Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No Fool Like An Old Fool...78 Year Old Says Obama Is His Moses

78 year old James Presley a grandson of slaves describes Barack Obama as his Moses. I'm sure this man has many redeeming qualities he has been married to the same woman for 57 years, he appears to have lived an upstanding Christian life, but if he managed to get to the ripe old age of 78 and is still looking for Moses to lead him to the promise land then he is just foolish. First of all, God didn't promise to send another Moses--although he said that there would be an "anti-christ" who would fool the very elect (but, Obama is too obviously counterfeit to be the anti-christ). Mr. Presley says:

"Presley says the fact the nation will have a black president will have a ripple effect in poor communities like his. For the first time ever, he says, black parents and grandparents can tell youngsters in rural America that through education, anything is possible -- that the White House isn't just for white folks."(Read full article here)

I have said before that this is so sad. Has Black America been so despairing and hopeless that they haven't been telling their children that they can achieve anything? If so, what does that say about us as parents? Is Mr. Presley not inadvertently saying that white parents are better parents because PEBO's mama was white and clearly she encouraged him to excel in all of his endeavors.

I'm sickened by Mr. Presley's mantra and all the weeping black folks. Ok, I get that this is historic and we never thought we would see the day but the day has come and it's no deeper that that. We still have work to do for ourselves -- PEBO has promised us nothing. Hope and change are not strategies its just the rhetoric he used to "inspire" your dumb behinds to vote for him. So be inspired and get off your azzes waiting for Massah PEBO (Moses) to give you scrapes from his table. We look like such a weak, impotent, ass-backward people when we say such things. I don't believe that we are, I don't even believe Mr. Presley is weak -- but he is foolish as hell if he actually believes that PEBO is "our" Moses.

There are thousands of Mr. Presleys who raised their children, husbanded their wives worked and provided for their families. My Grand-daddy was one of them and they are un-sung heroes. But I seriously doubt that my "Poppie" would be duped by PEBO. He may have voted for him just to "give the black guy a chance" but I'm convinced he wouldn't be looking for PEBO to make an impact on his life or the lives of his family because he saw that as HIS job.

Afterthought: That CNN Producer Mr. Drash is a metaphor for the Democratic Party. He is singing Mr. Presley's praises because he has been a compliant Negro. He didn't get all uppity and leave the plantation....No, no, no he stayed and farmed cotton on the plantation of the white man who enslaved his ancestors. Do you get it? Mr. Drash lifts him up as an un-sung hero --throws a few scraps his way. That's exactly how the Democratic party wants us to be. Compliant, dumb and dependent not uppity... be happy because we have given you a black president (a mere ort), and we are about to give you a $700 stimulus -- we love you so... and we are so jubliant....."thank ya so much for recognizin' we Mistah Charlie"


JudyBright said...

It's sort of ironic that only now I guess in 2008-09 that people think it's possible for someone of color to become president.

Funny thing is, Obama was born (we're pretty sure anyway) in 1961. So I guess that means that it's been possible for quite a long time. A biracial man born before the height of the Civil Rights movement is president.

Zabeth said...

I wonder what all these people will say when Obama doesn't cow-tow to the black community? Or, when the notion that his presidency will some how magically uplift black people in America does not prevail. What then?

Pamela said...

Z, I'm waiting for the screaming to begin. It will not be long. Trust me. It should be no surprise because from what little I kept up with this Obama did not really court the bc to begin with. If they really expect him to bow down to them they are really naive or ignoring the obvious.

CBW I agree it is sad, especially for Christians, to be looking for a deliverer when Christ came and did this successfully.

Anonymous said...

This is yet another example of racist propaganda!

ONE old Black man does NOT speak for ALL Blacks, or is that NOT common knowledge here?

So out of ALL of the intelligent and articulate stories about Blacks in relation to the President Elect, you had to "cling" to THIS one???

With ALL that is going on in the world THIS is what is bothering you???

THIS is what's "sad"???

What about the Black kid who was MURDERED in Oakland by a RACIST WHITE COP?????

What about the Palestinians being murdered everyday??? Iraq???

When stereotypical crap like this is further perpetuated and propagated it ONLY re-inforces racist beliefs.

This does more harm than good Ms. Conservative.

