Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fake Rush Limbaugh Quotes & Other Stuff

I really like this guy Lee Doren. I think he used to run a blog called Copious Dissenter but I can no longer find it on my reader. Anyway, enjoy his video, consider subscribing to his page.

Here are his sidebar links:

Fake Quotes #1:

Fake Quotes #2:

Fake Quotes #3:

Fake Quotes #4:

Fake Quotes #5:

Fake Quotes #6:

Fake Quotes #7:

Fake Quotes #8:

Rick Sanchez DUI:

Rush Threatens to Sue:

Non-CNN Retraction:

Non-ABC Retraction:

Robert Reich:


Update: Part II


DarcsFalcon said...

Here ya go. :)

He's also been showing up at

Hope that helps.

Smile said...

It's interesting that people who don't prefer Rush Limbaugh are okay with George Soros. We see this with the NFL, which is curiouser and curiouser.

As seen here.
"Real Salt Lake majority owner Dave Checketts, who brings a wealth of sports industry contacts, know-how and credibility. Checketts also brings big-time backers like George Soros, who financed the duo’s failed attempt to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2003.

Checketts’s ownership of hockey’s Blues is backed by, among others, TowerBrook Capital Partners, which was formerly known as Soros Private Equity Partners before it was spun off from Soros Asset Management Group in 2005.

A spokesman for Checketts didn’t return a message left at his office seeking comment on Limbaugh."

Smile said...

On a Dec. 20, 1998 60 Minutes interview with CBS News Steve Kroft, Soros reveals a little bit about himself, in his own words:

KROFT: My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours who swore that you were his adopted godson.

Mr. SOROS: Yes. Yes.

KROFT: Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.

Mr. SOROS: Yes. That’s right. Yes.

KROFT: I mean, that’s–that sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many, many years. Was it difficult?

Mr. SOROS: Not–not at all. Not at all. Maybe as a child you don’t–you don’t see the connection. But it was–it created no–no problem at all.

KROFT: No feeling of guilt?

Mr. SOROS: No.

KROFT: For example that, ‘I’m Jewish and here I am, watching these people go. I could just as easily be there. I should be there.’ None of that?

Mr. SOROS: Well, of course I c–I could be on the other side or I could be the one from whom the thing is being taken away. But there was no sense that I shouldn’t be there, because that was–well, actually, in a funny way, it’s just like in markets–that if I weren’t there–of course, I wasn’t doing it, but somebody else would–would–would be taking it away anyhow. And it was the–whether I was there or not, I was only a spectator, the property was being taken away. So the–I had no role in taking away that property. So I had no sense of guilt.

Smile said...

We'll see how this all 'plays' out, pun intended as Goldman Sachs has been identified as putting this deal together. So, we have several players vying for a slice of this pie?

Conservative Black Woman said...

DarcsFalcon~Thanks for the link.

Smile~You are absolutely right about George Soros. He is the person that people should be concerned about. He is the real RACIST. He an evil, mercenary and he is running this country. But the uniformed, CNN, and MSNBC watchers have probably never even heard of him. God help us...

Smile said...

It's interesting to note the lame accusations made on this site, referencing a lack of speaking out against right wing discrepancies.

These are the people who try to guilt trip you for listening to Rush, never admitting any knowledge that Soros is alive much less one of the heads of the multi-headed monster that encompasses their ideology. Perhaps they just haven't "developed" their "arguments" to this sordid problem. See: Soros accuses America of Nazi behavior while he actually worked for the Nazi regime. This hypocrisy and accusatory guilt tripping is rampant in Soros Party, part and parcel of their marching orders. If there are those who claim to be unaware, they'd better take a look. I expect just the typical anger (with the referenced tactics) at a light being shed on the roots and workings, while continuing to cling to it (the Democrat Party) regardless.

Smile said...

Here's some more on the "old Nazi" and examples some of his sordid connections.

All good little Democrats being blissfully unaware, of course. Some who come here to make sure our arguments are properly developed. While portraying themselves as friendly when convenient, reading the mind of CBW and her blog format the next, and volunteering themselves to policing the threads of a conservative blog.

CBW, researching some of the connecting dots presented in this (above) link are at the root of the planned challenges America faces. They can afford to be patient. We cannot.

Constructive Feedback said...

Why do you hate Black people CBW?


Conservative Black Woman said...

Very funny CF!

