Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Aftermath As Told By Zo....

Zo brings it again with clarion perception and insight....
This guy is amazing!!!


Pamela said...

I watched this video right after it posted. After hearing him on your site I subscribed to his RSS feed.

If Michael Steele is elected as had of the RNC, what do you feel might be the impact of that decision?

Conservative Black Woman said...

Pamela, my first thought is that if the Repubs gives Steele the chairmanship I hope they are not doing so in an attempt to draw more blacks to the party because Steele just doesn't have that kind of drawing power. While I respect him I don't think he has been a super effective leader.

Pamela said...

I have not followed him since he became the head of GOPAC so I can not attest to his leadership skills. I figure anybody ought to be better than what the RNC has had previous. I think he does have the skills to at least communicate a true conservative position. I just wonder if he or any of his ilk would be heard. Seeing how they are trying to put the blame of the election loss on Palin when the problem is their horrible leadership makes me doubt that social/moral conservatives will be heard.

It will be interesting to see what happens. They said they were going to create an online forum to ask input from Republicans to see where they went wrong and what can be done to regain their confidence. There is a definite debate between those that want the moral issues included in their platform and those that don't.

I suspect that he would be considered because (1) he is black and (2) MAYBE because he is a conservative from all angles (moral/social and fiscal). I'm not sure if they would focus so much on the fact that he is black. That has not bought any real sway in the past when there have been rising stars in the party. This is one reason a good number of black Republicans stated that they would vote for Obama. Yes I know them:)

It will be interesting to watch how things unfold in the weeks to come.

Back to the point of your post: I absolutely love Zo's communication skills.

Zabeth said...

They're having a discussion about this over at HHR:

I read Michael Steele's positions on the issues and he's definitely someone I can support. I think the media and Democrats would label his selection as pandering no matter what- I think we're best off accepting that and moving on.

I also don't think Gov. Palin should be over looked either. Post election I'm starting to like and empathize (sp) with her more- now that all the media bias has been exposed. I found an interesting article that appeared in Time magazine in October about why so many women (liberal women especially) did not lik Palin:,8599,1846832,00.html?xid=feed-cnn-topics

Larry Elder also brought up some similar points on his show yesterday as well.

Those are just my thoughts. I don't anyone should write the Republican party off just yet- especially with a big spending, tax hiking, far left leaning lib in office.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Thanks Zabeth for the links.

Pamela said...

Z, I absolutely agree with you. I am convinced that this is the best opportunity for conservatives.

We all know one reason the election went the way it did because there was no real conservative policies at work the last few years. Democrats and Republicans were guilty as sin. I absolutely think that if the Republicans have learned their lesson that things can turn around. As vocal as we are these days with access to the Internet we will see quick fury if Obama and the other liberals are NOT like most politicians and will actually do what he said he would during the campaign. It will begin when 'the rich' aka all of us get our first paychecks after one or two of these policies take effect, the main one in my mind is universal health care. The next one is removing all tax incentives for businesses.

I will definitely check the links out. I need to look at Hip Hop Republican. I have so many RSS feeds (dozens of them) in my reader it is amazing I do anything else but read blogs. LOL

Anonymous said...

My jaw just dropped. Are you women serious? And Zabeth you really would consider Palin a strong candidate for anything outside of Alaska??

Palin did nothing or said nothing when at her rally's her supporters shouted kill Obama or used the nigger word. And perhas you missed her interviews with Couric and maybe you didn't get around to seeing her in the debate.

Below is a interesting video.

I understand that you women see the black community as a bunch of DBR men and women and your looking for Mr. White I mean Mr. Right but this is not the way to find him.

I am not married to a black man my husband is white and most of the white men I have dated were NOT REPUBILCAN. So ladies there is hope, you don't have to completely sell out to be happy.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Anonyomous, you are as dumb as a box of rocks! First I not looking for Mr. White or Black I'm a married a woman, and even if I were not married, how is the name of Jesus did you come to this conclusion based on this video post? I have posted a video of an intelligent black man who happens to be a republican.

How presumptuous you are! Why on earth to you read this blog? Do both of us a favor and stop.

Pamela said...

Zo posted another item on his RSS feed talking about a new website he is working on. He wanted people to check it out. He has his testimony. When he was a younger man he was a mess and had dropped out of high school. He has pulled his life together. He is married and I think has a child. From what I read he changed when he took responsibility for his life and made the correct changes. It appears that his videos are a reflection of what he has personally experienced in raising up from his madness and becoming a responsible person with some influence on the WWW.

One of his videos was featured on the web page of Freedom Journal Magazine. It was a blog post by the publisher of the magazine. This publication was the first black newspaper in the nation in the 1820s. They have changed the link of the blog since his video posted so you may not be able to see it. I think it was the first one that you posted on your blog.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Thanks Pamela. You are the!!!