No, slavery is NOT the cause of ALL of our ills, but to diminish or trivialize it's TREMENDOUS impact, is NOTHING less than TREASON to those who fought, died, or survived, so that you can choose to be "Conservative".

Zabeth said...


I don't know. I think it may take a long time for that to happen. I think many AA Obama-cultists will just make excuses, try to explain away, and/or talk around the obvious.


You say:
"ONE old Black man does NOT speak for ALL Blacks, or is that NOT common knowledge here?"

Obviously it's not, especially seeing as how many here are black conservatives. My question is what do you say to liberal AAs who accuse right leaning AAs of being sell outs for not conforming and sharing the same point of view? Is that not racist to you as well?

Conservative Black Woman said...

Anon~ There are 125 blog posts on this site. I post at least 5x times per week. This is CLEARLY not ALL I have to "CLING" to.

What about the black kid murdered in Oakland by racist white cops?

Some stupid ass black folks think Obama is a savior and as long as they are steeped in such stupidity generations of black people will be murdered because we will feel to oppressed to get the hell out of war-zones like Oakland.

Well if I could find any articulate and intelligent stories about black folks as it relates to Obama I would post them. But since I believe that one would have to either a)hate america b)be a socialist or C) be just plain stupid to vote for Obama I just can't find such a story.

What about all of the Israeli Civilians being bombed by Palestians who use human shield? What about these dement Palestians who strapfire-arms to their own mentally retarded girls and use them as human ammunition. Get the heck out of my face with this simple liberal kah-kah.

You have your beloved liberal mainstream media CNN to thank for producing this piece. It's not my fault our people are all to willing to be weak, helpless, spineless, victims. We can't sweep it under the carpet. What good does that do?

Further this is my damn brain spew. Don't dare tell me what to write about especially when you are such a pussy that you have to post anonomously!

Conservative Black Woman said...

Also, Anon -- This is not racist propaganda. I want black folks to be proud of themselves not because of Barack Obama. But because of our own accomplishments be it the beautiful legacies we have spawned in our families, our personal triumphs, or wisdom whatever... but to act as if Barack is the great Black Hope is ridiculous. It breaks my heart to see grown men cry (Jesse, Rev. Fauntroy, etal) because Obama won. I think if my husband would have shed tears I would have beat him about the head with a frying pan (just kidding) but how weak!!!! Obama's election doesn't make me a better or worse person, I'm not now magically validated as a full citizen because of Barack Obama? He is not the only black man who loves his family.

Basically, whenever someone such as myself doesn't turn a blind eye to the collective faulty mentality of black folks somehow we are "racist". That's so STUPID.

Ron said...

WoW CBW....Well Said to Anon. Posting as Anonymous is just downright cowardly. There was nothing racist or propaganda about your rant. It is what many of us think. He/she obviously does not read your blog on a regular basis.

Pfffffttttt. That was the Hope and Change balloon deflating.
There will be no change in DC with Clintons third term. Just more of the same. Oh that was an Obama campaign commercial. But where is the change and where are the ideas that will stimulate business not government.
Sorry I forgot Obama thinks that government is the answer to social and economic problems.

You keep giving them liberals hell CBW. I will keep reading.

Anonymous said...

1st of all you all ASSume that I am Liberal or a Democrat when I am neither. BOTH parties are corrupt.

So put your childish little labels back in your conservative little "grab bag", for your NEXT tantrum.

2nd of all I could not care less what you say about Obama, I don't trust him either. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations which means he supports the SAME exact agenda as the last several regimes to hold the office. In fact nearly EVERY person that was running is ON IT.

Apparently you all are just too damn stupid to know exactly what they stand for. Look it up and educate your wanna be upity selves.
But I'm SURE you won't.

The only difference is ya boy Obama willl be a lot more articulate than the last gibbering idiot.

But nothing will change, he's just charismatic with his.

Zabeth said: " wonder what all these people will say when Obama doesn't cow-tow to the black community? Or, when the notion that his presidency will some how magically uplift black people in America does not prevail. What then?"

I completely agree. Who ever believs that is a fool. Blacks did not vote him in, whites did. So any Black person who actually believs that IS straight stupid.

Then I said:
That "ONE black man does NOT speak for ALL Black people or is that NOT common knowledge here?"

to which Zabeth replied "Obviously it's not, especially seeing as how many here are black conservatives."

"Obviously NOT"??????

