Wednesday, November 19, 2008

America Is Under A Spell: Parts I - IV

I first heard this series on Slicing the Gospel (but, I am unable to pull the blog up anymore)but I found them (thanks to Attorneymom) on YouTube. They are produced by a prolific and awesome vlogger screen named FaithandReasons (I'm thinking this is "Angela" but who knows?) Anyway, I think this woman is amazingly discerning and a brilliant apologist and contender for the the Faith. I highly recommend that ya'll check her out on YouTube. While these audio/video presentations are rather lengthy they are ever so insightful. I'm her new fangirl too so more of her work will be highlighted here. She is the!!!! Oh yeah, due to the subject matter of Video # 3, I am compelled to post my disclaimer (growing weary of getting the beatdown from the ones I love the most):

Warning!!! The following post may contain information that Obama acolytes who are unwilling to acknowledge the facts may find disturbing. Please DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO if you can't handle the truth or if you feel that CBW's continued acknowledgement of the facts as they pertain to President Elect Barack Obama will impede your ability to maintain a friendship with her.


Princess said...
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Ida B said...

*g* I wish it was me (now blogging under the name of a strong, no-holds-barred black woman), but it's not. The author of those videos has a powerful message that needs to be heard! I've passed the video series along to as many people as possible.

maidintheus said...

I'm amazed at your bravery. I appreciate it, too.

Conservative Black Woman said...

IdaB~Well you are quite an apologist and contender for the faith yourself. I'm glad I know where to find you.

Maidintheus~Can you believe that in 2008 in the United States of America that it actually takes courage to speak freely about BHO and/or faith. It's a sign of things to come. We've got to put on the full armor of the Lord because Its ON and poppin'(Gosh, I really sound fanatical--but I'm not)I'm just not spellbound. America has been beguiled and those who aren't are the targets of all manner of evil.

maidintheus said...

At the same time I hope to remember the truths that set us free.

To remain humble (in accurate sense of word), pray, be forgiven and forgive, seek God first, turn from ways not fruitful or Godly, and keep the faith in what God says He is and will do. To rely on God to honor His word and perform. To find that 'rest'.

As always, your articles are something that brings a new understanding or thoughtful reflexion at each reading.

May every moment find you blest.