Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wow, These People Actually Voted.

Warning!!! The following post may contain information that Obama acolytes who are unwilling to acknowledge the facts may find disturbing. Please DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO if you can't handle the truth or if you feel that CBW's continued acknowledgement of the fact that the democratic party preys on the willful ignorance of the masses (code for black folks) will impede your ability to maintain a friendship with her.

To think that people died so that we would have the right to vote. Yet, we piss on their graves because we don't even bother to make informed decisions. Please don't confuse this with bitterness, it's not. It's unadulterated disgust!!!


Zabeth said...

This makes me really angry.

Katrina said...

I saw this on another website.

It is appalling. I actually felt like crying when I viewed it.

Bookworm Girl said...

i don't have to watch this to know what's being said. i've seen similar videos on other blogs. it's depressing.

Pamela said...

About halfway through this I knew what news sources they would say. I thought that maybe more of them would have said John Stewart or The Colbert Report. There are no words to describe how I feel about this madness. We are in trouble if too many of the electorate is this clueless to the issues that they are voting for.

Attorneymom said...


JMK said...

This is not untypical of many Americans...we have a very filetered news media and one of the most monolithic.

The entire American news media was very Left-of-Center just 20 years ago, until Talk Radio began resonante with listeners by reinforcing the views most of them held.

Ironically enough, TODAY, the only Center-Right news outlet (FoxNews) is reviled by the rest of the MSM and many of those it routinely misinforms, and yet, while MSNBC ran 78% of its stories on Obama that were positive, to only 14% negative, Fox News ran 43% of its stories on Obama that were positive, 43% that were negative and 14% that were neutral...those numbers accordig to an independent media watch group.