I mean just how damn stupid is THAT???

If ONE man spoke for ALL Black people, it wouldn't be THAT one!

Even MLK didn't speak for ALL Black people!!!

That TRULY goes to show just how narrow minded and stupid you "conservatives" are to even voice some stupid crap like that.

Zabeth:" My question is what do you say to liberal AAs who accuse right leaning AAs of being sell outs for not conforming and sharing the same point of view? Is that not racist to you as well?"

I don't think it's "racist" but I think it's WRONG. You are entitled to believe what you believe.

I don't get into the whole Liberal vs conservative crap, because it limits your ability to observe things OBJECTIVELY. I don't have that problem. i want BOTH sides to be held accountable for EVERY crime they commit, and I DON'T care which "party" they are in.

Ya'll get so hyped up in choosing sides that you can't even hear or entertain truth or real information because it might not come from your "side". And then when someone from your "side" get's caught red handed, instead of demanding accountability you rather point the finger at the "other side's" short comings.

Liberals do it too.

When they are ALL crooks. BOTH sides!

Truth is, all this party talk doesn't mean didly!

Ya'll aint runnin shit, just talkin shit. Politicians do what they want while dumbass Americans continue to infight.

It's the "Weapon of Mass Distraction"

and OBVIOUSLY over your heads.

AAahhh and last but certainly not least Ms CBW her MF self!

Where do I begin?

You said "What about the black kid murdered in Oakland by racist white cops?

Some stupid ass black folks think Obama is a savior and as long as they are steeped in such stupidity generations of black people will be murdered because we will feel to oppressed to get the hell out of war-zones like Oakland."

So let me get this straight, it's the Black kid's fault he got shot in the back, by a cop, lying face down, with NO trial,BECAUSE HE DIDN'T MOVE OUT OF OAKLAND????

Wow! That beats even some of the most racist crap I've heard come out of hill billy white folks mouths. I'm sure you're PROUD of yourself!

Then you said:"It's not my fault our people are all to willing to be weak, helpless, spineless, victims. We can't sweep it under the carpet. What good does that do?"

"our people are ALL"????????????


Would that include the man you hate who will soon be PRESIDENT??????

Is HE "too willing to be weak, helpless, spineless, victims"???????

Boy the logic cup on this sight is ONLY half full, and that half is OBVIOUSLY full of Sh!T!!!

I bet you think we are in Iraq fighting for their freedoms , while they are being taken away here.
"We can't sweep it under the carpet. What good does that do?"

About as much as sweeping slavery under it.

Allow me to prove my point.

When was the last time you told a jew to forget the Holocaust???

Never! You WOULD NOT DARE to!!!!

Eventhough you're not woman enough to admit it CBW, that there is a double standard.

So YOU have respect for the Jews, but NOT for Blacks.

You respect the Holocaust (6 million), but NEVER slavery (over 100 million).

I think there is some "self hate" issues in there. You need to ask yourself how you got that way.

And as for the hot lil "pussy" comment. I didn't post my name because I didn't think it mattered because I probably won't waste any more of my time with such simple minded MF's. So there was NO need to sign up here.

And I KNOW ya'll don't want me here spitting TRUTH, because you can't handle it.

But what the HELL could I POSSIBLY be AFRAID OF???

My name is J-A-M-E-S, JAMES!!!

Now what???

You know my name, now WHAT???


It's not like you can whup my ass or something, so spare me with the faux "tuff talk", OOooo you're scaring me!!!

You ain't tough, you're "conservative".

and Ron you can "cowardly" DEEZE NUTS!

So based on your commentary, I bet you ALL think Bush did a GREAT Job!!

Google the Carlyle Group so you can see how the Bush and Bin Laden families BOTH profit from the war!

Naw, never mind......stay "Bliss" Black folks stay bliss.


Conservative Black Woman said...

Anonymous~I didn't even finish reading your rant but I hope you feel better now. I can agree with you however that we aint runnin' shit we are just talking shit. But I have a right to do so on my blog. What is your blog's url-- I'll talk shit on your blog too..Cupcake!

I labeled you liberal because you project liberalism. But you are right both sides have issues.

