Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Green Is Becoming The New Red And Blacks Are Being Bamboozled In The Process

I had a little exchange yesterday with "progressive" blogger Rippa who blogs at The Intersection of Madness and Reality. Now although Rippa and I are on polar opposites of the political spectrum, I appreciate that he at least engages in honest debate and challenges my points of view intellectually rather attacking me for said views. Rippa said the following:

"I think your assumption that the Green Movement will increase energy cost is false. To be honest, it's economics 101 - something I majored inwhile at Indiana University. You see, the problem is that there are not enough alternative sources of energy, and we have become dependent on oil hence the "crackhead" analogy that came from Van Jones. I know this requires a shift in paradigm, but it is not a stretch that the green economy can have a positive impact by way of jobs in our budding urban centers."

See, the problem here is not that Rippa is unreasonable. If I accepted that premise then I wouldn't be seeing "red" (pun intended) as I read Van Jones The Green Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems. Rippa, and many other well-intentioned "progressives" believe the premises put forth by Van Jones. I presume they so desperately want a redemptive solution for the problems with in these "urban centers" that they naively believe that pumping money into these communities via green jobs will restore them. Nope, there is already lots of money in these communities. "Pookie & Em' " are making tons of cash and these communities are still rife with violence and hopelessness. See, in many cases it's not that "Pookie" can't get a job, the problem is that "Pookie" can make more money with his "hustle" than he can in the mail room downtown, driving a bus, installing cable, or installing SOLAR PANELS. What Rippa and most progressives are in denial about is the systemic problems that exists within "Pookie's" paradigm. Getting "Pookie" all riled up about social injustices does not motivate "Pookie"to become a contributing member of society but it does motivate him to feel victimized, then offended. Therefore he goes on the offensive to take what he can from society by whatever means necessary. Well, black progressives haven't yet made this mental leap but radical communist leaders understand this perfectly well and exploitation of this is part of the strategy they forge.

David Horowitz writes the following on page 310 of Leftist Illusions:

“Even as its own inhumanity and inefficiency consume revolutionary socialism in the East, however, a specter can be seen rising from its ashes in the West. The colors are no longer red but green, the accents are those of Malthus rather than Marx, but the missionary project is remarkably intact. The planet is still threatened, redemption through radical politics still presses: Better Green than Dead. In environmentalism, radicals have found a new paradigm for the paradigm lost.”

Progressives regard the charge of communism, socialism and/or fascism as new euphemisms of hatred for President Obama and shadow government of Czars. Personally, I wish it were that simple because it would then be worthless, powerless hyperbole. However I fear that far worst than racially inspired name calling by extreme kooks --there is truth to these claims and this great Country will be far worst for it in the years to come.


Before Gore, Kneel said...

Carbon fuels are compact, powerful and cheap.

America's economy, and we as individuals within that economny, have always been able to purchase and pay for and profit from our use of carbon fuels. And compared to most of the world, no matter what the price, we would always be able to do so.

Artificially donning Al Gore's hairshirt to make carbon fuels economically unattractive will only harm our standards of living, our health, our economy and our security.

Hobbling our economy serves no one except Democrats who are planning on creating and using a depression to cement their majority for a generation or three; this time around they expect to get it right. Even when hamstrung by Pelosi/Reid.

Both solar and wind promise to waste copper on a scale that will limit those alternatives. Further, both are expansive users of land. And wind promises to destroy entire migratory flocks of birds, leading to an environmental catastrophy.

Even at $3.75 a gallon, gasoline in the US is better deal than everywhere in the world except oil exporting nations, save perhaps Iran, who import their refined fuels (I think that's correct).

And at $3.75 a gallon, oil sands in Canada and parts of the US could profitably be developed. Marginal oil plays in the states suddenly become useful assets. They all act as buffers against preditory pricing of barrels of oil.

Jessica said...

Very interesting post and great blog...I posted this on Facebook.

Smile said...

If I were struggling to 'make' it and others said they were concerned about me and my community, I would want help not hindrance.

If someone is poor, it's very difficult to start (and stay) in business. There are the costly permits, licenses, regulatory fees, and various permissions. This is before making one dime, having a product, and any other costs of doing business. Then, each and every dime is taxed to the nth degree. Ask yourself who is doing this to people/business.

While promoting things that break the backs of business, that's what this Van Jones person is all about: For your own good of course.

