Thursday, November 20, 2008

Secular Humanist Make Me Physically Ill

Cobb wrote a blog this afternoon chiding Kathleen Parker for this perverse op-ed in the Washington Post yesterday. I caution that if the spirit of Christ dwells within you that you will be sickened if you choose to read it. Cobb intellectually obliterated her of course but I'm thinking that these sort of smears and degradations towards the body of Christ are going to become even more commonplace. It saddens me that so many believers are beguiled by the prince of this world. We are not just in the world we are unfortunately absolutely of the world and God is not pleased.

However, there are some who are willing to stand flat footed in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and speak the truth. Star Parker, the founder of CURE is one of those dear souls. I happened upon this speech which she delivered in September 2008 at the Family Research Council (woot, woot for Dr. Dobson) and so I'm sharing:

Did you catch the reference to Psalm 2:2-3:

"The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers gather together against the LORD and against his Anointed One.
"Let us break their chains," they say, "and throw off their fetters."

Powerful uh? We see this is happening and the worst is yet to come. But, be of good courage we know to Whom we belong and we know who will win in the end (I'm talking to Christians now)


Pamela said...

I heard about the article you mentioned on talk radio yesterday. It's pretty sad when those that believe in Biblical principles are the cause of all the problems of the Republican party. THe logic of her article had nothing to do with the issues we are facing in our nation. Amazing that pro-life people are the cause of the fiscal problems we are having in our country. UGH. She hates morals. PERIOD. Or she loves money so much that she will say anything to get to the highbrow places, parties, organizations, etc.

I realize for real that we have entered into the beginning stages of persecution for our faith in the USA. Our brothers and sisters in other nations have gone through way worse for decades and centuries. I believe it is our turn now. The Bible says this is to be expected. The only thing that Christians have to hold on to is our faith in God. I hope and pray that Christians take their faith more seriously than ever before. At least if we walk in true faith we will see what the Bible says should happen as Christians. At that point no man can stop us. May we stand strong in Christ. We could very well face prison or death in the near future if more freedoms are taken away from us. We have the majority of people in Congress that believe the Constitution is a living document where you can 'interpret' it to the current times aka make it say what you want it to say, not its original intent. I am bracing myself for persecution. I will do whatever is needed to die to my will. That way I will not bow to pressure if there is nothing in me to pull me away from the Lord.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Pamela~I couldn't agree more. The pressure to bow down are ever-increasing. Which explains why professed christians are being deceived and getting down right vicious--especially if I say anything less that favorable about their new messiah Barack Obama.

maidintheus said...

This is so good.

I would just remind that we renew an awareness of the phrase "when good men do nothing" and that these burdens have not come upon us suddenly.

Be of good cheer.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Excellent point Maidintheus.

maidintheus said...

I just had to get on this thread once more to mention Star Parker.

She's such a wonderful, beautiful, example of a woman. I have a hard time coming up with compliments that don't sound too flowery or silly.

So, I'll just say her beautiful name that suits her more then anyone I can think of. Star Parker.

Pamela said...

Star is a wonderful example of how faith changes a person's like. She is clear in saying that most of the things that government is trying to solve could be solved by the people because the problem is SIN. The only one that can cure that problem is Christ.

Anonymous said...

This is indeed a great woman and more importantly a great Saint!!

I would love to see someone like Star Parker run for the Presidency!!

What a Lady!!


Dev from Canada.