I am troubled however that the double standards which black folks have come to expect in point of fact feel entitled to is going a long way towards damaging race relations.

The attempt to superimpose a "gag" order on White America and demanding that they ignore any social pathology if black folks are involved is bound to have seriously negative repercussions.

Black folks need to start thinking critically about the capitalist they are seeking to tear down. Unless all of Black America intends to be self-employed who do they believe will be hit the hardest if Capitalism fails?

I just don't understand all the craziness. How can Jesse and Al be taken seriously by anybody? WTH? I just makes me want to cuss.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Here is an example of the backlash Black folks can expect as a result of our dumb azz double standards:

Comment from a frustrated White American:

Roger| 10.15.09 @ 1:08PM

Good morning all, Just a thought to ponder. Since the NFL has determined that Rush Limbaugh should not be allowed to own an NFL team based, in part, because 75% to 80% of the NFL is black, and so this has once again been moved into a racist argument by the “Chip on our Shoulders” racist’s. I have decided that my cafe's, because 95% of our clientele are heterosexual white Christian American people who speak English, will not hire blacks, gay’s, muslims or any hyphenated-americans! I feel this decision is sound, because after all, the decisions made by a white heterosexual Christian male American MUST be better than that of any other group of people who reside here in America but don’t want to be called American’s. Instead they want to fundamentally change America. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, Right?

BLACK INK said...

When the hypocrisy comes full circle the Obama ilk will have no one to blame but themselves. How will the victim card play then?
Great post once again.

MrsGrapevine said...

@ Smile:

1) There is no guilt trip, if you feel a hint of guilt from listening to Rush Limbaugh then that's probably your conscience speaking, and not liberals. The hypocrisy of blaming liberals for everything wrong with Rush Limbaugh is hilarious. A party of personal responsibility once again scaring people into conspiracy theories. I guess the left wingers put that bottle of Oxycontin in hands, or plotted to break-up his three marriages, too.

There is not one lick of proof in this article that those quotes were made up, they just can't trace the source of the quotes online, but doesn't mention anything about the actual radio transcripts. If they were made up then I will admit that's wrong, but there are several more quotes out there that can take their place. So my perception of him remains because it's not based on an outdated quoted, it's based on real audio.

2) The list had 10 quotes, and the only ones disputed are ones that are over 10 years old, and can't be verified, but the other 8 we're just going to pretend that Limbaugh never said them. Oh no, we can't because they actually have audio.

3) The timing is perfect. Now poor Limbaugh the multi-millionaire is getting a dose of his own medicine (no pun intended), and I'm suppose to feel sorry. No, I think we call that Karma, or you reap what you sow. I can give you several real quotes with audio to replace the one being challenged, and you're going to turn a blind eye and find away to justify him in Christ.

4)If I proved to you Al Sharpton was misquoted once or twice, is that going to change you perception of him??? NO, it want, will it?

So, I'm not buying the Rush Limbaugh victim theory, or the left wing conspiracy to frame Limbaugh.

Coulee Eidos said...

Mrs. Grapvine,

You literally just typed everything that i was going to, so i won't repeat it--i'll just give it an ^5!

Conservative Black Woman said...

MGV & Coulee~It's really too bad that the two of you have drunk so much political justice "Kool-aid".

Here is my take....Clunkett, Claggett (for the life of me I can't think of his name and I have too much to do to look for it right now) approached Rush to join their little consortium because they needed Rush's cash in order to be taken seriously.

In the meantime the two "useful idiots" the bloviating, hot air bags, dumb and dumber race-baiting poverty pimps start doing their dog and pony show for the likes of you two-- highly sensitive minorities who have no ability to comprehend any intellectual construct not associated with the pigmentation of your skin.

Back to Claggett, Clinkett whatever the pissant's name is -- he is either approached or contacts (the Mercenary Nazi collaborator who hates America, owns the democrat party and bought and paid for the puppet in chief Barack Obama) George Soro who puts up the money. My guess is the introduction was made by democrat party operative turned NFL executive director DeMaurice Smith. Now the freakin' NFL is being nationalized and not just in name only.

And you racism chaser's think Rush is the problem.

For goodness sakes....WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MrsGrapevine said...

@ CBW:

I'm not sleep, if you can recognize an opportunist on the left, I hope that you could see one on the right.

I have called out Van Jones and the likes, just waiting for someone to raise their hand and say I see how you can think Rush Limbaugh was an opportunist.

