Thursday, September 10, 2009

Metaphorical Cartoonery: Health Care Like School Lunch

H/T to Nickie Goobma and a commenter who referred to the image below as "metaphorical cartoonery"....

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After the President's speech last night, I tortured myself by reading the facebook comments of a few of the national and local black journalists who are FB friends (at least they were until today) and the general consensus is reflected below:

The national CNN guy posted in his status box that he missed the President's speech and asked how it was to which his friends replied:

"His speech was brilliantly put together and delivered. Joe Wilson's disrespect shows how much work remains to be done"

"It was concise, dealing with issues as rumors and lies of his plan, costs, and the public option. Survey of 19,000 viewers 93% had a clearer understanding of the reformed health plan that he will support. My personal favorite waswhen he said health plan is a "moral imperative." His charge of social justice made it clear that every US citizens has a right to health care."

"It was funny to see the republicans on the right side not cheering at all when Obama spoke. It is so sad this country is being pulled backwards by republicans. They want to divide this country into rich and poor, similar to russia."

The local guy posted the following status:"An Unhealthy Display - - So this is how they treat the President. But it has nothing to do with race, right?"

To which his friends replied:

"Imagine the fallout if Rep. Jesse Jackson offered such flagrant disrespect of George Bush. This is where I think the Democrats need to not take the high road and request disciplinary action.The precedents of the House allow a wide latitude in criticism of the President, other executive officials, and the government itself. However, it is not ... Read More permissible to use language that is personally offensive to the President, such as referring to him as a “hypocrite” or a “liar.” --from the Republican House Rules"

"i had two thoughts last night. first as i looked at the dais i couldn't help but wonder if it wasn't galling to all those white men in the chamber to see a woman and a black man occupying two of the three seats there. second, i found it ironic that when george bush was standing in that spot and REALLY AND ACUALLY lying about the war in iraq (and ... from what i hear, most people knew it), somehow the dems managed to maintain their cool."

How misdirected are these people? How angry and duped will they feel in 2013 if and when this "morally imperative" legislation passes and takes effect?

Finally before someone comments that it's vile to use Obama's daughter in a cartoon, Opus #6 (commenter on Nickie Goomba's blog) counters by saying "The gist is that Obama cares about her, like we care about our own families. He doesn't want her lunch ruined. Like we don't want out health care ruined." I completely agree and therefore decided to post the cartoon.


Anonymous said...

I remember several speeches where Democrats neither cheered nor applauded President Bush. Hmmm .. I'm amazed on how short the memories of liberals are.

MrsGrapevine said...

@ MKotyk88

It's okay to not cheer, or applaud, that's the standard. It's another thing to call the President a "liar" in a address, especially when you're a liar, too. Liberals memories aren't short. When has a liberal called a President a liar during his address. Not after, not before, but during. It's perfectly alright to call or think Obama is a liar, but there is a time and a place.

Joe Wilson is liar, Bush is a liar, Obama is a liar. Everyone is a liar, so now what's next. We're back to Square One. Now that we have established that people think politicians lie, what's next?

Haven't you heard the phrase that all politicians are liars, so chose the one who lies in your favor. If you find a politician that doesn't lie, don't elect him.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the hat tip. And may I say that it's an honor to be included within the virtual pages of your dynamic online magazine.

I, like so many others, am tired of the mean-spirited political debate in America. We are burdened with the responsibility of being the people who will discuss the issues without hate or vitriol. Your blog is a strong step in that direction.

Keep up the good work!!

Digital Publius said...

That cartoon is brilliant on so many levels!

ziggy said...

Joe Wilson is liar, Bush is a liar, Obama is a liar. Everyone is a liar, so now what's next. We're back to Square One. Now that we have established that people think politicians lie, what's next?

Read the healthcare bill. Read it, Read it, Read it. Then you can know for sure which liar comes closest to telling the truth. Yuck, Yuck!! BTW, did I mention that you should read the cotton pickin' bill so that you'll know which liar comes closest to the truth?

Anonymous said...

Calling a president a liar when he is addressing the American people in front of millions of people and you are a member of congress is not cool! I know emotions are running high with this health care issue, still there was no need for the disrespect.Whatever happens to him after this he brought him on himself and he is a conservative congressman, careful what you preach. Some of us already know that the president is pushing his agenda on the American people and we ain't buying it! He is still the president and deserves to be respected.


