Sunday, November 2, 2008

Have You Vetted Barack Obama -- The DNC Certainly Has Not...

This will make my 32nd post about Barack Obama, this blog journals my evolution from Obama skeptic to hopeful Obama kool-aid drinker to pragmatic informed McCain supporter. I had to use the power of the internet to get the real skinny on Obama because main stream media failed us during this election season. However you can not make an informed decision without information so I beseech you my brethren to follow this link entitled "Have You Vetted Barack Obama - We Have" you owe it to yourself to do so.


Bookworm Girl said...

thanks for the link, though it was not needed on my part. it is so disheartening to me how many black ppl negate completely any true vetting of obama. they will tell you straight out: they don't care, they are still gonna vote for him. i always suspected, but this presidential race has confirmed for me how ignorant the majority of black ppl are. and it also tells me that the majority are disappointed with themselves as individuals, otherwise why is it so essential that someone who looks like them become president of the u.s. especially when he is CLEARLY the WRONG MAN for the job. wow, it just reminds me how far black ppl have to go despite the strides we've made.

Divalocity said...

Did McCain and the GOP vet Sarah Palin??? We can go on and on about this but the best man won and you are to afraid to admit it. He may stumble and fall but don't forget he didn't try.

I often wonder what do most Americans really want in this world, especially those who consider themselves to be conservative? Is it world domination? Continued world oppression? Do they actually want Peace in the world? Is it beneath them to enact diplomacy? I just don’t know? Is it power?

One thing that I find true about weak individuals is that they receive their egos by feeling superior to others. I don't put all of my hopes and dreams in any MAN but I will give my support to any individual regardless of ones ethnicity who has been elected to represent my interest and the American people. I just don't understand some of you people, all I can say is that you all are confused to the max and I thank God I don't have the same mindset.

It's refreshing to know who you are. I'm neither left or right, in fact I'm in the middle. One thing that I know for sure is that I don't need a label to define who I am at all.

GOD gave me a mind to use and I use it and I’m quite capable to think for myself.

Americans of African descent and that includes you too, have got some serious issues that you people really need to work out before you can really move forward.

Here I was thinking that it was Caucasians with the real problems when it came to issues based upon ones ethnicity and class structure, you people have got it bad.

It took some forward thinking individuals who galvanised to bring about possible change in this country because we are Humanity first and Americans second.

The hue of ones skin is irrelevant unless you make it so.

Anonymous said...

Hi - The USweekly Vet Obama Page is now located at:

Just FYI