I don't need anyone to tell me if Rush is or isn't an opportunist, my mind is made up. I don't follow Soros or any other liberal extremist, I judge Rush by what I hear him say, not what someone says he said.

You are honestly telling me, I need to wake up because Rush Limbaugh himself has nothing to do with why the people in the NFL sees him as divisive, and it's all because of liberal spin, and liberals telling people how to interpret... Please!

I don't know why y'all think there are liberals under our beds telling us how to interpret everything we see and hear. That because we're not Conservatives we are incapable of thinking or seeking truth. Please!

I've seen Conservatism for the past 8 years, and sorry I was not impressed, at all. I'm not just talking about Bush, either...

Jesse Jackson = Rush Limbaugh; and I'm so over the faux victims. Rush Limbaugh got what he deserves just like Van Jones. Their comments have both came back to bite them, and it had nothing to do with Glenn Beck or Soros. Republicans are scared to say something negative about him publicly out of fear of a backlash, just like liberals refuse to check Sharpton...

No, I don't need to wake the hell up, if waking up is blaming others for Rush's persona.

Smile said...


I'll assume you're trying to say you disagree with my post. Okay, fine.

Smile said...

Gotta love Kevin Jackson at 'The Black Sphere'.

Beyond The Political Spectrum said...

Even without the benefit of fake quotes attributed to Limbaugh, he still has managed to avoid the reality behind losing his bid to buy a stake a NFL team. Ever the showman, Mr. Limbaugh is trying to bring attention to himself
despite his sounding like a crybaby and hypocrite. Where is his sense of personal responsibility? His being dropped as a buyer has nothing to do with
"Race Hustlers" as much as the karma of his own vitriol and acrimony toward anyone who doesn't share his opinion. Think beyond ideological beliefs!

Merit Matters said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JMK said...

"If I proved to you Al Sharpton was misquoted once or twice, is that going to change you perception of him??? NO, it want, will it?" (MGV)
It would change my mind!

IF you could prove that, (1) Al Sharpton DID NOT engineer (along with Alton Maddox and C Vernon Mason) the Tawana Brawley Hoax...and DIDN'T maliciously smear to officers of the court, including a 19 y/o local sheriff's Deputy, suffering from depression, who'd committed suicide and another (Steve Pagones) who was also unjustly accused in that ordeal and (2) that he did not incite the Freddie's arson, that killed five local youths working in that store, with his "white interloper comments.

I may be wrong (don't think I am) but the way I see the Freddie's fiasco was, In 1995, a black Pentecostal Church, the United House of Prayer, owned a retail property on 125th Street. The Church asked Fred Harari, a Jewish tenant who operated Freddie's Fashion Mart, to evict his longtime subtenant, a black-owned record store called The Record Shack.

Sharpton led a protest in Harlem against the planned eviction of The Record Shack. Sharpton told the protesters, "We will not stand by and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business."

On December 8, 1995, Roland J. Smith Jr., one of the protesters, entered Harari's store with a gun and flammable liquid, shot several customers and set the store on fire. The gunman fatally shot himself, and seven store employees died of smoke inhalation.

Those two incidents DO NOT make Al Sharpton an "opportunist," I'm an investor, so I greatly admire opportunists ("people who see opportunities for personal gain and take them"), they make Sharpton a racial bigot (or "racist") and a demagogue who incites violence.

The ONLY two Limbaugh quotes that were not decried as "fake" were the McNabb quote, which is a legiimate, if erroneous opinion, and the now infamous and often misquoted "bloods and crips" quote.

Limbaugh is a Conservative. He's never been a violence-inciting demogagogue nor a racial bigot....a racial bigot wouldn't have Professor Walter E Williams fill in on his radio show.

Those times when Williams hosted were some of the few times I've felt like switching from a cousin who does a sports radio show opposite Limbaugh's show.

JMK said...

The now infamous “bloods and crips” quote came into the popular lexicon via Keith Olbermann crony and son of Sidney, Max Blumenthal, when he criticized a CPAC conference;

"This is ironic considering the crude racism of CPAC’s keynote speaker, Rush Limbaugh, who once claimed ‘the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and Crips.’ (Max Blumenthal)

In Blumenthal’s version, it looks like Rush Limbaugh was complaining, in effect, that there are too many African-Americans in the NFL.

