Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Winston Salem Woman (Vap) Has Two Degrees & No Job in Thirty Years...

Vap of Winston Salem, NC has two degrees and hasn't found a job in 30 years. She blames racism in spite of the fact that she is incredibly inarticulate and clearly daft. I was just listening to a podcast of yesterday's Mark Levin show and a woman called in to say that she had been "listenin' at" the previous callers and she wanted to make the point that she is a victim of racism and has not been able to work in her field of expertise in spite of the fact that she has two degrees. Vap says she has a degree in "sosology", the guest host Tom Marr asked her to repeat it and again she said she has a degree in "sosology" which was actually her second degree because she also has a degree in "bid'ness" administration. She continued to expound on the fact that she has been unable to find a decent job in 30 years (because of racism) and has therefore begun to see an "anthropologist" in order to document her life experience. Tom Marr then asked the caller where she obtained her two degrees and she said Winston-Salem State.

I write this only to plead from the depth of my heart for my brethren and "sisteren"to please stop crying foul and screaming racism especially if you are personally as dumb as a box of rocks - it's just not helping the cause. I realize that many don't realize that they aren't very bright but one could at the very least refrain from complaining about the lack of personal advancement and achievement when it's certain that YOU have not put forth your best intellectual effort.

This caller proved Tom Marr's point that Affirmative Action is doing more harm than good at this point in time. Clearly, Vap was under no compulsion to learn verb conjugation, speech, diction or even how to properly pronounce her major yet she expects an employer to hire her as a "sosologist"...lol. Listening to the clip of this woman extolling her educational (ahem) accomplishments one has to ask how in the heck did she graduate? How could any institution of higher learning confer upon her not one but two degrees?!?!

Here is the link to the show --Vap's clip is at the 1hour 27min 37sec point in the broadcast.

I'm willing to bet that a few of my readers will impugn The Mark Levin Show and his call screeners for giving Vap airtime.


Malcolm Kirkpatrick said...

Many years ago, some publication quoted a mainland (US) American of Japanese ancestry on the subject of visiting Hawaii (where people of East Asian ancestry are the majority). He said that he enjoyed Hawaii because when you (he) got bad service, you (he) knew it was just bad service and not racism.

Thomas Sowell wrote somewhere that Black women with high school diplomas who have stayed in the workforce since graduation earn more than their white sisters with equal education and years of experience. That's some strange racism.

The Black women I knew in college were usually more career-oriented (practical majors like Computer Science, Nursing, Dental Tech, Accounting) than the white women (who more often studied History, English, or Anthropology). That was 35 years ago. The proliferation of Grievance Studies programs since then has doubtless seduced many otherwise capable women into career-cripling majors. The market for whiners is saturated.

Paul Ervin said...


I have found talk radio callers to not be the most integrity enriched people in the world. Much Like social networking sites (Black Planet) it seems everyone has advanced degrees, years of exp., and making well into the 50Ks and 60ks AT 26 years of age! Just a thought. Anyone with two degrees that is this articulate cannot possibly be telling the truth.

Conservative Black Woman said...

I agree Paul. One can only HOPE she is lying.

Smile said...

@MK "The market for whiners is saturated." Ha ha! That it is. With the plumbing, cosmetology, and various trades they have testing. This must help with market saturation. Perhaps a Whiner Test can be created.

@CBW Exactly! I don't think we should get our hopes up too much though as it's quite common for people to not find or not want to work in the field they pursued a degree for. Then again, it's amazing how our institutions of learning have dumbed down.

Anonymous said...

