Friday, February 6, 2009

Stimulus: Because All Economies Have Performance Issues

Ok, well maybe not all economies (I am smiling wickedly) but I thought this was pretty funny.

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Bev said...

Oh, I like that little video piece. It's very clever.

This Stimulus bill will only stimulate the increasing stronghold of socialism. With this bill, the country will be far worst off than it is right now.

This bill is full of a lot of giveaways to social organizations. Now how is that going to stimulate the economy?

JudyBright said...


brotherkomrade said...
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brotherkomrade said...

Learn what socialism is before you post about it. In my own next blog post, I'll do you all a favor and help you out with your confusion. Have a test this week, I'll let you know when it's up.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Umm.BrotherKomrade this has nothing to do with socialism. It's a corny joke. Geez.

I told you I was going to slow my role as it pertains to socialism post until I understand exactly what it is and what it isn't

brotherkomrade said...

My comment wasn't aimed at you, CBW...but Bev. My biggest argument is being drafted right now for CF's blob on his asinine and simplistic idea of anarchism. No, I no longer have knives out for you, unlike your male counter-parts, they speak in arrogance rooted in ignorance. You generally know what you don't like, but are open to hear other people's views and seem open to understanding more.

Bev said...


I was a politcal science major in the early 70s. I learned what socialism is (and almost fell for it).

brotherkomrade said...

Oh yeah, political science major. Well, I find myself stumped. No bias in the curriculum of an American college class. I'm sure you've derived your knowledge from a trusted source. [rolls eyes]

Zabeth said...

"Oh yeah, political science major. Well, I find myself stumped. No bias in the curriculum of an American college class. I'm sure you've derived your knowledge from a trusted source. [rolls eyes]"

Well seeing as how many colleges and universities are liberal think-tanks often highly biased to the left- I wouldn't be surprised if she did. For me, it wasn't until after I got out of the academic bubble and into the real world that I started moving to the right. Granted this was the late ninties and not the 70s- perhaps a lot has changed since then. Anyway, I look forward to reading your post.

Bev said...

Brotherkomrade with the rolled eyes,

Zabeth has it right. The times on college campuses were very left leaning back in the early 70s. I guess either you were not born yet, you were not old enough to be in college, or you did not attend college in the late 60s or early 70s.

My sources was not just professors (2 where husband and wife and were very anti-establishment) from the lesser known black college that I went to, but also my fellow poly sci majors.

The times were during Nixon's
presidency, where college campuses were strongly anti war (Vietnam). Nixon was hated among my inner circle.

That time was also during the height of the black power movements. All kinds of legit and quasi black power movements were making in roads with black students (including me).

I was familiar with black groups that considered socialism and communism to be decent alternatives to what was viewed back then as a capitalist system of enslavement and segregation.

Meredith said...

CBW: I finally got onto your blog from a real computer so I could view this video. I read all 66 posts from that other post on my blackberry but couldn't view this video till today. I loved it and thanks for the laugh.

PS Go Bev!

Conservative Black Woman said...

You read that diatribe on your blackberry!!! OMG!! lol....How do you like my new bff's UptownSteve and BrotherKomrade?

Meredith said...

Honestly, I'd have to re-read that whole thread a few times to gain a good understanding of what every individual's point was. What I did get a clear picture of was that Dems think we shouldn't be Repubs because Repubs hate and oppress blacks and are self hating uncle toms. (How simplistic)

It saddens/bothers me that blacks can't see that following the "Repub" system of hard work, business tax cuts and conservative family values will provide a means for us to get move up in the world and obtain more money.

Dems say they care, so they give the people welfare, which keeps the people under their thumbs, and we (blacks) fall for this since the Dems sound sympathetic to our plight.

It really bugs me a lot because I want all of our people to have enough-God says he's provided "more than enough".

Repubs support school vouchers, Dems do not, while Democrat lawmakers have enough income to send their kids to private schools themselves.

Why oh why can't our people see the truth!? Oh well. But if our people keep this up, I might turn into one of those backs who hates blacks who thinks it's their own fault they don't have anything.

Yeah, I said that. As mean as it sounds. How does one sit up and complain and complain and not take action to improve their own circumstance? I just don't get it.