Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Is This The End of America?

Answer: As we know it, yep. But it doesn't have to be. We just need to wake up spread the word (Spread the Word as in the  John 3:16 Word), pay attention, and lastly get smart people!!!! Watch this video, challenge this video, just start thinking about what's happening and ask yourself, why?

Below is just a teaser\trailer click here for the full documentary


Smile said...

Most importantly, people who rely on God, in whom Jesus is Lord, will be ever more inclined in their relationship with God.

Gravity will still be a law, as will other natural laws. Our God given rational thought will be available as well.

Let's remember, you can't eat gold or silver, nor will they cause good health. They won't heat or cool and they don't reproduce when planted in the ground. They're not a form of transformation.

Just as with the Y2K scare, panic is neither helpful nor necessary. Just simmer and use the brain God created in you. Remember, just because there has never been proof that there is a God doesn't mean there will never be proof.

Wisdom is the principle thing and love (not as most probably understand) is the most powerful law in the universe.

Also, as much as I appreciate this info and find it mostly spot on, it's still just a great big commercial or infomercial. If America can't be trusted with our assets, there is some other country who remains more trust worthy. Really, really? At what point do we think that America will not fall to a one world gov't, eventually?

I wonder if anyone thinks a long haul investment strategy is the place to invest if America truly loses its leadership position. I wonder if true Christians think that Christs return would not tarry long after.

rachelsjunkinthetrunk said...

Thank you for posting.It was refreshing to see on paper & video what I truly see happening in the world today.Yes,it was an infomercial as "Smile" indicated yet that doesn't make it less truthful.I'm subscribing to learn more.Knowledge and facts are key in all aspects of life. Does it really hurt to learn more? Really?

Anonymous said...

Didn't view the video, but I knew the end of America happened when we elected a hardcore Marxist to president. We've dallied with leftists in the presidency before, but a majority of Americans are at the point intellectually,morally, where they aren't troubled by the worldview of such a one. There's no going back. America was finally lost on 11/4/08.

What is Iran doing in Venezuela?
What are the Chinese doing with its nuclear technology secrets that the first black president (Clinton) gave to them?
America's doing what with it's space and weapons programs?
Just a few of the troubling items geo-politically, never mind those domestic issues.

Anonymous said...

This economics 101. This is what you share with you friends and family. Less consumption is better! Put your trust in the one who owns it all, God.

Whitey Lawful said...

The saying: "better red then dead" -- can no longer postpone the intent... As many await the return of Christ out of mans failure.

ar said...

"The great disconnect between orchestrated chaos and the coming class warfare is becoming more in your face hourly. America is flat-ass broke, pillaged and plundered by the "shadow ghouls of international banking" and their totalitarian manipulation of every aspect of our lives and futures. Pensions, jobs and hope disappear daily as the American Dream vanishes in the glaring reality of those who still refuse to realize that they have voted continually for the "global slavers" and their "political hacks" whose promises are as empty as they have ever been and who have brought our once great Nation at the end of the line."

from Steve Quayle: Orchestrated Chaos and the Coming Class Warfare in America.