This comment has nothing to do with the topic at hand, but after watching a brief excerpt of Republican Mark Stanford's so called apology, I was compelled to speak my mind on what I had seen. His juvenile, incoherent commentary rattled more than a few feathers of mine. Now this man has got some nerve coming out in front of the entire nation and rambling on and on about his personal feelings, as if any member of the American public actually gave a damn about how he feels and how "sorry" he is. This man needs to shut his mouth before he further embarrasses himself, for the sake of his family. The Republican party has been in desperate need of a Bozo Filter, like a decade ago. I am truly appalled and disappointed beyond comprehension at the current state of the GOP. My goodness, if you people have any desire of kicking Obama out of office in 2012, then you have got to start repositioning yourselves in more ways than one. This man is an embarrassment and a disgrace to the party and needs to be told to keep the details of his extramarital affair to HIMSELF because frankly, he is only hurting himself and his family in the process.
BTW, I am neither a Democrat nor a Repulican!!!

DJ Black Adam said...


"Grievance Studies programs"


Paul Ervin said...


Please don't try to, you will hurt yourself!

Pamela D. Hart said...

@Annonymous: Then why bring it up? We've heard enough about Sanford and Michael Jackson to last a lifetime.

Ilé Meroë said...


For all I know, this woman may be an unintelligent fantasist. That still doesn't change the fact that the US still has a great deal of ground to cover in eliminating discrimination in the workplace.
I know that I have managed to achieve a fair amount of professional success. At the same time I know the obstacles that I've had to overcome and the (at times breathtaking) racism that I encountered and still face.
Now obviously I'm not going to lie down and die because someone is worthless enough to use race as an excuse to discriminate against me. At the same time I am not going to lie and say that things are the way that they should be simply so I'm not seen as an "angry victimologist".
My father tried to make the world better for me, I owe my (potential) children no less. Refusing to face the fact that discrimination still takes its toll on people today serves no purpose except to make sure that it continues and perhaps becomes more prevalent.

Constructive Feedback said...


Mark Levin is one of the smartest talkshow hosts on the air. Once you get past that voice & his abruptness at times and just listen to his basic principles in their entirety - he makes a whole lot of sense.

I blogged previously about the embarrassment of having STUPID Black people (in the view of Steve - I just said "all Black people are stupid" when he knows that i am talking about the subset of Blacks who are stupid) call into conservative talk radio shows and make a FOOL out of themselves.

Southern Drawl said...

Now a days it takes more than a business degree or a sociology degree to get ahead. I have a several different degrees as a nurse, and a dental hygienist. I also have a B.S. but in order to move a head into more leadership positions, I'm currently in school working on my BSN while working full-time. I then plan to work on my masters. In this day and time competition is stiff.Sociology and business are fields which definitely need post graduate degrees to progress. As do several others.

Papa Giorgio, M.A.T.S. said...

Dropping a hat-tip here:

Michael Jackson Interviewed In Regards to Macaulay Culkin

It is embeddable


JudyBright said...

It always sucks when someone who in a way represents your 'group' to the rest of society acts like an idiot. I feel that way sometimes when I hear white Christian conservatives say stupid stuff. I cringe and just pray they will quit talking.

wwbd? said...

I used to teach at a Historically Black high school in Durham, NC, with many Winston-Salem State, NC Central, NC A&T, & ECSU degree holders. They were among the dumbest people I've ever been forced to work beside. To make matters worse, the principals forced me to pass 40 students who had failed so they could graduate or be promoted to the next grade. Many of those students continued on to A&M or Winston-Salem State or Central unable to pass Spanish II. I know their math/science/english teachers did not bring much rigor to the classroom. I've run into a few of my old students, and one was honest enough to tell me that she was in no way academically prepared for her education at Howard, a third tier university.

Working for 2 years there, I left with the overall impression that nearly everyone there, from the students to the teachers to the administrators was living in some sort of delusional state. Many were convinced that their high school was among the best in the state. This is of course untrue, since it was one of the 17 high schools statewide that the governor threatened to assume direct control over.

The sad part is that the baseline starting point in Durham is so much higher than it is in places like DC or Chicago. The North Carolinian kids had so much more opportunity, but their families chose the gods of Hip-Hopabad and Dress-Hoodistan over the one J.C. Ryle speaks of in your post.

