Friday, February 20, 2009

Regurgitating the Apple: How Modern Liberals Think

I happened on this video of Evan Sayet's lecture at the Heritage Foundation given on March 5, 2007 and I think he is brilliant. This will definitely be added to Mini-me's must view before you go to college repertoire. It's approximately 45 minutes long but worth every nano-second of viewing time. I have loosely transcribed the first few minutes below:

Very loose transcription.....

How can you possibly live in the freest nation in the world and only see oppression?
How can you live in the least imperialist power in human history and see us as the ultimate in imperialism?
How can you live in the least bigoted nation in human history and as Joe Biden said "see racism lurking in every dark shadow"?
(Well even I wouldn't say America is the "least" bigoted nation in human history)

The democrats are wrong on just about every issue...quite literally every issue. Not just wrong as wrong can be but 180 degrees from right..diametrically opposed to that which is good, right and successful. This is not an accident. This is part of a philosophy that dominates the whole of Western Europe.

The Modern Liberal will invariably side with evil over good; wrong over right; behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success. Give a Modern Liberal a choice between Saddam Hussein and the United States and he will not only side with Saddam Hussein but will slander America and Americans to do so. Give them a choice between the vicious mass murderer, corrupt terrorist dictator Yasser Arafat and the tiny wonderful democracy of Israel and he will plagiarize maps, forge documents, engage in blood libels as did our former President Jimmy Carter to side with terrorist organizations and to attack the tiny state.

It's not just foreign policy, it's domestic policy, its EVERY policy. Given the choice between promoting teenage abstinence and teenage promiscuity they will use their movies (Hollywood is overwhelming liberal), TV shows and even their schools to promote teenage promiscuity as cool. For example the movie American Pie where you are a loser unless have had sex with your best-friends mother while you are still a child. Conversely (not sure why he uses this word) NARAL a pro-abortion group masquerading as a pro-choice group will hold a fundraiser called "F" abstinence, and it's not just "F" it's the entire word because promoting vulgarity is also a part of their agenda.

So the question becomes why? How do they think they are making a better world? Well, the first thing that comes to mind as you try so hard to desperately understand is that if they always side with evil then they must be evil. But we have a problem with that don't we? We all know too many people who fit this category who aren't evil. So if they are not evil then the next place your mind takes you to is that they must be incredibly stupid. They don't mean to always side with evil, failed and wrong they just don't know what they are doing. But this is problematic as well -- you can't say Bill Maher is a stupid man
(or Barack Obama) You can't say Ward Churchill and all of these academics are stupid people. Frankly, if they were stupid they would be right more often. Even a broken clock is right twice a day; even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then. So if they are not stupid and they are not evil then what's their plan? How do they think they are making a better world by siding with Saddam Hussein? By keeping his rape and torture rooms open? By seeking the destruction of a democracy of Jews? How do they think they can make a better world by promoting to children behaviors that are inappropriate and cause diseases and unwanted pregnancies and ruin people's lives?

What I discovered is the Modern Liberals look back over all of human civilization and knows only one thing for sure-- that none of the ideas that mankind has come up with, none of the religions, philosophies, ideologies, or forms of government have succeeded in creating a world devoid of war, poverty, crime and injustice. So they are convinced all of the ideas of man have proved to be wrong. The REAL cause of war, poverty, crime and injustice must be found-- can ONLY be found in the attempt to be right. See if nobody ever thought they were right then what would we disagree about? If we didn't disagree surely we wouldn't fight. If we didn't fight then we wouldn't go to war. Without war their would be no poverty
(I'm not sure how that works...but ok) Without poverty no crime. Without crime no injustice. It's a Utopian vision. All that's required to usher in Utopia is the rejection of all fact, reason, evidence, logic, truth, morality and decency.

