Monday, January 12, 2009

The View Panelist Can't Handle The Truth But Ann Coulter Gives It As Usual.

I am an Ann Coulter fan. I know that her delivery isn't flowery and politically correct but I love the way she handles herself in interviews. She ruffled the feathers of The View women. A friend of mine felt that Ann got the "beat-down" but I think she gave it to that cackle of geese straight with no chaser. I have not yet read her new book Guilty but if it's anything like the rest I'm sure I will love it!

Well, Whoopi and Joy true to form illustrate their deftness and liberal irrationality. Shari was Shari--clueless and unoriginal with her question about being a part of the solution. However, Ann nailed it pointing out that compassion over the last 40 years has only produced more "victims". Elizabeth was surprisingly hostile to Ann ( I can't wait to catch her on Hannity tonight to find out exactly why she had a wild hair up her butt) Notice how Ann was not allowed to complete a sentence -- typical liberal strategy. My goodness this is going to be a long 4 years.


Conservative Black Woman said...
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JudyBright said...

I can leave an informed comment because I can not stomach watching The View.


Rose-Bud said...

Ann Coulter is my BFF! I love her approach to shoveling it up the libs uranus. Her hair is always so perfect no matter what time of day she is doing an interview.
I never could stand the view, and don't watch it, but caught her segment on O'Reilly, and thought she did a fabulous job with those hens. BTW-who is that other black chick on the show?

Conservative Black Woman said...

Rosebud~The other black chick is DASS aka Dumb Azz Shari Shepherd.

Bev said...

If you wanted to hear a rational conversation with Ann Coulter on her latest book, you had to catch her on talk radio with folks like Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and/or Mike Gallagher.

I did not like how the folks on The View took shots at Coulter's book before they brought her on. So I knew that when she came on to talk, it was going to be more of a slug fest.

I am just 3 years old as a conservative. Back when I identified with liberalism, I could not stand Ann Coulter. I do admit I find her too caustic at times, but then that is because she comes up against a lot of people who do not like/hate her, such as the women on The View. I pretty much agree with the basis of her arguments.

I have read her books except her first one, High Crimes and Misdemeanors. I will read
Guilty. I really enjoyed Godless: The Church of Liberalism and If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans. Those two books helped to cement my conservatism.

Zabeth said...

“Well, Whoopi and Joy true to form illustrate their deftness and liberal irrationality. Shari was Shari--clueless and unoriginal with her question about being a part of the solution.”

Isn’t that the truth! Whoopi asking Ann if she has children, as if that is at all relevant. But even so, isn’t that precisely the point. Ann is a single woman…as in not married…therefore does not have children.

Joy’s low blow about Sarah Palin “whining” was completely lame. She couldn’t think of a response relevant to the topic so she brought up Sarah Palin. Mandatory eye roll.

Shari had a point about being a part of the solution rather than complaining but, she ignores the fact that addressing the issue head on and being real about the problems is part of the solution.

I think Ann handled herself well- 4 to 1. I don’t agree with everything Ann says, nor do I always like her approach but, what I really admire is the fact that she has balls. She speaks her mind and you WILL listen- no matter what your political persuasion. Shouldn’t that be a shining example of a real feminist????????

Angela said...

My mother and I had a laugh over how threatened liberals feel by Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter. Both are attractive white women. Palin stands on the "feminist" platform of "having it all" and "ruling" the roost, and Coulter is a single woman who takes nothing from a man. Shouldn't liberal feminists love these two? Don't they fit into their confines of a "true woman." It's just blindingly ironic that liberal women HATE them when their external credentials look 100% feminist.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Angela~You would think that Palin and Coulter would be poster children for liberals -- however, liberal minds are not rational. They are inanely hypocritical.

Zabeth said...

"It's just blindingly ironic that liberal women HATE them when their external credentials look 100% feminist."