If I have a CEO that I'm paying a bunch of bucks, I must recoup my cost from the consumer. Therefore, my product will reflect this cost. If the consumer can do business elsewhere for less cost, I've paid my CEO a higher wage then the market will bear. If I want to stay in business I'll lower my price and adjust elsewhere to build my business. Not rocket science so far.

Mr. Van Jones would interrupt this logical process, this is where the 'science' comes in. It's the science of Communism.

Anonymous said...

"redemption through radical politics still presses: Better Green than Dead."

And this is the jist of the matter. Because those leftist at the end of the day are guilty of the same sin as satan(Saul Alinsky knew of what he spake)Pride. It is ultimately the rejection of God and human pride that instructs these people in their worldview. Attempting to create heaven on earth, finding redemption on their own terms, and unfailing faith in the human as god. It is the original and will be the final sin, won't it?

Is this not spiritual sickness at it's core?

BLACK INK said...

And there you have it!

Anonymous said...

My son pointed me to your blog. Thank you so much for saying what needs to be said. When I say these things, I am accused of being racist. Nothing could be further from the truth. I just believe in free enterprise, and I can see what the politicians are doing, trying to create class warfare and racial divide when we should all be working together as Americans.

Anonymous said...

I am personally conservative but not so much politically and it's difficult for me to respect any conservative, especially black conservatives who constantly dismiss the impact of institutional racism that still exists in 2009.The biggest problem with racism is how entrenched it is in our society, employment practices, the judicial system, education and health care. If your goal is to attract more minorities to the Repub party then I suggest you start with dropping the typical talking points. Yes all people group need to take responsibility for personal choices but don't dismiss the horrible impact of poverty. (Spare me the notation of prominent blacks who have made it out of the ghetto because as it stands they are the exception but should be the rule)
YOu cannot simply say no one should be held accountable for the laws that undermine opportunities and consistently destroy the possibility of a level playing field. Please spare me the lecture about small government because that idea varies from person to person. And please don't lower the conversation by equating the desire for a competent government with a hand out. It's naive to simply say pull yourself up by your bootstraps when we both know that corporations do not do the same and many wealthy people game the system regularly. They use lobbyists to get their welfare so people don't look at them with disdain.
I will vote for the next Repub who stands up for the average person, addresses racism in policies and practices, and rhetoric and step down off the mountain of judgment. As a charismatic tongue talking loony Christian I don't need any politician attempting to govern my personal life I do that daily because I love Jesus.

Why is the Republican party or the conservative movement a place for minorities.As an Independent I'd like to know. Thank you

Conservative Black Woman said...

Anonymous@4:59am~You write:"If your goal is to attract more minorities to the Repub party"

Well, this isn't my goal. I am not a republican party operative why would I care who is or who isn't a republican. Honestly, I'm only a registered republican because in my state independent can not vote in primary elections. I am a conservative christian just as you profess to be as such I walk in the knowledge that No weapon formed against me shall prosper as I self described charismatic tongue talking loony Christian I would think that you would too.

Deplorably, the real racism of the racism industry trivializes the evil of actual racism, the ethnic hatred based on skin color, tribe, religion and culture that wreak havoc around the globe...especially on the continent of Africa. I am astonished that prominent black politicians, journalist, etc. (sorry I deplore the term african american)have the drawers knotted because of Joe Wilson's outburst of "you lie" and he was right, but are not the even slightly concerned, hurt, outraged about the genocide in Darfar. Or give even a hoot about the horrific destruction of Zimbabwe done by Mugabe. No I'm not astonished I'm embarrassed, heartbroken and disgusted.

You go on to admonish me for what your presume are my talking points self reliance, pulling oneself up by their bootstraps so I'll spare you. But I must ask, do you think those are bad ideas?

Since you believe that blacks who have achieved some modicum of success are the exception rather than the rule; that no one is held accountable for the laws that undermine opportunities and consistently destroy the possibility of a level playing field. What law is that? It is my understanding that minorities are favored systematically via affirmative action and often enforced quotas are mandated.