But of course that’s not what Limbaugh was complaining about. He was complaining about “sack dances” and showboating by NFL players who are acting like they’re throwing gang signs on the field. What he actually wrote in, context was;

“There is a cultural problem in the NFL that has resulted in a total lack of class on the part of professional players. I love the game of football, but after every sack players are acting like they’ve won the Super Bowl; they’re prancing around with these idiotic dances.”


“Look, let me put it to you this way: the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. There, I said it.”

This can be easily sourced on, [Limbaugh: Classless Players Look Like Bloods and Crips, January 20, 2007, by Michael David Smith], but Blumenthal never even bothered to read that, (and they say “the blogosphere doesn’t vet their facts very well). Mr Blumenthal instead said he’d linked it from Gane-McCalla's post, and he didn’t even quote THAT accurately - he left out the word "the" in the " the Bloods and the Crips." (Mr. Blumenthal must be a cut-and-paste novice).

Again, in the context of excessive and boorish “sack and end-zone celebrations” the “bloods and crips” reference is legitimate, even if slightly “insensitive.”
I agree with Tony Dungy who said, “You know, I guess it bothered a lot of people, it really didn't bother me. I think anybody should have the right to pursue whatever they want, they should go through the process just like anyone else and there would be 28 owners that would vote and I think the process should be able to go forth. I don't like it when people say "because of this he shouldn't be allowed to do that." We don't have any minority ownership in the NFL right now, and I think, you know, that just strikes me as the same thing, because of the way this guy looks, because of the way he sounds, because of his political bent, that he shouldn't be allowed to own a team, I think that's something that the 28 owners should decide and not the general public.” (Tony Dungy)
The ENTIRE issue really has nothing to do with Limbaugh's alleged "insensitivty." After all, if that were grounds from barring him from an investment (NFL team ownership), then the same would be a legitimate reason to deny another investor, perhaps the first black ownersship consortium by digging up a few insensitive quotes from one of their pasts.

That's how that thing works...a precedent has been set.

For better, or worse, sports franchise ownership is like a Co-op Board and for those unfamiliar with that very New York means of apartment investing, the buyer buys "shares in a building," NOT a particular apartment (as a condo owner does) and the Co-Op board, representing the other owners can deny a prospective tenant's purchase for ANY or even NO reason at all...sports team owners can do the same. So, it IS conceivable that those so inclined to block a prospective minority's application for ownership/investment COULD use this same ploy - "Mr. Y said THIS just twenty-five years ago."

This entire controversy is over a number of FAKE quotes....they aren't "claimed to be faked," there has NEVER been a source (air-date or tape) that sources the "Slavey wasn't all bad..." and the "James Earl Ray" quotes that the soon-to-be-sued Jack Huberman made up for his Goldberg rip-off book.

MrsGrapevine said...

@ JMK:

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are nothing but racist who have never done anything positive at all for the black community? They are simply racist? Right?

But, Rush Limbaugh is a Conservative saint, who only speaks truth and set forth good deed to bring this nation together instead of polarizing it. He doesn't use race when discussing issues unless it true. He's so misunderstood. Mmmm mmmm mmm....

The liberals made Rush bring up race when discussing McNab skills as a quarterback. He wasn't race baiting, he couldn't have just simply said that Philadelphia Eagles success is do to the line, instead of Donovan McNabb, and that Donovan McNabb overrated. How hard is that?

No, the liberals just want this black quaterback to succeed because he's black, he can't possible possess any talent, because Conservatives think all black people are affirmative action picks, with the exception on Sarah Palin and Micheal Steele, right?

I know race baiting, and that's exactly what Rush was doing. He had to resign for it, too. So maybe if it wasn't about race, he should have just left race out of it. Sounds simple to me.

Honestly, that argument that every successful black person is an affirmative action pick has gotten so old. Rush Limbaugh has the freedom to say whatever pleases him, but that doesn't mean everyone is going to be receptive. He's entertainment, he's not leader who the media is attacking. He is the media. He even said he likes to flare the fumes, and guess what he got burned.

You know what's even funnier, all those Conservatives who twisted the words of the "non-quote" to explain what Rush was really trying to say. If he never made the quote then how do they know what he was trying to say. Which shows me that both Conservatives and Liberals are loons, and would go to the ends of the earth to make their side seem superior. It's not. Think for yourself, which does not mean think like a Conservative, either....