If you do not whole heartedly adhere (i.e. you think for yourself) to the feminist agenda:

You will not be considered a feminist. Hence the hatred toward Palin and Coulter. What I find even more ironic though is that many women who call themselves feminists have no idea what NOW's agenda and what the organizations top 6 priorities are (largely because they haven't bothered to check out NOW's website or attend a meeting like I have). Nor do many of these women agree with all 6 of NOW's priorities. So in actuality many of these feminists wouldn't be considered feminists by NOW. LOL!

conservative brother said...

Hey Conservative Black Woman. I don't know why Coulter decided to go on the "liberal view". Even with Hasselback on her side, Coulter was still outnumbered 4 to 2. I forgot the intellectual liberal dunces in the audience. I noticed that they didn't clap once for anything Coulter said. The panel of clueless twits also made it a point to try and talk over Ann every time she tried to make a point or respond to one. They basically did to Ann what Chris Mathews did to Michelle Malkin. Since they couldn't attack the truth of what she was saying, they did the next best thing. They tried to drown it out.

Anonymous said...

Is it only being a single parent, or is is the women who have kid and kid with no father being a complete fool who wouldn't even raise a good kid with a husband?

Conservative Black Woman said...

Hi Anonymous~Of course two-family homes manage to produce degenerate kids as well. But I think Ms. Coulter's point is that the liberal left is glorifying single parenthood and she maintains that in so doing the real victims are the children because statistically speaking it appears that children fare better when they have both parents in their lives (or home--not sure because I haven't read the book yet) Of course, some women are faced with single parenthood through no fault of there own but she maintains (from what I can gleen for the few sentences she is allowed to utter)that those who "choose" this are being selfish.

JMK said...

Anne Coulter is a brilliant commentator - her content is brilliant.

Her delivery seems like it's primarily showmanship. Controversy generates her publicity and that publicity fuels her book sales.

It CAN and has been argued that her delivery not only diminishes her own message, but allows opponents to marginalize Conservative thought by linking it to her.

Her response is that "Liberals will always smear and then use that smear to marginalize the Conservative message," but that's too flippant of a response.

I don't care what Liberals think of Coulter, I DO care that her message tends to alienate Moderates and those who are apolitical. That can be problematic.
As an example, my wife, who is generally pretty Conservative, although largely apolitical, found Ms Coulter's remarks about the "Jersey girls" (the four 9/11 widows from NJ who supported Liberals and Liberal causes) as being "glad their husband's died" extremely mean-spirited and my wife takes issue with the over-politicization and excessive influence that so many of the relatives of those killed that day wield.

I'd only argue that Anne Coulter often alienates the middle by her penchant for confrontation and her putting controversy for personal gain ahead of the message she's trying to advance.

The problem I have with the MSM is that Al Franken (and others, including Mike Moore, Keith Olbermann and many more) are far MORE excessive than Anne Coulter and they aren't excoriated at fact, they're embraced.

THAT'S a major indicator of just how Liberally biased our MSM is.

keri said...

I love your blog!!! As a black women, conservative-homeschooling-orthodox Christian, your blog is a breath of fresh air! You remind me that I am not a "race" traitor."

I can't watch the view without wanting to throw something at the t.v. What was interesting about that interview if you noticed they could not debate the stats Ann was giving, but in typical liberal fashion they attack her directly. Why does anyone listen these cows? Keep up the good work...let's pray and hope it is only 4 years with Nobama.

JudyBright said...

I doubt most people know that there is a science of logical argument, and that liberals constantly use logical fallacies to advance their arguments.

The View has logical fallacy down to a science. Ad Hominem- attacking a person rather than what the person said- is one of their favorites.

This website has pretty good explanations of what I'm talking about if anyone's interested.

JARNCO5 said...

I am not a big Ann Coulter fan. I think most of what she says is true, however she tends to be extreme on some issue. I have also seen her not well prepared in debate at times.

I prefer the likes of Laura Ingraham who is well prepared most the time and less extreme.

I am glad Ann speaks her mind though.