For you to call my "wanna be uppity ass" (I seem to remember you saying that to me before) that bothers you doesn't it?) racist is preposterous. I don't know how you gleen that from my blog or my comments but if you pick up that vibe then perhaps you can understand me picking up that you are a daft liberal. But if not liberal certainly daft. Oh yeah, I hope you don't think you imparted in knowledge regarding PEBO's senate record...my readers and myself are well aware of this which is why WE saw through his empty rhetoric.

Daft because you have completely miscontrued blog post an my response to you so there is no point in continuing a discussion.

Be Gone!!

Ron said...

Good comeback to call everyone names and to tell me to cowardly DEEZNUTS.

But for the truth. I hope that you do not believe everything you read on the internet. Just because you can Google it does not make it the truth. You probably watched Fahrenheit 911 and believed every minute of it. BTW the Carlyle Group forced the Bin Laden family to liquidate its assets in the Group after 911 because it became an embarrassment.

I too believe and stress to my Obama Koolaid drinking friends that Blacks did not vote Obama into the presidency whites did. So we agree. And if you apply linear logic; had it not been for a sex scandal in Illinois, Barack Obama would not have become President. Google how he became a senator in the first place. Eliminating the competition.

As far as articulate goes. Yeah he is great at reading speeches that are on a teleprompter. Whenever he has to go off script he stammers before he can get a clear thought out. Watch his news conferences.And why does he not field questions from the press at random but chooses 4 members before the interview to call on. If Bush had done this every member of the press would be up in arms. No I do not believe Bush was a great president.

As far as shooting a unarmed man in the back goes......he(the police officer)will and should be charged. I saw the video of the shooting.

Keep reading. Don't give up! One view is not the only view. I am sure CBW accepts your differing views.

Anonymous said...

Ron, being called a "pussy" and a "coward" would ALSO qualify as name calling correct?? Correct.

F.Y.I. I love pussy, but hate cowards.


Now that we have gotten all of the name calling out of the way, and everyone has vented, I can honestly say that I am GLAD that there are some Blacks who haven't drank the "kool aid" (I hate that phrase it sounds like something straight out of "Faux News").

Obama has to be held accountable too!! He has already been backsliding on some of his previous stances and promises, and appears to be moving the CFR agenda forward. I also believe that America is being robbed through the "bailouts".

Ron, you are exactly right they DID make them liquidate all assets because it WAS more than just "embarrassing" it was SCANDELOUS!! How can George H Bush meet with Bin Ladens brother the same DAY of 911, then fly his entire family out 2 days later, claim that we are "looking for him", go into Iraq, and then say "He doesn't think about him much"???

Those of you who are capable of "critical thinking" would know that something stinks, and stinks bad. Throw on top of that planes "vaporizing", Bldg 7, and Dick Cheyney ordering NORAD to stand down.

Anyway that's a different story.

CBW, I didn't mean to disrupt your post. I saw your post on "craigslist", and although I got where you were coming from, I think we must be careful with what we put out there.

What you posted, will support some of the stereotypes/racist views that would have those people look at even an intelligent and beautiful black woman like yourself, as ONE of the "shiftless, lazy, don't wanna work" negroes.

When stereotypes are cast, they are cast ON ALL of US !

And yes, that even includes the intelligent, the beautiful, and talented among us, when it should NOT (because it does NOT).

And THAT CBW is what I was trying to defend, and will continue to do so.

Anyway, I won't waste anymore of your time, keep doing what you do.

Peace and Love,

Conservative Black Woman said...

J-A-M-E-S~I concede that the tone of my post could have been less caustic. I also let my feelings get the better of me so I apologize for my "cattyness" and for calling you an expletive.

That being said I'm still a work in progress and if you decide to visit this blog again I hope that I will behave more maturely to those who have an opinion that differs from my own.

Peace & Blessing back to ya....

Anonymous said...

This was a very interesting article about ya boy Obama I thought you may want to take a look at.


Obama's Perilous Compromise with Wall Street Looters
by Jeffrey Klein

President Obama has made a bad mistake: Instead of cracking down on serial looters and complicit regulators, he plans to reward them.

Looters have taken over America's Treasury. The executives who successfully ransacked their own banks, investment funds and insurance companies have set their eyes on Obama's stimulus. Tragically, the architects of the current economic fiasco have been placed in charge of America's recovery.

President Obama has made an enormous mistake. Instead of cracking down on serial looters and complicit regulators, he wants to guarantee the financial sector's obligations, which are several times larger than America's economy. This is a Ponzi scheme far beyond Bernie Madoff's imagination. Simply put: The government is breaking the rules of capitalism to reward the most reckless capitalists.

