Friday, November 14, 2008

As Per The Washington Post Ex-Lobbyist Have Key Obama Roles

Warning!!! The following post may contain information that Obama acolytes who are unwilling to acknowledge the facts may find disturbing. Please stop reading NOW if you can't handle the truth or if you feel that CBW's continued acknowledgement of obvious hypocrisies will impede your ability to maintain a friendship with her.
I learned from an article in today's Washington post that more than a dozen members of Barack Obama's transition team have worked as federally registered lobbyist within the last four years. I couldn't believe what I was reading because I remember reading what he said regarding lobbyist while on the campaign trail:

" To rousing applause, Barack Obama formally announced this afternoon that the Democratic National Committee will follow his lead and begin refusing donations from registered lobbyists and special-interest political action committees.
“They do not fund my campaign,” the presumptive Democratic nominee told a small-town southwest Virginia crowd, after delivering a standard refrain that blames drug and insurance interests for blocking universal health care. “They will not fund our party. And they will not drown out the voices of the American people when I’m President of the United States.”"

I thought it was laudable then, I think it's laughable now. Ok, so they didn't fund your campaign (yeah, right) but they are going to run your government. Let me say before the hate mail starts coming forth that I don't think there is anything wrong with lobbyist or lobbying. I agree with blogger Ed Morrissey who opined:"There is nothing inherently wrong with lobbying. There is plenty wrong with hypocrisy, especially on the grand scale committed by Barack Obama during this campaign. He regularly indulged in the populist demonization of lobbyists and claimed to lead a new movement to purify Washington of their eeeeevil influences. Now that he has the power, Obama has no problem working with lobbyists for fraudulently run mortgage giants and drug makers, smear artists, and asbestos-lawsuit defenders. That’s change that 63 million suckers believed in."

This transition team Obama has put together is remarkable on so many different levels, but the blatant bait and switch is the subject of this post. You can read the full Washington Post article here and Ed Morrissey post at Hot air here for detailed analysis. Again I say, the audacity of hope-ocrisy.

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Bookworm Girl said...

so many black politicians have risen to high positions on the votes of black people JUST because they're black. and then they get there and embarass themselves and embarass us (as if we aren't already doing a bang-up job in that department). let's just hope mr. bho breaks the mold.