Friday, January 16, 2009

I Wondered How Long It Will Take For Obama To Receives Credit For The Miracle On The Hudson?

I wondered out loud this morning as I dropped Mini-me off how long it would be before PEBO gets credit for the "Miracle On The Hudson"? She was annoyed with me (as usual) -- she told me that it was too early in the morning and too soon after morning devotions to be so cynical. So I hung my head in shame thinking that I really need to get this snarkiness in check -- I have not exactly been spewing grace this week ( I'm sorry I called 78 year old Mr. Presley a fool).

Then lo and behold, I received one of those stupid “keep it going” emails from an Obama acolyte and I fought with every fiber of my being not to forward to Miss Mini-Me with " I TOLD YOU SO" in the subject line. So I've decided to just blog my angst away.

Here are the pictures within the email:


And as if that were not bad enough I read an article this afternoon entitled Obama, Miracle on the Hudson and a Society of Collaborative Excellence by James Melamed . He writes:

What are the odds of Barack Obama becoming our President? His story is now our story. Obama’s election represents what is possible. Not what is normal nor what is expected, but what is possible.

And what are the odds of 155 passengers surviving a plane crash into the Hudson River? This is not everyday stuff. It is what is possible. It is what is best.

As the pilot saved so many lives, he also gifted so very much to the many thousands of husbands, wives, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, friends and colleagues who would have otherwise been so severely impacted. What a gift to thousands. This pilot deserves the highest medal we have. We should create a new medal for him, a medal for exceptional excellence.

As this pilot landed the plane without a life lost, especially just a few days before the Obama Inauguration, I can not help thinking of Obama as our pilot, the world’s pilot. While the future remains most challenging and highly uncertain, one just has a sense that, if anyone can land this plane, it will be Obama. How lucky we are to now not have ordinary leadership. How lucky we are that we have a fellow with so much competence and character. What are the odds? Whatever one’s party affiliation, I suggest that we as a nation are lucky to have a guy with the competence and cool that we now have “in the cockpit.” (Source)

Pardon me whilst I regurgitate that obtuse kah-hah!!! So, although I was a bit snarky this morning...I was on point as to the inner workings of the "Obama-manic" mind.


Pamela said...

I guess I'm in a really good mood. This week I have laughed out loud at this madness. One reason is that reality will set in with these folk and the singing of praises will change into a lot of blue air outside of a miracle. I will say I am sincerely praying for wisdom and that the man will see the light or else we are in for some hard times like we have never seen before. People do change. May he and his cohorts be those that do.

Ebony Intuition said...

OMG, you have to be kidding me right. I thought the pilot who has over 20 years experience in flying planes was the hero???

morena said...


I got the same email this past Tuesday at work from the "I jus' luv me some Obama" coworkers. It was a challenge to not scream before I quickly deleted it. Unbelievable!

This country will see a time that we have never seen before--God help us.

JudyBright said...

There is definitely some craziness going on in the spiritual realm. Strong delusion anyone?

M. Minnesota said...

The tone of the words of James Melamed, are not that much different than the words spoken by Barak Obama in his Pre- Convention acceptance speech to huge throngs at the Excel Energy Center in St. Paul. A few weeks later, Gov. Sarah Palin gave her acceptance speech ALSO at the Excel Energy Center in St. Paul. Talk about a clash of Theological and political worldviews!!!!

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