What is so Orwellian and virtually everything about this philosophy is Orwellian is that the Modern Liberals are as illiberal as you can imagine. What you have are people who think the best way to eliminate rational thought, and the best way to eliminate the attempt to be right is to work always to prove that right isn't right; and to prove that wrong isn't wrong. Think of John Lennon's song Imagine -- "Imagine there are no countries" -- not imagine great countries, not imagine defeat Nazi's. "Imagine no religion"(well, that reminds me of PSBO question whose religion will we teach -- Al Sharpton's or James Dobson comment) . And the key line is imagine a time when everything that mankind values is devalued and "there is nothing left to kill or die for".

Well, it only gets richer but I'm tired of the video.


Anonymous said...

I put a link to your post on Twitter. This was awesome!

Do you Twitter?

Devon said...

I watchd this when it came out a couple of years ago and have it bookmarked at my Youtube channel..

Absolutely brilliant...and I hope that every liberal would at least open their narrow minds enough to listen to this man speak...

He himself comes from a liberal background and had his eyes open...

Absolutely brilliant!!

Dev in Canada

Zabeth said...

Amazing commentary.

Constructive Feedback said...

Good stuff.

Where is the entirety of the video?

You should also check out C-SPAN 2 on the web and look up "The Liberal Hour".

The author of the book, a Liberal himself, noted that in the days after "LBJ's Great Society" the left sought to shut down all criticism of this block buster spending program by aggressively going after all dissenters.

People don't want to accept the fact that forces on both extremes use the very same tactics to shut down their ideological adversaries. Its just that when the left does it they believe that their ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS as they are moving mankind forward.

Digital Publius said...

Thank you for posting this.

brotherkomrade said...

No, the Left's problem is that they want to be good guys about shutting down their dissenters. If the options of hacking blogs belonging to commercial blogs sites like blogger and wordpress weren't so time consuming, and if it were up to me, there would be no right-wing representation in the blogosphere to speak of. So guess who doesn't mind being the bad guy?

The right of course never want to own up to their form of dissent-busting like lying on movements that they fear or (being the inherent cowards that they are) using the Police, armed forces, CIA operatives (murderers, assassins), and other machinations of the state.

So you can STHU, CF.

JudyBright said...


Glad it's not up to you then. We Americans like free speech.

brotherkomrade said...

Really, Judy? Can you tell me about Freedom of speech? Not the blogosphere, that's the fake freedom. Tell me about the real-world and give me examples of freedom of speech.

JudyBright said...

That's ok BK, I say I don't want blogs censored, and you say there aren't examples of free speech in the 'real world.' Because you can point out some flaw, how something is corrupt or whatever, then there's no such thing as free speech, right?

Then you succeed in skirting the original point I called you out on, namely you wanting to censor blogs that you don't agree with.

brotherkomrade said...

I didn't skirt. I said it straight; the right needs to be silenced by any or all means necessary only by the hands of other citizens; BUT when it comes to the state, it will silence those who threaten it.

JudyBright said...

By what methods should other citizens silence the right? I'm trying to understand what you mean.

I think you will see in the near future the state attempting to silence the threat of talk radio and conservative bloggers through the "fairness" doctrine. I agree with you on that point.

Digital Publius said...

I am not sure, but it seems that brotherkomrade has no issue with tyranny per se, as long as it is his brand of tyranny.

Your telling people to STHU, that don't agree with you brotherkomrade seems to prove the thesis of this video. You are however, honest in your ignorance I'll grant you. The only other thing that I have learned from your posts and your blog is that you are no slave to syntax.

This too is not surprising, as anarchy and socialism are at the core anti-intellectual, they have to be, critical thinking is anathema to those social philosophies. Besides why be bound by the rules of grammar, when you would prefer not to be bound by the rules of society on the whole.

brotherkomrade said...

You'll have to show me an example of my grammatical mistakes, cupcake.

Anti-intellectual? Look at yourself and your blog.

Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely have your child/children listen to this BEFORE they go to college. It's a cesspool out there, and every bit of immunization you can give them against the brainwashing will improve their chances of surviving it.