MrsGrapevine said...

@ Ziggy:

I am reading the bill thanks to Black Ink and Smile.

5 Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments
6 for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are
7 not lawfully present in the United States.

This is straight from my version of the bill sent to me by a conservative woman via twitter.

Here is the link in case you need to examine it:

So who's lying or who's stretching the truth. Hmmmmm....Let me think on this one.

The problem that Republicans have with the bill is that there is no clause for verification. If they want that clause just add it, but don't call Obama a liar on something he didn't actually lie about. Save it for later.

In the bill it says eligible participants as determined by state. States are responsible for verification through the same process used in Medicaid.

Danielle said...

I have a friend who voted for Obama, who said recently, "I can't believe I never thought he'd need to raise taxes or increase the deficit to do universal healthcare - I believed everything he said. I guess I thought the money was just going to come from mid-air!"

ar said...

Throw a shoe at him instead of calling him a liar? - think he would duck in time?

Do we get straws?

Rational Nation USA said...

Great post.

BLACK INK said...

The issue of illegal alien coverage is not as simplistic as you imply.
Obama & Co., up until his speech the other night, touted how we needed to provide coverage for the "47MM uninsured people". Is that not correct? However, the number of uninsured referenced in his speech was only 30MM people. How do you account for the difference? Hint: there are ~17MM illegal uninsured aliens in America.
Obama's intent is clear. Obama is a Harvard trained attorney. Obama has appointed Sotomayor who was seated on the US Supreme Court last week and he will have a second seat to fill on the High Bench soon. How do you think the soon to be liberal majority will rule on the issue of coverage for illegals? In the meantime, many Federal Courts will rule in favor of illegals' coverage under the "proposed" new plan; and by the time those cases work their way up to the High Court the Fat Lady will have sung.
Also, there is no final plan yet and Obama tends to talk out of both sides of his mouth....funny how he slammed McCain's health care ideas without having any idea what the core issues were and upon becoming more aware now realizes that experience does count and McCain wasn't such a stupid old man after all. Oh well, live and learn.

MrsGrapevine said...

@ Black Ink:

What's funny is how Obama has to shuffle to please you in the least. During the primaries they both talked out the side of their mouths, and now he is embracing McCain, and he' still wrong. He could become a conservative today, and you would think he was a secret cell operative.

You called him a liar for the 47 million uninsured, and now it's corrected, and he's still evil.

Let me get this right and in stone, so that we can come back to it in 2012. Your prediction is that Obama is going use the courts to allow coverage for illegal aliens. Am I correct?

So he will repeal laws set by Bush to limit coverage to illegal aliens, then plant certain cases to go through the system so that his high court appointees can over turn legislation regarding illegal aliens, and somehow get the other seven justices that are not his appointees to vote in his favor as well.

That is my understanding, is that correct?

I'm not sure how that is going to get him re-elected, and I'm not sure how he would get that past the conservatives, the moderates, and the independents. He barely has enough votes for the health care reform, a platform he ran on, so I can't wait to see how that will work.

As we speak, he has just met with Blue Dogs to include a process of verification to ensure illegals will be excluded, and those that do not have a SS# will have to use other legal forms of ID.

So instead of arguing with you, I'm just going to watch, and see if your prediction comes true...

MrsGrapevine said...

@ Ar:

The one thing I can say about Bush is that he certainly had some speed and skills to duck the shoe not once, but twice.

*in the voice of Austin Powers*

Honestly, who throws a shoe.

ar said...

Probably, the honest man.

BLACK INK said...

Please read Digital Publius' comment today at 11:18 under his most recent post. Maybe it will shed some light on your misinformation.
As for the judicial realities of Constitutional Law.....that's a tall order to teach on this venue.

Smile said...

I highly resent the racist bull pucky.

If I like/don't like Has NOTHING to do with race. Otherwise it would have to be used for those who say bs like that. IOW, whatever your preference, you're racist. Or perhaps only if referencing a certain race? This whole line of anti-reasoning aught be abandoned by honest adults.