Right now, Conservatives are acting like liberals, by playing the victim card...Y'all sound like Arianna Huffington trying to explain the right-wing conspiracy that got Van Jones fired. Glenn Beck was an engineer but he had to have something to mine. Likewise Mr. Limbaugh....

Anonymous said...

I love you grapevine!!

Xi said...

You made some valid points for a change and sequestered more neurons than usual.
But with all the baggage and race issues Rush carries they don't hold a candle to Al and Jesse. To argue otherwise completely discredits you.

JMK said...

You compared three incomparable people MGV....Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are race hustlers and poverty pimps....YES, you can argue that Sharpton (via the Tawana Brawley hoax and the Freddie's incitement) is somewhat more vile....but both are racial opportunists and all around scumbags.

(I DID notice that you didn't make good on your claiming to show where Al Sharpton was mis-quoted over some of those more egregious incidents....I don't blame you, I couldn't find any evidence for that either, and I looked)

Limbaugh is a Conservative commentator....unfortunately, he goes on-air against someone I have a familial rooting interest for, but Limbaugh, is really only "controversial" to Liberals.

Like I said, his McNabb quote, albeit erroneous in my view (McNabb was already a very good starting QB back when Limbaugh saw the lack of criticism coming McNabb's way for "failing to win the big one," as "a little affirmative action"), was a legitimate quote.

Oddly enough, there was a black NFL player on-air with him and he vocally agreed with Limbaugh!

Moreover, Limbaugh's barb was mild compared to Terrel Owens' throwing McNabb under the bus a few years later with, "We'd have already won a Super Bowl if we had Brett Farve on this team."

(I know what you're thinking, "Why'd he have to compare McNabb to a white QB?" Yes, it was a racial dig at McNabb....and TO is black.)

What I found both telling and amusing was NOT ONE liberal jumped to defend "a little preference....a little affirmative action," PROVING that they don't have the stomach for that fight.....which is probably why there was no real outcry over the recent and righteous Ricci decision in the New Haven case.

I have it out there (everyone has his price) and George Soros knows mine (currently $4.4 BILLION USD)....if they'd like to get someone onboard their side who can actually make arguments in favor of what they claim to believe in.

If I were a liberal I'd never have run away from the preference issue like ALL libs did back then, both disgracing themselves and signalling they won't fight over that issue.

NOT one liberal....NOT ONE defended preferences in that incident.....believe me (and I hate to brag....BUT) it seems as though I'd be worth every penny.

Limbaugh's McNabb quote and his "bloods and crips" quotes were legitimate, albeit insensitive and clumsily put opinions, but they were NOT inciteful, hateful or even deliberately offensive.

That's why he can't be compared to either Jackson or Sharpton.

Moreover the ISSUE here isn't whether Limbaugh is a nice liberals, obviously, he isn' Neither is Shawn Carter (Jay Z) a member of the consortium that owns the NJ Nets in the NBA.

The ONLY REAL issue in this incident is FAKE quotes, made up by a soon-to-be-sued Jack Huberman and trumpeted SANS any vetting by the likes of CNN and NBC.

Look, when bloggers do a better job of vetting their material than CNN and NBC, that shows deliberate malice on the part of those normally very cautious corporate and well staffed (in the research department) entities.

THAT'S the ONLY issue here.

It has NOTHING to do with Limbaugh....a person could actually be pro-Hitler (like Marge Schott was) and still have every right to own a sports franchise.


Because that's how things work in a free country.

MrsGrapevine said...


"Oddly enough, there was a black NFL player on-air with him and he vocally agreed with Limbaugh!" (JMK)

All I can say is classic...

I'm not going to make this too long, I hope (that's probably not true). Rush Limbaugh has every right to pursue a team, however if members of the "club" feel he's a risk, then they have the right to drop him.

All I'm saying is that he puts those words out there, an ultimately he's responsible for the words he speak.

As far as Jay-Z, yes he has said some off the wall misogynist things in his music, and at any given time, those words may come back to bite him. It doesn't matter if it's from the right, or from women, I'm not going to defend him even though I like his misogynist music, at times. I know I shouldn't listen to it, but sometimes I back slide.

I'm fine with Rush Limbaugh the entertainer, and I love freedom of speech. I choose not to listen to him because he's not my cup of tea. I'm not fighting for him to be off air, I just want his words and his life to be put into perspective. Both the left and the right makes him out to be more than what he truly is.

