expect many of these ministries to drop like flies in the days to come if they used extortion to get their funds.

Christie said...

My momma and daddy have always said that folks doubt the bible...but every single day we see things and people who let us know the word is true..Between idiotic "ministers" of the faith on TV and in the pulpit spewing nonsense, telling us to love the sinner and accept the sins, and that it is okay to live our lives outside of what we know is right and folks blindly putting a man up as some sort of equal to God (Yes everyone I know you think Barack if Godlike..but no he isn't God-kinda makes you not want to miss Sunday service and realize that we aren't long for the return of our Lord.

Attorneymom said...

I am in the wrong profession. That was enough money to payoff my student loan debt.

Seriously, that was a sad video. How many of those people could turn to either one of those Pastors for financial assistance?? Their bills could have been paid if they just would have taken the money they threw on the alter and paid their bills.