I am not black, but I've spent most of the 8 years since I graduated from college attempting to teach in poorly served neighborhoods, which have tended to be predominantly black. I am trying to hold onto the hope that change can come for the black community over time, but it's getting harder to do that. There are some positive elements of Barack's persona which may help to instill some different values in young black men, but I'm afraid he's also going to great lengths to propagate victim-hood status, which may turn out to be more damaging in the long run.

Constructive Feedback said...

One of the most dangerous type of Negro (besides those who are killing us on the streets) are the ones who seek to take their own incompetences, failures and insecurities and PROJECT THEM UPON OUR ENTIRE RACE.

Does one ever figure that the reason why you did not get the job that you want is because of YOU, rather than because the person making the hiring decision is a racist?

researchbuff said...

Here's what I love about being Conservative. We know that racists exist. The question is do we continue to allow racism to define us, or do we define our destinies? I explain to my students that in many of my college prep honors classes, I was the only black and some of the teachers were not always fair. I could have done one or two things. I could have decided that I would carry the grudge believing that there was no use and my blackness would demonize me, or I could shine so until they had to keep up making my color an after thought. Praise God, I decided that victimization was a spirit of Satan, and not God, guess what I did. They (some of my classmates) still hated on me, but guess what, I got past their so called hurdle.

odooley8939 said...

researchbuff (off topic):

Tell your students that either a degree in engineering or even a minor if they want to do something else is real handy.

There's been a shortage since before I walked the walk many moons ago and it's going to get even in more demand as baby boomers retire.

for instance Florida here they will advertise for an engineer slot lots of times A)Engr degree or B)Hard science degree with FEE.

Besides it pays well pretty recession proof and you get to play with some cool toys.

RiPPa said...

So lets see, we're confusing regional dialect for ignorance now?

Conservative Black Woman said...

Rippa~Regional dialect? Oh so that's the excuse we are going to use now.

I have a very thick regional dialect but I know how to conjugate my verbs....good grief!

BTW, Rippa I re-read Dr. West's Race Matters...My memory was a bit tainted I suppose Dr. West does call for accountability in the Black community and didn't tout "victimology" to the extend that I declared in an early post. I stand corrected.

RiPPa said...

I'm glad you re-read Race Matters; it's one of my favorite books. That plus maybe I'm a Cornel West stalker.


But what I said isn't an excuse -- it's the reality of the situation. From reading the comments one can only be left with the feeling that her dialect is being used as a barometer of her intellect or level of education.

That's not right!

There are many White people who speak with a southern drawl and or dialect themselves. Trust me, I've worked alongside these people I reference in a corporate setting.

Me, having been raised in Brooklyn NY, saw this when I first moved down south about 5yrs ago. On my job as a marketing director, I've seen these very same people go out of their way doing the very same thing I've observed on this post.

That is: people were judged intellectually by the way they speak. Yes, while all at the same time, they themselves spoke no differently. The difference being that they were white and in a position of authority.

So again, that's not an excuse...

it is very much a reality.

Now, am I saying that this is the case with this woman as to why as she says is underemployed? No. I can't make that call as I do not know her personally. Can I say that what she said is valid or represents a reality which we find comfort in ignoring? Hell yes!

I won't go on and on and try to belabor a point because the truth is, we know racism exists and in 2009 if anyone thinks that there are no barriers that exists, I feel really disappointed.

And just to add some validity to what I said about the company I once worked for in the capacity that I had...

I won a discrimination lawsuit based on what I said above prior to my separation from them. And yes, this was indeed a fortune 500 company.

I'm just sayin (yes I said SAYIN'...LOL), that we are no better judging people by appearances and dialect then the racist assholes who continue to do so.

Do not assume to know this woman based on a phonecall to a radio talk show. She may very well have obtained two degrees. If she has, that alone should be a measure of her capability in doing so. Now how she applies herself that's a different subject.