Several liberals have defended Rush Limbaugh's rights to pursue a team, for the record.

As far as T.O. he has been kicked off of teams because of his behavior. I should know because I live in Dallas. The only reason he's still in the league is because desperate teams will pay for his talent, and put up with his behavior in hopes of a ring. But, do know that comment and the comments alike, had him in arbitration with his team. No one stood up for him.

"The ONLY REAL issue in this incident is FAKE quotes, made up by a soon-to-be-sued Jack Huberman and trumpeted SANS any vetting by the likes of CNN and NBC." (JMK)

After the balloon boy incident, I will agree with you that bloggers are doing the jobs of journalist, but that's about it.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog (clicked over from Another Black Conservative) and have read through a few of your recent posts. When I got to the video of Thomas Sowell, I knew I had to make your blog a must read going forward. I have been a huge fan of Dr. Sowell's for 25 years. Thanks for putting in so much time and effort with your outstanding blog to advance the conservative cause.


Merit Matters said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JMK said...

"...if members of the "club" feel he's a risk, then they have the right to drop him." (MGV)
Look, bottom-line the other MEMBERS/owners WERE apparently fine with his participation in that consortium until the fake quotes were ginned up.

The McNabb quote was nothing and the "bloods and Crips" quotes wouldn't have harmed him was TWO fake quotes.

So yeah, that was a civilly actionable defamation on the part of Huberman AND anyone in the media or in social protest groups (ie. Sharpton and Jackson) who went public with those false quotes.
"All I'm saying is that he puts those words out there, an ultimately he's responsible for the words he speak." (MGV)
He didn't put those fake quotes out there...and his REAL quotes (the McNabb and the B&C quotes) weren't damaging in context.

So, NO....he's NOT at all responsible for the Huberman quotes or for the recklessly defamatory way SOME in the media and in various protest groups went forward with those fake quotes.
"Both the left and the right makes him (Limbaugh) out to be more than what he truly is." (MGV)
Limbaugh is like O'Reilly, Olbermann, Beck, Ed Shultz, etc. they are political COMMENTATORS...on-air commentary writers, paid to give their opinions, SAME as you get in a newspaper's Op-Ed pages.

People tend to laud those they agree with and demonize those they don't....I think that's just "the way of the world"....and the way it's probably always gonna be.

JMK said...

"After the balloon boy incident, I will agree with you that bloggers are doing the jobs of journalist, but that's about it." (MGV)
Well, in that case too, most of the media TOOK the wrong message out of it....that wasn't a public interest story about a cute little 6 y/o prone to puking during TV was about a dysfunctional family that used their kids and everything else they could to get on TV....they were on one "reality TV" show and scripted others and did this for a little more face time....they're shitbirds, basically.

Now we have nitwits trying to make it out like they're pitiable people with a major personality disorder.....they're scumbags, who SHOULD be prosecuted and billed for the Emergency Services they took out of service!

While those police and others were busy chasing that hoax.....another REAL emergency might have gotten a less response than it warranted.

That couple are two "me first" shitbirds who probably never should've had kids to begin with.

But the media eats that kind of crap up.

Thuyen Tran said...

"As far as T.O. he has been kicked off of teams because of his behavior. I should know because I live in Dallas. The only reason he's still in the league is because desperate teams will pay for his talent, and put up with his behavior in hopes of a ring. But, do know that comment and the comments alike, had him in arbitration with his team. No one stood up for him."

TO was no worse than many Hall of Fame receivers in years, like Jerry Rice (who used to complain the ball was not thrown enough his way in games his team won, in contrast where TO usually complained only in games his team lost, at least in the past). The difference is the camera don't follow them around looking for a fast soundbyte. TO admitted to being totally at fault in SF.

At Philly, I don't see him as totally at fault. McNabb was at fault, too. McNabb took their issues public himself. He should not get out of the blame game there. And the interview that got TO exiled from Philly, the mainly liberal media, especially ESPN, totally distorted. It focused on soundbytes after the report asked him leading questions. It sure avoided 90 percent of the rest of the interview that 1) thank God and family for his sucess, 2) credit the QB, who in this case would be McNabb, for his numbers being good as receiver. He should not have answered the question in regards to what Michael Irvin said about McNabb and Favre to be sure, but ESPN is downright hypocritical for asking him hoping to get that controversy in the first place then condemned him for taking the bait.

