Friday, November 21, 2008

What Did Your Pastor Say on November 9th, 2008?

Hiscrivener posted a compelling blog yesterday entitled "Depoliticize the Pulpit:the church speaks out and shows it color" . The Sunday following the election Shirley Ceasar said the following:

""Too long we've been at the bottom of the totem pole, but he has vindicated us, hallelujah," she cried. "I don't know about you, but I don't have nothing to put my head down for, praise God. Because when I look toward Washington, D.C., we got a new family coming in. We got a new family coming in. And you know what? They look like us. Amen, amen. They look like us."" (Source)

I'll venture to say that Shirley Ceasar isn't the only person of the cloth who gave a sermon along those lines on November 9th. Hiscrivener, exposes the vapidness of the assertion that God has "vindicated" black folks because Barack Obama won the presidency when he writes:

""Look here, Doc (with your uber-fake and completely honorary Ph.D.), a few notes for your high holy clarification:
God “vindicated” us the moment this tall Amish-looking dude looking all presidential stood up and
discussed his four score years in under four minutes. It’s egregious and shameful it took reiteration 100 years later from Dr. King and the giants of the civil rights movement.
God allows man the ability to choose, such as the men who chose to tell Texas slaves more than two years later about that very speech. (For the record, any fool who openly advocates
Juneteenth is embracing a generation of people just being duped. Good on ya!).
Man’s unadulterated and abysmal choices have caused more pain upon generations of mankind than any war, any plague, anything. Choices don’t require vindication. They demand a reckoning. Black folk TODAY weren’t vindicated. No one in my clique,
fraternity or family felt that, reckoning and shattering of stereotypes, but no vindication. That word implies guilt and 90 percent of this country’s white folk (because let’s be honest, that’s who this bigoted broad is targeting with her vitriol) had nothing to do with the atrocity of slavery 400 years ago. " (emphasis added)

He goes on to say:

"She is more focused on the hollow, half-baked promises of Barack Obama, than the grace-filled truth in the Word of God at this moment.
He is our (yes, even for those of you who can’t stand his policies or his skin tone) president and we should pray for him like crazy. But to extol him as the banner of righteousness over years of oppression is lunacy. It is a benchmark of how far this country has came… not just you, Shirley Caesar. (emphasis added)

I say this from a place of utter love for my people (I'm talking about my brothers and sisters in Christ--not just black folks)....WAKE UP PLEASE!!!! Stop falling for that which is nothing more than ear tickling. Study to show thy self approved and stop listened to preachers who are saying nothing substantive and/or biblical.

Black conservatives are often accused of being self-hating, and self-degradating but apparently we (black conservatives) weren't the ones waiting for white america to affirm or vindicate us. So will the real self-hater please stand up? Now Shirley Ceasar's statement about God's vindication of black people-- that's self-degradation! Is it really that difficult to recognize?

Hiscrivener then ended his post most appropriately with the following admonishment to Shirley Ceasar:

"MEMO to Shirley Caesar: You’re an idiot. Consider you have a global audience and although in your world, it’s black like your coffee… THE world is not. It’s more like… well, Obama. A melting pot of religion, race, creed and culture."


Pamela said...

I fear that a divide has been exposed. Until all Christians get back to the Bible, especially our preachers, there will be a fight within the body of Christ that will not be resolved. Those that do not want to line up their lives and opinions with the word will come after those of us that do and vice versa. I will tip away from that fight and stand for righteousness. Those that decide to come after me will hopefully find a strong soldier. There is a false church mentioned in the end times. Those that accept everything a preacher says just because they are a preacher are open prey for the false church being revealed in the end times. The sad thing is that no Christian has to be deceived but some will be.

This issue is broader than Obama's election. You really see this with the bling bling preachers promising the moon if you give to their ministries. Those ministries are beginning to go down in flames.

Every Christian better check out the Bible and compare everything they hear from preachers and other Christians with what the Bible says. If there is a difference dismiss it. If led to challenge them on it.

maidintheus said...

When we think about it, there's always been a remnant of good people.

We're admonished to humble ourselves under God, pray and seek His face, turn from our ways that are twisted away from God's best for us,... He promises that we will hear and our land be healed. It's interesting that the Bible doesn't say everyone or 'bad people'. It says My people. I want to be a My people.

Now, I don't have all the answers, I struggle to be Godly as I aught, but this is good news.

I'm looking forward to the extra 'I'm thankful' times of the week ahead. I expect that there will be an article in reference here next week and I'm looking forward to that, too.

morena said...

(Sorry for the long post)
Interesting article & comments.

Pamela is right-this issue is broader than the election. Yes, some preachers/ministries that pimped folks(like I was) are going down but 2Pet 2:2-4 warned of this also. Just because a preacher is preaching, don't mean they are of God. Not saying you assumed that but some do. The deceiver-satan, is out there too--2Cor 11:14-15.

I don't fight folks either. If a brother don't want to line up with the Word, ok, but we must warn--Ezek 33:9. Why forsake your salvation for someone else's foolishness? My own foolishness was bad enough!! My salvation was blood-bought by Yeshua(Jesus) & not replaceable. We also pray for them & hope that their conscious is not seared- 1Tim4:1-3 or worse- reprobate-2Cor13:5.

Most believers will say they believe in God but do they believe in God of the Bible? Or in god of their own making, who is sometimes the preacher? We believers in God must use the Bible as the only weight to measure everything, especially preachers. How CAN we spot the fake if we don't even know the REAL? We must hear, study(OT/NT)& humbly do God's Word daily. With the Holy Spirit's help, it can be done. There is much taught that does not line up with the Bible, it's a shame.
Yet, God's true Word is not hindered by that & is always fruitful on behalf of His people, not everybody, like(madeintheus) was referring to.

I'm not putting down anyone & I don't know much--I am learning.
I do not follow Christianity anymore, it is a man-made mixture of Bible & paganism--Deut 12:30-32

The Smokin' Frog said...

I'll have to keep saying the same thing until the day I die. We are not going to wipe out sin. We are sinful, Black and White. Our president's are sinful, Black and White. Sin will be removed when Christ returns. Until then we must be content with forgiveness. Obama does not speak Christianity. But he has taken 'Christian' words and redefined them. He won't save us. It is a pity that so-called pastors prefer to give their people a message that has no salvific power. Politics and social ills will never leave us, so as citizens we will always seek to correct them. But correct them or not, saves no one. If a minister preaches correction of social ills, and people follow the instruction, and then die, they will still be lost with out Christ.
We morn over our treatment of one another. Sin hurts. Sin kills. But we have a Blessed Hope of one day, in the Resurrection, we will see our Savior's face and have no pain.
Terrific blog.

Anonymous said...

The Word also says to "touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm. I think this past election has brought out some strong feelings against politicians and pastors..why now? Yes, we know not to believe everything from someones mouth...the Word says "prove all things and hold fast to that which is true". It's been like this long before now, and will survive long after.