Sunday, November 16, 2008

Democratic Programming As Told by Zo...

Gotta share the Zo-meister, I can't help it....

It took him a little too long to make the point that Blacks have adopted the politcal ideology of the antebellum south. We call ourselves the names they called us, we accuse each other of acting white or uppity as the oppressive overseers on the plantations did and the list goes on. I have been grappling with the fact that 96% of black folks voted the same way in this past election. As I looked at the lovely Spelman ladies on election night all of one mind I was a bit dismayed. College is the place where you develop critical thinking skills and from what it looked like on TV their was not one dissenter -- astonishing!!! They've got us, we are programmed hook, line and sinker.


cathylee said...

Conservative Black Woman,

You are extremely hostile. I wonder why? I never implied you were looking for Mr. Right. I know you are married (poor guy). I was suggesting it of your other readers.

Second of all don't mock Jesus by using his name in for your frivolous points.

Third I came to this site because I thought I might learn why some blacks are Republicans, but what I learned is that you are bitter, mean, probably unhappy and hate the black community for whatever reason ( I could care less why). No I don't believe you hate the black community because of your political choice but because of other things you have written.

Last, don't worry about me coming here again, you haven't anything of worth to read.

Like another reader posted, in your quest to become uppity you have missed the boat and instead are just another black conservative who strangely believes being high brow means being conservative. :0

You were probably born in the hood of hoods from a one parent household, with a mother on welfare who had many men in and out of her life. Perhaps you were abused by one of them.

You are full of rage and hate because of your own mother's inability to provide a quality for you and your five siblings. Somehow you made it to college by way of Community College first and perhaps observed how the other half lives and you wanted it, even if it meant selling out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a fantastic day, Conservative Black Woman. You finally made it.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Wow, Cathylee how amusing you are. Not that I need to defend myself or my darling mother but I am a product of a two parent home in a middleclass community and I graduated from a fully accredited 4year university, never spent one day of my life in public school either by the way. But I am ever so happy not to have you come back to my blog. Good riddance Cupcake.

The Black Sphere said...

Hey Cupcake, I echo Conservative Black Woman, however I would be happy to hand you your 'butt' on my site. It is you plantation-minded negros, yes, I know you are one, who propogate (look that up!) ignorance. Think beyond your limbic system brain (I know, too much research!). This beautiful sista is aggragating the best thought of our culture, and you are here to feign intelligence, while showing pure unadulterated, as in "unchecked" ignorance. There is obviously too much chlorine in your gene pool!

TMartin said...

cathylee, This is the husband and I'd advise you to speak for your "poor guy". While my wife and I share a different political ideology, I wouldn't change a thing about this woman not even a hair on her head. I'm not into this whole blogging thing but neither the woman I married or the woman who authors this blog has any root of bitterness within her. Maybe your own bitterness is distorting your judgement and fueling your over-active imagination. I am a very blessed man and God has truly given me a good thing.

Attorneymom said...

So Cathylee, tell us how you really feel about CBW.

Conservative Black Woman said... ain't right AM.

AliDon2 said...

Dear CBW,

I found your blog, as did another previous poster, when I received an e-mail containing the editorial by Tom Adkins. I googled him, to see who he was, and found your blog. I am very intrigued by your posts as well as the comments that other post, and have happily subscribed to your blog so I may keep up with you.

I want to learn more about people, and I think I can learn a lot on this site. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, which are both educated and amusing.

Regards to all.