But otherwise, there is very little in the interview that TO did wrong. He was not wrong to say McNabb did not put up as good a number as he did in years past. How is that throwing McNabb under the bus like ESPN made him out to be doing?

McNabb and Philly exploited the hatchet job ESPN did on the TO interview to get him banished. The way Philly did it was totally unprofessionally, too, by suspending him for rest of season to where he cannot play, with intent to cut him, so thus preventing him from playing for another team and from another team from inquiring him. It is extremely unethical and practically a restraint of a person's right to employment at another place. (Ironic McNabb is giving to doing the same thing TO gets blasted for, which is attacking his teammates in public, such as for them being friends with TO and going to his parties and also later after TO already left, blasting them as not good enough to play, but he is still seen as the person who does all the right things, contrary to TO.)

Thuyen Tran said...

In Dallas, TO was totally attacked for things 99 percent of the times he said or allegedly said in the locker room. Here's the thing- the media that attacked TO has no source it states behind that. That's irresponsible reporting along the lines of how folks in McCain camp threw Palin under the bus but refused to identify themselves. And along the lines of what is happening now with the liberal media in regards to Rush.

But even if true, TO did the very thing that he SHOULD have done in SF and Philly- take the issues he has with any teammate behind closed doors. It is rich that ESPN and other sports outlets bashed TO for in this case doing the right thing and keeping issues in-house.

And you are wrong. Many of his teammates did stand up for him. There were teammates that said he was a good teammate in general. Even Witten, who is allegedly the source of what TO said behind closed doors, after TO was no longer with Dallas, that he made him a better receiver.

Do not get me wrong. TO brings alot of it on himself by not being wise to avoid answering questions that are leading.

Now that he is wised up and refused to answer questions that are leading in nature he still gets blasted by those very media that criticized him over and over again for telling like it is when he was asked.

He is put in a no-win situation that way repeatedly, and that's unfair. Even as unlikable as he may be at times, even he does not deserve that.

It says about about the liberal media, such as ESPN, when folks like Cris Carter can trash TO saying he should be shot repeatedly, and no condemnation whatsoever for that. If TO had said that about Cris, he would have banished from the league, probably.

By the way, I don't know TO's stance on politics. But the way the media, such as ESPN, behaved in regards to TO by asking him questions, that no other player often get asked, such as is the ball thrown enough to him, is so typical liberal media. Take soundbyes, do a hatchet job from that same interview, demonize the person over and over until it becomes truth, so everyone else has a "rush" to judgment, pardon the pun.

kid said...

Since that fat mother fucker is not racist why don't he give a speech at a HBCU?

Because he would get his gay, Dominican Republic, boy chasing,pedophile, oxycontin,viagra taking ass beaten!

How many times do a racist have to call you Ni***r until you get what they're saying?BTW, George Soros gave $5 million to help free Poland in the eighties.The RNC must pay you good.

Misfit410 said...

Excellent blog, I think what it really boils down to, is that the Democratic party is the superior,white, racist party and they have to unload this truth on anyone else that opposes them to keep themselves in power. They were the founding party of the KKK, the party that fought to keep slavery, the party that resisted the civil rights movement, and now their idea of being un-racist is to keep races divided and make sure they assist the little inferior races along with their superior white intellilect.

I can identify with Rush, I don't understand why seeing all people as just people is considered to be so racist. I think people need to cut us white conservatives some slack, oppressing an entire race of people is tough work, why do you think we are against illegal immigration? that just puts more races on our work schedule!!!

The Republican party in theory should have a strong standing, it actually stands for progress, get over all of the little stupid things in life and move yourself forward, you can do anything you want to in this life and it's your right to do so.

The Democratic party pretty much stands for nothing, it lives on taking care of the "little guy", once the little guy no longer exists they have nothing the stand for, obviously this means they want more people to be out of work and on welfare else they have noone left depending on them for salvation..

People who assault Rush on the racist angle remind me of my friend who is always cheating on his wife, he does it so much that he actually justifies it by claiming she is cheating on him (when I know for a fact she is not).. this is a common flaw in people, if you are doing something you know in your own heart is wrong, you just want to bring everyone else down to your own level rather than own up to the faults of your own actions.

Thuyen Tran said...

Since that fat mother fucker is not racist why don't he give a speech at a HBCU?

"Because he would get his gay, Dominican Republic, boy chasing,pedophile, oxycontin,viagra taking ass beaten!"

