Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gay and Black Are Not the Same Unless You are Gay and Black and Then It Still Isn't...

Those who say that the Gay rights struggle and the Black civil rights struggle are the same thing confirm in my mind that liberal democrats are racist scum. I can't believe that these gay rights activist are now calling black folks bigots because they didn't get their way on California's Proposition 8. I have no way of knowing whether or not people are born gay. I am however, absolutely certain that gay people are also children of God and some of those who have made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ are just as redeemed and born again as I am. So that being said, I take exception that their struggle for equal rights is the same as that of black folks in the 60's. Gay people have an equal right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness the last time I checked. They can live, work, shop, and worship where ever they please. They are not second class citizens!

These stupid activist screaming about "stop the hate, separation of church and state" are delusional at best. I will not belabor the point that marriage is a covenant relationship between man, woman and God because so few people both christian and secular respect the covenant of marriage for what is truly is anyway, however, it is Holy Matrimony and holiness isn't found in town hall but in houses of worship -- churches (at least theoretically). I question why gay activists are not happy with "civil union" as it bestows all of the legal rights as marriage but it's just not called marriage. Basically, isn't it just semantics? The whole separation of church and state mantra is silly in light of the fact that you are demanding that the church recognize your union. So, if you aren't happy with a "civil union" and you want marriage -- a Holy connection as it were; wouldn't it be best not to talk about the separation of church and state??? Duh!!!!

Bill O'Reilly talks to Jasmyne Cannick and some white liberal guy about this issue. By the way Jasmyne herself is a lesbian and concedes that gay is not the new black:


Attorneymom said...

CBW writes, "I am however, absolutely certain that gay people are also children of God and some of those who have made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ are just as redeemed and born again as I am."

I would caution anyone (professing to be born again) to read Romans 5 and 6.

JMK said...

I like the O'Reilly clip....he's always fair, although he's somewhat Left-of-center for my tastes, he IS knowledgable and up on the issues.

Libs like Roaseanne Barr are bashing "black bigots" over Prop-8.

Hey! They're just showing their true colors, pardon the pun.

Did you know that Cali already HAS Civil Unions with ALL the rights of Marriage?

Do you really know what's behind gay Marriage movement?

It's an assault on the gay community's "public enemy #1" - the Church or organized religion.

In Europe such laws and other anti-discrimination statutes have been used to allow gays to sue the Catholic Church and others to force those religious institutions to Marry gays.

I ain't know Church-goer, sad to say, BUT if a lwasuit like that ever goes forward here, then I will fully support a religious, or Christian JIHAD!

Sharon said...

great blog. i enjoy it.

Yme said...

Good article!!!

D.J. said...

It is amazing to me the number the media has done on folks when it comes to Prop 8 and the Black community. "JMK" stated that black bigots were showing their true colors, well what about all the white gays that started screaming the N word the next day. There has long since been a civil war inside the gay community between black and white. I think this was true colors showing up.

And for the record the black community makes up 7% of the state of California so they are not passing or killing anything are they?

23eagle said...

Speaking as a man made by God to be attracted to other men, You are absolutely correct! Great post!