You have difficulty respecting black conservatives as you feel we constantly dismiss the impact of institutional racism. Well, back at ya. I have difficulty respecting Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chasers for your constant indefatigable use of the race card and their inability to discern the soft bigotry of low expectation which belies modern liberalism aka the democrat party. If 40 years of pointing out racism hasn't eradicated it, then why do you think that adding my small little black conservative voice to the choir of racism charges will change anything? But I still take exception to your claim that black conservatives ignore racism. I speak about how racist these lilly white leftist democrats are in almost every post I write. I try and expose how the race industry thrives on empty rhetoric in an effort to maintain a position of legitimacy. The pejorative label "racist" is to be feared above all else. Therefore universities and corporations feel compelled to fund and house diversity bureaucracies promulgating the absurdity of eliminating racism by attempting to magnify and infuse race as a factor in every human interaction. How many corporations offer "diversity" training? How many white colleges and universities offer "African American studies" programs? How's that working out in your mind since our society is still so racist? Well, I posit that it's all about the money, the funding....see the racism industy is lucrative (Van Jones will tell ya)

That being said I believe that racism exists in the heart's of man...both black and white. In fact, the sin of hatred as understood by the term "racism" is no more prevalent today than any other symptom of the fall such as slothfullness, greediness, pride, or covetousness. Human beings are imperfect, so if you believe that you will wake up one morning and there will be no racism you are deluding yourself my friend.

Anonymous said...

"It is my understanding that minorities are favored systematically via affirmative action and often enforced quotas are mandated." Actually quota as you say are not enforced, i wish they were. I would agree to the dismantling of affirmative action if white privilege were done a way with but that will not happen. Pointing out man's sin brings acknowledgment of the need for a Savior and the consistent acknowledgment of racism keeps dialogue open and increases the chances of true reform. The laws I refer to range from tax codes for inner cities and public schools to the practice of 90% of government contracts going to white male business owners. It is the practice of using a different standard with which to judge minorities at banks when giving small business loans and this I know not only from lawsuits that have been filed but from a banker who is a great friend. My point is simply saying hey no matter what, fight on but don't acknowledge the wrong because it hasn't changed in all these years is not acceptable to me but perhaps it is to you.
Our society is not purely capitalistic so calling me a socialist would isn't a dirty word and you don't want it to be. We have been a mixed economy for years now. Neither approach is perfect but capitalism can't work for the masses if practices and policies only favor the few.
The soft bigotry of low expectations? Give me a break I have 2 masters and I am currently working on my Doctorate in Education. My expectations are appropriate for any people group but I choose not to ignore institutional racism. As a licensed therapist I have worked with Child Protective Services and I have gone to court regularly and the racism is disgusting and blatant.If people, including whites fight to change the practices and policies via holding representatives and others accountable then it will benefit us all.
I know all too well that no weapon formed against me shall prosper, that's why when i was called nigger by a student and professor in college i did not quit, when i was told over the phone my resume was just what they were looking for then upon seeing me, i was told you aren't what we expected, sorry the position has been filled, I could go on. But simply quoting bible verses isn't enough because faith without works is dead and part of that work is addressing racism, the belief that others are superior or inferior to another group and a set of practices and policies that favor one group over another. Finally I am not an advocate of giving up because you face an obstacle, racism limits opportunities and makes a level playing field difficult but it doesn't mean success isn't possible. There are things that we each must take responsibility for and that includes are system of inequality.

ziggy said...

Anonymous @ 4:59, I agree with everything that Conservative Black Woman has said.

When I read your post, I thought "what does this person want"? You see successful blacks as the exception, racist policies and institutions, and racsist entrenchment in all aspects of society. With that perception of the world I wonder how or why you even bother to get out of bed in the morning. I'm surprised you haven't killed yourself. You didn't point to any of the laws or policies that you deem racist, please do that for the sake of the readers. Thanks.

I will make the supposition that the devil is a liar and uses the sins of slavery and Jim Crow in this country to keep blacks in a bitter, unforgiving state of mind, that causes a focus on racism to the effect that it blinds us to the truth of our existence and in a state of confusion. Black Americans are confronted with blessings, opportunity for justice, and personal achievement that is unparrelled for black people anywhere else in this world.

There was a time in my life when I would always feel that people were talking about me or thinking negative things about me. The Lord told me that unless I know for sure/have proof that someone is doing these things, I am just operating on suspicion and choosing to believe lies. The devil puts thoughts in our minds to cause division, bitterness, etc. and nothing good can come of these things. It obscures truth and keeps you in bondage to fears and makes you subject to further lies.