Damned if ya do/if ya don't. Obama must have been voted in by a whole bunch of crackers. We've recognized this. I thought we didn't want to be judged by skin color. Well then, stop that. Just freakin' stop goin' on back to that puke like a pack of dogs!

I'm past that shhhh...bull pucky! I will inspect what I expect from black, white, brown, yellow, mixed and even polka dot! They are ALL just as human as myself.

This game is over for me! Those that insist on playin' that game are gonna have to eat a lot of dust because (have a cup/wake up) people are tired of nasty, abusive, distracting games.

My other rant is the constant bickering of the 'you started it, they lied, they all lie, they do it too...' So sand box and childish. Quit that shit as well. We, we, we...we people aught to be able to find a reasonable way to recognize our agreements, unite around them, and join one another in watching over our gov't to make sure it doesn't usurp power. Sort of like in the Constitution. Remember that piece of law? It tells us to watch and guard and warns us that those in gov't will attempt to wrench the power from we the people. Hello people!

Now, back to the issue at hand. Obama is not being transparent and honest with the citizenry. This is the greatest breach of congressional decorum. A very few are living under a rock and can be excused from awareness. What about the rest? Whatcha gonna do about it? Hatin' on people is hardly an answer.

Also, these long eight years later, my thoughts and prayers go out to the 9-11 victims. I thought Cobb had a good and reasoned thoughts:

ar said...

It is illegal for congress to be involved in health care Anything - unconstitutional.

There is no Health care; this is another gd power grab and if you don't figure it out we'll be sorry for it - forever.

The goobermint you keep handing power to, intends to get all of it, no matter if you agree or not.

This is way beyond republicans and demoncrats. They are attempting to BURN the constitution before your very eyes. IT is in their way!!


I have no links to back up anything i say. i don't need to- this stuff is everywhere. If you are not seeing it by now, you are in the way. Move over so we can stop the FOREIGNERS in the white house - everyone of 'em. They do not deserve to work for us. They are criminal and should be brought before the law - before they change it, too.

News busted with Shuster and the 10th amendment - COMMUNISTS

Chaya said...

The cartoon is blocked on Facebook! Deemed offensive!

ziggy said...

@ ar,\:

I feel you. I guess it comes down to those that get what's going on and those that don't, because what is going on is irreconcilable(sp?) with our constitution and the nation's best interest. So much so, that it has caused the quiet middle to stir.

ar said...

Indeed, zig. The corruption is staggering. I'm for his prosecution for treason; against a people, states united, country.

This is the last thing I would like to do. However, if I say nothing, I agree with it. I do not agree with it. So, I say so.

"Because with lies you have made the heart of the righteous sad, whom I have not made sad; and strengthened the hands of the wicked, that he should not return from his wicked way, by promising him life:"...

The next word the Lord spoke to Ezekiel was; Therefore. and you know what happens when He says, Therefore. He delivers his people like he promised... the Only convenant keeper.

Tomorrrows headlines are in these chapters of Ezekiel and the other profits. The battle will "wear us thin" so now is no time to be coming out of your closet. Git back in there to pray. ha ha

Ezekiel 13:22

ziggy said...


Too true. Thanks for that is definitely praying time. We can't get too caught up in what people are doing, we just have to know what God is doing and keep our eyes on Jesus. The coming storm won't be pretty.

In my mind, God bless America has turned to God have mercy on America.

Conservative Black Woman said...

", God bless America has turned to God have mercy on America" - Ziggy

Now that's the beautiful truth!

I'm praying too!

Laurie and Alan said...

That was pretty good!
I couldn't watch or listen to anyone after Obama's speech, because I knew it would be spun, and it was. It was just more of the same but done with more passion. He said NOTHING that could change my mind, and he was spewing lies and parsing words left and right. I couldn't believe he again brought up Bush and "his" legacy or the fact that we wouldn't be paying for illegals healthcare! That was a FLAT OUT LIE! Hospitals can't turn away anyone, illegals included. I was yelling at my TV when I heard that one.
My husband has commented several times since Obama has been elected that he has made this country MORE
divided than ever, because he is letting the race thing run wild. Instead of trying to bring us together, he's in my opinion, intentionally dividing us.

Smile said...

Was this cartoon really removed from FB? If true, that's effed up!