Is it unfair to criticize President Obama before he and his experienced team have a chance to enact new laws and regulations? For guidance on this question, let's turn to the father of capitalism, Adam Smith. Here's how Smith concludes Wealth of Nations, Book I:

"The proposal of any new law or regulation of commerce which comes from this order [the capitalists], ought always to be listened to with great precaution, and ought never to be adopted till after having been long and carefully examined, not only with the most scrupulous, but most suspicious attention. It comes from an order of men, whose interest is never exactly the same with that of the public, who have generally an interest to deceive and even to oppress the public, and who accordingly have, upon many occasions, both deceived and oppressed it."

Consider Obama's Economic Czar, Larry Summers, who comes fresh from heading a highly secretive hedge fund. As Clinton's Secretary of the Treasury, Summers championed the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, which led directly to the excessive risk-taking by newly enlarged financial entities deemed too big to fail when they failed. Additionally Summers and Robert Rubin lobbied intensely for legislation signed by Bill Clinton that forbid government oversight of derivatives, the toxic instruments that have poisoned balance sheets around the world. Summers' former deputy Tim Geithner, the new Secretary of the Treasury, has supervised more recent rip-offs. He bears significant responsibility for the Lehman Brothers' catastrophe and for the flawed Fannie Mae, Bear Stearns and AIG bailouts. At Geithner's confirmation hearing, he must be asked repeatedly why the looters were rewarded and why plans giving taxpayers more equity were rejected.

Sherlock Holmes was once famously asked by a Scotland Yard detective: "Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?" Holmes: "To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time." Detective: "The dog did nothing in the night-time." Holmes: "That was the curious incident."

Why haven't America's economists barked timely alarms? Are they blinded by their faith in markets? Perhaps the old saying should be reworked: In America, those who can, loot. Those who can't, teach wealth-friendly philosophies masquerading as hard science. In their mind-set, fraud is the province of Bernie Madoff, not Robert Rubin.

But what could be more criminal than Rubin's former employees, Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner, awarding the sweetest of all bailout deals to Citi, where Rubin sits as a highly-paid senior counselor and director. Throughout his career Rubin has pushed for more complex risk instruments and less government regulation. How stupid does the quintessential Wall Street/Washington wise man think people are when he claims never to have heard of Citi's most toxic assets? And to brag that he's been "very involved" at Citi, but blames the company's excessive risk-taking on a presentation made one day by an outside consultant? After confessing such failures of oversight, an honest man would have resigned his posts.

Yet it's not only Rubin's acolytes who are pushing Obama's recovery plan. Experts from both parties have also endorsed it. The only catch? These are the same experts who were blind-sided by the mortgage security frauds that led to the credit freeze that triggered the de-leveraging that's plunged the world close to a Depression.

Does all this sound like a simple-minded diatribe? Perhaps it is. But when analyzing America's financiers, a simple-minded (as opposed to a naïve) approach may be best. For example, Hank Paulson, Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner thought that the banks they generously recapitalized with the taxpayers' money would begin lending again. Instead the banks used the bailout cash to buy other banks, issue dividends or simply profit on Treasury spreads - i.e., to make what bookies call their juice.

It's altogether possible that Barack Obama's recovery plan will bless sweetheart deals and generate enough public debt to destroy global confidence in our government's bonds. Foreigners, who own about half of all Treasuries, could stop funding America's deficit-driven recovery plan. During Obama's administration, the dollar might lose its reserve-currency premium.

Would all Americans then suffer equally? No. Those likely to profit most from Obama's stimulus before we go bust are his political allies, and especially his big donors. That's the nature of the doling-out beast. To minimize corruption, Obama must pro-actively prevent Chicago-style swindles. E.g., who owns the real estate adjacent to the infrastructure the government will build? What specific penalties will be incorporated into Obama's recovery plan to punish politically-connected profiteers?

If a spiraling out-of-control stimulus seems as if it's undermining the full faith and credit of the U.S. government, Obama's biggest donors will hedge their personal risk by parking some of their capital abroad. Have they've done so already? A senator should ask prospective nominees this question at their confirmation hearings.