The perception of racism that many blacks have is like this. Far too many of us are in bondage to this fear of racism, it functions as a specter that we are always chasing after, but can never capture, meanwhile there's a roaring lion right in front of us. To us, every person, institution or law, is suspect and in too many of our minds, forever will be. Nothing said or done will ever change this perception. This belief stems from unforgiveness, which is a sin. We like to think of ourselves as victims, unfortunately we think this is somehow a power position. It is not. Claiming continuous victimhood is a show of poor character and moral bankruptcy. It is an attempt at manipulation of other people and is far from the righteous stand that it pretends to be. It has left too many black people in this country mired in defeat, sin, and destruction. For this, I believe is a large portion of why you find the condition of a significant portion of blacks. It is a result of sin, not poverty or racism. The devil is a liar. Poverty + opportunity should mean poverty no more. When a people are surrounded by opportunity and yet will not access it, believe that there is a force at work. That force is not evil, racist white people. We need to stop believing the lie.

The bible teaches us that the Israelites spent a generation in the wilderness because of their unbelief in God. It's been a generation since the Civil Rights Era. Don't you think it's time to move out of the wilderness, shake off the chains and move into the promised land of sufficiency and truth and excellence?

Anonymous said...

@Ziggy, what does this person want? Black conservative to tell me why the conservative should be a home for more blacks. "I'm surprised you haven't killed yourself"? What are you advocating, giving up because of obstacles. I've never been paranoid about people talking about me so you will have to share that story with someone else. I dont' see racism around every corner I just choose not to ignore it. I'm not clear what you are rambling about but perhaps you are simply projecting since your assessment has nothing to do with me personally.
Do you simply disagree with the citing of tax laws that cripple inner cities and their schools, do you disagree with the inequality in policies/practices in housing, loans, and employment? Again I'm not saying any of these facts are an excuse to not work hard but it is disingenuous to expect children to be exposed to abject poverty and not address it. There has to be a balance.

Anonymous said...

@Ziggy what I want is for both sides to be honest and do what is necessary to address inequalities.

*Black youth arrested for drug possession for the first time are incarcerated at a rate that is forty-eight times greater than the rate for white youth, even when all other factors surrounding the crime are identical but I'm sure you will say it's the minorities fault just stay out of trouble.

*Persons with "white sounding names," according to a massive national study, are fifty percent more likely to be called back for a job interview than those with "black sounding" names, even when all other credentials are the same, I know blacks need to give their kids appropriate names.

*White men with a criminal record are slightly more likely to be called back for a job interview than black men without one, even when the men are equally qualified, and present themselves to potential employers in an identical fashion

*According to the Justice Department, Black and Latino males are three times more likely than white males to have their vehicles stopped and searched by police, even though white males are over four times more likely to have illegal contraband in our cars on the occasions when we are searched

*Black and Latino students are about half as likely as whites to be placed in advanced or honors classes in school, and twice as likely to be placed in remedial classes. Or that even when test scores and prior performance would justify higher placement, students of color are far less likely to be placed in honors classes. Or that students of color are 2-3 times more likely than whites to be suspended or expelled from school, even though rates of serious school rule infractions do not differ to any significant degree between racial groups.

These are just some of the silly little practices I referred to along with tax laws that favor suburban areas at the expense of inner cities. Loan practices that stifle the entrepreneurial spirit of young minorities. If prayer alone was enough to change things there would have been no need for the civil rights act, no need for the women's movement etc. Christ was moved with compassion ( he acted and he spoke out against the corrupt government) Again I ask what do conservatives have to offer minorities if they simply say get over it and pray? I really want to know.

ziggy said...

Anon: My view on things, see, is that we cannot be quick to look at statistics through the "race" lens because it obscures the view. I don't have any particular dislike for my people, but a few things you said aren't proof positive of racism.
1)tax laws that favor suburban areas at the expense of inner cities. Ans: I don't think they're silly. Tax is collected for the funding of things like schools based on income. A poorer area will have less funding. It is not racial it is an economic issue. Poor communities have the safe problem regardless of their color
2)Black youth arrested for drug possession for the first time are incarcerated at a rate that is forty-eight times greater than the rate for white youth. Ans: I'm not terriby familiar with the justice system, but aren't there issues that come into play like the quality of your defense attorney. What you might have already admitted to police etc? Compare numbers not racially but economically.
3:Persons with "white sounding names," according to a massive national study, are fifty percent more likely to be called back for a job interview than those with "black sounding" names, even when all other credentials are the same, I know blacks need to give their kids appropriate names.

