Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mark Levin Show Audio Rewind

I wasn't able to quietly sit with my earbuds and listen to Mark Levin last night...but I listened this morning and WOW.... I thought I'd share....(It's an hour long but worth hearing IMHO)
"On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show: Where is the criticism about Obama’s Cabinet
appointees? And why aren’t Republicans standing up to them? We know that
the liberal media won’t go after Obama, but now even so-called conservatives
giving into him. We don’t have an effective response to the liberal
and this must change. Pseudo - Republicans are undermining the
cause and compromising the principles that brought America to
the great country
that it is today. Mark also discusses Obama’s health care
proposal, and the
effect it will have regarding illegal immigration. We will
have rampant
immigration problems if America is seen as a country where
every one can get
nationalized health care."


RightKlik said...

Levin is usually very much on target.

Pamela said...

I had quit partaking of a lot of radio/TV media in recent months. It is refreshing to hear Mark Levin again. He is just as hardcore as ever. At least he has a lot of knowledge and passion.

I wonder if he still plans to actively campaign against Senator Harry Reid. The last season of time that I would listen to him he said that he was going to do this.