Obama could be a different kind of president. His broad base of financial support ensures he won't lack funds for a reelection run. The dark side of Obama's presidency, however, is likely to come less from ethical failings than from his fondness for compromise.

You can't compromise with America's looters. They're too opportunistic. The economics team Obama assembled betrays his respect for elites and a caution that may doom his presidency. A bolder politician would stimulate the economy and simultaneously expose the moral violations at the core of our economic predicament. Leaders who sent the cops home need to be shamed, not promoted. Financiers who misled investors should be prosecuted, not bailed out. Attorney General nominee Eric Holder, the man who pardoned Marc Rich, doesn't seem likely to take up these tasks.

On Inauguration Day, President Obama will surely deliver an inspirational address. But the confidence he inspires will be worthless until he calls out and cuts off the thieves.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Thank you J-A-M-E-S! I actually read this on Huffpo a week or so ago. Hmmm...You an ok fellow. Do you agree with Mr. Klein?

Anonymous said...


I think he nailed the TRUTH behind Obama, and all of the "Corporate Hook ups" via bailout money.

That's just how they do in D.C.!

Corrupt is, as corrupt does.

I especially like his ending line

"the confidence he inspires will be worthless until he calls out and cuts off the thieves."

And he WON'T, and THAT's why I do not and will not trust him.

I got that one off of the editorial digest.


You just might be ok too CBW!!!(smile)

Peace, mi Amiga!

Anonymous said...

I looked at the "Moses" comment as a rhetorical thing more than a literal one. I think unless you have seen what the gentleman has seen and lived the life he's lived it's hard to judge his character and call him a fool.

I'm cool with the whole conservative point of view - diversity makes the world go round - but I'm a saddened when some to view the older generation and frown on their generation and perspective as if they are without value.

Simply put - we stand on the backs of an array of black people with differing life experiences and political points of view.

Conservative Black Woman said...

bbgcmac~I concede that the title is too caustic, offensive even. I'm sure the Mose references is figurative rather than literal but that doesn't render it any less foolish. I did not judge Mr. Presley's character, I just believe that his "figurative" comment was not wise.

Anonymous said...

Wise in what fashion? I mean folks like you and me see the world not just through our historical references coming up - but through the lens of CNN and Fox News for instance. We have blogs and instant messages - we drink Starbucks and visit Borders.

This man lived in a shack most of his life - made a helluva decent living working with his hands - the kind of respectable life that most convervatives prop up as an example. So when you speak of wisdom - is it through your 21st Century lens or through his - rual, southern, very un-technologically grounded schema.

I think you were hard on the brother... and the tone appeared rather condencending towards his point of view.

I too am conservative in that I believe in respecting our elders and it ain't like I can see him doing anything to hurt our people. That being said I'm sure it was a story the media felt they could sell and perhaps poke a little fun at... but that ain't on him as far as I'm concerned. He's an older brother - much older who does not live in the world we live in... and the next two generations under us will say the same.

Just Sayin

Conservative Black Woman said...

bbgcmac~Wise in what fashion? There are legions of black men with no formal education who provided for the families working low paying jobs, doing manual labor--I said in my post that these are the unsung heros. My grandfather if he were still living would be older than Mr. Presley and I can say with absolute certainty that while he probably would have voted for Barack Obama to give the black man a chance, I am certain that he would not have made that Moses analogy, nor would he have felt that Pres. Elec. Obama would have any transformative effect on his family. He had to much pride for that. I just can't wrap my mind around why Mr. Presley feeling that Barack Obama is our "figurative" Moses...The kindest word I can find for this is foolish. Because he has been duped (fooled) big time if he thinks that.

But I get your point regarding my seeming disrespect for the elderly.

Anonymous said...

I know you are a Christian from what I read on your cover. And though I can't speak for Mr. Presley I can only imagine the church he is probably accustomed to growing up in - My grandmother for instance at the age of 92 don't even like a preacher who won't "bring it home" - I don't care how good the "word" was - and I know you know what I'm talking about. With that I can imagine that what he is taught at his place of worship with it's emphasis of what is important as opposed to what you listen to at your local service - again is probably different.

That is just me thinking out loud as I try to place myself in his position and understand that segment of our community.