And saying those things make you look more the racist since you say those folks of color and so on would resort to physical violence to make a point.

"How many times do a racist have to call you Ni***r until you get what they're saying?"

How many times have Rush used the N word? I think none.

"BTW, George Soros gave $5 million to help free Poland in the eighties.The RNC must pay you good."

Typical extreme liberal attack on conservatives who are minorities. Make the extreme liberals look the more racists for those types of comments.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Kid~You write: "Since that fat mother fucker is not racist why don't he give a speech at a HBCU?"

First of all the correct conjugation of the verb "do" would be "does"...why "doesn't" he give a speech....

I sincerely hope that you aren't an HBCU student because you certainly are not representing well. Lastly, he is no longer a "fat MF'er" as he has lost over 100 lbs and is quite svelte in my humble opinion. Lastly, that's the stupidest question ever uttered...why would he do such a thing? He is no idiot. Clearly, Black America by and large has no interest in truth, only the sick satisfaction derived from grievance politics.

Word of advice...consider re-taking English 101 or possibly remedial english.

Joe Clyde said...

I love how people pretend that these quotes never existed. But when he says they are lies. All of the sudden. They can find every "supposed" racist quote from Limbaugh.

So I have a question. If he did say these quotes (Yet to be determined).

Does that make him a vile, race baiting bigot?

Conservative Black Woman said...

JC~If Rush said those things he would indeed be a vile, race-baiting bigot.

What I find fascinating is how difficult it is for some to believe that he never said these things. If he really said these things publicly -- how can you think they would not be documented or memorialized somewhere? Good grief, there are tapes, and recordings of Adolf Hitler, Karl Marx, Margaret Sanger etc. virtually anything can be found on the internet these days. To believe that these "quotes" are hidden away somewhere and to think taht they would not be on youtube is just dogged determination to remain ignorant.

Smile said...

Rush Tells All About the Rams Deal

RUSH: All right, folks, let me tell you what I now can tell you about the National Football League, the St. Louis Rams and my participation in a group seeking to buy the St. Louis Rams. There's a lot of things I've not been able to say because we were bound by a confidentiality agreement that all of the bidding groups have with Goldman Sachs, which is the broker handling the potential sale, but now that I'm no longer part of the group there's some things that I can tell you that are fascinating that you probably don't know. And not about me and not about the bid per se, but what really led to this result taking place.

Read the whole transcript here:

Anonymous said...


rush has been saying this stuff for year. glad it finally came back to bite him in the butt

JMK said...

"I love how people pretend that these quotes never existed. But when he says they are lies. All of the sudden. They can find every "supposed" racist quote from Limbaugh.

"So I have a question. If he did say these quotes (Yet to be determined)." (Joe Clyde)
No, it's not "yet to be determined," at all....the "We didn't get rid of slavery because it was a bad thing..." AND "The you know who should get a posthumous medal of honor, James Earl Ray," quotes are entirely fabricated.....the ONLY place they appear is in a book by a dope named Jack Huberman (who's made up phony quotes before) without any sourcing.

A quote without sourcing (air date, etc.) does not exist.

The "McNabb quote was a legitimate, albeit insensitive opinion, as was his "crips and bloods" reference to the idiotic end zone celebrations even when the TD scorer's team is losing big.

The only two "bigoted quotes," turned out to be fakes.

Thuyen Tran said...

"The "McNabb quote was a legitimate, albeit insensitive opinion, as was his "crips and bloods" reference to the idiotic end zone celebrations even when the TD scorer's team is losing big."

I don't have a problem if the team is losing big but has pride and is trying to get back in the game and those things are use to get oneself, one's teammates, the team's fans fired up and to anger the other team to throw them off their game. Call it Art of War 101.

JMK said...

The ONLY two quotes used to smear Limbaugh (the "Slvery wasn't all bad..." and the "James Earl Ray" quote) are now both acknowledged FAKES by the people who used them!


The McNabb quote was NOT an issue, nor was the now infamous "Bloods and Crips" quote about excessive end zone celebrations.

From the start those TWO odious "quotes" were called FAKES....some producers (one on MSNBC, in fact,) warned on-air staff that there is no sourcing/vetting of those two quotes....Jack Huberman (the author who apparently made up those quotes) and any on-air staff that used UNsourced/non-vetted "quotes" SHOULD be held liable in those cases.