Ans: That's funny. I say, is it racial? Black folks think poorly of those names as well. Trust me. I worked in HR and it wasn't a conservative black person or white person doing the judging. "Down for the cause" black people make the assumption as well. Experience tells us what we might get when we meet the person with the name. It is not purely race, we all(everybody) is guilty of it, we ALL will need to put aside the fear of what the name might represent and look at the person's experience.

*I have to go, will continue later

Anonymous said...

@Ziggy we all are guilty of prejudice sure but anecdotal observation isn't the same as statistical evidence that supports the consistent inequality in the system. We are at an impasse. YOu continue to say how racism just needs to be prayed a way and is mostly a made up thing by whiny blacks and i will do what I think is consistent with my own convictions. God bless you!!
Again I am waiting to hear why the conservative movement can be home to many blacks who are conservative?

Conservative Black Woman said...

Anonymous again you ask~"Again I ask what do conservatives have to offer minorities if they simply say get over it and pray? I really want to know."

What do conservatives have to offer? So in order for young minorities to begin to think critically and divest themselves of the victim mentality they must be offered something? As if there is no intrinsic value in being "free" and leaving the metaphorical plantation as Ziggy said.

Anonymous said...

@Conservative Black Woman, who's saying that you can't think critically and still be politically astute, they do not have to occur in isolation. LEts be serious, politicians are suppose to work for the people and to simply say they shouldn't is naive. They make laws and laws impact our lives daily so it is important for me to know what they are offering. If there will be no address of daily concerns then what is the point of participating in the political process. Again what do they offer?

Anonymous said...

IT is interesting that the responses I am getting here are no different from liberal blogs just different in ideology. no one really presents thought provoking comments. there has to balance but i guess extremes are the norm. This is why i do not align myself with either party because it's simply about ideology even if that ideology doesn't address the concerns at hand. Perhaps i naively thought that maybe i would hear something new and not the typical talking points. God Bless you guys.
@Ziggy i get it, I am not welcome here God Bless you guys

ziggy said...

Anonymous, you're saying: "YOu continue to say how racism just needs to be prayed a way and is mostly a made up thing by whiny blacks and i will do what I think is consistent with my own convictions."

No. I think the "whiny blacks" see racism as the centerpiece of their lives and view everything through that prism. I personally believe it's a stronghold in our mentality that needs to be pulled down. A poster on this site named Judy Bright has said on a few occasions that white people aren't thinking about race all the time. I'm inclined to believe her. I simply think that blacks project their fears onto whites and every other non-black group. The mentality needs to be confronted, because it's gone on for too long.

As I write this, I hear a spokesperson for ACORN, saying that they are being harrassed because of racism. They are well known for their illegal actions yet racism gets the blame. It is sickening. Maxine Waters suggesting that the Tea Partyers be "talked to, investigated", because they disagree with the president? This is the quality of the people on the left in this country. McCarthyism anyone? I apologize to McCarthy, actually. He was right about the communism in the govt back then. He must be rolling in his grave right now.

And what do you want black conservatives to tell you? Why we are conservative?

Anonymous said...

@ziggy it doesn't matter because you aren't really interested in what I have to say and clearly we have opposing view points. I don't know any blacks that whine about racism but I know plenty of whites and now blacks who deny the existence of racism. Label me what you want and perhaps instead of disgraced McCarthy, you should stand on your own convictions about us whiny Negroes who make racism the center piece of our lives because we really like waddling in self pity and our victim hood. IT has to be true because of all the wonderful anecdotal evidence you and others sight. I would love to meet these losers and build them up. For the record I saw that interview with the CEO of ACORN and I did not think she was solely blaming racism but hey according to you we are all cut from the same cloth just whiners. God bless.

ziggy said...

Anonymous, when you say I'm not really interested in what you have to say, it is reinforcing a theory that I have about those that see racism in everything. I won't bother to spend time spelling it out. But I've gone back and forth with you and yet you say I'm not interested in what you have to say? Weak!!!

And the ACORN lady, why is racism brought into the conversation when there are at least 3 videos out showing that the workers are unscrupulous? See what I mean? It seems like a misplaced argument. Why does it get a seat at the table when the issue at hand is the criminal behavior of the workers? Rhetorical question. Feel free not to respond