Now being a conservative person, perhaps you would be put off by he or other AAs thinking that the president will solve all of black people's problems. I haven't met anyone that feels that way. I doubt that he believes that - which is why I said I thought it was somewhat rhetorical coming from his place of being called "boy" all of his life etc. Dude is the first black pres... and he's not even Clarence Thomas someone white folk would probably readily accept considering his utter disdaine for black folk (I know that's another blog and debate sista (smile) I couldn't resist messing with ya a bit.

Regardless, it certainly wouldn't be the same as someone saying it under the age of 50. LOL

Thanks for responding sista,

I appreciate you for the thoughtful feedback.

much respect~

Anonymous said...

"I have said before that this is so sad. Has Black America been so despairing and hopeless that they haven't been telling their children that they can achieve anything? If so, what does that say about us as parents? Is Mr. Presley not inadvertently saying that white parents are better parents because PEBO's mama was white and clearly she encouraged him to excel in all of his endeavors."

I think a lot of Black parents have been "telling" (verbally) their children that they can achieve anything. I may be bold as to say this in regards to both poor blacks and middle class blacks and perhaps the rich ones too. Words do not really matter if a person can not see it being confirmed. The Obama family is a strong visual and this type of thing can be very helpful for the black community. They are a beautiful family that values education for their children and they express a healthy love for one another. I believe that conditioning is a very strong thing but manifests itself in a very subtle way.

I hate to always make it a black/white thing but I must to make this point.

There are lots of white people in this country whose families have built legacies at major universities. I have plenty of friends who are the 4th, 5th or 6th generation student at my university. Education was not an option, it was mandatory. They grew up in households and in neighborhoods where all the adults got up and went away to work for a great company and made lots of money. The family was a complete experience for them (mother and a father). The more money brought into the community the better it will become. This sets the expectations for these peoples children as they develop into an adult themselves.

Dare I say that this may be why you want your daughter to date a white person. You obviously see the difference in the value system between the two groups.

This sadly is not the experience for many blacks in this country. I have no interest in arguing in what came first, the chicken (Oppression) or the egg (destroyed black communities) right now. If you want my view we can chat personally another time. When a Black person becomes a "success" story they oftentimes move out of the "hood" and into a more affluent community. Perhaps even an affluent community with white people all around. This is beneficial to their children but once again leaves the community they left behind without any positive role models.

My overall point is that seeing complete hardworking family units on a daily basis throughout life can play a major part in how a person will view what an adult and adulthood is. Without these images people are destined to go through a negative continuous cycle. Having the role models sends a community through a positive continuous cycle.

Pamela said...

I agree that good examples can help focus young people. However it is no guarantee that this will produce the will to achieve.

I will use my life as an example. I graduated high school in 1977. I grew up in the suburbs of Washington DC. During those days the only legitimate reason for blacks not to further their education was lack of funds. Most of my older peers at the time were married, had children, had degrees (usually both parents) and had wonderful jobs. Those of us that did not have parents that went to college (most of us at the time) had many role models of upwardly mobile blacks that were prominent in their churches and schools. Furthering our education was one of the main mantras that I heard at least monthly at the bchurch that I attended growing up. We were not rich by any means BUT there was a definite distinction in their living standards and those that lived near 14th and U or SE DC. We did not have to hunt down good role models.

I left the DC area to move to OK where I have lived all these years after earning my college education. To my horror within 10 years or so most of my female friends had children out of wedlock, some of them while college students. A good number of the men had fathered children. Some of them got hooked on drugs. The toddlers that I remember when I left MD in 1977 had children OOW and their lives in shambles. I was absolutely horrified at this. This is still continuing today almost 32 years later.

I took my parent's advice and tried my best to create a good life for myself. Most of my friends started out in college to further their education. A few of them finished. Most of them have kids and unmarried. You would have thought that good examples like I saw growing up would have had the same impact on my friends that it did me, especially since at the time my family lived in better conditions than a good number of my friends. You would have thought they would have done anything to make things better for them.

I sincerely shook my head at this. I hear this story repeated no matter the race frankly.

I am not a parent so I cannot address any parenting issues. All I can do is reveal my observations. Things are way worse nowadays with the invention of cable/satellite TV and the Internet. May God help those out there that are trying to raise sensible children. I sincerely mean that. It must be a nightmare for some.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Great points Goodsenseaintcommon --I just have to say for the record that I don't want my daughter to exclusively date white men. I just want her to be open to the possiblity and not rule them out.

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